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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 414 — Blood Feeding the Demon Sword

Chapter 414: Blood Feeding the Demon Sword

In the sword range underneath the precipice, a boundless amount of sword qi emitted wailing keens, as a strong slaughtering intent pervaded the air.

Several ordinary cultivators, who were cultivating in the surrounding regions near the sword range, all felt their hearts involuntarily shuddering from fear. They had sensed the blood lust prevalent in the slaughtering intent emitted by the hundreds upon hundreds of swords.

Who would have thought that the delicate balance between the three major powers of the Sword Reverence City would all collapse, erupting into a frenzied battle on the day the Wang Clan arrived here?

The starlight cascaded downwards, onto the flat lands beneath the precipice. Several experts from the three powers fell, one after another, slain from the chaotic battle. Within that battlefield, only the gigantic demon sword embedded in the middle of the sword range seemed eternal, stuck deep in the earth, unwilling to be extracted.

There were people who once said that this sword was extremely demonic—it was a sword that had its own intelligence. It was unwilling to be pulled out because nobody had gained its approval. Otherwise, given that it was a sword that had its own intelligence, why else would it be willing to stay buried in the earth forever?

In the air space above the sword range, a group of people appeared in silence as they calmly regarded the battle below, so calm it was as though the frenzied clashing had nothing to do with them.

Naturally, they were cultivators from the Wang Clan. They were here now to merely act as spectators, nothing more and nothing less.

Those from the Heavenly Sword Sect and Li Clan were also feeling helpless. The help from the Wang Clan had obviously arrived, yet they did nothing to aid them. In the Wang Clan’s eyes, both the Heavenly Sword Sect and Li Clan were mere pawns for them to control as they wished, all to achieve their own purposes.

For pawns, naturally it didn’t matter if a few were sacrificed.

“The Zong Clan’s sword formation is truly profound. Even with the onslaught from the two clans, they are still able to depend on that sword formation to fiercely counter-attack to such an extent.” The middle-aged man from before stood in the midst of Wang Clan’s members as he stated his observations.

“But, so what of it? Although their sword formation might be powerful and can kill many of their opponents, the losses that the Zong Clan will suffer will be just as disastrous. They’ve already broken a total of nine Zong Clan formations, and are already starting to reverse the situation.” A person in the crowd coldly continued, “Does Qin Wentian really wish to witness such a massacre? I’m sure there are many other secrets hidden on his person.”

“Stellar Martial Cultivators usually hide the majority of their secrets in their interspatial rings. After we kill him, we’ll be able to obtain all his secrets. If we risked capturing him alive, things might end up the same as the scene back then in the ancient kingdom—there might be unexpected variables in the outcome. We can’t underestimate him.”

“In that case, just kill him directly. Even now, he’s refraining from using the Divine Stele, and I wonder whether it’s because he wants to lure us into a trap or the Ancient Will of the Divine Stele has already dissipated.”

“We will know if we continue spectating. In any case, there’s no hurry for us to make our move.”

The members of the Wang Clan continued their casual discussion, appearing extremely at ease. Moments later, the large scale battle in the flatlands below had already erupted into total chaos.

Zong Clan’s clan leader, Zong Yi, was guarding Qin Wentian, alongside a few Doyens, yet Jian Wuyou and Li Zhentian slaughtered their way over to engage them directly in combat, giving Qin Wentian no choice but to retreat. The strength of these people were stronger by many times compared to him, so if they used this opportunity to sneak attack him, he would definitely not be able to survive. Hence, he had to maintain a certain distance away from them.

An extremely fearsome surge of demonic qi gushed forth from him as his Astral Soul and Astral Nova erupted into being. Far above the dome of heavens, an intense beam of astral light cascaded downwards. Qin Wentian gazed up towards the heavens and an instant later, after an innate connection was formed with the constellation, a gigantic Golden Primal Ape manifested before Qin Wentian. Not only that, this Golden Primal Ape was emanating an aura that was actually at the second level of Heavenly Dipper!

Even after stepping into Heavenly Dipper, Qin Wentian could still jump levels and summon astral warbeasts more powerful than himself.

After which, the Crimsonblood Thunder Hawk, Silvery Roc as well as several other ancient demonic beasts all appeared in the region, with Qin Wentian standing in the center.

Many enemy experts started to move towards Qin Wentian’s position with the intention of encircling him, as murderous intent flashed in their eyes.

