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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 400 — Sword Reverence City

Chapter 400: Sword Reverence City

Pill Emperor Hall, Moon Continent. In the 99 flights of steps leading upwards, with celestial qi pervading the air, the main palace of the Pill Emperor Hall was built so tall that its tip reached the heavens, and was revered by people in all the eight directions.

To many, Pill Emperor Hall was sacred ground.

The majority of experts from Pill Emperor Hall were alchemists, and could save the lives of ordinary humans just with the pills they concocted. Hence, most people felt to them, that the Pill Emperor Hall was one of the best transcendent powers to currently exist.

In that main hall right now, fragrant incense permeated the air, appearing truly to be a place fit for immortals to reside. However, right towards the back of all the palaces and halls, there was a forbidden gate where no one was permitted to enter.

Many powerful experts guarded the gate, and beyond it, the celestial qi pervading the air was magnified, transformed into a dense mist. This caused several of the Pill Emperor Hall’s disciples to sigh with longing. Legend has it that this was the sacred place of the Pill Emperor Hall, purely for the current Saintess of the sect to use for her baptism. After the ritual, the celestial qi exuding from the Saintess would be more intense, and her talent would strengthen, causing countless to hold her in reverence.

However, the Pill Emperor Hall had an ironclad rule. Upon entering the sacred ground of their sect, then in this life, for all eternity, they would be the people of the Pill Emperor Hall. They would be unable to marry outside, and thus live and die in the sect.

At this moment, past the forbidden gate, a silhouette could be seen walking forward. This person was none other than Luo He from the Pill Emperor Hall.

Luo He slowly walked forwards, to the end of the celestial mist. In front of her, a cliff could be seen and on top of the cliff there was yet another figure—her senior brother, and Zhan Chen’s master.

The Luo He now was a far cry from her usual self. As she walked up the cliff, she appeared extremely strained and ill at ease, casting her gaze downwards towards the valley depths. If others could see what Luo He saw now, they would definitely be stricken with terror, scared out of their minds.

The sacred Pill Emperor Hall was actually built upon a mountain range, surrounded by a sea of corpses and skeletons.

This mountain range exuded an overwhelming stench of death that originated from the ancient bones buried for all eternity underneath.

Other than this terrifying scene, there were numerous stone platforms scattered around, with several white-robed youthful females sitting cross legged upon it. Their individual beauty was capable of stirring the heavens, yet, what was weird about this scene was that their expressions all seemed a little strange, sluggish…and somewhat lifeless.

And right in the middle of these white-robed females, there was a set of skeletal remains that emitted a red glow, bringing to mind the rhythmic fluctuations of life.

“Have you prepared a total of eighty-one essence-gathering bodies for me?”

A voice rasped, reverberating with extreme evilness, drifting out from the skeletal remains. Luo He’s heart involuntarily clenched, her countenance was filled with acute discomfort as she cast a glance at her senior brother beside him.

“I will do my best,” Luo He respectfully replied.


That cold snort magnified the pressure on Luo He’s heart, causing her countenance to turn extremely pale.

“You’d better know your priorities.”

Luo He trembled intensely as she forced a bow. “I will do my best.”

“I will give you one more year of time.” The cold voice resounded as Luo He nodded her head, before silently retreating. She quietly thought in her heart, “Qingcheng, ah Qingcheng, I initially wanted you to succeed me, and on account of your talent I shall give you one last chance. But if you continue being foolish, then don’t blame me for being heartless.”

Today would mark the first year since the conclusion of the Heavenly Fate Rankings.


In the central region of Grand Xia, there was a city named Sword Reverence City.

Although this city wasn’t as luxurious as the nine continents, it was still exceedingly famous over this vast piece of region of about ten thousand miles. Because, other than the Yan Continent,which specialized in swords, this city was another location where sword fanatics would gather.

Hence, it was named as the Sword Reverence City.

Outside the city gates of Sword Reverence City, there was a path that led to the edge of a precipice. Here, the air was pervaded with terrifying sword qi, and at the edge of the land the surface was extremely flat, as though the whole place was formed when a monstrous gigantic sword sundered the earth, cleaving it apart, with the remnants forming the precipice.

Nine swords of incomparable sharpness were embedded at the edge of the precipice, their bodies bent, accepting the worship and reverence of millions of people. Hence, the city at the side of this precipice, was named as the Sword Reverence City.

Today, there was an extremely popular topic running through the city that was heavily discussed by many.

