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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 386 — Battle at the Peak

Chapter 386: Battle at the Peak

The battle for the Heavenly Fate Rankings would probably need more than just two final matches to determine the victors. As long as Zhan Chen could defeat Qin Wentian, the final battle would belong to Si Qiong and Chen Wang.

Chen Wang truly hadn’t let down the people who held expectations towards him. He’d walked all the way to the bloody end, but who would have thought that his opponent wasn’t Shi Potian nor Emperor Azure, but rather a dark horse, Si Qiong instead?

The power level of Si Qiong was so strong that it was terrifying. It was as though he had no weaknesses, had proficiency in a variety of the ultimate arts and could even unleash soul attacks. This was something that couldn’t be defended against, and every opponent he’d faced had to give him three portions of fear and respect.

And precisely because Si Qiong had no apparent weaknesses, the spectators didn’t know what kind of ember sparks would appear when the two of them clashed.

Chen Wang, the person who had the highest amount of recognition, vs Si Qiong, the most terrifying dark horse character.

In the air, Old Man Tianji studied the remaining four contenders, as his gaze landed on each of them, staying for a moment before shifting to the other.

Grand Xia’s destiny began to change with this battle of the Heavenly Fate Rankings. He knew for sure that the person the demon star represented would surely emerge from this ranking battle.

Shi Potian’s primordial beast bloodline, Emperor Azure’s demonic transformation ability, yet both of them had already been defeated. The only character remaining that cultivated a demonic art was none other than Qin Wentian, and he had slaughtered his way to this very point. Could he be the one? Or would he be stopped here today?

“The next two battles, Zhan Chen vs Qin Wentian; Chen Wang vs Si Qiong,” Old Man Tianji stated. After which, his gaze landed on Zhan Chen as he asked, “Zhan Chen, do you still want to battle?”

“I need a period of time to rest,” Zhan Chen replied.

Old Man Tianji nodded his head before announcing, “In that case, let the battle between Chen Wang and Si Qiong first begin.”

“Mhm?” The spectators were slightly stunned when they heard Old Man Tianji’s words. Let the battle between Chen Wang and Si Qiong begin first?

The winner of this battle might emerge a character that could influence the destiny of Grand Xia, by right, theirs should be the last fight. Why was it pushed forward?

Naturally, the most spectacular battle should always be left for last.

Earlier when Zhan Chen revealed his trump card, many people all thought that defeating Qin Wentian was a given. He would be ranked #3, while Qin Wentian ranked #4.

And if that was the case. Wouldn’t the battle between Chen Wang and Si Qiong be the final one?

Yet Old Man Tianji wanted to push forwards their battle.

Several in the crowd didn’t understand the reasoning behind this, but throughout history, the judge for the Heavenly Fate Rankings had always been the Venerate Heavens Sect. Since Old Man Tianji had spoken, the spectators could only accept this outcome and bring forwards their anticipation at watching the final battle.

The blazing sunlight flooded the arena platform. Chen Wang and Si Qiong both stood on the stage, soaking in the sunlight, as well as the countless gazes from all the spectators.

Who today, would be the most dazzling character on this stage?

Would it be Chen Wang or Si Qiong?

“Your strength isn’t bad, although I don’t have too much interest in the Heavenly Fate Rankings, but since I’m already here, the position of number one will naturally belong to me,” Si Qiong calmly stated, as though there was nothing more natural in the world.

“In the ranking battle three years ago, I was number two. Today, since I’m standing here once more, how can the position of the first ranker not belong to me? Even if it’s you, you won’t be able to block my way.”

Chen Wang stared straight at Si Qiong, exuding an intense feeling of arrogance.

He, Chen Wang, only wanted the position of the first ranker. Nothing more, nothing less.

He had waited a total of three years just for today.

“Fine, let our strength do the talking then,” Si Qiong serenely replied, it was as though nothing could affect his state of heart, which was as still as water.

Chen Wang’s body started to blaze, drinking in the sunlight while bathing in sun flames. His entire body transformed into that of a flame giant, while his third and strongest Astral Soul—a giant sun—fused together with him, causing the surrounding temperature to skyrocket.

