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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 411 — Variable

Chapter 411: Variable

The Sword Son of the Li Clan, Li Ran, had his throat slashed and fell in battle.

The Sword Son of the Heavenly Sword Sect, Jian Feng, chose to voluntarily concede, walking down the arena platform.

Shock suffused the eyes of the spectators, they all felt the scene in front of them was cloaked in a sense of surrealism.

Today, the Li Clan and the Heavenly Sword Sect came to an agreement. The final battle was originally to be fought by Li Ran and Jian Feng. The victor of their battle would determine who the control rights of the sword range belonged to.

The Zong Clan, they who had been disregarded, had actually produced a new Sword Son for this generation. That Sword Son used the most tyrannical method to obtain victory in the third and final battle.

Not only that, from the beginning till the end, he had only used a single sword move.

A single move allowed him to become the victor, acquiring the control rights to the sword range.

The victor of this contest had determined that the sword range belonged to the Zong Clan for the next ten years.

The Li Clan, Zong Clan and the Heavenly Sword Sect all won a battle each. Yet the battle won by the Zong Clan was the one at the Heavenly Dipper level. Hence, they were crowned as the final victor.

“After all your calculations and schemes, yet ultimately, you forgot to measure your potential losses,” Zong Yi faintly spoke, his words causing many to sigh in agreement.

If the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Li Clan hadn’t made that deal beforehand, and instead, fought truly with all their strength, maybe one of the powers would have obtained two consecutive victories in the first two battles. If that was the case, the winner would have obtained the control rights even before there was a need to fight the third battle.

But, because they had too much confidence in their Sword Sons, they had totally disregarded the Zong Clan and wanted to eliminate their party first. But finally, their actions paved the way for the Zong Clan, allowing them to gain the control rights of the sword range.

Nobody had ever imagined such an ending.

Qin Wentian’s sword returned back to its sheath as he slowly walked towards the direction of the Zong Clan’s crowd. The members of the Zong Clan all turned their gazes onto him, their eyes blazing with a flaming passion.

He was the Sword Son of their Zong Clan. At this moment, it was as though Qin Wentian’s different surname was completely forgotten by them. He had brought glory to the Zong Clan, and the turbid breath that they suppressed in their hearts, was unleashed today in a most satisfying manner. In front of the spectators from the Sword Reverence City, this victory was akin to a resounding slap to the faces of both the Li Clan and the Heavenly Sword Sect.

However, at this moment Qin Wentian was exceptionally quiet, as though nothing had happened at all. To him, this battle wasn’t a challenge at all. Even if he was victorious, there was nothing to be proud of. The matters following after this could all be handed over to Zong Yi to handle, there was no need for him to worry about that. But one good thing was that since the Zong Clan had already gained the control rights for the sword range, he could freely enter the region, and more accurately, comprehend the sword intent from that demon sword at a closer distance.

His second level of insight for the Mandate of Swords had been comprehended precisely from the demon sword.

“Isn’t it time for the Heavenly Sword Sect to recall the guards you posted at the sword range?” Zong Yi calmly stated. According to the rules, since the Zong Clan was the victor, they would be the ‘owner’ of the sword range for the next ten years. In that case, those from the Heavenly Sword Sect naturally had to withdraw from here.

The sect leader of the Heavenly Sword Sect, Jian Wuyou unperturbedly stared at Zong Yi as his lips curled in a cold smile. Zong Yi furrowed his brows upon seeing this, was the Heavenly Sword Sect going to break the balance between them?

The three major powers of the Sword Reverence City had maintained the delicate balance for several years, and not one of them dared to say that they were strong enough to devour the two other powers. This was because the individual strength of the three powers wasn’t equal, and if two powers worked together and eliminated the third, the weaker of the two powers would soon be the next to fall.

Hence, the delicate balance was able to be preserved all these years.

“Brother Zong, let me just remind you. If this was in the past and the Zong Clan won the contest, the control rights would definitely have belonged to your Zong Clan for a period of ten years. But today, the contest was merely a formality, I urge Brother Zong to best not delude yourself into thinking that you can acquire the control rights of the sword range.”