A few months ago, a young swordsman had appeared in the city. This swordsman was clad in white, with an ancient sword strapped behind his back, giving off an aura of sharpness that further enhanced his handsome features.

This young man came to the Sword Reverence City to gain enlightenment into the Mandate of Swords by finding people to spar against him every day. To everyone’s shock, this young man actually comprehended the Mandate of Swords in a mere three days.

The first level of insight in the Mandate of Swords, was sharpness.

A sword that was sharp enough had nothing it couldn’t cut through, capable of overcoming all obstacles.

This young man comprehended the Mandates of Swords in three days, reached the Advanced Boundary of the first level in ten, broke through to the Transformation Boundary after one month and finally, achieving the Perfection Boundary at three months.

His accomplishments were personally witnessed by many in the crowd, and they couldn’t help but believe that in this world, there was truly a genius at that level.

Not only that, this young man’s perception was beyond extraordinary. For those that crossed blows with him, he’d actually learn their sword arts and techniques right after the first pass and even use it against them. Such talent truly caused all the spectators to be stunned.

From the time he started on the path of comprehending the sword, all the way up till now when he’d become a sword master, a total of three months had passed. Not only that, he had already defeated several powerful sword cultivators at the same realm as him, purely by sword techniques. It was as if regardless of whoever he fought against, he would defeat them all the same.

Only when he had no more opponents in the Reverence Sword Precipice, did this young man proceed and enter the city.

Right now, in the Sword Reverence City, that young man was currently sparring against another young man around twenty-six to twenty-seven years of age. Both their sword arts were unfathomably consummate, as sword qi devastated the surrounding area of their duel.

“Haha, Brother Qin’s sword arts are truly brilliant. I, Zong, am truly impressed.” The other young man took a step back and returned his sword to his sheath. He stared at the other party with respect in his eyes. Having such achievements at such a young age, he could truly be termed as a demon-level genius when it came to the path of swords.

This talented young man was naturally Qin Wentian. After he exited the ancient kingdom, he didn’t linger behind in Ginkou and left directly, coming to the Sword Reverence City to cultivate in his sword techniques. He had to first comprehend the Mandate of Swords to the second level before condensing an Astral Nova to break through to the Heavenly Dipper Realm.

But in truth, although the aura Qin Wentian exuded was still at Yuanfu, from another perspective, his three Astral Novas would indicate that his combat prowess was already at the Heavenly Dipper level.

“Brother Zong’s sword arts are astounding as well, as expected of someone from a powerful sect.” Qin Wentian smiled.

Zong Qian’s eyes flashed with a bright glow as he smiled back, “Seems like Brother Qin has already figured out my identity. Truth be told, I’m Zong Qian from the Zong Clan of the Sword Reverence City.”

There were three major powers in the city, respectively known as the Zong Clan, Li Clan and the Heavenly Sword Sect. They had a countless number of disciples under their wings who had come to this city to join them, enabling the sect and clans to prosper rather than decline throughout the years.

These three powers were all extremely prestigious. Experts were as common as clouds within their groups.

Of all three powers, the Zong Clan was the one with lowest profile, the Li Clan was the most high-handed, while the Heavenly Sword Sect’s renown and influence was considered the greatest. The choice of countless young cultivators upon arriving at this city would most definitely be the Heavenly Sword Sect. After all, the other two were only clans.

“I’m Qin Wen.” Qin Wentian nodded his head.

“I won’t lie, Brother Qin, but I feel a little puzzled by the rumors in the city. Is the matter where you took only three months from a beginner to become a swordmaster really true?” Zong Qian’s personality was straightforward, hence he asked directly. In fact, many people felt that Qin Wentian was actually an expert in the sword pretending to be a beginner to gain recognition and fame.

“If I say yes, would Brother Zong believe me?” Qin Wentian laughed.

Zong Qian muttered irresolutely to himself for a moment before replying, “If it was before this, I wouldn’t have believed it. But now that I’ve met Brother Qin in person, if Brother Qin say its true, I will surely believe it as so.”

“Why?” Qin Wentian curiously asked.

“Us sword users cultivate our sword heart. Our personality won’t deviate from the way we use our sword. For those with strange and crafty sword techniques, their personality will reflect it as such. Brother Qin’s sword was sharp and true, overwhelming and tyrannical, pressing courageously forward, and even with a faint sense of a King within. From exchanging moves against you, how could I be unable to tell the sort of character you have?” Zong Qian laughed, causing Qin Wentian to be slightly stunned.

Zong Qian was truly from one of the three sword-wielding major powers, using one’s sword arts to evaluate his opponent’s character.