It was as if a person only needed to be near him for them to die. Death by incineration, caused by the Great Solar Flames.

Si Qiong also released his third and strongest Astral Soul, that of an evil spectre. Its eyes could draw away the souls of those who looked into them, and just by being in its presence caused the souls of those nearby to tremble.



Astral Light erupted as they both instantly used Stellar Transposition. The two of them immediately clashed against each other, moving so fast that even their silhouettes were blurry after-images.

A terrifying giant ember palm slammed out, capable of incinerating everything. It released a terrible heat that instantly evaporated the water vapour in the air, causing sizzling sounds to resound.

Si Qiong sent out his left palm in response, and instantly numerous water-screens in the form of shields appeared, and when Chen Wang’s ember palm slammed downwards through the shields, he experienced a sensation similar to dunking his palms into a soft, water-like substance.

This was Si Qiong’s Mandate of Water. He excelled in soul attacks and had even comprehended the Mandate of Water. He’d been hiding his strength all the way up till now, for this final battle with Chen Wang.


The water shields dried up as the terrifying fire continued forwards. The scorching temperature from Chen Wang’s ember palm was too scary to face, but Si Qiong had already achieved his objective. The water shields were only there to slow Chen Wang down for an instant. Just an instant, that was all he needed. Si Qiong grinned as he then stabbed out with a finger.

Soul Destruction Finger, destroying the soul with a single stab.


The next moment, Chen Wang’s body split into three, dodging the attack as two more flame giants appeared, akin to Magma Divinity Wargods.

Such a scene, deeply rocked the hearts of the spectators.

Number one, Chen Wang wanted to be number one. This was Chen Wang’s true strength, only exploding forth at this very moment. Apparently, he had been hiding his strength as well, similar to what Si Qiong had done.

The three flame giants then lunged towards Si Qiong at the same time. The two other flame giants exuded an aura so powerful that people were left breathless from terror. Their cultivation bases were also at the pinnacle of Yuanfu, infinitely close to Heavenly Dipper.

The soul-stirring melody drifted out—Si Qiong stared at the real Chen Wang as he waved his hands. Within moments, two gigantic water shields sprang out to engulf the flame giants within, while he himself violently pierced forth with the Soul Destruction Finger, intending to annihilate Chen Wang’s soul.

“His speed. Why is Si Qiong’s speed this fast? Using his soul techniques as attacks and water shields for defense, Si Qiong has virtually no weaknesses,” the spectators excitedly commented. Even Chen Wang was forced back from the terrifying power exuding from that finger attack, and his two other incarnations of the flame giants were close to being extinguished. He bellowed with a heaven-shaking rage, the two incarnations zoomed back into Chen Wang’s body and an aura greater than the pinnacle of Yuanfu surged forth.

“Indeed, it’s as expected, Chen Wang has long completed his preparations to step into Heavenly Dipper. All this time, he’s always been suppressing his cultivation base, intending to wait until after the conclusion of the Heavenly Fate Rankings before stepping into it. Right now, the might of his aura should essentially be at the Heavenly Dipper Realm.”

The crowd watched on in dumbfounded amazement—Chen Wang’s Astral Soul was close to fusing with his body.

No one questioned this—the moment the Heavenly Fate Rankings were concluded, Chen Wang would immediately step into Heavenly Dipper.

Not only that, based on his attainment in his Mandates, the moment he stepped into Heavenly Dipper, he would immediately be ranked above those ordinary Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns.

Hence, despite biding his time, the Heavenly Fate Ranking battle this time around didn’t make Chen Wang lose out. In fact, he’d received tremendous gains instead.

Now that his incarnations had fused back into him, the sun flames around him surged with even more intensity. Now, when he blasted out with his palms, even the space in front of him was scorched into nothingness.

Si Qiong rushed up to the skies and with a signal, manifested a protective cage made of water. He entered the protective sphere of water, then rushed towards Chen Wang with his five fingers outstretched, grabbing hold of Chen Wang’s head.

“ROAR!” Chen Wang spat out, as flames of terrifying intensity ferociously surged upwards. Everything near him was obliterated, and even the protective water cage was evaporating at an extremely terrifying speed. Si Qiong had no way to escape, he was trapped inside the very thing that was initially designed to protect him. If he were to leave the water cage now, he would, without a doubt, be incinerated to death.

