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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 431 — Appearance of Fairy Qingmei

Chapter 431: Appearance of Fairy Qingmei

The stories of Qin Wentian’s deeds circulated around Grand Xia, yet Qin Wentian himself seemed to have disappeared from the face of earth.

There were rumors that stated that a celestial beauty appeared in the Pill Emperor Hall and whisked him away. But naturally, the veracity of this rumor couldn’t be verified.

It was unknown whether Qin Wentian lived or died.

It was also unknown whether Mo Qingcheng lived or died.

Some said that both had already fallen, while others said that Qin Wentian was still alive, waiting for a chance to storm into the Pill Emperor Hall once more to seek revenge for Mo Qingcheng.

Time slowly flowed on. Today, a news of great importance in the Demon Continent caused a great deal of commotion.

In the area of desolation outside the Demon Continent, there was someone who saw a maiden of unsurpassed beauty carrying a great roc upon her back, slowly soaring through the skies with immense effort. And whenever she stopped for a break, she would involuntarily cough out blood. Such an emotional scenario touched the onlookers, causing them to feel a pain in their hearts.

When this news circulated throughout the Demon Continent, the hearts of many were roused with suspicions. A celestial maiden carrying a gigantic great roc? Could it be that the rumors of what happened in the Pill Emperor Hall was real?

Upon hearing this news, there were several people that immediately rushed out to the region outside the Demon Continent to investigate, yet they didn’t find any traces of a celestial maiden carrying a great roc on her back.

In the blink of an eye, another month passed. From the time where Qin Wentian executed that earth-shattering, heaven-shaking deed at the Pill Emperor Hall, it had already been a total of three months.

Near the forested mountain region of the Demon Continent, there were many adventurers and risk-takers about. Yet, even they didn’t dare to venture too deeply into its depths, there was too much danger hidden within.

And today, in the depths of the wilderness region, atop an ancient mountain, a gigantic silhouette could be seeing lying there, so huge that it resembled a mountain. The eyes of this gigantic silhouette shone like torches, yet they contained an icy coldness within that was mixed with streaks of sorrow.

If one got even closer to it, they would discover, to their great shock, that this gigantic silhouette belonged to a great roc.

And this great roc was naturally none other than Qin Wentian.

After that battle that day, his body and constitution suffered grievous damage. Even though he was already a great roc and had immense vitality, he had almost lost his life. Luckily for him, the power of his bloodline was too monstrous, slowly allowing him to rejuvenate. After three months, he finally awoke, and as for the injuries on his body, they were gradually disappearing as well.

Although the fire of his life hadn’t faded, his heart was cold. Qingcheng, was she still there?

With every passing thought, the sorrow in his heart got even more cutting. His gaze were like the edge of a blade, he wanted nothing more than to slaughter his way up the Pill Emperor Hall once more.

But where had the pill Qingcheng refined with her life force gone to?

As he was unconscious, Qin Wentian had no idea of how the events played out after he fainted. He thought that he would surely die, yet when he awoke, he realised that he was on the delicate frame of a fairy-like maiden. Qing`er had been carrying him on her back.

In the distance, a wind gusted by, only to bring a flickering yet beautiful silhouette , instantly appearing before the great roc. In her hands were some medicinal herbs that she wanted to feed to Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian stared at Qing`er, opening his beak and allowing Qing`er to place the herbs inside. After which, she crouched before him, preparing to carry him again.


At this moment, the great roc spoke, causing Qing`er’s countenance to falter as she slowly walked to the side of him and stood there quietly.

She was still the same as before, a woman of few words.

Qin Wentian spoke in a low voice, “There’s no need to carry me, I just need a few more days of rest before my injuries fully recovered. But what actually happened during the time I was unconscious? And as for Qingcheng, what happened to her…?”

Qing`er gazed at Qin Wentian, shaking her head as she candidly replied, “I don’t know what happened to her.”

She truly didn’t know. She was only clear that there was an extremely powerful expert who told her not to tell Qin Wentian. She believed that the mysterious figure meant no harm and was instructing her like this for Qin Wentian’s sake. As for Mo Qingcheng, Qing`er wasn’t that clear of what happened to her.

Qin Wentian lasped into silence. His gaze shifted as he stared once more at the horizons.

Qing`er could clearly sense the sorrow in Qin Wentian’s heart, yet she didn’t know what she should say to comfort him. Both of them basked in the silence for a long time and only after several moments did Qing`er add, “Maybe, she’s still alive.”

Qin Wentian’s expression changed as he glanced at Qing`er. However, he didn’t say anything and his hopeful expression also dimmed. Maybe Qing`er was trying to console him.

“Qing`er, thank you.”

Qin Wentian mumbled, his words causing Qing`er’s body to tremble slightly. After which, she just sat on the ground, quietly accompanying Qin Wentian.

In the past, she was always extremely mysterious and would never appear or interact with him, unless there’s a good reason to. But now, she actually voluntarily sat down beside Qin Wentian. She could feel the sadness and sorrow in his heart that was tormenting him.

The actions of Qin Wentian in the Pill Emperor Hall had been personally witnessed by her.

Right now, she felt truly exhausted, sitting there like that. As the night arrived, Qing`er closed her eyes and drifted into sleep. Her delicate frame lightly leaned upon Qin Wentian’s body. Even in sleep, her beauty was extremely dazzling.

Qin Wentian sighed. In his heart that was drowned by sorrow, he felt slightly moved by Qing`er’s actions.

He obviously knew that Qing`er was injured. Not only that, her injury wasn’t light. Yet, she still continued to carry him on her back, all the way from the Moon Continent to the forested mountain regions outside the Demon Continent.

Humans weren’t made of stone or wood. How could Qin Wentian not be moved?

