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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 426 — Sword Splitting Apart the Pill Emperor Hall

Chapter 426: Sword Splitting Apart the Pill Emperor Hall

Seeing the great roc lifting the gigantic sword and wanting to smash it downwards, the spectators all turned breathless; their hearts felt as though they were about to leap out of their chests.

With this sword slash, even if Qin Wentian died here, the Pill Emperor Hall would never be able to wash away its humiliation for all eternity. The events that happened here today would find their way into the annals of Grand Xia’s history.

Countless silhouettes belonging to the Pill Emperor Hall appeared. They came from the other palaces and halls, or they walked out of the main Heaven Ascending Hall. All of them had dumbstruck expressions on their faces as they stared at the gigantic silhouette in the air. Their bodies all trembled uncontrollably from a primal fear stemming from deep within their hearts.


A booming voice echoed out, and abruptly, another constellation appeared in the skies. This time around, the newly birthed constellation seemed to symbolise death. This was a Death Constellation; the endless death rays cascaded down, landing on the great roc, yet the eyes of the great roc were filled with an unyielding resolution.

The great roc had aspirations so high that it even resented that the heavens were too low. How could it place a mere Pill Emperor Hall in its eyes?

The great roc cried, and the demon sword mourned—both of them worked together to unleash the most powerful strike, slashing like a thunderbolt right down from the heavens. The power of this strike was so overwhelming that not even a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant would dare to block it head on.

As Luo He watched that sword falling downwards, her countenance paled like dead ashes. A notion suddenly flashed past her head…was her method of handling things correct?

If she persuaded her father, not letting Mo Qingcheng become one of the essence body for the old ancestor and if she didn’t object to the relationship between Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian, would history take another direction?

She had no idea, as she watched the sword falling downwards, the impact it had on her was too great, just too great.

Dragging the demon sword for a hundred thousand miles, using his blood to feed the demon sword, transformation into a primordial great roc, slashing apart the Pill Emperor Hall. How imposing was this? And keep in mind that all of this was accomplished by a young man at the Heavenly Dipper Realm. He, who descended into madness no longer cared for consequences, disregarding life and death, so who cares even if all of the Grand Xia became his enemies?

In her entire life, Luo He had never met such a crazed person. His resolution and will could truly sunder the heavens.

Naturally, other than shock, indomitable rage and murderous urges filled Luo He’s heart. This matter happened because of her, and now Pill Emperor Hall was humiliated. Due to this, if Qin Wentian didn’t die today, their Pill Emperor Hall would surely become the laughing stock of Grand Xia.

How could the Pill Emperor, who was in front of her, not feel shocked as well? He appeared because he sensed the threat the demon sword posed, yet he never expected the following events—the Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation appearing, the birth of a primordial great roc. All of these were beyond his imagination and expectations. If he knew this earlier, even if he, the esteemed Pill Emperor would be laughed at by others, he would directly ignore his status and destroy Qin Wentian before the chain of events happened. But now, even if he destroyed Qin Wentian, it was already too late.

In addition, the ruckus this event caused also startled yet another ancient old man from his Pill Emperor Hall that was on the same level as him.


The demon sword slashed down, and that grand Heaven-Ascending hall emitted a resplendent light, as an invisible force blasted out from it in defence. Yet, that demon sword contained an aura that could even sunder the heavens, let alone a mere Pill Emperor Hall.

Sounds of breaking resounded out, the sword struck down right in the middle, slicing the majestic Pill Emperor Hall into two. Everything within the hall was ravaged by a menacing aura of destruction.

Those that stood around the area stared on in shock, but after which, a sword wind gusted by as sounds of laceration echoed. Those figures were all diced into nothingness, before being dispersed by the wind. They didn’t even know how they died.

A single sword split apart the Pill Emperor Hall, reaping the lives of countless experts.

The other spectators all watched on, not even daring to breathe. Their faces were all frozen in shock, as they remained motionless like a statue, even their eyelids forgot to twitch.

The Pill Emperor Hall was slashed apart! A single sword demolishing everything.

The Pill Emperor Hall, a transcendent power that was ranked within the top five of the entire Grand Xia, was smashed apart by a Heavenly Dipper young man that transformed into a great roc.

