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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 427 — Sigh

Chapter 427: Sigh

The countenance of the Pill Emperor as well as that ancient expert, all turned incomparably ugly to behold.

Qin Wentian actually disturbed that existence underneath the mountains.


An icy voice echoed out directly from the bottom of the abyss, so cold that even the temperature around the region dropped by several degrees.

The Pill Emperor and the ancient elder stared downwards, deep reverence and worship could be seen in their eyes. The two of them then bowed and mumbled, “Begging the ancestor for pardon.”

“You guys actually permitted a vile beast to enter my sanctuary, disrupting my cultivation? HOW ARE YOU TWO HANDLING THE MATTERS OF MY PILL EMPEROR HALL? Useless things, quickly toss it out and scram from here.” That voice resounded out again, containing an overwhelming superiority, unsurpassed by anything in the world. The voice permeated the entire region, clearly drifting towards the ears of the other spectators. As they heard it, it was as though they somehow understood something.

Was that evil existence lurking down in the abyss of corpses, the old ancestor of the Pill Emperor Hall?

Could it be that he who had already died ages ago, was trying to use some forbidden perverse method to undergo rebirth?

Rebirth was something that went against the edicts of the Heavens, an act of immense taboo. The Pill Emperor Hall arranged for outstanding disciples like Mo Qingcheng and the other females, using a multitude of lives to compensate in exchange for its life. Such a method was truly too cruel.

But so what of it? For the sake of their old ancestor’s from the grave, the Pill Emperor Hall would stop at nothing. Once their old ancestor was completely revived, the entire Grand Xia would surely be theirs for the taking.

Those from the Chen Clan, Hua Clan and Star-Seizing Manor all felt their hearts clenching from the revelations. The sacred land of the Pill Emperor Hall was always a secret the other transcendent powers wished to uncover, yet nobody had ever succeeded. This matter wasn’t even known to members of the upper echelons of the Pill Emperor Hall. Only those at the very peak of the chain of command knew of this. Yet today, everything was revealed because of Qin Wentian’s actions.


The eyes of the roc Qin Wentian had transformed into, flashed with a heavy worry. He lifted the sword once more as he dived into the bottom of the abyss.

The whistling sword intent swept over everything, any matter on both sides of the trajectory which he flew past was all lacerated into nothingness. However, that skeleton suddenly moved, lights of evil glimmering in its empty eye sockets as it glanced upwards. Instantly, numerous black-coloured chains of darkness stretched out, trapping the demon sword as it slashed downwards. Creaking sounds rang out, the chains showed evident signs of breaking apart, yet, they still held on tenaciously.

Qin Wentian had expended too much strength, even the blood in his body had almost run dry. With his present might, even with the sword in his hands, he wasn’t powerful enough to threaten the terrifying skeleton.

“Wentian.” Mo Qingcheng inclined her head, staring at the great roc which Qin Wentian had become. Tears unceasingly flowed down her face yet she couldn’t go to him. That filthy evil skeleton was still devouring her essence, she was in a state of paralysis and couldn’t move at all.

In the middle of the air, the Pill Emperor as well as the ancient elder descended downwards, yet another bout of nine-colored flames as well as a terrifying seal of death smashed into the great roc’s body.

The great roc violently trembled as it continued coughing out fresh blood, which was then absorbed into the demon sword wielded in its talons.

The defence of the great roc was insanely high, yet even with it’s monstrous defence, it was unable to withstand attacks by Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants. However, he was still able to endure pain, what he couldn’t endure was the helplessness he felt. The despair in Mo Qingcheng’s eyes which glimmered with unshed tears as her essence was being devoured by the evil skeleton.

“Dumbo…live well, you must definitely not die with me…”

Mo Qingcheng’s haggard face suddenly bloomed with a radiant smile. Tears continued streaking down her face yet it did nothing to mar the radiance of her beauty.

“Meeting you was the best thing in my life. I have no regrets. However short the period of time we spent together may be, it was all worth it.”

Mo Qingcheng mumbled as flames suddenly ignited, springing from her body.

“In the Vermilion Bird Formation World, the secret art you acquired should be an art for demonic transformation. As for me, the secret art I acquired allows me to use the fire of my life, concentrating it into the form of a medicinal pill.” Mo Qingcheng smiled sweetly, “I didn’t want to use it, because I know you would never permit me to. But now, I have no more choices left.”

The flames ignited even more vibrantly as her life force surged while the devouring speed of that evil skeleton got even quicker.

Yet, from a distance, even though the evil skeleton was vastly more powerful compared to her, it could do nothing to stop her.

