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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 425 — Primordial Great Roc

Chapter 425: Primordial Great Roc

Boundless demonic qi gathered from all directions, concentrated on Qin Wentian’s body.

The spectators only saw that Qin Wentian’s body was expanding immensely at an increasing rate as shadows of ancient demonic divinities manifested behind him, flashing past his body one after another.

The demonic divinities that hailed from all eight directions were summoned, their pressure boring down, forcibly transforming Qin Wentian’s body.

Kirin, epitome of brutality and violence.

Sky Sovereign Roc, with a wingspan of 1,000 miles, causing massive windstorms and colossal waves to kick up whenever it flies.

Vermilion Bird, with a sharp cry, the entire world shook, as flames of its fury burn the heavens.

Winged-Dragon of the Nine Heavens, the sovereign of all demons, unexcelled, insurmountable, disdaining all beneath the heavens.

These terrifying shadows of the ancient demonic divinities all merged together with Qin Wentian as they began initializing a connection with the actual demon divinities of the eight directions.

In that instant, the faces of everyone in the crowd changed. A terrifying light erupted in the eyes of those experts from the Pill Emperor Hall as they poured more energy into the formation. The pressure concentrating in the centre of the stone pillars was compressed into the form of a blade of light. That resplendent light enveloped Qin Wentian, before descending downwards, wanting to forcibly strip Qin Wentian of his soul.

However, Qin Wentian’s body got increasingly gargantuan in stature. The demonic qi exuding from his body towered straight up to the heavens, breaking apart that blade of light. He inclined his head, staring at the skies but there were no more tears glimmering in his eyes, only the heartbreaking chill of despair remained.

“ROAR!” The demon sword vibrated intensely all of a sudden. An extremely shocking scenario appeared. Over there, where the demon sword stood, in a flash, an immense sky-high towering roc’s shadow could be seen. With a stretch of it’s wings, over thousands of miles were covered.

The demon sword’s wails continued unceasingly, the sorrow in the melody caused the hearts of the crowd to shudder. Did this demon sword have something to do with that primordial roc?

The gigantic roc spread its wings, appearing unwilling to fly at all because the heavens were too low, and as the thought of the rumors they heard regarding the demon sword flashed through their minds, the crowd came to a sudden realization - wasn’t the demon sword immovable because it resented the fact that the Heavens were too low? This peerless arrogance reminded them of the demon sword’s attitude.

Legend has it that there was a gigantic bird that chose to hole up in the mountains, unwilling to spread its wings to fly even after a thousand years. When people asked it, “What sort of bird are you? Why don’t you fly in the skies?” That bird replied, “I’m a sky sovereign roc, the heavens are too low, I do not wish to fly.”

Then another person laughed, as a sky sovereign roc, the sovereign of the skies, why doesn’t the roc have wings? And instead of facing the reality, it still made such an absurd statement saying that it resented that the heavens were too low for it.

Instantly, the gigantic roc boiled with anger. It let out a mournful wail, the mountains and seas, the heavens and earth all shook with the force of it’s fury. In front of that person’s eyes, a pair of heaven-shaking wings appeared on the roc. Only after the transformation was completed did the person realise that the entire mountain range was nothing but the wings of the roc.

With a flap of its wings, the roc shot up through the clouds within a single breath, bumping into the ceiling of heavens. Mournful wails echoed relentlessly, as it continued bumping against it, trying to break through it. Ultimately though, the ceiling wasn’t broken, while the great roc died, falling back down onto earth and transforming back into a mountain range.

And precisely, as the roc reminded them of the demon sword, didn’t the demon sword remind them of the roc in the legends? Both resent the fact that the heavens are too low.

The demonic qi exuding from Qin Wentian got stronger and stronger as his body was transformed into that of a gigantic roc. His wingspan alone stretched out for a few thousand metres, the crowds could only stare on blankly in disbelief as they watched what was happening.

Gradually, the astral light and shadows of the divinities fused together, feeding the shadow of the sky sovereign roc. The shadow of the roc got increasingly corporeal while Qin Wentian’s original body vanished…

“He vanished, this…?”

The scene happening in front of them imprinted itself deep in the minds of those who saw it, forever unable to be erased.

And in the place of Qin Wentian, now stood a roc over a thousand metres in length and width? Abruptly, the shrill cry of a predatory bird rang out, while the eyes of the roc snapped open as it soared into the skies. The bone chilling coldness in its eyes made the earlier attackers feel as though their worst nightmare had arrived.