It was unknown how much commotion that single sword strike created in the Grand Xia.

In the skies, there were now two constellations belonging to Pill Emperor, as well as the other ancient old man from the Pill Emperor Hall. When they watched the fruit of their labors and their ancestors’ effort being smashed apart, the killing intent in their eyes became incomparably terrifying.


As that ancient old man blasted out a palm, another fearsome death imprint slammed down from the heavens. The Death Constellation exuded a heavy intent of death, powering that imprint, yet Qin Wentian acted as though he didn’t even see it. The demon sword slashed out with its own will , blocking the opponent’s attack, as the blazing flames of death from the Pill Emperor incinerated his body. However, despite the intensity of the flames, it was as though he couldn’t feel anything. Qin Wentian continued advancing forward, with the demon sword in his talons, as he flew towards the forbidden gate Mo Qingcheng was forced through.

The place where the great roc passed by, the buildings and structures around that area were all devastated by his sword intent. For those unlucky cultivators standing near there, all of them died underneath that endless sword might.

The current Qin Wentian had already lost all sanity. He was already prepared to pay any price.

His pair of enormous eyes were fixed on the path ahead, as that boundless sword might concentrated once again.

However, the Pill Emperor, as well as that ancient old man, abruptly appeared in front of Qin Wentian, blocking his path ahead. A terrifying coldness flickered in their eyes as they exuded waves after waves of unassailable might from their bodies.

The eyes of the great roc bored down on the two figures, with no hints of fear or terror in them. Qin Wentian swung the sword onto himself, tearing his body apart once again, allowing the demon sword to feast on his blood.


Within the great roc’s body, a flame of life suddenly blazed. That was the power of his bloodline, the terrifying aura of the great roc climbed madly upwards again, bringing it to the peak of the Heavenly Dipper Realm and, almost, breaking through to the Realm of Celestial Phenomenon.

However, Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns are still Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns; their comprehensions of their path and astral souls weren’t sufficient yet. How could it be so easy to cross over to Celestial Phenomenon? Eventually, the aura of the great roc stabilized at the peak of Heavenly Dipper, while the power of his bloodline caused the mourning of the demon sword to grow even louder.

In front of him, two Ascendants stood, currently gathering the energy from the constellations they birthed. The body of the Pill Emperor was wreathed with the nine-colored flames of death and destruction, while that ancient old man condensed a true Seal of Life and Death.

The Seal of Life and Death was an ultimate art of Grand Xia. Back then, after the nine grand clans’ rebellions, this ultimate art landed in the possession of the Pill Emperor Hall. And now that it was this Celestial Phenomenon Ascendent personally executing it, the insight and comprehensions, as well as the seal being powered by the strength of his cultivation base, was sufficient to annihilate everything under the Heavens and across the Earth. Even the color of his surroundings were fading away, becoming a dreary black.

Seal of Life, Seal of Death. Seal of Life and Death. Capable of bestowing life or granting death.

If the death seal was used, it could steal the vital qi of Heavens and Earth. Even the primordial great roc would undoubtedly die if it was struck with it.

The spectators from far away were already numbed when they saw the great roc that Qin Wentian transformed into facing off against the two powerhouses at the Celestial Phenomenon level. The events today were something that they would never be able to forget.

At this moment, a notion flashed by in their heads. They didn’t want Qin Wentian to die here just like that; if possible, they rather he escaped and grow even stronger, breaking apart this piece of sky that is Grand Xia when he returns in the future.

However, their thoughts were just wild fantasies. It was almost guaranteed that Qin Wentian wouldn’t be able to survive.

Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants stood at the pinnacle of the entire Grand Xia, and right now, two of them were planning to join forces to kill Qin Wentian.

The Seal of Life and Death, as well as that nine-colored flame of death and destruction, flew towards Qin Wentian. The power of annihilation contained within them sucked away the vitality of the surroundings to increase their own power.

However, right at this moment, the great roc howled, as its gigantic wings flapped violently, causing its body to spun about at high velocity in the middle of the air, transforming into a tornado, while the demon sword danced about with him.


