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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 423 — Tyrant

Chapter 423: Tyrant

Luo He’s initial plan was totally disrupted by the appearance of this young man.

Her gaze shifted to the demon sword erected just outside of the Pill Emperor Hall. The person she was waiting for hadn’t appeared yet.

“Who are you, what power are you from?” Luo He coldly asked.

“Junior is named Si Yan. I don’t belong to any transcendent power and I have been cultivating on my own all this while. Now that the competition has ended, would Senior Luo He be able to bring Miss Qingcheng out for us to meet?” Qin Wentian smiled, appearing somewhat impatient. No matter who it was that won the selection, in the prospect of marrying Mo Qingcheng, almost all men would be impatient.

And now, only he was left out of the three participants.

“Si Yan?” Luo He contemplated. Surnamed Si…and knew the Stellar Transposition technique. She couldn’t help but to link it up with the power Si Qiong had originated from.

“Bring Qingcheng out.” Luo He then instructed as her disciples behind her went to carry out her orders. Qin Wentian’s heart involuntarily pounded, yet he forced himself to remain calm. He mustn’t be distracted at this moment.

Today, regardless of the price he had to pay, he would definitely bring Qingcheng away.

Luo He was still on her guard, staring intently at him. She then slowly spoke, “You said that you are not from any major powers? In that case, where did you learn Stellar Transposition?”

“From an elder of my clan.” Qin Wentian laughed. Since he revealed the fact that he knew Stellar Transposition, he knew that Luo He would definitely ask. The transcendent powers that knew Stellar Transposition weren’t very many, that was also the reason why he named himself Si Yan, he had already planned to mislead Luo He right from the get go.

“Oh? Where is your clan located then? Will the elders of your clan allow you to marry into my Pill Emperor Hall?” Luo He coldly continued.

“Naturally. although the elders of my clan are stricter to my older brothers, and invested a lot of resources into nurturing them, they take a much more relaxed stance towards me, allowing me to roam Grand Xia as I please. There isn’t anything to object even if I join the Pill Emperor Hall. Let alone the fact that this marriage with such a beautiful woman .” Qin Wentian replied sincerely, he had long since prepared his speech and hinted that his elder brothers were all more outstanding compared to him.

“You have yet to reply my question. Where is your clan located?” Luo He continued pursuing.

“Not in Grand Xia.” Qin Wentian softly replied. Luo He then continued, “Not in Grand Xia, then where is it?”

“Does Senior really need to inquire so deeply?” Qin Wentian tolerated the fluctuations in his heart, he appeared as serene as ever, giving people no chance to tell what was he thinking in his heart.

Luo He coldly stared at him. At this moment, Mo Qingcheng’s silhouette appeared far off in the distance, there were several figures walking behind her as well.

The Mo Qingcheng at this moment, was as beautiful as ever. However, it was evident that there were traces of exhaustion and worry on her face, causing the spectators to involuntarily wished to protect her.

“Halt.” Luo He quietly commanded. “Truth to be told, this disciple of mine still has some misgiving towards the matters of marriage. But as her master, I have no choice but to do what’s good for her. I’ve temporarily sealed her cultivation and will try to persuade her, hoping that she would understand my actions today in the future.”

The moment Luo He’s voice faded, Qin Wentian’s perception could sense a few powerful presences that suddenly appeared here, as though they were on guard against something. Her words made Qin Wentian’s heart clench, as a swift look of coldness flashed past his eyes.

The Pill Emperor Hall were on their guard, they had all been waiting for him to appear.

“For this selection, since you achieved such an outstanding result, you are naturally at the top of my list. However before that, you still have to undergo a background check by my Pill Emperor Hall. Now, come with me, I’ll lead you to a place.” Luo He softly commented.

Qin Wentian hesitated for a moment, he didn’t move. Luo He’s eyebrows were raised as she then asked, “Why? Are you unwilling? If that’s the case I would have to select another participant then.”

“Can I interact with Miss Mo first? I wish to see what she thinks about this.” Seeing how Luo He refused to let Mo Qingcheng come closer, Qin Wentian couldn’t help but probe.

“Sure, why don’t you come over here first.” Luo He nodded. Qin Wentian hesitated no longer, he then lifted his foot and prepared to move towards Luo He.

Those spectators from the various transcendent powers all had their eyes fixed on Qin Wentian.

Something fishy was going on, they somehow sensed it.

Qin Wentian continued slowly walking towards Luo He.

Luo He calmly stared at him, as though everything was normal.