With a flap of its 3,000 metre wings, a massive windstorm manifested while the demonic qi exuding from it ravaged the Pill Emperor Hall.

“Is this great roc Qin Wentian?”

The demonic qi pervading the atmosphere was all concentrated onto its body. The aura of the great roc began to skyrocket upwards in a frenzy, it’s cultivation broke through to the third level of heavenly dipper and all the way up towards the upper-tier of the seventh to ninth level before it finally began to stabilise.

“Gathering the demonic qi of all the demonic divinities while devouring astral energy from their respective constellation to strengthen himself. Is this still something that’s possible to be done by a human? Has he truly transformed into a demon?” The hearts of the spectators shook as their minds were filled with endless questions. This was too terrifying, it was the first time they saw a human achieving such a complete demonic transformation.

Above in the air, the eyes of an old man clad in a white robe widened in incredulity when he saw the scene below.

“Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation!”

Back in it’s glory days, the Grand Xia empire worshiped the Vermilion Bird divinity as their sacred totem beast. This Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation was one of the top, peerless secret arts in Grand Xia. It enabled the user to transform their bodies into that of a demonic divinity, however, according to what the old man knew, there had been no one in the entire history of Grand Xia capable of cultivating this art. Even those top-tier powerhouses standing at the peak who had managed to obtain this cultivation art had all failed. Why was it that this young man was able to master it?

Qin Wentian, who was merely at the first level of Heavenly Dipper, could actually communicate and connect with the ancient will of all the demonic divinities?

Luo He’s heart pounded intensely as she saw the scene. She would never have imagined that a puny Qin Wentian, although he represented Heaven’s Fate, could actually become an existence that was capable of threatening the survival of her Pill Emperor Hall.

At this moment, those vice-leader characters of the Pill Emperor Hall poured in even more of their energy to condense another, bigger blade of light. That blade of light shimmered with a mysterious force as it slashed downwards, wanting to rip Qin Wentian’s soul away.

The great roc inclined it’s head, staring at the skies as it issued a shriek filled with terrible wrath.

Flapping its wings, it added to the momentum of the terrifying windstorm ripping through the area. The other attackers were all mercilessly pushed back in the face of that gale. Even they, who were hailed as experts of the elder generation had no way to stand against that.

However, the eyes of everyone were still fixed on that great roc.

A 1,000 metre tall great roc with a wingspan of 3,000 metres. Was it really a simple demonic transformation?”

Right from the very start, what exactly was Qin Wentian, a human or a demon?

They saw that the razor sharp talons of the great roc were just like the palms of a human, not only that, the talons were currently wrapped tightly around the hilt of the demon sword. With a cry of madness, the strength of the roc caused ripples in the air as it channelled force, attempting to pick up the demon sword. However, even with its current strength, it still had no way to completely wield the demon sword!

Even after Qin Wentian transformed into a roc, although the degree of synchronization deepened between them, it didn’t changed the fact that the demon sword still resented that the heavens were too low.

The coldness in the eyes of the great roc was beyond freezing. It endured the pain of that soul-severing light blade while issuing a terrible screech. That blade of light continuously slashed downwards, even though the defence of the great roc was perverse, the blade of light that was being concurrently powered by the vice-leader level characters couldn’t be underestimated either. Szzzz, fresh blood splattered as a humongous wound appeared on the body of the great roc. Qin Wentian actually stood there unmoving, with no intention of defending, freely allowing the blade to slice apart his body!

Torrential amounts of blood flowed, dripping onto that demon sword as the excess formed a pool of redness on the ground where the demon sword was erected.

“Madness, utter madness!”

The spectators were all stunned into speechlessness when they witnessed Qin Wentian’s actions. Ignoring injuries, he voluntarily allowed his body to be lacerated so as to feed more blood to the demon sword.

That gigantic body frame stood behind the demon sword as he continued channelling his blood into the sword. That pair of immense wings then closed around that sword as he raised his head, icily staring at the vice-leader level characters as well as taking in the majestic sight that the entire Pill Emperor Hall itself constituted. The frigidness in his eyes was as if it came from the depths of hell.

“KILL HIM!” The vice-leader level characters could feel a powerful sense of threat from the current Qin Wentian. Yet… even when they poured in all that they had, the soul-severing blade wasn’t able to sever the soul of Qin Wentian. The current him who already had a body on the level of a demonic divinity; naturally, his soul had also strengthened during that transformation.

