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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 430 — Seclusion of the Pill Emperor Hall

Chapter 430: Seclusion of the Pill Emperor Hall

The Pill Emperor Hall — one of the transcendent power of Grand Xia, one of the kings of the Moon Continent, a tyrannical power with Ascendants at its core.

In the entire Grand Xia, this place was considered a sacred land that produced medicine and was worshipped by the masses. Those from the Pill Emperor Hall were all high up in the air, standing at the peak of the flight of ninety-nine steps, gazing down on all existences in this world.

In the Moon Continent, whenever they walked on the streets, the others would all look up to them in admiration and respect.

But today, for those survivors of the Pill Emperor Hall, they were the ones doing the looking up today as they continued staring at the vanishing constellation, as well as the departing back of the mysterious silhouette.

The starry skies faded, revealing the sunlight of an azure sky. The survivors continued gazing at the skies, lost in thought. Their hearts were still pounding rapidly, and although the events that occurred earlier didn’t take up too much time, to them, it felt like an eternity.

Even the sect leader of the Pill Emperor Hall, the Pill Emperor, felt exactly the same as the rest of them at this moment. He, the imposing and unrivalled ruler, currently had a deep frown upon his face, his tattered clothing stained with blood.

He was a paramount existence, but today, he learnt what it meant that there was always a sky beyond a sky.

Qin Wentian left him with an experience he won’t be able to forget his entire life.

And, as for now, for those spectators far far away, their hearts were all filled with misgivings and shock.

All of them had their eyes trained on the demon sword embedded in the centre of the Pill Emperor Hall. Sword intent permeated the air, a stark reminder that the aftermath of the grand destruction of the Pill Emperor Hall was carried out by it. That majesty and grandeur the Pill Emperor Hall once exuded had all completely vanished into nothingness. Right now, the only thing exuding from the Pill Emperor Hall was a heavy sense of defeat.

“What happened earlier?” The non-affiliated spectators’ hearts pounded. They saw the experts of the Pill Emperor Hall, as well as the Pill Emperor himself, standing around in a daze, staring straight up at the heavens.

During the time that the gigantic constellation appeared above the Pill Emperor Hall, who was it that appeared in the Pill Emperor Hall?

And as the energy fluctuations from that constellation enveloped the entire Pill Emperor Hall, sealing it away, who was the one that had accomplished that?

“Where’s Qin Wentian?”

At this moment, to their extreme surprise, the great roc that was Qin Wentian had already disappeared from this place. The wingspan of the great roc was 3,000 metres long, such an immense body, even if it died, where was its corpse? How could it have disappeared like that?

“Even the sacred land behind the forbidden gate has been destroyed. And…where’s Mo Qingcheng?”

The hearts of the spectators were filled with endless questions, yet nobody had the answers to them.

“Senior.” At this moment, the experts from the Hua Clan descended before the Pill Emperor, as they offered a bow in greeting.

This character was the Pill Emperor, an existence similar to their clan lord. How could they not be respectful?

Yet at this moment, they only saw the Pill Emperor in a daze, the light in his eyes was cloudy; he seemed like an old man whose fire of life would be snuffed out soon. Not only that, his countenance seemed to contain a sense of coldness.

“Might we ask senior, what exactly happened?” Some one from the Hua Clan inquired.

“SCRAM!” A voice erupted in rage. That person who asked that questioned instantly paled, only to see the Pill Emperor waving his hands, as a nine-colored flame manifested before him. The coldness in the Pill Emperor’s eyes caused him to feel a sense of breathlessness.

The expressions of those from the Hua Clan drastically changed. They didn’t know how had they offended the Pill Emperor.

“From today onwards, the Pill Emperor Hall will enter closed-door seclusion and undergo a complete restructuring, breaking off all relations with the external world. All outsiders shall be barred from entry. The time limit for this ban will be indeterminate.” The Pill Emperor’s voice was ice cold as he continued, “Now, I give all outsiders an incense worth of time. Get the hell out from my territory.”

As the sound of his voice faded, an overwhelming pressure crashed down on everyone’s body.

The countenance of those from Hua Clan, Wang Clan and the Star-Seizing Manor all turned incredibly unsightly, their hearts filled with bewilderment. What exactly happened here earlier that would cause the Pill Emperor to issue such an order.

The Pill Emperor Hall closed itself off to the outside world, breaking all relations for an indeterminate amount of time.

Such an order caused countless people to be astonished. They knew for sure that it must be related to the events that happened after the gigantic constellation enveloped the Pill Emperor Hall, yet they would never know what happened exactly.

Because, the Pill Emperor would never divulge anything, neither would the others from the Pill Emperor Hall.

The reason why the Pill Emperor gave this order was because of what the mysterious figure said when he left. The matters that happened today, they must not be leaked in the slightest. If not, the consequences would be unimaginable.

This meant that everyone who knew of this matter had to be tightly controlled, confined in the Pill Emperor Hall.

The Pill Emperor had no choice in this matter. There were things he could and couldn’t control. For things that he could control, he would naturally exercise the highest degree of control he could. Who knows if one of his members decided to escape and reveal the truth of everything to the public.

The experts of the Pill Emperor Hall also understood why the Pill Emperor had to issue such an order. Many thoughts flashed through their heads earlier, and there were indeed people who thought of escaping but when they thought of that mysterious figure and his threats…

In the face of such absolute power, they had no way to resist, no strength to resist. That pressure was like a huge rock on their chest, yet, it didn’t crush them to death.

Now, they could do nothing but wait. Wait for the day when Qin Wentian came back. Currently, none of them even dared to harbor any thoughts of revenge on Qin Wentian. This outcome was a huge burden on everyone’s heart, and without a doubt, the one whose heart felt the heaviest burden was none other than Luo He.

