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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 432 — Qing`er, a Princess?

Chapter 432: Qing`er, a Princess?

Fairy Qingmei brought Qin Wentian and Qing`er to a beautiful garden landscape. Now that Qin Wentian had the form of a great roc, there were no buildings large enough for him to fit in.

“This should be the Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation right?” Fairy Qingmei who was leading the way suddenly halted her steps, glancing back at the great roc.

The great roc lightly nodded its head, “This is a secret art I obtained in the Vermilion Bird Formation World, the Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation Art. This art allowed me to form a connection with the Demonic Divinities in all eight directions, turning me into a primordial demon, allowing my strength to skyrocket explosively. In my current state, the power of the bloodline in my body could be said to have been perfected. The only drawback is that the transformation is irreversible.”

“I’ve once heard of this secret art, indeed it’s truly tyrannical and I would never have expected that you would barge into the Pill Emperor Hall all alone, and taking on your current form.” Fairy Qingmei sighed, “During the ancient era, the power of the Ancient Grand Xia was many times stronger even when compared to all thirty-six of the transcendent powers added together. Since this is a secret art from that era, if they said it’s irreversible, it’s irreversible. Even I who have lived for thousands of years, do not have a method for you to recover.”

Qing`er frowned when she heard Fairy Qingmei’s words. Qin Wentian’s countenance remained as calm as ever as he stated, “No matter. I can still live as a supreme primordial demon.”

Fairy Qingmei stared up at the skies, looking back on her memories as she mumbled, “You and the Azure Emperor are truly similar. The him back then, also had no background to speak of, yet his natural disposition was that of an untamed steed. He didn’t like people to bind him, preferring to soar free throughout the entire Grand Xia, unfettered by others. Because of his temperament, he offended many, there were even some that were jealous of his talent. In the end, in order to contend with the others, he set up the Azure Emperor Palace with the power of one man. Yet sadly, in the end, the genius of a generation still couldn’t avoid death.”

“Although you and the Azure Emperor have different experiences, both of you are one of a kind, just as outstanding as each other. I don’t wish for you to follow in his footsteps.” Fairy Qingmei slowly spoke, the Azure Emperor’s downfall was her greatest pain.

Qin Wentian stayed silent, he had long known that Fairy Qingmei’s love for the Azure Emperor was exceedingly deep. If not, after three thousand years, any emotions between them should have already faded. Why was he still constantly on her mind? She still couldn’t forget the Azure Emperor.

“Although my strength is extraordinary, I’m also very clear that at my current level, to break through to the next level is no longer a matter of absorbing external energy sources. The Celestial Phenomenon Realm requires one to walk through it step by step, deepening their comprehensions and insights of the constellations they had chosen. I’m already at my limit and it’s almost impossible for me to advance anymore. Hence, I can only lay my hopes on the younger generation, and you…are none other than the successor of the Azure Emperor.”

“Since he has chosen you. I don’t wish for you to remain in this form forever. After all, I wish that the Azure Emperor Hall would reemerge with their former glory and prominence, standing at the pinnacle of Grand Xia. Maybe, these are nothing but my own selfish wishes…” Fairy Qingmei mumbled to herself before turning and departing the area.

Qing’er’s expressions flickered. She glanced at Qin Wentian before adding in a low voice, “I’ll go take a look.”

After speaking, she also stepped out, following after Fairy Qingmei.

Qin Wentian inclined his head, staring at the skies. His huge eyes flashed with a sense of loss. Only the thoughts of revenge kept him continuing on now.

“Bzzz!” A raging wind kicked up. The great roc flapped its wings and soared up into the skies.

Fairy Qingmei and Qing`er halted their steps, looking at the silhouette of the great roc flying in the skies, sighing in their hearts.

“This young man has terrifying talent and an even more terrifying will. As a human, he was a human above humans, as a demon, he also wishes to be the overlord of demons.” Fairy Qingmei sighed as she continued, “Sadly, even I who have been alive for so long, have no methods that I know of which would be able to help him.”

“I can try.”

Qing`er softly spoke, her words causing Fairy Qingmei’s eyes to flicker with a sharp glint of light. “Are you going to look for them?”

Qing`er didn’t looked at her master, but rather, she remained silent.

“You should know the reason why I chose to relocate here. If you went to look for them of your own volition, I’m afraid… and, how do you even know they would agree?”

“They will.”

Qing`er treated words like gold, she was a woman of few words. But once she said something, she would definitely make sure to achieve it.

“No. I don’t agree.” Fairy Qingmei vehemently rejected, “Even if they have a solution, they would surely take you away from me. I will never permit that to happen ever.”

“They won’t.” Qing`er lightly shook her head, staring at the great roc flying in the skies.

“I still want to see him dominating Grand Xia.” In Qing`er’s ice like tone, Fairy Qingmei could hear a resolute determination. Looking at her beloved disciple, Fairy Qingmei felt intense waves crashing into her heart.

She understood Qing`er too well.

Once she set her mind to something, nobody could change it. Not even her, her master.

However, she knew of Qing`er’s true background. The energy sealed in her body was powerful enough to even cause an existence like her to feel breathless. As to why Fairy Qingmei ordered Qing`er to protect Qin Wentian back then, she actually had her own motives in mind. Just like what she said to Qin Wentian earlier, she too, wanted the Azure Emperor Palace to rise up again in Grand Xia.

It was because of him she chose to live on for three thousand years, helping his successor to fulfil his legacy.