Mo Qingcheng’s remaining life force rapidly condensed into the form of a rainbow-colored pill as she spat out it out of her mouth, in the direction of the great roc.

“Dumbo, this is my heart…”

Mo Qingcheng continued smiling, but her body slumped to the ground as she fell unconscious. Qin Wentian stared at the hovering pill as a torrent of emotions flooded his heart. Yet, as he saw the skeletal hands of the evil existence shooting towards it, Qin Wentian immediately opened its beak and inhale, drawing the medicinal pill into his mouth but he didn’t swallow it.

Mo Qingcheng’s body softly laid on one of the eighty-one stone platforms. Even in unconsciousness, the beauty of her smile never faded. It was as though even if she died, she wanted to show her most beautiful smile, imprinting herself into the memories of Qin Wentian. Her long hair was dishevelled, fanning all over the stone platform, while traces of the unshed tears in her eyes finally flowed, sliding down from her cheeks.

Although in this life, she had no more regrets…

How could she not be reluctant saying goodbye this way?

“Dumbo.” In Mo Qingcheng’s unconsciousness, a faint light flickered as threads of thoughts floated upwards.

“Dumbo, I really don’t want to go.”

“I really don’t want to.”

“But even if I’m gone, you still have to survive. Live well for me.”

This voice actually sounded out in Qin Wentian’s heart, as though transmitted through the pill Mo Qingcheng had refined.

She didn’t want to go, she still wanted to be together with him.

But for his sake, she voluntarily chose to end her life in this way. She had no other choices left.


The howl of the great roc reverberated the entire space, causing both the Heavens and the Earth to shake. He then ruthlessly swung the sword at his body, heedless of his life, feeding the demon sword with more of his blood.

The mournful wailing of the demon sword form a resonance with his sorrow. Even with the nine-colored flames continuously burning his body, Qin Wentian suddenly felt a surge of strength as he straightened the sword, pointing it towards the ancient elder standing in the air as he flew towards him.

The countenance of that ancient elder abruptly changed. Up in the heavens, the star light from the constellations cascaded downwards. He explosively retreated while simultaneously blasting out several Seals of Life and Death.

However now, Qin Wentian couldn’t care less. He needed to see blood, he wanted that elder’s death.

Bang, Bang, Bang…

The seals shattered one after another, the sword might mingled with his killing intent was too powerful, the force of his strike even managed to injure the elder, causing his blood to spray out in the air.


That elder roared in rage. A gigantic constellation in condensed form appeared on his palm as he blasted out with it.

“BOOOOM!” The demon sword collided with the constellation, while the surroundings were all destroyed by the following impact. Both of them took a few steps back, that ancient elder coughed out even more blood, even a powerhouse on his level was injured from a head on collision. The Pill Emperor then descended as the nine-colored flames burning the great roc soared to a crescendo, caging it’s wings within.

The great roc continued howling, not with pain but in madness. With another slash of his sword, the Pill Emperor hurriedly retreated to the side, not daring to receive it directly. Both the other Ascendant and him stared at Qin Wentian as their eyes flickered with a venomous light.

“I want the two of you to die.”

That great roc lifted up the demon sword and impaled it into its own body, allowing the demon sword to drink freely with no limits.


Qin Wentian pulled it out and frenziedly spun about in the air in spirals before launching the demon sword out like a javelin, powered by the added momentum of the spin, towards the two Ascendants. The demon sword glistened with his blood, transforming into a streak of redness, instantly arriving before his targets.

The countenance of the two Ascendants turned incredibly unsightly, even with their speed, they had no way to avoid this attack.

Stomping furiously on the ground, waves of astral energy concentrated on their palms as they blasted out, the energy they exuded fused together before transforming into a constellation screen, colliding together with the demon sword, wanting to negate the attack.


Cracks appeared on the constellation screen as the demon sword penetrated it. The endless sword might swept out, devastating it as it continued on indomitably forward. Thunderous rumbling sounds echoed out as the constellation screen was torn apart, it didn’t even managed to negate the slightest bit of the demon sword’s power.

“SCRAM!” The two Ascendants from the Pill Emperor Hall had no time to evade, they could only blast their palms forwards simultaneously in defence.


The impact shuddered their internal organs as both of them were blasted into the distance, before slamming onto the ground as they vomited fresh blood. But still, they survived the demon sword’s strike.


Qin Wentian drove the demon sword into the ground as the sword intent enveloped them, lacerating their bodies.