She endured the icy stares of others, shivering uncontrollably from the malice and hatred within.

Was she really wrong? She wasn’t completely wrong right? Anyone in her shoes, for the sake of the old ancestor, would have also chosen to sacrifice Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng. However, she appeared as the mastermind on the surface. It was her who ignited the flames of Qin Wentian’s anger; she was the one that caused him to kill his way up the Pill Emperor Hall. She was the harbinger of this disaster.

The Pill Emperor’s eyes also shifted to Luo He. He wanted to punish her, but now that things had already came to be, of what use would any punishment be? They had underestimated Qin Wentian. That crazed young man didn’t mind sacrificing everything, dragging the demon sword for a hundred thousand miles, transforming completely into a demon. Would that young man forgive how they treated Mo Qingcheng? Forgive what they did to him?

This hatred might only be able to be washed clean by blood.

Looking at that demon sword erected there, it was like a towering symbol of humiliation for the Pill Emperor Hall. From this moment onwards, it would remain here forever until its owner came to claim it. How cruel was this? Just like rubbing salt into the wounds of your enemy. This was as cruel as the things they did to Qin Wentian.

Back then, Qin Wentian had no strength to resist; he could only gamble his life in a bid for victory.

The spectators all stared deeply at that demon sword before respectively turning and departing from there.

With the Pill Emperor making his wishes clear, how could they still dare to remain here? Although everyone was flooded by confusion, they knew that the answer they sought would never arrive.

Zong Yi was also hidden in the crowd of spectators. He observed Qin Wentian’s actions from the beginning of his arrival in the Pill Emperor Hall up till the end. The actions of this successor of the Azure Emperor today had truly moved him. Seeing how helpless Qin Wentian was then, the anxiousness he felt, was akin to his heart burning. But in a battle with Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants, he didn’t even have the qualifications to take part. If he truly appeared, a useless death was the only thing that awaits him.

At this moment, the image of that great roc flashed by in his mind. Was Qin Wentian still alive?

Zong Yi had a very strong feeling that Qin Wentian didn’t die. If not, the Pill Emperor Hall wouldn’t be acting in such a manner.

Maybe, there were still many secrets hidden behind the back of Qin Wentian which he wasn’t aware of.

Very swiftly, everyone left. The suspicions in their hearts of what happened today, would never be verified.

The entire region of the Pill Emperor Hall was still cloaked in silence. All of them looked at the Pill Emperor, no one dared to say anything.

Repressive. There was a repressive atmosphere in the air.

“Without my order, no one is to step out of the Pill Emperor Hall from this moment onwards.” The Pill Emperor slowly stated, after which he walked towards the Heaven Ascending Hall that had been split into two. Nobody could tell what he was thinking in his heart.

“The instant that flashes by, in between moments of thought, the words father told me before he died. Only now do I truly understand the profoundness of it.” The Pill Emperor murmured, shaking his head, his back a view of desolation.

In but an instant, the thousand-year reputation of the Pill Emperor Hall collapsed.

From standing at the pinnacle, now utterly crushed. All in an instant.

Luo He’s body violently trembled. The impact this sentence brought felt like an intense thunderbolt going off in her mind.

The cause of everything…wasn’t it because of her decisions in those instants?

“Qingcheng…” At this moment, Luo He thought back to the disciple she was so proud of. But she was the effectively none other than the person who ‘killed’ off Mo Qingcheng.


The crowd from the Star-Seizing Manor slowly walked away with their brows tightly creased. Only to see that ahead, there was a middle-aged man clad in star-patterned robes who inquired, “How do all of you view the matters that happened today?”

“The Pill Emperor Hall seems to have suffered a massive disadvantage. I suspect that Qin Wentian was saved by someone,” someone replied. The questioner frowned at these words before he murmured, “Able to save Qin Wentian, even when he’s already in the clutches of the Pill Emperor Hall. Not only that, that mysterious saviour also heavily injured two Ascendants, and then walked away unharmed. Such power should be sufficient to totally annihilate the Pill Emperor Hall, but the fact was that it didn’t turn out like that. What happened?”

The person who replied shook his head. He had no explanation for this.

If there was really such a powerful character, why did he still spare the remnants of the Pill Emperor Hall?

They couldn’t figure it out.

Maybe, Qin Wentian had already died.

“Regardless of what happened, the grudge between us and Qin Wentian hasn’t festered to the point where only one side could live. If he’s still alive, it’s evident that there’s strong support behind him. A support strong enough to waste the Pill Emperor Hall. From now on, none of our people are to antagonise him ever again.” That person commanded as the others nodded in agreement. Indeed, if Qin Wentian was still alive, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Not only the Pill Emperor Hall. All the transcendent powers had this notion in their minds. If Qin Wentian was dead, so be it. But if he was still alive…


Rumors of what happened to the Pill Emperor Hall soon circulated throughout the Moon Continent, and swiftly spreaded all over Grand Xia.

A month later, Qin Wentian’s actions in the Pill Emperor Hall caused a never-seen-before intense commotion in Grand Xia. His actions and undying love had actually been turned into a nursery rhyme, passed down by countless others.

Beneath the precipice, wails of the demon sword echoed.

Feeding the demon sword with blood, dragging it for ten thousand miles, barging solely up the Pill Emperor Hall;

Love was difficult to forsake, hatred was difficult to calm.

Transforming into an ancient demon, a great roc spreading its 3,000 metre wings, splitting the Pill Emperor Hall apart with a gigantic sword;

Withered bones came to life, Pill Emperor appeared, life and death intertwined, their emotions moved the heavens.

Who was this person? Heavenly Fate Rankings, Qin Wentian!

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