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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 408 — Contest over Control of Sword Range

Chapter 408: Contest over Control of Sword Range

In the middle of the air, where sword qi swept across the entire void, Qin Wentian’ eyes were fixated onto that Zong Clan’s elder as a terrifying battle intent radiated out from him.

This young man effortlessly crippled Zong Peng, someone at the same level of cultivation as him, and now, he actually wanted to face off against an elder.

That elder stared at Qin Wentian as he coldly stated, “Fine, I really want to see how capable you are.”

As the sound of his voice faded, a terrifying Astral Nova manifested, floating above him in the air. This Astral Nova contained an extremely fearsome sword-might within; countless thin and fine sword threads could be seen revolving around it, so sharp it was as though just a single sword thread was sufficient to kill people.

Not only that, the speed of these sword threads were extremely terrifying, like light rays shuttling across space, emitting an intense and resplendent sword light.

That elder then took a step towards Qin Wentian as the entirety of the sword threads began revolving at an increased speed, being fired straight toward Qin Wentian’s location. It seemed that he would be able to kill Qin Wentian with just a thought on his part.

Sounds of laceration sounded out within Qin Wentian’s body. An instant later, the sound of a sword keening permeated the void as an incomparably dazzling manifestation of that kingly sword floated above his head.

At this moment, the glow surrounding that sword was completely beyond comparison, and just a single glance was sufficient to determine that it was on the level of the ultimate, supreme swords. It seemed as though every part of the sword’s body was formed from the countless repeated condensation of sword essence—none of the spectators had ever sensed such a terrifying Astral Nova before.

In addition, this sword exuded an exalted, imposing aura of majesty, like it was the king of all swords, projecting a might as if it sought to destroy all other swords before it.

“Is this his Astral Nova? How is it so powerful?”

The hearts of the crowd trembled, and even the elder’s Astral Nova didn’t make them feel this way. Not only that, it seemed that the elder’s Nova was being faintly suppressed by Qin Wentian’s.

Qin Wentian’s stare directly bore straight into the elder’s eyes, his countenance emotionless, detached of all expression. The elder’s Astral Nova started to tremble and vibrate lightly, letting out an incessant buzzing.

Such a scene caused the elder to turn ashen. With a wave of his hands, the millions upon millions of sword threads transformed into an intense beam of sword light, shooting straight at Qin Wentian, aiming to envelop him within.

Qin Wentian’s expression turned cold, and he similarly stretched his hand and flicked his finger outwards, causing his Astral Nova to shuttle through the air, as endless sounds of sword keening could be heard, resembling the crazed shrill cries of demonic beasts.

A burst of light flooded the area, forming a light screen. That intense sword beam made from countless sword threads was actually being blocked, forcibly suppressed by Qin Wentian’s Astral Nova to the point where it couldn’t advance forwards.

“I truly want to see how strong you really are, an elder that doesn’t discriminate between right and wrong, wanting to punish people just because you see fit to do so.” Qin Wentian snorted coldly. Gushing sounds could be heard within his body as demonic energy gurgled, manifesting his third Astral Nova.

This Astral Nova was in the shape of his Astral Soul as well, with a tall and mighty physique resembling an ancient demon from the primordial era. Towering amounts of demonic qi filled the air, and the tyranny of the energy it projected was so intense that even the surrounding space began to tremble.

“What a terrifying demonic qi!”

The expressions of the spectators turned sluggish. Qin Wentian had just stepped into the Heavenly Dipper Realm, yet both his Astral Novas were so domineering, the people were left with a feeling of overwhelming suppression. They were powerful enough to shatter the Astral Novas of others.

“Go.” Qin Wentian pointed out with his finger once more as the terrifying demonic Astral Nova unleashed a roar resembling a dragon. That Astral Nova rumbled as it zoomed through the air, projecting a sense of tyranny, adding to the suppression effect produced by the kingly sword. The vibrations shuddering through the Astral Nova of that elder increased in intensity, emanating a sense of instability, like it could fall apart at any instant.

At this moment, he finally understood why even before Qin Wentian’s sword was unsheathed, Zong Peng’s Astral Nova had already shattered.