Jian Wuyou stated with a sly smile, his words causing expressions of interest to appear on the faces of the crowd. By breaking the rules, the Heavenly Sword Sect was obviously provoking the Zong Clan.

“Does sect leader Jian think that the Heavenly Sword Sect has already grown to such an extent where it can disregard the existence of my Zong Clan?” Zong Yi’s voice contained the hint of a chill, yet it seemed that Jian Wuyou wasn’t bothered by it at all. He merely laughed coldly and replied, “Not my Heavenly Sword Sect, but there are others who wish to gain control of this sword range. These people are now the esteemed guests of my Heavenly Sword Sect and I’m merely trying to persuade you out of pure goodwill. In fact, I’m doing this for Brother Zong’s sake.”

“Oh? Then I, Zong, really have to ask who is it exactly who wishes to control this demonic sword range?” Zong Yi’s eyes bore into Jian Wuyou.


At this moment, a person spoke from behind Jian Wuyou. Previously, this person stood all the way at the back, closing his eyes in meditation, appearing inconspicuous as the people in front blocked the sight of him. But now, the spectators discovered that this man was wearing robes that were completely different compared to the members of the Heavenly Sword Sect. The man was clad in a luxurious golden robe and an intense and heavy sense of pride was etched on his features, while his entire person radiated an aura of sharpness.

This man walked out and slowly raised his head, looking straight at Zong Yi before stating, “There was no need for that earlier battle, it was just that Wuyou wanted to abide by the previous rules, and hence I allowed it. But regardless of what the results might be, for the next ten years, the control rights to the sword range will still belong to the Heavenly Sword Sect. No one else may be involved in it.”

The tone of the middle-aged man in the luxurious clothing carried a sense of undoubtable imperiousness. Regardless of whether it was the Zong Clan or the Li Clan, both of them had no qualifications to refute his orders.

“If that’s the case, why was there still a need to act like you still followed the previous rules? How laughable,” Zong Yi coldly inquired, “Who are you exactly?”

“You have no need to know,” the middle-aged man indifferently spoke, “As for your earlier battle, Jian Wuyou was determined to send his disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect to battle. If the disciple sent out was from my clan instead, how could your Sword Son have stood a chance of winning?”


Zong Yi countered, “Since you’ve said that, I, Zong, would really like to take a look at how any first level Heavenly Dipper Sovereign from your Clan would be able to defeat the Sword Son of my Zong Clan. If my representative is defeated, we will leave immediately and not spout another word in protest. Not only that, my Zong Clan will offer you ten thousand fourth-layer Yuan Meteor Stones for compensation. How about it?”

“Mhm?” Zong Yi words caused the expressions on the faces of the crowd to freeze slightly, what strong confidence he had. Zong Yi didn’t even inquire at the identity of the other party, yet he dared to speak such forceful words. Most probably, the middle-aged man also hailed from an impressive background that was most likely a major power. However, Zong Yi didn’t even ensure and directly rebutted, challenging the middle-aged man’s words. He really wanted to see who the middle-aged man would send out and if they would be able to defeat the Sword Son of his Zong Clan.

The Zong Clan’s members were all extremely shocked as well. Zong Yi actually had such overwhelming confidence in their Sword Son, Qin Wen.

If they knew that the Sword Son of their clan was the top ranker on the Heavenly Fate Ranking, sweeping past all the demon-level talents in Grand Xia when he was at the ninth level of Yuanfu, they would be feeling as confident as Zong Yi. Since he was unrivalled in the same cultivation level when he fought in the Heavenly Fate Rankings, now that he was in the first level of Heavenly Dipper, who could possible still be his match?

The middle-aged man frowned, he was the one who’d said that and now Zong Yi was using his own words against him, issuing a challenge while introducing such high stakes. If he rejected it, wouldn’t that mean he was smacking his own face?

“Ten thousand Yuan Meteor Stones? How generous of you.” The middle-aged man laughed coldly. “Since you are so confident, I shall accept your bet.”

“What if you are the one who loses?” Zong Yi inquired calmly, with no hints of anger in his tone.