Rumbling, the stone pillars rose up to the heavens, only to see the vice-leaders joining their energy once more as they blasted out a death imprint in attack. As the death imprint descended, it was as though an ounce of the vital energy of all things within this space was absorbed. The imprint expanded continuously, containing an intense death energy within it as it blasted towards the great roc.


Yet another massive gust of wind kicked up, the great roc spread its wings as an inexorably resplendent sword beam fired off from the demon sword, shattering the death imprint. The sword intent radiating forth was so sharp that not even a single fragment remained.


With a flap of its wings, the great roc could travel over hundred to thousand miles in a mere instant.

The spectators couldn’t even see its shadow, the only thing their eyes registered was a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign at the peak of Heavenly Dipper dying with a sword embedded through his heart. The sword was held by a gigantic talon manifested from the boundless sword intent in the air.

My will is the sword’s will; the sword’s intent is my intent.

In the next instant, another of it’s incomparably sharp talons lacerated the peak Heavenly Dipper Sovereign, directly tearing him into two.

Behind the great roc, the demon sword continued wailing as it’s surging sword intent generated an endless sword might, enveloping this entire space. Brilliant bursts of light flashed, as some of the other experts were diced into pieces, those who were further away immediately abandoned their pride and dignity, frenziedly retreating with explosive speed.

At this moment, the eyes of the great roc were fixated onto Luo He. Luo He only felt her heart pounding, being squeezed by a primal, gut-wrenching fear. This, was true despair.

Even leaving aside the existence of the demon sword, even if Qin Wentian wasn’t borrowing it’s power, the current great roc was more than powerful enough to kill her with ease. After all, her current cultivation base was only at the sixth level of Heavenly Dipper.


Those powerful gusts of wind made it so that Luo He couldn’t even open her eyes. How swift was the primordial great roc’s speed? It refused to fly because the heavens were too low but when it does, it could travel an unimaginable distance with but a single flap of its wings.

Luo He knew that she couldn’t possibly avoid the attack of the great roc.


A glacial voice abruptly sounded out as the great roc arrived in front of Luo He, only to find another figure already standing there, blocking it.

The instant that figure appeared, a gigantic constellation was birthed as the space above the Pill Emperor Hall, turned into a starry sky.

This constellation contained an unfathomable might. It then condensed into a miniature form, landing on the white-robed old man’s palm as he struck out with it to block the great roc’s attack.

“An Ascendant, a powerhouse at the fabled Celestial Phenomenon Realm.”

The spectators gazed at the resplendent constellation in awe, even the Pill Emperor himself had appeared.

Luo He was the daughter of the Pill Emperor, if he still didn’t make his appearance, Luo He would definitely be dead.

Nobody had imagined that Qin Wentian would have the capabilities to cause destruction at this scale, causing a ruckus sufficient enough to draw the Pill Emperor out of his seclusion.


The white robed figure spat out coldly, and instantly, the constellation in his hand enlarged once more as it caged the great roc within. An instant later, the body of the great roc began burning as blazing flames of death combusted it.


A raging wind gusted by as the great roc shot up into the clouds before the constellation completely enveloped him. After which, the great roc swoop downwards as it appeared once more beside the demon sword embedded in the ground. Its sharp talon directly wrapped around the hilt of the sword as it’s cold eyes surveyed the Pill Emperor.

With a howl of emotions that contained rage within sorrow, forming a resonance with the mournful wails emitted by the demon sword, the entire space trembled as the demon sword was actually lifted off from the ground as it hovered in the air.

This was the first time, that the demon sword was lifted into the air.


Pill Emperor pointed his finger at the great roc, momentarily, the flames of death erupted with greater intensity, burning the life force of the great roc away.

So what if it was a primordial great roc? A great roc at the Heavenly Dipper Realm would still die when faced with a powerhouse at the Ascendant level.

The sorrowful howl and the mournful wails mingled together and forming a strange melody that continued on unabated, it carried the demon sword and continued soaring up into the skies, completely ignoring the damage the burns were inflicting to its body. Gradually it appeared at the dome of heavens, right above the Pill Emperor Hall.

The demon sword was slowly lifted up…

This scenario caused the breaths of the entire crowd to halt.

“VILE BEAST, YOU DARE?!” The Pill Emperor went apoplectic with anger. That glow from the constellation shone even more resplendently, dazzling furiously, in response to Qin Wentian’s action. Yet…that demon sword continued descending down from the heavens, fulfilling the promise he made earlier.

Today, if the Pill Emperor Hall doesn’t collapse, he won’t be leaving this place. So what even if the price of his actions was death?! He had no regrets.

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