Finally, when Qin Wentian neared her, at that very instant, Luo He’s hands suddenly snaked out, blasting towards Qin Wentian.


Qin Wentian stomped the ground. A flood of astral light erupted as his silhouette disappeared. Binding vines could be seen at the place where he was standing at, if he was slowest in the slightest he would have already been captured by Luo He.

Luo He’s hand continued, and remained outstretched in the air. She turned her gaze towards Qin Wentian as a cold light flashed past her eyes. “You are indeed powerful. In that case, there’s no doubt about it. You are…Qin Wentian!”

As the sound of her voice faded, those from the Chen Clan, Wang Clan, and Star-Seizing Manor all respectively stood up, staring at the young man before them. A terrifying killing intent merged together and permeated the air, enveloping Qin Wentian.


Astral light erupted once more as Qin Wentian vanished from sight. The moment he vanished, a middle aged man from the Chen Clan could be seen appearing at the place he was standing at before, making a grabbing motion as the Great Solar energy from him incinerated the air.

As for Qin Wentian, he unhesitantly executed the Stellar Transposition one time after another. His speed was so fast that not even his silhouette could be seen. After a short while, he stood atop the demon sword as the coldness in his eyes beyond the limits of coldness.

“Indeed, my guess was right.” Earlier, Luo He was just speculating. She had suspicions in her heart when that young man managed to become one of the remaining four. With Qin Wentian’s character, how could he fail to come? And even when Mo Qingcheng appeared, Qin Wentian still failed to show up and on the contrary, the young man named Si Yan indicated that he wanted to interact with Mo Qingcheng.

Hence, Luo He decided to probe by launching a sneak attack. And as she had expected the Si Yan in front of her, was none other than Qin Wentian!

The eyes of the crowd were totally and completely fixated onto Qin Wentian. The facial features of Si Yan rearranged themselves and soon after, a whole new face appeared right before them.

Many in the crowd gasped, it was truly Qin Wentian.

The top ranker of the Heavenly Fate Rankings. He broke through into Heavenly Dipper and mixed himself in with the other participants to participate in the selection. After Shi Kuang was injured and after Chen Lie was killed, he became the only candidate remaining. He almost succeeded but at the final step, Luo He’s suspicions were aroused, and hence, she decided to probe by launching an attack.

Upon seeing Qin Wentian appearing, Mo Qingcheng froze. Her beautiful eyes misted over when she looked at his silhouette standing atop the demon sword.

She understood Qin Wentian. From the time when he stood in front of his adoptive father to protect him from Chu Tianjiao’s wrath, to the time when he travelled thousands of miles to slay Hua Xiaoyun for what he did to her. She knew that the young man in front of her would give up his life for her, no matter what she said now, Qin Wentian would never give up trying to save her, he would rather die trying than not try at all.

Her heart was filled with agony. It was all because of her that Qin Wentian threw himself into this net. This kind of heartache made her entire body tremble in pain,

“If something untoward happens to you, I will join you in eternal slumber. I wouldn’t want to live any more.” Mo Qingcheng bit her lips, resolution filled her eyes when she gazed at Qin Wentian, transmitting her voice over.

She knew that words couldn’t help anymore when things already arrived at this situation.

The only thing she could do, was to live and die together with him, with that young man who sacrificed everything because of his love for her.

“You can’t die, I won’t permit you to die.” Qin Wentian stared at Mo Qingcheng, the resolution in his eyes didn’t lose out to hers in the slightest.

“Luo He, you promised never to interfere between Qingcheng and I as long as I defeated Zhan Chen. Now, you blatantly broke your promise and went all out, even using Qingcheng as bait to lure me out. Is this the behaviour of the supposedly saintly and prestigious Pill Emperor Hall?” Looking at the numerous silhouettes dashing his way, Qin Wentian’s lips curled up in a sardonic grin as he sliced his palms open, causing his blood to drip onto the demon sword.

At that instant, the mournful wails of the demon sword echoed out as a towering sword intent shot straight up towards the heavens.

“Saintly Pill Emperor Hall? If you don't hand over Qingcheng today, even if I die, I'll make sure to bury the entire Pill Emperor Hall along with me.”

Qin Wentian’s blood endlessly splashed onto the demon sword. His other arm metamorphosed into the arm of a demonic beast as the demonic qi from him blasted out at full force. With a howl of rage, he attempted to lift the demon sword but right now, it was still impossible for him to do so. He could only drag the demon sword forward as he advanced step by step towards Luo He.

