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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 389 — Your Turn

Chapter 389: Your Turn

Qin Wentian’s heart shook slightly when he heard the words Yun Mengyi whispered in his ear. She actually knew such an incantation? Could it truly be as she’d said, that she was Princess Tianyu?

A deep and low melody resounded. Yun Mengyi’s mouth was almost touching Qin Wentian’s ears as her lips moved, and an extremely cryptic incantation drifted into his mind. Such a scene appeared immensely intimate, causing the two beauties near them to fix their gazes over.

“Sister Qingcheng, aren’t you jealous?” Bai Qing mischievously commented, as though she was purposely trying to cause trouble.

Mo Qingcheng felt a little unsettled in her heart when she stared at Qin Wentian and Yun Mengyi. Even just watching her gaze would cause people to feel hurt deep in their hearts.

“If I were you, I definitely wouldn’t tolerate this.” Bai Qing grinned. Mo Qingcheng stared at her before laughing as well, “Are you trying to provoke me into doing something?”

The gazes of some other spectators also turned to them. Many among them envied Qin Wentian—not only was this young man extremely outstanding, he was also surrounded by so many beauties.

And it was even more impressive that not one of those beauties could be termed as just a simple character.

Mo Qingcheng—the foremost beauty in the Moon Continent, the pride of Pill Emperor Hall, the companion of Qin Wentian.

Bai Qing—for the sake of Qin Wentian’s forgiveness, willing to risk her life by taking on one of his palm strikes. From this, one could see how deeply her feelings ran for Qin Wentian. Not only that, she was a Heaven’s Chosen from the Mystic Moon Hall as well.

Yun Mengyi—similar in strength with Qin Wentian. She was also one of the top ten rankers in the Heavenly Fate Rankings.

The three of them could already be said to be the most alluring and most striking of all the women here in the Heavenly Fate Rankings battle. And all of them, had a connection with Qin Wentian. How could the other males not feel some jealousy?

“There’s another secret I must tell you, regarding the Purgatory Vermilion Bird hovering above your head.” After Yun Mengyi imparted the incantation, she continued to explain, “With the platinum battle robe, you became the first person to step within the Vermilion Bird Formation. The true spirit of this formation world bestowed upon you the spirit of the Purgatory Vermilion Bird. The stronger you grow, the stronger it will grow, and subsequently its intelligence and wisdom will also improve as well. This is why it relentlessly gobbles up the ancient luck of others, and if it completes its evolution, it will be powerful enough to summon the true spirit of the formation world’s Vermilion Bird. This is the advantage of entering into the formation world first.”

Qin Wentian’s eyes glimmered incessantly. Yun Mengyi actually knew this much about the Vermilion Bird Formation—even if she wasn’t Princess Tianyu, she definitely had a connection with Ancient Grand Xia. Qin Wentian’s trust in her deepened by several degrees.

The profound meaning of the Vermilion Bird Formation was something that not even those powerhouses from the transcendent powers could fathom. Throughout the entire Grand Xia, many accepted it as the highest-tier trial grounds that catered to the Yuanfu Realm. Yun Mengyi actually knew of such a deep secret.

“Before this, those transcendent powers only knew that they had to be the first to step inside the formation world, but they didn’t know the actual reason behind it. Your Vermilion Bird already has a soul-deep connection with you. If you wished it to die, it wouldn’t even hesitate.” With these last words, Yun Mengyi turned and departed.

Qin Wentian gazed at her retreating back, as a look of contemplation appeared on his face. After which, he inclined his head to look at his Purgatory Vermilion Bird.

The Purgatory Vermilion Bird was even larger than before, emitting a terrifying aura. With a single thought, it understood and landed on the ground beside him, leaning its head against his body.

“You already evolved to the extent that you have a true body. How about being my companion in the future?” Qin Wentian asked. This Vermilion Bird already had a true soul and body of its own, so it was now a living thing and no longer something illusory.

The Purgatory Vermilion Bird was extremely excited when it heard Qin Wentian’s words. It soared into the skies and rapidly flew circles above Qin Wentian, letting out screeches of excitement, only coming to a stop after a long while. After which, it landed beside Qin Wentian, appearing extremely docile.

Qin Wentian gently stroked its wings, as a gentle smile appeared on his face. Inclining his head, he noticed Mo Qingcheng and Bai Qing walking over with radiant smiles on their faces.

And in that moment, this demonic young man suddenly appeared warm-hearted and kind. Spectators couldn’t reconcile the differences between his current appearance and that of the tyrannical demonic young man on the stage.

“It’s about to begin.”

