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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 391 — Ascending the Peak

Chapter 391: Ascending the Peak

The flame giant that was Chen Wang retreated a step backwards, one of his arms had forcibly exploded. Qin Wentian’s entire body was covered in raging flames yet the glow in his eyes never faded—they shone like torches in the darkness, illustrating his determination.

“Strength, can yours surpass mine?” Qin Wentian ferociously stomped forwards, and a huge rumbling sound rang out as his aura gushed forth. He was like an unrivalled Monarch, staring imperiously at his lowly subject.

Great Solar Chen Wang was his opponent? So what of it?

Among those on the same level, Qin Wentian was unrivalled.

Chen Wang glared hatefully at Qin Wentian. At the instant Qin Wentian blasted forth with his palm strike, Chen Wang stomped on the ground, causing a bout of astral light to flood the area as his silhouette disappeared. Although Chen Wang knew that Qin Wentian was able to read the trajectory of the Stellar Transposition, he had no choice but to execute it.

Yet the instant Chen Wang stomped the ground, disappearing from sight, Qin Wentian had already turned and pierced forth at a previously empty location with his Heaven Breaking Finger.

Over there, Chen Wang’s fiery left palm slammed down at that spot, descending from the Heavens, containing enough might to shatter everything, and disintegrating all things into nothing but ashes.

The two bursts of energy frenziedly collided in the air, and with rapid thrusts of his palms, numerous ancient bells manifested and slammed onto Chen Wang’s gigantic flame body.

Under its lingering effect, the relentless echoes of the ancient bell, combined together with Qin Wentian’s external force attacks, this all enabled them to work in perfect synergy.

Although he transformed into a flame giant, and possessed the Great Solar Universe Art, his main body was still a human. He still had a heart.

The Heartbreak Echo, precisely targets the heart.

Chen Wang’s heart was swelling from the echoes of the ancient bell, his heartbeat pounding with increasing intensity. Chen Wang could clearly feel his heart expanding, as though preparing to explode.


Yet another burst of astral light flooded the area as he used Stellar Transposition again. Chen Wang vanished once more, but Qin Wentian instantly used Roc Flash as well. This time, Qin Wentian didn’t move to intercept Chen Wang but rather, he created even more ancient bells at each of the four boundaries of the arena platform, locking Chen Wang within a cacophony of ringing.

“Pu…” Chen Wang spat out a mouthful of crimson flames, resembling lava. He tried to exit the platform yet Qin Wentian relentlessly chased after him, not giving him the chance to do so.

This was something Chen Wang and the rest had decided. Life and death would be determined by one’s combat prowess. It would not be against the rules to kill your opponent in the ranking battle.

Chen Wang howled, and despite the cost, he once again split his body into three. Two of his flame giant incarnations rushed towards Qin Wentian, in an attempt to buy time while his true self used the last of his astral energy and executed Stellar Transposition once again.

Peng, Peng…

The two flame giant incarnations shattered into fragments, while Chen Wang was successful—he stepped off the platform in the nick of time. This meant that he, Great Solar Chen Wang, was the loser in this battle.

The position of the first ranker had flown from his hands, but he was still number two. Always number two.

Standing on the ground, Chen Wang only saw Qin Wentian staring down at him from the platform with heavy disdain in his eyes. An intense burst of shame flooded every fibre of his being. He had lost, defeated by someone that he never thought he would lose to.

In the formation world, how imposing was he then, chasing after Qin Wentian to kill him. But now in a one-on-one fight, he’d been defeated fair and square, and it was impossible to describe the bitter aftertaste ofdefeat he was feeling right now.

“Didn’t you say earlier that you are number one?”

A flash of contempt flashed past Qin Wentian’s eyes. “The Heavenly Fate Rankings had yet to be concluded, yet you and Si Qiong were so dead set in your conviction of being superior over all others. Apparently, frogs in a well are only good at talking.”

As the sound of his voice faded, Qin Wentian returned back to the arena platform, no longer bothering to speak to Chen Wang.