“Not only that, Brother Qin’s swordplay is extremely pure, your sword intent clear and sharp. It would truly be a waste if Brother Qin hadn’t chosen to cultivate in the path of swords.”

“Brother Zong praises me too much.” Qin Wentian bitterly smiled.

“We hit it off right from the start, I’m slightly older than you, hence, I should be your big brother. Today, let’s go back to my residence, and we will exchange sword pointers while drinking beautiful wine,” Zong Qian spoke enthusiastically, clutching Qin Wentian by his arm causing Qin Wentian to start slightly. However, as he directed his gaze towards Zong Qian, he discovered his countenance was clean and filled only with pure intentions of forming a friendship, extremely sincere without a hint of hypocrisy.

Just as he’d said earlier, the personality and character of sword cultivators could be inferred from the way they used their swords. Zong Qian’s sword was straightforward and swift, just like his character. He simply did what he wanted to do.

However, at this moment, the whistling of sword qi could be heard gushing over nearby. Lifting their heads, they saw three sharp swords speeding along in the air, instantly landing beside Qin Wentian. The newcomers were made up of two males and one female.

The two males were around thirty in age, while the female had a beautiful countenance, with limpid eyes, aged around twenty-five to twenty-six.

Upon seeing the appearance of these three, Zong Qian instantly relinquished his hold on Qin Wentian’s arms. But the three of them had long seen what happened while they were in the air. Their eyes were like torches, filled with sharpness, as they stared at Qin Wentian.

“Are you that rumored undefeatable swordsman?” One of the males by the side had a blood dot in the centre of his brows, giving people a tyrannical feeling. He stood on his sword, staring at Qin Wentian as he coldly inquired.

“It is I, Qin,” Qin Wentian replied.

“I initially thought that you were alone and hence I wanted to spar against you. Who would have thought that you’d actually be someone from the Zong Clan.” The other male who had sword-angled eyebrows spoke, his words radiating enmity.

“What did I tell you guys, it’s impossible for someone to use only three months to step into the Perfection Boundary of the first level. It’s obvious this entire thing was a setup. He’s originally a sword cultivator, and not what the rumors were saying—that he was recently a beginner.” The female’s thin lips mumbled, her harsh tone filled with unkindness.

Qin Wentian frowned slightly, only to see Zong Qian icily retorting, “Li Nian, this is the first time Brother Qin came to our Sword Reverence City. He has no relations with my Zong Clan.”

“Oh, are you trying to hide your relationship now? It’s useless. Since he’s someone your Zong Clan invited, I guess you guys must have already made your preparations to fight against us. Since there’s such a good opportunity now, why don’t we exchange some pointers with each other?” the female icily stated. As the sound of her voice faded, the male with the sword-angled brows blasted out a palm strike, and an instant later, a terrifying sword qi gushed out, flying right towards Qin Wentian.

Zong Qian stepped out in front of Qin Wentian, blocking the attack as he coldly replied, “The grudge between the Li and Zong Clan is for us alone to bear. Don’t drag a bystander into it.”

“Since you guys did it, why are you so afraid to admit it? Since this expert was hired by the Zong Clan, why are you so afraid to do battle?” The countenance of the sword-angled eyebrows male grew sharper and sharper, as he continued slamming his palms forth. The sword qi gushing from him was now imbued with the will of his mandates.

Zong Qian immediately responded, exploding forth with his aura. The male he was currently up against wasn’t your average opponent, and not even Qin Wentian’s Mandate of Swords was enough to stand against him, despite already reaching the Perfection Boundary of the first level.

And during their earlier exchange of blows, Zong Qian hadn’t sensed any other Mandates from Qin Wentian. He now believed that Qin Wentian had only comprehended the Mandate of Swords and would only be at a severe disadvantage if he were to go up against the sword-angled eyebrows male—such a move would only invite calamity on himself!

Zong Qian similarly exploded forth with his aura. The current male he was fighting against wasn’t just some run-of-the-mill opponent and although Qin Wentian’s Mandate of Swords had reached the Perfection Boundary of the first level, it wasn’t enough to stand against someone like the sword-angled eyebrows male.

Not only that, when Zong Qian exchanged blows with Qin Wentian earlier, he couldn’t sense the will of any other Mandates from Qin Wentian, he strongly felt that Qin Wentian only comprehended the Mandate of Swords and thus was afraid that Qin Wentian would suffer a severe disadvantage when fighting against this male, inviting a calamity on himself!

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