This was a suppression due to the quality of Astral Novas, the grade of Qin Wentian’s Astral Nova was one tier higher compared to the rest.

There were several disciples in the surroundings currently spectating this battle. That elder had said earlier that he wanted to kill Qin Wentian, clearing up the rubbish of the Zong Clan. He was already on the back of a mounted tiger unable to get off. No matter what, he had to win this battle or the prestige of the elders would be lost, all thrown away by his hands.

A terrifying glint of light flickered in his eyes, the Astral Novas in the elder’s body manifested one by one as the will of his Mandates coated them all. The two of them were about to enter a heaven-sundering battle.


A powerful shout caused the blood and qi in the bodies of the spectators to circulate wildly, containing an impressive impact akin to a thunderbolt, even blurring the consciousness of some of the weaker spectators.

The battle intent of both Qin Wentian and the elder abruptly dissipated, that huge volume of concentrated shockwaves seemed to have vanished into nothingness by the might of that powerful shout.

“Clan lord.”

“I’ve already understood the entire process of why this has happened, there is no need for either of you to explain further. Zong Peng made use of Zong Hong, asking him to seek the Sword Son out for guidance. Qin Wentian didn’t deliberately make things difficult for him, yet Zong Hong intentionally besmeared the reputation of the Sword Son. Meanwhile, you, as an elder, without consulting me on the matter, you intended to strip away his title? I gave you face as you are an elder and remained silent, yet you have no appreciation of the gravity of things and actually wanted to clear the clan of garbage? Who are you clearing the garbage for?”

Although Zong Yi was imposing, he was normally an extremely warm character when interacting with the others. Yet now, he was truly infuriated. Silence immediately descended upon the entire surroundings—all were intimidated by the clan lord’s aura.

Although that elder felt dissatisfied in his heart, he also lowered his head and dared not argue. After all, his status was different compared to Zong Yi. Zong Yi was the clan elder while he was merely an elder. Above him, there were still the Doyens.

“Zong Peng’s heart went stray, which was why Qin Wen had to intervene. Furthermore, from now onwards, when the Sword Son Qin Wen takes actions, no one is to question him or even investigate his motives,” Zong Yi icily stated. After which, he turned his gaze onto Zong Hong as he spoke, “Zong Hong, I know your character isn’t bad, yet your heart is not resolute enough. This is why others find it so easy to make use of you. I’m currently stripping you of your title as a Sword Son nominee. Go into seclusion and reflect on your actions.”

“Yes, clan lord.” Zong Hong bowed to Zong Yi. Earlier, his heart had been badly shaken when he witnessed Qin Wentian’s display of power. He knew that right from the start, Qin Wentian couldn’t even be bothered to argue with him. With such power, and with Qin Wentian’s character, he wouldn’t have intentionally made things difficult for an existence like Zong Hong.

If not, when he’d earlier provoked and challenged him a few times, Qin Wentian could have easily killed him just by casually throwing out a palm strike.

“The matter today shall conclude today, no one else is to pursue it further. In fact, go and prepare yourselves, the battle for control of the sword range will commence in five days time. When the time comes, don’t tell me you lot are only good for showing off to each other,” Zong Yi stated before flicking his sleeves and departing. From the start till the end, he hadn’t said a word to Qin Wentian, yet everyone understood that clan lord Zong Yi placed an immense amount of trust in Qin Wentian and was evidently favoring him.

But truthfully speaking, Qin Wentian’s level of power did in fact broaden their horizons. To think that he even dared to fight against an elder.

At this moment, the spectators involuntarily thought that if Qin Wentian was participating in the battle for the sword range, maybe this time around, their Zong Clan had an opportunity to win.

For the disciples of this generation, both the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Li Clan were all exceedingly powerful, whereas the disciples from the Zong Clan weren’t outstanding enough. Although they often comforted themselves, everyone knew that they didn’t have too much chance to win the sword range battle. Most likely, the victor would be the Heavenly Sword Sect.

But now, a ray of hope had appeared.

With a thought, Qin Wentian retracted his Astral Novas back into his Yuanfu, then he glanced at the elder before turning and departing the area. This matter wasn’t able to shake his heart.