Ultimately, actions spoke louder than words.

Chen Wang had proclaimed that he was number one. Now that he’d been defeated, all of his achievements would merely serve to smack him in his own face.

If it were some other contender obtaining the position of number two instead of Chen Wang, then it would have been a matter of glory. But for Chen Wang, it was the exact opposite.

Without the participation of Hua Taixu, Chen Wang was originally supposed to be the brightest blazing sun. He thought he was invincible in the whole of Yuanfu, yet who would have thought that someone like Qin Wentian would appear. Not only that, he was defeated by somebody whom he’d once failed to kill when his opponent was merely at the seventh level of Yuanfu. How could this not be a humiliation?

He’d suppressed his cultivation base for so long, refusing to step into Heavenly Dipper, all for one reason and one reason only. To obtain first in the Heavenly Fate Rankings.

The winner becomes the King, the losers become vilified. Chen Wang, was the loser.

The gazes of the spectators slowly shifted towards the arena platform.

When Qin Wentian first joined the ranking battle, he was an unknown contender with a cultivation base at the seventh level of Yuanfu.

During the first test, he was the one that sounded out the most echoes, breaking the record.

During the second test, Duan Qingshan and the rest wanted to slay him above the Life and Death River, but Duan Qingshan was counter-slain instead.

During the third test, he surpassed Chen Wang and Shi Potian and donned the most dazzling platinum battle robes, obtaining the qualifications to be the first to enter the Vermilion Bird Formation. Right after, he offended Chen Wang by refusing to heed his command to forsake those qualifications, which would have allowed Chen Wang to be the first to enter. Qin Wentian had totally ignored him.

Although he’d started to attract attention, none of the spectators had believed in his chances. At the very most, they only thought that he would have an opportunity to be ranked within the top thirty-six rankers.

After which, he entered the formation world and obtained the Purgatory Vermilion Bird, and started to pave his way to prominence.

Step by step, all the way up till now, to finally stand at the true pinnacle of Yuanfu.

The gentle wind fluttered his robes, as the Purgatory Vermilion Bird hovered above his head. This scenario caused a deep rush of impact, rumbling the spectators’ hearts.

This dark horse had really walked all the way till the end.

No one would have predicted that Qin Wentian would be ranked first in the Heavenly Fate Rankings this time around.

In the air, Old Man Tianji stroked his beard as he took in the scene. There was now no doubt in his mind who the demon star represented.

If they wanted to change the destiny of Grand Xia that had already set on its new course, the only viable method was to kill the one represented by the demon star.

However, since the demon star had already been birthed, this meant that more or less destiny was already set, and any actions they took now would merely be a pebble toss in the ocean, incapable of affecting either the direction of the currents or the intensity of the tides. It wouldn’t be that easy if one wanted to kill him.

From today onwards, calamity might befall Qin Wentian. But as to how the ending of the calamity would turn out, even Old Man Tianji had no idea.

Those from the Pill Emperor Hall had incredibly complicated expressions on their faces. Luo He’s reflected a calmness that didn’t match her trembling heart.

Those from the Hua Clan had extremely cold looking expressions on their countenance. They never would have expected that Qin Wentian would be the top ranker.

Those from the Chen Clan, Shi Clan, Wang Clan—they all had nothing to say as well.

For the first time, the position of the top ranker in the Heavenly Fate Rankings had been seized by a nobody. He wasn’t affiliated with any of the transcendent powers in Grand Xia.

As for the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan, they had another perspective on this. Taking into account the relationship between Ouyang Kuangsheng and Qin Wentian, as long as Qin Wentian was able to continue on and mature, it would only be beneficial to their Ouyang Aristocrat Clan.

Shu Ruanyu, Xuan Yan, Xuan Xin, all looked on speechlessly as well.

Only Mo Qingcheng and Bai Qing wore radiant smiles on their faces.

Chu Mang and Fan Le had their fists pumped up in the air and were roaring in pride and laughter.

Those from the White Deer institute all felt extremely gratified in their hearts, they had made the right choice.

