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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 417 — My Will Can Sunder the Heavens

Chapter 417: My Will Can Sunder the Heavens

Qin Wentian’s gaze was like a sharp sword, penetrating through the void.

Moon Continent, Pill Emperor Hall. He would definitely be there.

“Wentian, he’s trying to agitate you. But if what he said was true, then there would certainly be many powerhouses that would gather there. If you went there you would surely be in danger.” Zong Yi had his brows furrowed as he commented.

“I know.” Qin Wentian lightly nodded his head. “However, even if there’s danger, I still have to go to the moon continent.”

A look of contemplation flashed in Zong Yi’s eyes, after staying silent for a moment, Zong Yi then spoke again, “Let me go with you.”

“Uncle Zong, you still need to be here to settle the matters of the Zong Clan.” Qin Wentian shook his head.

“No matter, the doyens are here in my stead. I can’t set my heart at ease if you travel alone to the Pill Emperor Hall. However, I won’t be going there together with you, I will pretend to be a passerby that had met you on the road, travelling together. In this case, it would be easier for me to blend into the crowd and make it harder for others to recognise me.” Zong Yi stated. Qin Wentian glanced at Zong Yi before he turned his body and stared at the skies when he suddenly laughed, “Fine, Uncle Zong, since you put it this way, I won’t reject your kind intentions any longer.”

As the sound of his voice faded, Qin Wentian’s silhouette flickered before he appeared on the demon sword once again.

His eyes were fixated on the sword, Qin Wentian directly sliced open the surface of his fingers allowing his fresh blood to flow onto the demon sword again, feeding the demon sword with his blood.

“Wentian, what are you doing?!”

Zong Yi’s countenance drastically changed at the sight.

“I need this sword.” Qin Wentian’s voice was so cold to the extent that Zong Yi involuntarily trembled. He then closed his eyes, allowing the demon sword to drain his blood freely. Instantly, the mournful wails of the sword sounded out once again, as a beam of light shot up to the heavens.

Within his body, beside the candle flame, the golden strands around it transformed into fresh blood, while the primordial demon blood within his body flooded into the demon sword, causing the wails to grow even more terrifying, as the constellation was birthed once more in the skies.

Outside of Sword Reference City, the citizens were initially returning back to their homes, but right at this moment, great waves of shock rocked their hearts when they felt the ominous sword intent whistling through the air once again , as the constellation appeared in the skies.

What in the world is happening?

“Bzz!” A beam of sword light that was incomparably resplendent rushed straight up to the dome of the heavens. The entire space here was enveloped by the sound of the endless sword wails. The crowd only felt their bodies growing cold from the heavy murderous will that the demon sword was emanating.

Below the precipice, Qin Wentian’s gaze was filled with an unbendable determination as he stared at the gigantic demon sword. “You hate that the heavens are too low, hence you are unwilling to soar through the skies. You hate the fact that my strength is still too weak, that's why the mournful wails sound out relentlessly. However, although I might be inferior to your expectations now, my ambitions and aspirations aren’t below yours. I, want to sunder the heavens.”

Qin Wentian’s tone was solemn, his voice was mixing into the sword qi, as the words he spoke reverberated in the air.

He was, communicating with the demon sword.

Qin Wentian wasn’t willing to give it up.

The expert from Wang Clan tried to agitate Qin Wentian by using Mo Qingcheng as a topic. When his eyes rested on the constellation now, the expression on his face was twisted into a malicious grin as a cold laughter rang out from him. “The demon sword resents the fact that the heavens are too low, that was why it wasn’t willing to be pulled out. If so, how could he succeed? If he really stepped into the Moon Continent, good luck to him in trying to escape that inescapable net.”

However, his words no longer reached Qin Wentian.

Right now, Qin Wentian could clearly feel the pride of the demon sword. When the mournful wails of the demon sword echoed out, he could feel that his heart, as well as his blood, was resonating in tandem with it.

The mournful wails of the sword were because it resented the fact that the heavens were too low, it hated the fact that there was no master worthy of it, the fact that no one would be able to control its power.

Qin Wentian could sense its emotions. However right now, after the demon sword heard his words, the keening of the sword increased in an even greater intensity.

“If you too, feel like me. If you too, want to sunder the heavens. Allow me to bring you along on my journey.”