The gentle rays of the sun cascaded down onto the area, as the myriad beings in the forest stirred to life. Today, Qin Wentian could finally stand up with his own strength and slowly walked forwards. Qing`er was beside him, walking together with him, ready to lend her aid if needed.

A few days later, Qin Wentian’s speed gradually increased.

And a few more days after that, he could spread his wings and sustain flight. In the middle of the air, soaring through the clouds, Qing`er sat on his back as she gazed at the scenery below.

During evening, the moon rose and cast its sparkling luminescence onto the forested mountains.

In this forest, there were a few experts currently making their way through it. These were all adventurers who came to hunt demonic beasts.

One of them casually glanced at the rising moon, and as his eyes shifted, he instantly froze as though he just witnessed an incredible thing.

On the peak of an ancient mountain ahead, there was a huge rock. Atop that huge rock, a gigantic roc was standing there, staring at the heavens. The blackness of its body, strangely contrasted beautifully with the silvery moonlight, constituting a picture so beautiful that it caused one to be breathless.

Not only that but there was also an extremely beautiful silhouette beside the great roc. Right now, her features were no longer masked; her countenance was so unmatched that it could only be described as ‘out of this world.’

A celestial maiden standing together with a tyrannical great roc. The powerful impact this scene gave to the onlooker was way too intense.

“Hmm, what’s going on?” His companions asked, and as they followed his sight, as their eyes fixated on that ancient mountain, they too froze as their attention was totally attracted there.

The celestial maiden walked to the back of the great roc and sat there. The great roc spread its 3,000 metre wings and abruptly flapped it, causing a massive wind to roar through the forest, as it shot straight up the skies, looking as though it wanted to fly towards the moon.

The speed of the roc was astonishingly quick, causing terrifying gusts of wind to buffet Qing`er, yet she remained quietly sitting there, admiring the scenery from the air.

“How beautiful.” Qing`er stretched out her hand, trying to catch the silver light, only to discover that it was impossible.

“The secret art you used…are you unable to turn back into a human?” Qing`er murmured, her voice drifting into Qin Wentian’s ears.

“The Demon Divinity Sacrificial Transformation Art allows me to form an innate connection with the demon divinities of all eight directions, granting me ridiculous amounts of power. The price of I have to pay is this. This secret art is irreversible,” Qin Wentian flew on, as he replied. Yet his heart was sighing as well.

Although his power skyrocketed after transforming into a true demon, he, who was originally a human, how could he be willing to live out the rest of his life as a demon?

“There will surely be a solution.” Qing`er mumbled softly as a look of contemplation flickered in her eyes.

“So what if I have to live forever as a demon? A sky sovereign roc, the sovereign of the skies. Even as a demon, I want to be the overlord of the skies.” Qin Wentian’s voice contained a hint of fierceness, his wings flapped even more furiously as he zoomed forwards like a bolt of lightning.

After a moment of silence, Qing`er continued, “But I still want you to return to being a human…”

Qin Wentian trembled ever so lightly, as he flew onwards.

A human and a demon continued their journey. Finally, a vast demon city appeared in the wilderness, plainly visible when looking down from the skies.

Within the Celestial Lake Palace, a massive windstorm suddenly kicked up as a terrifying great roc descended suddenly from the heavens. The countenance of the members of the Celestial Lake Palace underwent a drastic change, letting out exclamations of alarm when they felt the tyrannical aura the great roc was emitting.

“Wait, isn’t that Qing`er?”

At this moment, their gazes shifted onto the silhouette mounted on the great roc’s back. Only then did their nervousness dissipate, as their heart started beating normally once again.

“Qing`er actually returned on the back of such a powerful roc!” Several figures crowded forwards. The great roc let out a shrill cry; great gusts of wind billowed about, as it landed in the vast courtyard. Its large eyes swept over the surroundings, causing those who saw it to tremble in their hearts.

At this moment, a few figures slowly flew over in the air. The person in the lead was a woman of extreme beauty, exuding an aura of imposingness.

Only to see the her gaze was fixated on that great roc, as a warmth and gentleness could be seen in her eyes. When she arrived next to Qin Wentian, her solemn countenance faded, replaced by one of concern, “Child, it has been tough on you.”

Qin Wentian’s countenance flickered as bewilderment flashed past his eyes. That beautiful woman in the lead smiled and added, “My name is Qingmei.”

“Fairy Qingmei!”

A bright glow of light glinted in Qin Wentian’s eyes, he opened his mouth and greeted, “Junior pays his respect.”

Fairy Qingmei stretched her hands out and gently caress his head before sighing and shifting her gaze to the female figure on Qin Wentian’s back. “Qing`er, are you alright?”

Qing`er lightly shook her head but didn’t say anything.

The other members of the Celestial Lake Palace stood there stunned, Fairy Qingmei actually personally showed up? Not only that why was she so gentle towards the primordial great roc?

Who was this great roc exactly?

The Celestial Lake Palace’s location was situated in an extremely remote part of the Demon Continent, deep in the depths of the forested regions. They had almost no dealings with external powers and hence, any news of Grand Xia wouldn’t be delivered to them in a timely fashion. Other than Fairy Qingmei and a few selected people, none of the other members knew of what happened to the Pill Emperor Hall.

“Everything that you see now must be kept an absolute secret.” Fairy Qingmei instructed, her voice carried the ring of command, resounding in the air.

“Understood, Fairy.” Fairy Qingmei was like a legend to them, a vast majority of them had never even met Fairy Qingmei before. Naturally, they held her with great reverence in their hearts, how could any of them disobey her commands?

“Come with me.” Fairy Qingmei then turned her attentions back to Qin Wentian and Qing`er, before turning and walking away.

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