They were all filled with anticipation for Qin Wentian’s performance. But when Qin Wentian truly stood at the pinnacle of the Heavenly Fate Rankings, other than gratification, they also felt a sense of surrealism, as well as disbelief.

Mustang involuntarily trembled, overcome by his emotions. Yet never had he smiled this widely before.

“Teacher, Junior Brother now stands on the pinnacle of all Yuanfu in Grand Xia. He’s only twenty yet he achieved such an accomplishment, one that most people could never achieve in their entire lives.” Luo Huan laughed, feeling extremely moved as well.

Earning a place on the Heavenly Fate Rankings was the aim of all Yuanfu Cultivators in Grand Xia, yet Qin Wentian had obtained the first ranked position.

“Mhm.” Mustang stared at Qin Wentian as he added with pride, “Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected this disciple of mine would achieve such an unimaginable feat.”

“Teacher, it’s still too early to be happy. That fellow is merely twenty. What would happen after he steps into Heavenly Dipper? Don’t be so emotional now, okay?” Luo Huan teased but the twinkle in her eyes betrayed the fact that she too, was extremely emotional right now.

When she stepped into the vast world, everything she heard had all pointed to the transcendent powers as being those at the peak of Grand Xia.

Pill Emperor Hall, Hua Clan, Ouyang Aristocrat Clan, Great Solar Chen Clan and the rest— they were all highly revered beings that possessed an unattainable prestige. The Heaven’s Chosen that originated from their clans were all the stuff of legends in the entire Grand Xia, but today, those legendary characters were all defeated by her junior martial brother.

If those in Chu knew of Qin Wentian’s current achievements, she wondered what thoughts they’d have in their hearts.

“Let the rankings be fixed.”

Old Man Tianji spoke, causing the gazes of the spectators to be fixated on the shimmering scoreboard.

Because Zhan Chen had fallen, those behind him in ranking all advanced a position ahead.

The contenders for the top three rankings remained unchanged.

Si Qiong, ranked #3.

Chen Wang, ranked #2.

Qin Wentian, ranked #1!

When the three characters forming the name of ‘Qin Wentian’ were engraved onto the board, the spectators collectively drew in a huge breath. They knew that from this moment onwards, Qin Wentian’s name would become a symbol in Grand Xia. A symbol of his generations that would resound throughout Grand Xia, just like Hua Taixu before him.

He would become the idol of countless youngsters of future generations—who would use him as a standard, the one they would look up to and try their utmost to surpass.

From today onwards, there would be countless people discussing him, with worship in their tones as they told of his legendary deeds.

He domineeringly crushed all the Heaven’s Chosen, and stood together with the number one beauty of the Moon Continent, Mo Qingcheng. Their symbolic act of holding hands to announce their relationship to the entire world, they were akin to an immortal couple, and their story would eventually be canonized as legendary.

In fact, many rumors began to be passed around, one in particular declared that Qin Wentian participated in the Heavenly Fate Rankings solely for Mo Qingcheng. To romanticize their story, the embellishers added all sorts of details to spice up the telling of it.

“Qin Wentian.”

At this moment, Old Man Tianji spoke. Qin Wentian shifted his gaze towards him, only to hear him continue, “You obtained first in the ranking battle this time around, consider this as an extremely valuable experience for you on your pathway to become stronger. I hope that you will be able to remember the determination in your heart and strive to achieve even greater heights in the future.”

“Many thanks to Senior.”

Qin Wentian dipped in a slight bow to Old Man Tianji, this was truly a valuable experience to all those who had participated and survived.

“From this moment, here in the Ancient Kingdom, the Heavenly Fate Rankings is thereby concluded. The mark left behind from your battles shall be remembered here for all eternity,” Old Man Tianji stated.

The Heavenly Fate Rankings was concluded!

The various battles between this particular batch of contenders, those who may affect the future destiny of Grand Xia, had been beyond fascinating, truly an exciting spectacle for all who’d witnessed it. Without a doubt, these batch of monsters had left an indelible mark in their hearts!

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