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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 419 — Demon Sword Erected Outside the PIll Emperor Hall

Chapter 419: Demon Sword Erected Outside the PIll Emperor Hall

The fact that Qin Wentian had pulled out the demon sword, and left it at the entrance of Moon Continent created tsunami-like waves of commotion that rocked all of Grand Xia.

Currently in Grand Xia, although there were plenty who didn’t know what sort of person Qin Wentian was, how many wouldn’t know of the man ranked number one on the Heavenly Fate ranking?

At the very least, in the entire Grand Xia, other than those recluses and hermits, almost everyone had already heard of this name - Qin Wentian.

As the days passed, there were many that came to try their luck and attempted to extricate the sword yet no one was able to do so. There were also several people gathered around to spectate and as they saw one cultivator after another failing, they all commented on the bizarreness of the sword and why Qin Wentian was the only one that could move it.

At this moment there was a young man clad in white, hovering in the air. This person projected an extraordinary demeanor and was flawless in his appearance. He had a bearing which elevated him above the common crowd, outstanding no matter where he went.

The instant he appeared, the gazes of many in the crowd landed on him as expressions of admiration and worship showed on their faces.

Hua Taixu, the top ranker of the Heavenly Fate Rankings two batches ago. Back then, nobody could even shake his position, he was peerless in Yuanfu throughout Grand Xia.

Not long ago, he just demonstrated his prowess. His true cultivation base now wasn’t what many people guessed - the second level of Heavenly Dipper, but was actually the third level of Heavenly Dipper instead. His combat prowess was so strong that the word ‘terrifying’ wasn’t sufficient to describe it… he destroyed a fourth level Heavenly Dipper Sovereign in an overwhelming, domineering fashion.

That battle, caused Hua Taixu’s name to once again resound throughout the Moon Continent.

As long as top rankers of the Heavenly Fate Rankings didn’t die, they would all become grand characters whose names shook the entire Grand Xia. Stepping into Heavenly Dipper wasn’t an issue for them.

Right now, Hua Taixu gradually started to display his brilliance. His current strength could already be considered pretty strong even in the perspective of Grand Xia and if he were to be given a few more years to mature, he would definitely become a top-tier character that stood on the peak of Grand Xia.

And at this moment, Hua Taixu appeared at the entrance of Moon Continent, staring at the demon sword that Qin Wentian had left behind.

Hua Taixu, Qin Wentian!

In Grand Xia, everyone tended to compare the both of them because in the eyes of the younger generations of Grand Xia, both of them represented two different eras, yet they were both the top rankers on the Heavenly Fate Rankings.

The difference was that Hua Taixu was born into a prestigious clan, a Heaven’s Chosen level character of the Hua Clan. He was already dazzling when he was born, with a magnificence unmatched in his generation.

Qin Wentian was different, he had no background to speak of yet he reached the same heights as Hua Taixu. His competitors were all blazing sons of their generations, borne of a transcendent power yet he was the one that reached the peak in the end. His story struck a chord with many youths in Grand Xia, and his story was passed on with much fascination and admiration.

Currently, the appearance of Hua Taixu observing the demon sword Qin Wentian left behind naturally caused people to feel unexpected.

At this moment, Hua Taixu slowly approached as he fixed his attention onto the sword.

There was no terrifying aura to be found, only silence. There were only faint hints of sword intent permeating the air, but the sword might produced by the sword intent was very different from what it was rumored to be like. Rumors stated that the sword qi of the demon sword was so astronomical that it could tower over the heavens. People could hear the mournful wails of the sword from hundreds of miles away and everywhere it would go, a chasm would be formed.

Yet right now, the demon sword seemed to be asleep, nobody could awaken it.

Hua Taixu contemplated the demon sword for a long time before turning and departing the area. His countenance remained as serene as ever, nobody knew what he was thinking about.

After Hua Taixu’s departure, yet another silhouette appeared in this area. And just like Hua Taixu, her appearance immediately drew the attention and focus of the crowd.

Although her features were obscured by a veil, just a glimpse of her was sufficient to cause all of the people in that area to be stunned into silence. They had no way to shift their eyes away.