The two terrifying Ascendants that stood at the pinnacle of Grand Xia was reduced to such a miserable state. Their aura fluctuated, they were injured so badly that they didn’t even have the strength to stand up.

When the gazes of the spectators shifted onto Qin Wentian once more, Qin Wentian had already transformed into a blood man, from all the wounds inflicted onto him by he himself and by his opponents. The nine-colored flames, were still burning. However, the pain of the burns pales in comparison to the pain in his heart.

A booming sound echoed out as the great roc fell onto the ground. Its gigantic eyes gaze up at the heavens as it spat out the medicinal pill Qingcheng had given to him. He was unwilling to swallow it, how could he bear to swallow Mo Qingcheng’s life away?

Tears began flowing out of his eyes, he hated that he wasn’t strong enough to save Qingcheng, he hated the fact that even with the demon sword, he wasn’t powerful to kill the Pill Emperor, wasn’t powerful enough to destroy the entire Pill Emperor Hall.

“Go kill him.” The Pill Emperor rasped, as he consumed a medicinal pill, his command resounding out in the air.

Over in the distance, only then did the other experts of the Pill Emperor Hall came to their senses. They, who were all considered top-tier characters in Grand Xia were actually stunned by the battle earlier.

At this moment, in response to the Pill Emperor’s command, this people advanced towards the great roc slumped over on the ground.

Qin Wentian had actually completely transformed into a primordial great roc. If they don’t kill him today, the Pill Emperor Hall, nay, all the transcendent powers in Grand Xia that had enmity with him would never be able to rest at ease ever again.

However at this moment, an intense fluctuation of the energy of space reverberated, drifting over.

“BZZZ!” A figure of peerless beauty descended onto the ground beside the great roc. This female was akin to a celestial maiden, and as she appeared, she sprinkled a snowy substance on the great roc’s body, relieving him of the pain he felt from the burns.

She then walked closer to the great roc as it stared at her, as an indescribable feeling blossomed in his heart.


Qin Wentian murmured, he never thought that before he died, he would still be able to see Qing`er one last time.

Yet Qing`er didn’t reply, her hands folded incantations gestures as a terrifying spatial fluctuation emanated forth from her. Her long hair fluttered in the wind, traces of blood could be seen leaking out from the corner of her lips.


Her voice was as serene as ever, but her body shuddered violently as though there were a terrifying monster in her trying to escape. She coughed out blood a total of nine times before finally regaining control and when the experts from the Pill Emperor Hall drew near, they found that they couldn’t get any closer. An invisible wall formed from the power of space was blocking their path.

Qing`er then walked even closer as she placed her palm onto the great roc’s body.

“Spatial Separation!”

Terrifying spatial waves of energy swept out, caging the remaining embers, separating them from Qin Wentian. After that, an unbelievable sight occurred. She walked to the front of Qin Wentian as she squatted down, pulling the body of the great roc onto her back, intending to carry him away.

This scenario caused a great rush of impact to the hearts and minds of the crowd. A beautiful maiden with such a delicate frame was actually capable of lifting the body of that gigantic roc?

“Wanting to leave?” From the bottom of the abyss, a voice stained with maliciousness and the coldness of evil rang out. That evil skeletal arm stretched out, wanting to grab Qing`er. The wall of spatial turbulence was easily broken apart when the skeletal arm neared. Qing`er spat out another mouthful of blood yet she had no intentions of losing her hold on the gigantic roc on her back.


In the middle of the air, the sound of a person sighing suddenly echoed out. Instantly, the skeletal arm broke apart while a figure with his arms held behind his back, descended from the skies, hovering above the great roc.

From the bottom of the abyss, countless skeletal hands shot forwards only to see the newly appeared figure lightly stomping the air. A moment later, the skeletal arms shattered into dust from the power of his stomps, as a supreme, unmatched might enveloped this entire space.

The eyes of this figure shifted onto Qin Wentian in the form of a great roc, being carried on Qing`er’s back. His eyes, contained a softness as though he was looking at someone extremely dear to him.

“Dragging the demon sword on a journey of a hundred thousand miles. Solely barging up the Pill Emperor Hall. Transformation into a primordial great roc. This spirit he shows, isn’t anyway inferior compared to you back then when we were all younger.”

That figure stared up at the heavens as he sighed in his heart, reliving his memories from the past.

His eyes turned once more to the great roc as a gentle smile played on his lips. The warmth in his eyes seemed as though it was capable of melting everything!

Author’s Note: I took a long long time planning, and rewrote this a total of five times before I was satisfied with it. It really isn’t easy trying to express the emotions I wanted to bring across. I hope you guys enjoy this!

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