Three thousand years of conviction and resolution. To Fairy Qingmei, the importance of the Azure Emperor eclipsed everything, even more important to her than Qin Wentian or Qing`er, and even her own life.

However, now that Qing`er was planning to reveal herself, Fairy Qingmei felt a strong sense of extreme reluctance. She didn’t want Qing`er to be taken away. She had long treated Qing`er as she would her own daughter.

“Master, wait for me.” Qing`er stated in a low voice as her silhouette flickered, vanishing from this place. Fairy Qingmei only felt an indescribable emotion in her heart as she stared in the direction Qing`er was speeding off to.

A few hundred miles outside the Demon Continent, there was a land completely filled with mist, a stand-alone region.

Half a year ago, this location was the same as any other place - a forested haven for the demonic beasts. But abruptly, a strange mist descended on this area. When humans and demonic beasts entered the misty region, they could discover nothing except for the fact that the mist would disorient them and only after a long while would they be able to find their way back out.

Hence after that, nobody came to this place. Even the demonic beasts avoided it.

However at this moment, a figure of unmatched beauty slowly descended from the heavens, landing outside the region of mist.

This figure was none other than Qing`er. She stood there just like that, outside the region of mist, serenely and silently, as though she was waiting for something.

A moment later, a number of silhouettes appeared before her.

These silhouettes were all females of extreme beauty and clad in white. They arranged themselves in two rows, coming before Qing`er, kneeling on a single knee as they respectfully greeted, “Paying respects to Princess.”

“I’m not.”

There was no fluctuations to Qing`er’s countenance as she replied in an icy tone.

“Princess, if you please.” Two rows of figures knelt by both sides, leaving a gap in the middle where Qing`er stood.

Qing`er didn’t reply but continued standing there, those figures continued kneeling quietly as well, to the point where the silence felt somewhat terrifying.

In the distance, a sharp glow flashed as a pair of eyes stared over in this direction. That pair of fiery eyes belonged to an extremely powerful demonic beast, a flame-eyed rhino.

However at that instant, one of the kneeling figures frowned as she shifted her gaze onto that rhino. In the blink of an eye, that figure disappeared from sight. An instant later, a blood curdling shriek echoed out as the rhino who had a cultivation base at the peak of Yuanfu was destroyed in an instant.

That figure who acted earlier returned to her original spot, silently and noiselessly, without even a speck of dust on her body. It was as though she had never left her position and had always been kneeling there.

“Sha sha sha…”

Shuffling sounds rang out as a few figures walked out from the mist. An old man, and two young men.

“Paying respect to the princess.” The old man bowed to Qing`er, while the two young men knelt on a single knee, with expressions of pure respect on their faces.

If these two young men were in Grand Xia, they would be cream of the crop, top among their generation. Yet at this moment, they knelt with sincerity in their hearts, with no hint of unwillingness.

“Princess, you can’t break that seal, you would only hurt yourself more.” The old man glanced at Qing`er as he gently admonished her.

“I need a kind of technique, or a special art.” Qing`er stared directly at the old man, ignoring his words. She continued coldly, “The Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation borrows the power of the demonic divinities and transforms one into a primordial demon, granting one an explosive increase in strength and allowing their bloodlines to be perfected. Yet, this is an irreversible change. I need a way to negate this.”

The old man’s eyebrows twitched as an expression of pondering appeared on his face. After which, he stated in a low whisper, “Princess, by all means, please remember never to lift that seal again, if not, the damage to your body isn’t something this old subject would be able to bear. As for Princess’s question, this demonic transformation art uses the power of the actual demonic divinities. Wanting to negate something like this is just too difficult, it might even be impossible.”

“I must negate it.” Qing`er’s already cold voice dropped several degrees, her words causing the old man to lock his brows. After several moments of contemplation did he speak again, “To my knowledge, there’s only one possible way to negate this transformation. The method i’m speaking of, is a celestial art that allow one to cultivate another true-body, completely replicating himself. According to princess, even if the person in question had already transformed into a demon, the true-self he cultivates would use his original base as a mold. If he successfully cultivates this art, a new true-self for him would be birthed, able to exist simultaneously with his true demonic body together.”

“However, I’m sure princess have heard of the ability of this art before, and should be very clear of how precious it is. Even our clan might have to pay a terrible price, waging a heaven-shaking and earth-shattering great war before we can get hold of it.” That old man persuaded.

“That’s right, that’s the art I want.” Qing`er interjected, causing the old man to be speechless. This princess who had stayed away from their clan for so long might not have a clear idea on how valuable the art is. With just two words, ‘that’s right’, she replied him that that was the art she wanted.

But how could he acquire that so easily?

At this moment he was contemplating that for whose sake did Princess Qing`er want that art for.

Wasn’t that person’s luck too godly?

“I have to use the space array to report this matter up, awaiting the clan elder’s decision. Not only that, I’m afraid I would require princess to come along with me, and for princess to personally discuss this with the elder.” The old man bowed, with his head lowered, no longer saying anything.


Qing`er lifted her foot and walked to the front. She had no hesitation, her decisiveness causing the old man to be taken aback. When she neared the old man, he immediately opened up a path, allowing her to pass through.

“Go and investigate this matter clearly. For whose sake did the princess want this particular art.”

That old man transmitted his voice to a girl in white who was still kneeling by the side. As Qing`er stepped into the mist, he waved his hand, giving a signal - the silhouette of the white robed maiden flickered, vanishing from sight, off to accomplish her delegation!

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