The Wang Clan had clearly decreed that Qin Wentian must be killed. As long as Qin Wentian was killed, the mission this time around would be considered accomplished. The Wang Clan would then aid them in expanding their strength, as well as with the annihilation of the Zong Clan.

The demonic qi from Qin Wentian skyrocketed as wings took form behind his back. His eyes grew incredibly fiendish as he dashed ahead with the speed of lightning. In the center of his brows, a single, terrifying demonic pupil could be seen, and when that eye opened, in an instant, cultivators from the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Li Clan that had a cultivation base below Heavenly Dipper all suddenly shuddered violently, as their concentration lapsed and they fell into a deep sleep.

After which, with a clap, the ancient sword strapped behind his back flew into his hands. The sword than swept out as the sound of sword keening pervaded the air.

“Puchi, puchi…” Immediately after, fresh blood spluttered out from the sliced throats of his targets. These people were all members of the younger generation from the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Li Clan.


The expressions on those remaining from the Heavenly Sword Sect and Li Clan all faltered—the Will of his second level Mandate, Sword Melody, was simply too terrifying. The instant the sound of his sword keen resounded out, anyone below Heavenly Dipper wouldn’t stand a chance.

“Bzzz!” A powerful sword intent locked down on Qin Wentian and a moment later, a young cultivator dashed out, breaking through all defenses as he rushed towards Qin Wentian.

This person was the strongest of the three Sword Sons from the Heavenly Sword Sect, Jian Xie. He had a cultivation base at the third level of Heavenly Dipper and could be considered a top-tier character in the Heavenly Sword Sect.

Currently, he had transformed into a stream of light, manifesting several shadowy bodies, slaughtering his way towards Qin Wentian with a sword in his hands.

“Hmph.” Qin Wentian’s countenance was ice-cold. His third eye glimmered with light as the sword in his hand let out a keening sound once more. Instantly, the shadowy bodies were all destroyed but in that mere instant of distraction, Jian Xie had already caught up to Qin Wentian.

At the same time, to his left and right, another batch of experts from both the other powers also appeared. Although he was guarded by the Zong Clan, currently, his guardians were all overwhelmed by the opponents’ advantage in numbers.

Those from the Wang Clan still stood atop the precipice with cold laughter in their eyes as they surveyed this scene. If the Divine Stele was still as powerful as before, this would be the time for Qin Wentian to use it. He might not use it for the sake of saving the Zong Clan’s members, but now that he himself was in danger, how long could he still refrain from using it?

But right now, the experts realized that the direction Qin Wentian was heading towards to, was actually towards the demon sword.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Wentian disappeared from sight and reappeared again, standing on the demon sword’s hilt. His entire body was enveloped completely in an armor formed from demonic scales.

The Sword Son of the Heavenly Sword Sect Jian Xie, rushed forwards. His eyes gleamed with a sinister light as he flew towards Qin Wentian. Looking at him, Qin Wentian could sense immense amounts of death qi being generated from Jian Xie’s pupils, currently trying to crush his mind. However, Qin Wentian’s will was too resolute, and Jian Xie’s evil eye techniques had no effect on him.


The Demon Sovereign Astral Nova, as well as the King of Swords Astral Nova, blitzed forth. The Demon Sovereign took the form of an ancient primordial demon, while the King of Swords Astral Nova manifested into a Supreme Divine Sword. The combined might of the two novas caused Jian Xie’s Astral Nova to shudder from the pressure. This… was a suppression effect of higher-tiered Astral Novas.


Jian Xie stabbed out with his finger, his Astral Nova that resembled a Death God slammed towards both Qin Wentian’s Demon Sovereign Nova, while his Sword-type Astral Nova,slammed into Qin Wentian’s King of Swords Nova.

Jian Xie’s advantage lay in his cultivation level. The higher one’s cultivation was, the more energy one’s Astral Nova would be able to output.

Qin Wentian’s advantage lay in he himself. Each of his Astral Novas were all birthed from a separate Yuanfu that was specially attuned to them. Not only that, they were condensed by using Divine Energy. Adding to the fact that his Astral Souls came from a higher layer, he wasn’t any weaker even when clashing head-on against an opponent like Jian Xie.

Especially for his King of Swords Astral Nova, every inch of its body was formed through using Sword-type Divine Yuan energy. Even the sword light it unleashed contained countless intricate combinations of sword-type runic Inscriptions, which augmented its power of destruction. As the two sword-type Astral Novas clashed, a thunderous sound echoed through the void, as cracks began to form on Jian Xie’s Sword-type Astral Nova.