“Lose?” The middle-aged man hadn’t even considered that. In the Sword Reverence City, at the first level of Heavenly Dipper, how could there be anyone able to defeat the chosen of his Wang Clan, Wang Jue? Although Wang Jue didn’t obtain a good position on the Heavenly Fate Rankings, nobody could doubt his strength. After his breakthrough to Heavenly Dipper, he was a character that the clan paid special attention to, nurturing him with their best resources. How could he be defeated by someone from a mere place like the Sword Reverence City?

If the middle-aged man had personally witnessed the battle of the Heavenly Fate Rankings back then, he might not have been so confident.

And now, Grand Xia was in chaos. After the Venerate Heavens Sect divulged that the fate of Grand Xia was changing, his Wang Clan had to make sure that their preparations were being done well. Hence, they came to the nearby Sword Reverence City and wanted to gain control of the demonic sword range. At the same time, they would try their best to see if they could excavate the unique demon sword away for their own usage.

“If the person I sent out is defeated, we will shelve our plans for the sword range and leave immediately. Also, I will gift you a total of ten thousand Yuan Meteor Stones as well.” The middle-aged man coldly laughed. Ten thousand Yuan Meteor Stones was definitely an astronomical number. Since the Zong Clan wanted to offer it to him, why would he reject it?

Not only that, these ten thousand Yuan Meteor Stones didn’t need to be handed over to his clan coffers. Hence, he accepted Zong Yi’s proposal. If not, he wouldn’t even be bothered about Zong Yi.

“Return to the Heavenly Sword Sect immediately, and inform my Wang Clan’s members to come over. We will move forward the plan of taking over the sword range,” the middle-aged man commanded. Jian Wuyou nodded, as he instructed a cultivator to carry out the middle-aged man’s instructions.

Upon seeing this scene, the spectators didn’t depart but chose to wait there patiently instead. They wanted to see what background this middle-aged man in luxurious robes belonged to exactly. Even the Heavenly Sword Sect had to be this servile to them.

Those from the Zong Clan were all extremely nervous. Ten thousand fourth-layer Yuan Meteor Stones, a whole ten thousand, this number was too terrifying. Clan lord Zong Yi actually betted all of it on the Sword Son, How could they not be breathless just from hearing the astronomical amount betted?

But still, if the Zong Clan retreated just like that, where would their prestige be then?

For the sake of their honor, for the sake of the sword range, clan lord Zong Yi had no choice but to make such a decision.

Now, they could only depend on Qin Wentian.

After a few moments of waiting, a whistling sound echoed in the air as a terrifying sharpness radiated over from the edge of the precipice. Inclining their heads, they saw a terrifying group of cultivators descending. Not all of them stood on swords, but they controlled and executed a variety of innate techniques, standing in the air as their sharp gazes bore down on those below. The sharpness of their gazes created an apprehensive feeling in the hearts of the crowd.

“Those youths have gazes as sharp as the edges of blades and sabres. They are definitely extraordinary characters, and each one of them exudes a terrifying presence while projecting an aura that makes people fear being their enemy. As for those elders, just a single look from them would be sufficient to pierce through the sea of consciousness of a weaker cultivator.”

The hearts of the crowd clenched as these people continued downwards. That middle-aged man in the luxurious clothings had a cold and arrogant expression on his face. “Daring to gamble against my Wang Clan? The Zong Clan of Sword Reverence City, I’m truly impressed by your bravery.”

“Wang Clan?” Looks of contemplation appeared on the faces of the spectators. Abruptly, a fearful light flashed past their eyes.

The Sword Reverence City was located in the central region of Grand Xia. And the nearest continent was none other than the War Continent.

Claiming themselves to be from the Wang Clan, in addition to their arrogant behaviour. Could it be that they were the Wang Clan of the War Continent?

“A transcendent power, and not only that, they are one of the strongest nine.” The hearts of the crowd trembled. No wonder, no wonder these people were so arrogant.

The Zong Clan against the Wang Clan, how could they not lose?

The members of Zong Clan all had thunderstruck expressions on their faces, the countenance of each of them turned somewhat pale white.

They inferred that maybe those who arrived were a major power from another region yet, they never expected that this newcomer would be someone that came from none other than the Wang Clan from the War Continent!

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