The sounds of sword keening filled the entire space. The dangerous and terrifying sound of the sword melody enveloped everything in a radius of ten miles around him. For those within that radius, a bone-chilling sword intent seeped into their bodies, causing them to shiver relentlessly.

“For those who have nothing to do with this matter, I can give you a chance to retreat.” Qin Wentian’s voice merged together with the sword melody and rang out in this space. Several innocents immediately retreated, they didn’t want to be dragged in for no reason. After which, even more experts appeared from the Pill Emperor Hall and prepared to encircle Qin Wentian.

Yet even those experts were trembling. That sword intent was just too terrifying, they could sense that an aura of utter annihilation was contained within it.

The legendary demon sword was rumored to resent the heavens for being too low. Qin Wentian fed his blood to the sword and dragged it for a hundred thousand miles, using three months of time to arrive at the Moon Continent before embedding this sword right outside the Pill Emperor Hall.

When the rumors reached them, everyone felt that it was too absurd, no one believed it. Yet right now as they felt the endless explosiveness sword might that was pressing down onto them, even experts on Luo He’s level also felt stifled by that aura. Not only that, the demon sword was still far away, how powerful would it be then if someone could wield it in battle?

At the peak of the ninety-nine steps, experts were as common as the clouds. They were all concentrated there, waiting for Qin Wentian to toss himself into the net. There were too many secrets on Qin Wentian. Even leaving aside the secret of how he managed to pulled out the demon sword, just the Divine Stele as well as possession of the nine ultimate arts of Grand Xia was already sufficient to drive any of the transcendent powers crazy with greed.

But right now, none of these experts dared to rush up. They could only stare silently as Qin Wentian advanced forwards step by step.

Every step that Qin Wentian took was filled with an inconceivable heaviness. Wherever the sword passed, fissures could be seen on the ground as Qin Wentian dragged the demon sword towards the bottom of the ninety-nine steps.

“BOOM!” Qin Wentian stepped onto the first step.

This very day, Qin Wentian dragged the sword up with him as he ascended the ninety-nine steps step by step.

“All of you leave first.” An expert from the Chen Clan waved his hands to those behind him. It was useless for members of the younger generation to remain. They would only serve as incompetent baggage in the upcoming battle. Chen Wang paled, how awe inspiring was he back then? Yet now with Qin Wentian in front of him, he could only choose to retreat.

Not only the Chen Clan, the various transcendent powers all commanded the members of their younger generation to retreat before they joined together with the experts of the Pill Emperor Hall and surrounded Qin Wentian.

“Since you took the trouble and dragged the demon sword all the way here, I'll make sure you remain here forever.” Luo He’s countenance was extremely frosty as she stared at Qin Wentian below the steps.

Qin Wentian inclined his head, as his cold eyes bore into Luo He’s as a voice freezingly cold resounded from his mouth. “If the Pill Emperor Hall doesn’t collapse, I won’t be leaving this place today.”


Instantly, an endless sword might swept over Luo He. Luo He’s countenance immediately stiffened. Ancient gigantic trees appeared around her, protectively caging her within. The trees were destroyed by the sword might, before being rebirthed by Luo He somehow. That process continued on unceasingly, never ending.

Right now, in the air space above the Pill Emperor Hall, quite a number of exceedingly powerful figures appeared. They stood with their hands clasped behind their back, their eyes glimmering like torches and exuded an insurmountable aura as they gazed at that young man dragging up that demon sword.

Other than them, there were also other experts who were silently spectating from the darkness as well.

Today, the top ranker of the Heavenly Fate Rankings, Qin Wentian barged into the Pill Emperor Hall all alone, for the sake of Mo Qingcheng. He even stated with arrogance that if the Pill Emperor Hall didn't collapse, he wouldn't leave here today. Even if he fell today, the magnitude of his actions were already sufficient to be recorded in the annals of history.

At this moment, far far up above the clouds, two figures appeared there.

One of them wore a simple unadorned blue robe yet the aura he exuded was far beyond terrifying. It was as if he was the Sovereign of this entire world.

There was also another figure who was languidly lying down on a blanket of clouds. The muddy look in his eyes faded as a strange light glimmered within. His eyes glinted with the expectation of watching a show as he peered downwards at the scene playing out in the Pill Emperor Hall.

Dragging the demon sword along for a hundred thousand miles, barging through the Pill Emperor Hall all alone. So many experts of the opposing transcendent powers all gathered to stand against him; but ultimately, whose blood would dye the skies and clouds red?

Anyone wanna guess who these two mysterious figures are?

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