Qin Wentian’s countenance was calm as ever, as he conversed with the demon sword. The blood in his body continuously flowed onto the body of the sword, allowing it to drain it. However, he didn’t panic in the slightest, allowing it to consume as much as it wanted to. He wanted to pull the sword out no matter what.

A sharp wail resounded, the blood in Qin Wentian’s body vibrated. Both of his hands were placed on the sword hilt and with a roar of anger, the entirety of his strength was gathered on both of his palms as he pulled at the sword in an upward direction.


The Heavens and Earth shook, all the swords nearby vibrated in response.

“It’s moving…” Zong Yi and the rest of the Zong Clan members as great startelement showed on their faces. The demon sword was moving.

“Peng…” The sword range self-destructed, the earth shattered. An overwhelming sense of sword might condensed into a domineering beam of light shooting straight up into the clouds.

“The demon sword desires to come out?”

Zong Yi’s heart was drowned by waves of disbelief. Qin Wentian vowed never to rest if he couldn’t extricate the sword today!

“Chi…chi…” The demon sword was pulled out bit by bit and finally, when the sword tip appeared. A cataclysmic tempest kicked up, enveloping the entire area.

Those from the Zong Clan retreated with explosive speed, their countenances were filled with utter terror.

Endless rays of light concentrated together, forming a pillar of azure light, as if trying to compete with radiance of the skies as it broke apart the dome of the heavens.

The countless silhouettes in and out of the Sword Reverence City all froze, they could even clearly hear their hearts beating in their bodies. Inclining their heads, they saw that after the pillar of azure light broke apart the dome of the heavens, a black hole was formed there in the middle of the clouds, appearing like a huge cavity on the surface of the skies.

The mournful wails echoed out from the black hole, bemoaning the fact that the heavens were too low to contain it.

“Rumble!” The earth sank downwards as though it was being pulled by gravity. Under the pressure of that sword intent, everything in the surrounding were being lacerated by the sharpness. There were even some who prostrated themselves on the ground, in worship of that terrible sword might.

The demon sword remained immovable throughout the ancient era. But when it moved, it’s power was able to shock the heavens.

Sweat and blood soaked Qin Wentian’s entire body. His palms were dyed red from blood as he summoned a boundless force, pulling out the sword. His head was inclined, staring at the horizon as his body soared into the skies.

The demon sword seemed hesitant, unwilling to rise up along with him.

“You hated that the heavens were too low. Although you contain a supreme sword might, you are unwilling to allow me to control it.” Qin Wentian’s voice permeated the heavens, even echoing through the void.

“My weakness today, can not foretell my future. It doesn’t mean that I won’t be able to ascend the heavens one day.” Qin Wentian shifted his gaze onto the black hole in the sky, his eyes were filled with an intense, incomparable and unwavering resoluteness.

Luo He of the Pill Emperor Hall, why did she break her promise?

He offended the vast majority of the transcendent powers, and because of his weakness, he was regarded as someone who would soon die.


Qin Wentian howled with madness, as his body continued to soar upwards. The entirety of his muscles were convulsing in resistance, as he summoned all of his strength, erupting out in ferocity, wanting the sword to submit.

The boundless sword intent enveloped his body. The demon sword rose up together with him.

Those from the Wang Clan, Li Clan and the Heavenly Sword Sect felt their hearts pounding when they witnessed this terrifying scene. Their bodies involuntarily trembled, especially the expert from the Wang Clan who attempted to agitate Qin Wentian earlier. His countenance turned pale white, he had never imagined that Qin Wentian would actually be able to pull out the sword because of the emotional impact of his words.

“Will the demon sword follow him, and appear in Grand Xia?”

The experts of the Wang Clan all mused in their heart. They could very well imagine what catastrophe Qin Wentian’s enemies would face with him wielding the demon sword.

“Go, let us leave quickly.”

The sect leader of the Heavenly Sword Sect, Jian Wuyou, awoke from his stupor abruptly as he suddenly roared loudly. Moments later, the people from the Heavenly Sword Sect all woke up from their daze as they prepared to leave.

“If the keening of the sword sounded out, where would life still exist?”

A voice rang out from the void, as though it originated from that fearsome sword intent that was enveloping the entire space. Abruptly, endless amounts of sharp swords were manifested, as they zoomed towards those from the Heavenly Sword Sect.