“Consider yourself lucky.” That elder had a grim look on his face as he too retracted his Astral Nova. Yet he couldn’t help but coldly spit out the words, as though if it weren’t for the appearance of the clan lord, Qin Wentian would definitely have died.

Qin Wentian continued walking away, totally disregarding him. In order to maintain the slightest shred of face, that elder had no choice but to say what he said. Yet if the both of them truly engaged in battle, the one to suffer a disadvantage definitely wouldn’t be Qin Wentian.

The spectators all mused, if the clan lord hadn’t appeared, who would have been the victor in the battle between Qin Wen and the elder?

Qin Wentian’s Astral Nova was extremely terrifying, yet the elder held an advantage in terms of cultivation level. If they truly fought, the ending was unknown. But the probability of the elder winning the battle, who was two levels higher in terms of cultivation base, was slightly higher.

Naturally, this matter would always be a mystery, there wouldn’t be an answer to it.

“Qin Wen is so powerful.” The young girl Zong Leng stared at the departing back of Qin Wentian, with an amazed look in her eyes. The battle earlier had truly shocked her.

The clan lord truly had good judgement, no wonder he selected this person to be the Sword Son.


This matter caused intense echoes to reverberate throughout the Zong Clan. Zong Peng’s family members hated Qin Wentian with a passion in their hearts, but since the clan lord had spoken, none of them dared to take any action.

However, for those members of the younger generations who had witnessed the battle, they had long forgotten the matter of Zong Hong besmearing Qin Wentian’s reputation. They only remembered how awe-inspiring Qin Wentian was when he battled. That tyrannical manner and the effortless victory he’d obtained had been deeply imprinted in their memories.

Crippling Zong Peng even without unsheathing his sword, facing against an elder with no hints of fear nor terror. Such a character was truly extraordinary.

In fact, several of the younger generations all felt worship in their hearts for Qin Wentian. They would frequent Qin Wentian’s residence to seek him out for guidance. Qin Wentian didn’t reject any of them and would patiently explain some of the matters they might come across in cultivation, immensely benefiting those youngsters. Those who received his guidance went back and informed their seniors and elders of this matter, and after a while, Qin Wentian’s popularity and prestige among the younger generation in the Zong Clan was, for a short time, uncontested.

Qin Wentian probably hadn’t imagined things would turn out like this as well.

In the blink of an eye, five days passed. Today, many silhouettes gathered in the training field of the Zong Clan. Atop a tall platform, clan lord Zong Yi stood gazing down at the disciples of the Zong Clan.

“The sword range battle will affect the control of the sword range for the next ten years. Let’s hope this time around, my Zong Clan will be the one victorious,” Zong Yi spoke, and with a gesture, an ancient sword appeared beneath his feet as he stood upon it.

“Those that wish to spectate can come along as well. Move out,” Zong Yi passively spoke, and an instant later, the sword he stood on soared up into the skies and zoomed towards the location of the sword range.

Everyone respectively stood on their swords, and moments later, sword qi pervaded the air at the training field as one silhouette after another flew through the skies, constituting an extremely spectacular sight.

The one in the lead was none other than Zong Yi, while the others beside him were Doyens of the Zong Clan. Next in line were the elders, Qin Wentian following closely behind as he led the group of disciples forward.

Qin Wentian was standing on his ancient sword, with his arms crossed in front of his chest, exuding an incomparably calm aura. Several gazes all landed onto him, the weight of responsibility in winning the battle would depend heavily on the Sword Son.

The members of the Zong Clan moved out together, flying outside the Sword Reverence City. However, towering sword-might exuded in another direction, as another group of people appeared. When people from both sides matched their gazes, a formless sword intent clashed against each other in the middle of the air.

The other party was one of the three major powers of the Sword Reverence City, the Li Clan. They too, had arrived!

The leader of the younger generations from the Li Clan was naturally Li Ran. He would be their representative for the battle at the Heavenly Dipper level. Those members that followed behind his back all shifted their gaze onto the people from Zong Clan. Their eyes were filled with provocation as well as heavy disdain.

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