“You’ve lost!”

Chen Wang hollered, and with a fearsome punch, Si Qiong was explosively catapulted through the air. Even though he’d been thoroughly protected by the water cage, his body still suffered from burns.

The dark horse Si Qiong still couldn’t match up to Chen Wang. This battle between those standing at the absolute peak was an eye-opener to the crowd, so spectacular that it kept them breathless.

Si Qiong got up, staring at Chen Wang with a newfound respect in his eyes. “Indeed you do have the qualifications to stand at the absolute pinnacle of Yuanfu. Congratulations on obtaining the position of first ranker.”

Chen Wang nodded in polite response before inclining his head and staring upwards at the vast Heavens.

“You were very strong today, as well. I fear that I’ll have to recover for a long period of time after this battle before I can regain my original strength. It truly wasn’t easy to obtain first here today,” Chen Wang calmly added.

The spectators burst out into excited discussion, what a fascinating battle. Chen Wang was now number one, he had finally obtained what he’d sought after.

“Do all of you think that the Heavenly Fate Rankings has already concluded?”

A voice abruptly sounded out as Qin Wentian soared into the skies, staring imperiously down at Chen Wang and Si Qiong.

From their conversation, it was obvious that they truly thought the rankings had been concluded.

Chen Wang swept his gaze towards Qin Wentian, with contempt flashing in his eyes. “Count yourself lucky that you weren’t the one fighting against me.”

“Are you preparing to battle against me with such an attitude?” Qin Wentian’s lips curled up in sarcasm. “If you truly want to fight now, as long as Old Man Tianji agrees, I wouldn’t mind blasting you off the stage in front of millions of spectators.”

Chen Wang frowned but said nothing.

“The ignorant are fearless,” Chen Wang then icily remarked.

“Extremely ridiculous.” Qin Wentian’s eyes glinted with a demonic light. “The Heavenly Fate Rankings has yet to be concluded and you truly think of yourself as first? Even the word ‘shameless’ would be insufficient to describe you. If you’re defeated in the next battle, wouldn’t that be the equivalent of you smacking your own face?”

When the sound of Qin Wentian’s voice faded, he was already standing upon the arena platform. The powerful Purgatory Vermilion Bird hovered behind him as a sharp light glimmered in its eyes, staring at Chen Wang.

Qin Wentian quietly stood on the platform as demonic qi rolled off him in waves. The crowd involuntarily shifted the topic of discussion to him as they felt interest pricking their hearts.

Qin Wentian didn’t seem to want to give up—he also wanted the top position. Sadly, even though he was powerful, he was still a distance away from Chen Wang. At the very least, he had to overcome both Zhan Chen and Si Qiong first.

“You seem truly confident.”

A voice sneered as Zhan Chen stepped onto the platform, coldly laughing at Qin Wentian. “Finally, we meet. You’d better think first about how to save your own life.”

Qin Wentian glanced at Zhan Chen, this was someone he had to defeat.

Regardless of whether it was for the position of the top three rankers, or because of his promise to Mo Qingcheng, only by defeating Zhan Chen would he be able to proceed onwards.

“Where does your confidence come from then? It has been so many years yet you are still at this level of strength? How pathetic,” Qin Wentian quietly remarked.

“Oh, is that so? Do you really dare to utter such words with your cultivation base only at the eighth level of Yuanfu? On what grounds do you have to compete against me?” The sharpness radiating from Zhan Chen intensified as he spoke.

He wanted nothing more than to slaughter Qin Wentian in front of the millions of spectators.

Qin Wentian’s fiend-like eyes stared at the skies as his lips curled upwards. When he shifted his gaze onto Zhan Chen again, the aura that exuded from him, explosively skyrocketed.

Taking a single step forward, his demonic qi intensified as the smile on his face widened.

“Who said my cultivation base is only at the eighth level of Yuanfu?”

His statement was punctuated by his next step, as he ferociously unleashed his aura directly towards Zhan Chen—an aura that could only belong to one at the peak of Yuanfu!

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