Mo Qingcheng sat next to Qin Wentian, leaning upon his arm.

In her heart, there was still a faint trace of worry.

Would Qin Wentian be able to return unharmed after the ranking battle? She hoped that he wouldn’t suffer unduly just because he wanted to prove a point. His safety was the most important thing to her, after all.

“Mhm, soon soon,” Qin Wentian lightly commented. The two of them huddled together, reveling in each other’s warmth.

Over in the horizon, the sunlight gradually cascaded downwards as the clouds drifted by. The sunrise was so striking that it made people breathless.

“How beautiful,” Mo Qingcheng murmured.

“Yeah, just like that day when we admired the winter snow, it truly warms the heart.” Qin Wentian had a peaceful smile on his face.

The two of them were like an immortal couple that had descended down to earth.

“Qin Wentian.”

A voice abruptly echoed out; Si Qiong was already standing on the arena platform. His eyes were ice-cold as he stared at Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng.

Qin Wentian actually dared to disregard him, arrogantly declaring he’d be fighting against Chen Wang. How dare he show such an attitude?

The spectators stared at Si Qiong who was on the stage, clearly feeling the intense battle intent emanating out of him.

Were the two dark horses about to begin their battle?

Before this, Si Qiong was seen as the strongest dark horse character.

But now, after Qin Wentian’s slaughter of Zhan Chen, no one dared to belittle him.

The strongest dark horse characters in this ranking battle would be facing each other in this next battle.

Who exactly, would be the strongest?

Qin Wentian slowly stood up, smiling to Mo Qingcheng before his silhouette vanished, reappearing on the platform. The Vermilion Bird atop his head shrilly cried out as its baleful stare fixated on Si Qiong’s Vermilion Bird.

“Your ancient luck appears to be terrified,” Qin Wentian casually commented. He was currently giving off a feeling completely different from before.

“So what? Ancient luck is just ancient luck, it doesn’t matter if it’s devoured or not. But you actually rejected the offer exchange, so I’d be really keen to see inside your memories, and find out what exactly makes you so confident to do so,” Si Qiong coldly remarked. He was skilled in soul attacks and knew of a soul search technique as well. He revealed this when he fought against Mu Feng, but ultimately, he’d failed and was grievously poisoned instead.

This time around, he wanted to search Qin Wentian’s soul.

“Let’s get started, then.”

Qin Wentian added quietly. The gentle wind fluttered their robes, the entire surroundings were silent.

This was a battle of the strongest dark horses. If Si Qiong won, he would instantly be ranked #2. If Qin Wentian won, he would then gain the qualifications to contend against Chen Wang for the position of the top ranker.

Qin Wentian stretched out his palm, as demonic qi enveloped it, transforming it into the arms of a kirin. A crimson light shone as the blood within his body surged.

After stepping into the ninth level of Yuanfu, how strong was Qin Wentian exactly?

Qin Wentian himself didn’t know, he had never fully utilized his strength before.

Fiend Art Transformation, with second level Mandates in the Mandate of Demon and the Mandate of Force—in addition to the Divine Energy within his Yuanfu, which were further reinforced and augmented by the release of his Astral Souls. What realm of power would his full strength reach?

Even he himself, wasn’t clear on this.

“Sizzle!” A gurgling sound rang out as the Divine Energy in Qin Wentian’s Yuanfu began to surge.

He stood there unmoving, yet giving people a sense that he was brimming with power.

A demonic wind gusted as a pair of terrifying demonic wings formed behind his back. With a slight intention of thought, a pair of wings was instantly formed.

Si Qiong could also feel the pressure, and he immediately released his Astral Souls. His first Astral Soul was classed as a wind-type; his second Astral Soul was a water python that revolved in midair; his third Astral Soul, was that of the evil spectre. The golden corona around the Astral Souls indicated that the first two came from the 4th Heavenly Layer, and the third from the the 5th Heavenly Layer respectively!

“How terrifying!” The hearts of the spectators shuddered. Just based on the quality of his Astral Souls, not many could be comparable to Si Qiong.

“You want to win against me? Have you even seen Astral Souls like mine?” Si Qiong’s lips mumbled as the strange soul suppressing melody rang out, aimed at Qin Wentian. The evil spectre he’d released was currently staring at Qin Wentian, as though it wanted to affect Qin Wentian’s soul.


Qin Wentian’s third eye snapped open as a resplendent light flooded the area. His third Astral Soul was released—the Demon Sovereign Astral Soul, as expressions of awe filled the faces of the crowd.

“Ranked #1 in the Warbeast Index, Demon Sovereign.”