The demon sword that possessed supreme might was launched out by Qin Wentian, decimating everything it came into contact with, shattering the Seal of Life and Death as well as that nine-colored flame.

The two Ascendants immediately dodged to the side, as the demon sword pierced towards them, flying far away in a certain direction.

"Bzzz!" The great roc, which transformed into a tornado, also vanished from sight, zooming after that demon sword, passing through the gap created by the two Ascendants when they dodged to the side earlier.


The Pill Emperor paled when he realised that Qin Wentian was zooming towards the forbidden gate.

Their silhouettes immediately flashed as they disappeared from the spot, chasing after Qin Wentian, but everything was already too late.

How fast did the demon sword reached when it was launched out by Qin Wentian with the entirety of his strength? Everywhere the sword flew by, a swath of mass destruction could be seen, the sharpness radiating from it ravaged everything, up till the point when it slammed right into the forbidden gate.

Rumor has it that the sacred land of the Pill Emperor Hall was behind that forbidden gate.

Only some of the more talented females that were pure in spirit and body could enter into this sacred land.

But right now, that forbidden gate protecting the sacred land shattered into pieces, as the demon sword slammed into it and continued flying forwards. Even the misty atmosphere, that was laced with celestial qi, was distorted and lacerated by the sharpness from the demon sword. The flight of the demon sword finally stopped when it penetrated into an immense mountain. Moments later, an avalanche started as the signs of fragmentation could be seen, while huge rocks and pieces of the mountains fell into the abyss below.

At this moment, a terrifying aura blasted upwards from the bottom of the abyss, destroying the falling debris.

The two Ascendants and the great roc both arrived at the same moment, their speed so incredibly fast that it bordered on the unbelievable.

The great roc hovered in the air, its talons clutched around the demon sword, as it imperiously gazed downwards, right into the abyss.

Over there, a sea of corpses and skeletons could be seen, littered all around, stacking on each other, dotting the entire landscape. Also, there were some females of such extreme beauty that it would render any male breathless, sitting on specially designated spots, yet appearing so dull and lifeless. The vital qi that exuded from them was constantly being absorbed by a monstrous evil hiding here.

Mo Qingcheng was here as well. When the eyes of the great roc land on Mo Qingcheng, the aura gushing forth from it was so cold that even the Ascendants unconsciously took a step backwards.

"So, this place is the sacred land of the Pill Emperor Hall? So many talented and outstanding young females are kept hidden here for that evil skeleton to absorb their life essence?"

The great roc spat out a sentence filled with immeasurable coldness. Right now, he wanted nothing more than to remove this piece of filth from the face of this world.

The voice of the great roc drifted over to the distance, into the ears of the far away spectators. When they heard what it said, their hearts violently pounded. And now that the forbidden gate had shattered, when they stretched out their perception, they too could feel the immensity of the evil aura projected by the evil skeleton lurking within.

The all respected, saintly and sacred Pill Emperor Hall was using the lives of their female disciples to nurture a monster?

Such a discovery caused the bodies of many to tremble uncontrollably. Too terrifying!The Pill Emperor Hall was a transcendent power that had a history of over a few thousand years. The pills concocted by them had saved so many people, yet it’s true face was actually that of an evil demon. Looking at the sea of skeletons and corpses in that area, nobody knew how many victims had suffered, as their lifeforce was fed to the evil monstrosity.

Not only that, Mo Qingcheng was forced into that. She was the reason why Qin Wentian disregarded everything and wanted to barge in there.

So it turns out that the Pill Emperor Hall accepted Mo Qingcheng as a disciple, the fact that Luo He spent so much time and effort, painstakingly nurturing her, all these were just a facade? The true purpose was to feed her to the evil skeleton?!

The spectators then all turned their gazes onto Luo He. The look in their eyes was like they were looking at a venomous spider. Looking at her beautiful face, and contrasting it with the blackness of her heart, the spectators couldn’t help but shiver. This transcendent power was worshiped by many, hailed as saints and saviours, with so many wanting to be a part of it and yet… the reality behind it was so cruel.

Luo He naturally felt the gazes of the spectators landing on her. Her countenance grew incredibly unsightly. She knew that from today onwards, the reputation of the Pill Emperor had been completely destroyed by that young man’s actions!

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