The experts of the Heavenly Sword Sect glanced back only to see the endless amounts of sword qi that was descending down from the heavens, so vast that the sword qi covered up the entire sky.

Where would life still exist?

As the sword melody resounded out, Qin Wentian’s killing intent grew stronger in intensity.

“Swish, swish…”

The swords descended and instantly, the experts died one after another, the pressure of that overwhelming sword might turned them into ashes.

A miserable, blood curdling scream echoed out from the distance. Jian Wuyou was in dire straits, his sword had been destroyed, his body was riddled with injuries as his astral nova was shattered. With only a single arm remaining, fresh blood leaked out from his wounds yet he didn’t even dare to turn his head back, and continued rushing forwards madly in an attempt to escape.

The surrounding bystanders watched on as this scene was etched into their minds, unable to forget the terror that it inspired throughout their lives.

Those from the Li Clan and Wang Clan were all shaking in terror, they too had just awoken from the shock. They had never imagined that Qin Wentian would really be able to pull out the demon sword. And they have forgotten one thing - the moment the sword was pulled out, the people that Qin Wentian wanted to kill first, would be them.

“RUN!” Li Zhentian roared. Those from the Wang Clan also attempted to escape. However, as the keen from the sword melody whistled over them, a huge bloody scar was manifested in the air. The expert from the Wang Clan was powerful, but he wasn’t powerful enough to withstand the entirety of the overwhelming sword intent that was concentrated on him and him alone.


A voice softly whispered into his heart. Instantly, that sword keening reached a crescendo as an incomparably sharp yet minute vibration sliced him into halves.

Before he died, his heart was filled with endless hatred and regret. Why did he have to mention Mo Qingcheng’s name, in an attempt to provoke Qin Wentian.

The focus of everyone was concentrated on a demonic-looking silhouette of a young man soaring up in the air. Even after soaring 1,000 metres up in the skies, the demonic sword’s body had yet to be fully revealed. It was evidently more than 1,000 metres long.

“BOOM!” Qin Wentian’s body suddenly fell down from mid air, and ruthlessly slammed on the ground outside Sword Reverence City, with the added impact from the gravity. He spat out fresh blood as his body curled up in agony…yet both of his hands were still tightly wrapped around the hilt of the demon sword. He had no more strength left.

The spectators discovered that Qin Wentian’s palms were no longer the palms of a human, but rather the gigantic palms of a demon. Even now, the resoluteness in his eyes hadn’t faded a single bit.

“Why are you still so unwilling to let me control your power? Then… I might as well wander around with you for a hundred thousand miles, allowing you to see my will and my resolution, that my aspirations are worthy of your pride, as we sunder the heavens together.”

It seemed as though Qin Wentian was speaking to the sword. He used the sword to prop himself up, before slowly walking forward step by step while dragging the sword along together with him. Wherever he passed by, an immeasurably deep sword scar could be seen as the sword tip effortlessly sliced the ground apart.

The crowd ahead all parted for him, nobody dared to stand in his way.

The mournful wails of the demon sword also gradually weakened.

It was as though the demon sword had sensed the deepness of his desires as well as the intensity of his will and resolution.


Those from the Zong Clan appeared beside him. Staring at the sword scar fissures on the ground, their hearts felt as though there was a hammer smashing upon them, as they were still somewhat dazed from the shock.

They had only thought that the first ranker of the Heavenly Fate rankings was someone who had immensely outstanding talent, as someone who had unmatched pride in his generation.

Yet right now, at this moment, it was as though they could truly see what the first ranker of the Heavenly Fate Rankings meant. It was only now that they could truly see the person that was Qin Wentian.

“Is he going to walk all the way to the Moon Continent, dragging that demon sword along with him?”

Zong Yi murmured. It was almost unimaginable, how overwhelmingly and terrifyingly monstrous Qin Wentian’s will was.

If this person couldn’t control Grand Xia, who could?

“Doyens, the Zong Clan shall temporarily be under your control. I will accompany the Sword Son to the Moon Continent.” Zong Yi commanded before he lifted up his feet and trailed after the silhouette of the young man in front of him, joining him in this journey of a hundred thousand miles to the Moon Continent.

How long, would this journey last?

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