This female projected an aura of otherworldliness, untouched by the mortal world. Her presence was akin to a block of ice, as though nobody could approach her. She was like a snow lotus atop an icy mountain. Arrogant and proud, standing alone at the summit with no need to associate with the world.

“How beautiful.”

Her appearance here had stolen away the breath of the entire crowd. Although they couldn’t see her features, just her beautiful eyes as well as her skin that resembled the white snow, was already sufficient for people to know that the beauty of this woman was without peer.

Yet nobody dared to go near her, it seemed somewhat blasphemous to do so, she was like a being high up in the skies where mortals like them could only watched on in wistfulness.

However, the gaze of this woman was too, fixed on the demon sword. Her eyes seemed to flash with a hint of contemplation, as though she was considering something.

She only stayed here for a moment before she turned and walked away, her mysterious appearance made the crowd wonder, who exactly was she?

Which transcendent power has a female whose beauty was so breathtakingly stunning?

When the crowd finally snapped out of their daze, they discovered that the female had already completely vanished, with no traces of her presence as if she had never appeared here before.

It was as though she was borne of their imagination, surreal and was nothing but an illusion.

“The most important event in the Moon Continent currently is no doubt the marriage candidate selection the Pill Emperor Hall is holding to select a companion for Mo Qingcheng. That female from earlier might be from a transcendent power, maybe she’s from the Mystic Maiden Sect and is here to spectate the event. In that case, there might be a chance for her to appear at the date of selection, we must definitely go there and take a look.”

This thought flashed through the minds of several in the crowd. Although they didn’t dare to blaspheme, it surely didn’t matter if they snuck a few more glances at her. Anyway, with Qin Wentian bringing the demon sword to the Moon Continent, his purpose was evidently for the marriage candidate selection. Even if they didn’t notice the appearance of the female earlier, they would have gone to the Pill Emperor Hall anyway.

At the entrance of the Moon Continent, several streams of people came and left.

The only thing that remained unchanged was the demon sword that stood tall and upright, embedded in the ground. It was as though this was it’s new location, and it would remain immovable and asleep as it was previously.

Only that person could awaken it.

Countless experts from all over Grand Xia had arrived in the Moon Continent, making the atmosphere over there extremely lively. Especially in the central region where the Pill Emperor Hall was located, it was bustling with activity.

Not too long ago, Luo He announced to the entire Grand Xia that the marriage candidate selection would be held at the heaven ascending steps of the Pill Emperor Hall. People from the transcendent powers would be granted access to the top 99 flights of steps, while ordinary people would stand beneath them, spectating the selection.

For those below thirty years of age, in addition to possessing outstanding talent and a handsome appearance, they were eligible to participate in the selection.

Since this was a marriage candidate selection for the saintess of the Pill Emperor Hall, Mo Qingcheng, the candidate’s looks naturally couldn't be too bad. If not, the image of the Pill Emperor Hall would go down the drain. Secondly, the candidate couldn’t be too old. After all, Mo Qingcheng was still a flower who had just bloomed, her beauty exceedingly radiant. How could the Pill Emperor Hall allow her to marry a middle aged or old man? And obviously, the most important thing was the candidate’s strength and talent.

Those that came to participate in the selection would be chosen based on their combat prowess. The highest priority would be one’s strength, choosing the top three out of this multitude of participants.

As for the background of the candidates, although this wasn't explicitly stated, this was the last priority for the selection. But of course, everyone was clear in their hearts that it was almost impossible for the Pill Emperor Hall to allow a nobody to marry Mo Qingcheng even if his strength was unrivalled among candidates of this selection.

But no matter what, first leaving aside the prestige of the Pill Emperor Hall, just Mo Qingcheng’s godly appearance alone as well as her monstrous talent in pill concoction, it was already sufficient to move the hearts of those young elites. And although Mo Qingcheng seemed to have something going on with Qin Wentian, given how grandly the Pill Emperor Hall was promoting this event, there shouldn't be any cause for worry.

Today, many people flooded the Pill Emperor Hall. In a grand hall at the peak of the ninety-nine flight of steps, Luo He had her eyes closed as she sat in the seat of the host. Below her, were her disciples, Bai Fei and the rest, as well as the participants who were registering for the selection.