“Bzzz.” A massive wind kicked up, Jian Xie’s silhouette dashed through his Astral Nova as he sped towards Qin Wentian. His eyes were filled with an incomparable coldness, resembling the chill of death. With a single slash, a black-colored sword scar manifested as it descended onto Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian pierced out with his sword. The keening of his sword was like the shrill cry of a demonic dragon, forcibly blocking Jian Xue’s sword head-on. At the instant of impact, an overwhelming aura of devastation destroyed their surrounding area.

“Chi, chi…”

The clanging of metal upon metal echoed in the air as the swords clashed against each other repeatedly. With an intention of his will, Qin Wentian caused the ancient sword in his hands to vibrate at an increasing tempo. An endless sword keen resounded out in the air and an instant later, Jian Xie’s countenance abruptly changed. He felt that his entire body was being enveloped by an unimaginable amount of swords.

“KILL!” Jian Xie was a Sword Son character. His sword was akin to the sword wielded by the Death God. The attack he slashed out manifested a fearsome death-attribute whirlpool, enveloping Qin Wentian within.


A strong burst of astral light inundated the area as Qin Wentian’s silhouette vanished instantly from sight.

This movement technique was one of the nine ultimate arts of Grand Xia—Stellar Transposition.

Jian Xie felt an intense feeling of a crisis assailing his senses and yet, how could he react in time? With the keening of the sword resounding out loudly by his ears, his body was instantly lacerated, causing fresh blood to spill out. With a wave of his hands, Qin Wentian directed Jian Xie’s blood over to the demon sword, supported by a burst of his astral energy.

“Pitter patter.”

An incredibly soft sound echoed out, so soft that it wasn’t registered by the others. Yet, Jian Xie’s countenance was completely filled with a gut-wrenching terror. He rapidly retreated, but how could he move fast enough? A crimson glow emanated forth from the demon sword and instantly, a bloodcurdling scream rang out from Jian Xie. The entirety of the blood in his body was madly drawn to the demon sword, and instantly absorbed. His body turned into a dried up husk in the blink of an eye as he fell from the air, smashing into the ground.

“Dead?” The other experts all had horror on their faces. They initially thought that there absolutely wouldn’t be a problem for Jian Xie to slay Qin Wentian.

Yet, the reality was that the strongest Sword Son from the Heavenly Sword Sect died in Qin Wentian’s hands.

Those from the Zong Clan all felt chills in their heart as they witnessed this. In their minds they were all thinking of that elder who’d almost fought with Qin Wentian back then. If the two of them had really fought, there was no doubt that the elder would be the loser.

The demon-level genius Qin Wentian, the first ranker of the Heavenly Fate Rankings. His reputation was really well deserved, and apparently this was also the reason why clan lord Zong Yi placed so much trust in him. As long as he matured, he would definitely be able to lead the Zong Clan to greater heights of glory.

But right now, Qin Wentian was facing an even greater danger. In front of him, four other experts surrounded him, emitting a killing intent that swept over the sky and earth, caging Qin Wentian within.

Those from the Wang Clan, seeing how Qin Wentian still refrained from using the Divine Stele even in his greatest moment of danger, all concluded that the ancient might from the Divine Stele had already long dissipated away. There was only death for him now.

Qin Wentian inclined his head, surveying the four figures as a cold light flickered in his eyes.

The coldness, made those onlookers feel a chill in their bones.

His sword decisively sliced open the surface of his palm as a drop of blood sprinkled down onto the demon sword. This scene caused the countenance of countless people to drastically change. Even clan lord Zong Yi had an expression of great shock on his face when he saw what had happened.


Zong Yi’s countenance turned white. What was Qin Wentian doing?

“The demon blood that flows in my veins, do you want it?”

Qin Wentian’s eyes was fixed on the gigantic demon sword below him. He drew in a deep breath as he made his preparations for the worst.

As to the reason why he dared to do this, it was only because whenever he heard the wails from the demon sword, the blood in his body actually resonated in response!

The demon sword devoured his blood, as the sword body began glowing resplendently, exuding astronomical amounts of demonic qi that covered the skies. A terrifying beam of light shot heavenwards, brightening the surroundings, instantly transforming night into day.

The wails of the demon sword filled the battlefield, the waves of sound echoing out without cease!

剑邪 Jian Xie: Jian剑 stands for sword. Xie邪 stands for evil. Jian Xie = Evil Sword / A sword that’s evil

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