The hearts of the spectators quaked, they had witnessed how terrifying Qin Wentian could be from the last time he’d used this particular Astral Soul. Just the summoning aspects alone were sufficient to waste experts at the pinnacle of Yuanfu.

“5th Heavenly Layer.” Si Qiong’s brows furrowed. But, so what of it? In this ranking battle, there were many contenders whose third Astral Soul came from the 5th Heavenly Layer.


Qin Wentian took another step forwards as his Great Dream Astral Soul was released. The resplendent corona of golden light was so blinding, causing a rush of impact no smaller than when his Demon Sovereign Astral Soul was released.

“5th Heavenly Layer.”

Qin Wentian’s second Astral Soul also originated from the 5th Heavenly Layer. If it weren’t for Si Qiong possessing a strong will, ordinary experts would already be invaded by that will of drowsiness, falling into a deep sleep. And by then, they could only wait to be slaughtered.

“What a terrifying Astral Soul, but how strong were his perceptions exactly? Two Astral Souls condensed from the 5th Heavenly Layer?” The crowd burst into fervent discussion, Qin Wentian’s second Astral Soul was also from the 5th Heavenly Layer!

“You are nothing but a frog sitting in a well, gazing at the vast skies.”

Qin Wentian stated, causing Si Qiong’s countenance to turn incredibly ugly. His earlier words to Qin Wentian were now like a smack on his own face.

“I will show you the world.”

Qin Wentian took another step forwards as his first Astral Soul, the Heavenly Hammer Astral Soul erupted into being. Staring at its corona of resplendent golden light, the spectators felt as though a thousand hammers were concurrently pounding at their hearts.

All three of his Astral Souls originated from the 5th Heavenly Layer. What ridiculous concept was this?

Didn’t that mean from the moment Qin Wentian began cultivation, he could already condense an Astral Soul from the 5th Heavenly Layer?

How can this be? How did he accomplish this?

“Have you ever seen Astral Souls like mine?”

He flung Si Qiong’s own words back against him, smacking his face with double the damage, right in front of the million of gazes currently staring at him.

But in the next instant, Qin Wentian’s silhouette flickered and vanished from sight.


The moment Qin Wentian moved, Si Qiong used Stellar Transposition and vanished from sight, only to see Qin Wentian instantly shift his direction. He moved like a bolt of lightning, stabbing out with a single finger. Vast amounts of demonic qi converged onto the platform as his finger descended.

The space on that platform was on the brink of collapse, transforming into a black hole where countless sharp swords could be seen within. The black hole employed a suction force that drew everything into its gaping maw, concentrated on the tip of Qin Wentian’s finger. Although the suction force appeared to be slow, it required only an instant before the suction force locked onto Si Qiong.

Si Qiong paled, although his attacks and defenses were both extremely fearsome, he knew that he was somewhat lacking when it came to strength. This was also the reason why he’d lost to Chen Wang. It was fine if Qin Wentian didn’t make a move, but when he did so, it was an earth-shattering and heaven-sundering strike, stabbing out with a single finger aiming right for Si Qiong’s heart.

Regardless of how powerful his soul attacks were or how formidable his water shields defenses could be, in front of this attack, everything was useless.

Maybe if Qin Wentian’s opponent was Chen Wang, Chen Wang might be able to use his violent strength to counter this attack. But it was impossible for Si Qiong to do the same.

“RUMBLEEE!” A brilliant light flashed, as a water-screen divine armor enveloped Si Qiong. The armor was made of a formless, water-like substance, which continuously flowed protectively around his entire body.

The black hole powered by Qi-sword-type Divine Energy smashed onto Si Qiong, flinging his body through the air. Qin Wentian’s Purgatory Vermilion Bird then proceeded to feast on Si Qiong’s ancient luck.

“Si Qiong, he actually broke the rules and used divine armor.”

“That piece of divine armor had no form to it, Si Qiong definitely originates from a terrifying major power, seeing that they granted that to him as a life-saving treasure.”

Upon seeing Si Qiong’s body getting blasted off the arena platform, Qin Wentian’s countenance remained calm as he stared. His voice, was filled with sarcasm as he remarked, “Unable to even withstand a single strike. How sad is it that you even need to go so far, breaking the rules and equipping divine armor to save your pathetic life?”

But naturally Qin Wentian also understood that with Si Qiong’s background, even if he broke the rules, Old Man Tianji and the rest wouldn't dare penalize him for it.

Hence, he no longer paid any attention to Si Qiong. He shifted his gaze over, in the direction where Chen Wang currently was.

His eyes were like sword beams, penetrating through space to fixate on Chen Wang. “Your turn.”

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