“Master, from the looks of it, disciples of the various transcendent powers have elected to participate in the selection. Although they aren't the most outstanding in their sects or clans, they are all still extraordinary characters.” Bai Fei inclined her head and respectfully reported.

“Mhm.” Luo He nodded her head lightly. “Are there no characters like Hua Taixu and Chen Wang?”

“No.” Bai Fei replied. Luo He didn't reply, she also knew that this time around, the selected candidate had to marry into the Pill Emperor Hall. There was no way the other transcendent powers would allow their most outstanding members to do so. If not, if the Pill Emperor Hall really chose Hua Taixu, wouldn't that the Hua Clan would lose out on their most elite member of the younger generation?

“Are there any that are worthy of notice?” Luo He inquired again.

“I haven't discovered any as of now.” Bai Fei shook her head and continued, “There are quite a few that didn't originate from any transcendent powers, their cultivation is only at the first level of Heavenly Dipper. Characters like them would surely be the first to get eliminated.”

For this selection, the main targets were outstanding characters below thirty years of age. For those recently ascended Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns, they basically stood no chance at all.

“Mhm.” Luo He nodded before stating, “Go talk to your junior martial sister. Tell her there's seven more days for her to consider. This is already the last line of my patience. If she really wishes to defy my orders, don't blame me for being ruthless.”

Night arrived, silence befell the Moon Continent. However just outside the Moon Continent, there were several cultivators that went to observe the demon sword that was embedded outside the entrance. However at this moment, they discovered that the sword intent of the demon sword shot up to the skies as the sword transformed into a beam of light that zoomed towards the direction of the Pill Emperor Hall. This, naturally attracted the attention of several and the air was soon filled with people soaring through the air, as they observed the situation.

During the next morning, the experts from the Pill Emperor Hall stood at the peak of the ninety-nine steps as they stared right ahead. However in their eyes, a mixture of disbelief, anger and even shock could be seen. There was a terrifying gigantic ancient sword over 1,000 metres in length embedded in the ground outside the entrance of the Pill Emperor Hall. Although it was still a distance away, because of the immense size of the sword, it was too eye-catching.

The meaning of this, goes without saying.

This was a blatant challenge to the Pill Emperor Hall. Last night, when the sword intent shot up to the skies, the experts of the Pill Emperor Hall naturally had also sensed it. But as the overwhelming sword might swept closer and closer to them, nobody dared to get near to it underneath the pressure. And when the upper echelons of the Pill Emperor Hall went to investigate, the sword intent that radiated out was so sharp that it made even characters of their level fearful for their lives.

Finally, when the commotion was over. They discovered that the demon sword was already embedded into the ground. As for the controller of the sword, he had vanished completely, nowhere to be seen.

This, was a great humiliation to the Pill Emperor Hall. They who had countless experts within their sect, actually allowed somebody to stick a sword into the ground to provoke them, not even ten miles away from the place that they called home.

But luckily, Qin Wentian had no way to wield that demon sword. If not, by their estimations, given the power of that endless, terrifying sword might, if Qin Wentian could completely control its strength, nothing in the Heavenly Dipper realm would be able to stand up to it.

Luo He’s countenance turned ashen as she saw what happened. She was frightened by the sword might to the point where she didn’t even dare to venture outside of the Pill Emperor Hall last night.

She simply couldn’t believe that this was done by someone whom she once despised to even cast a glance at.

Now, in the morning, the demon sword was simply erected there, yet no one could extricate it and move it away!

Surely they couldn’t mobilise their supreme elder-level characters just because of an act of provocation incited by a member of the junior generation. If they truly did so, where would their face and prestige lie? They would become the laughing stock of Grand Xia!

Mo Qingcheng was currently imprisoned in a certain place in the Pill Emperor Hall. At this moment, she was bound with chains and locked up in a room yet she couldn’t help but be bewildered after sensing that endless sword might. Where could sword might this powerful originate from? How could she feel it even from where she was right now? How powerful did this sword might have to be to permeate through the atmosphere in the Pill Emperor Hall?

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