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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 433 — Even as a Demon, I want to be the Emperor of all Demons

Chapter 433: Even as a Demon, I want to be the Emperor of all Demons

The vast desolate area of wilderness outside the Demon Mountain City was filled with dangers in every corner. However, inside the city, it was a place where powerful cultivators lived together in harmony with powerful demonic beasts.

After stepping into the Heavenly Dipper, the demonic beasts would be able to take the form of humans. There were some demons that were willing to wander the world in the form of a human, but there were also some that preferred to continue living in the world of demons.

Qin Wentian used the Demon Divinity Sacrificial Transformation, sacrificing his humanity and transforming himself in body and essence into a primordial demon. Even though he was at Heavenly Dipper, it was impossible for him to turn back into a human. At this moment, he was in the world of demons, deep inside the forested regions.

Atop a huge rock, the great roc stood straight, with its eyes sharply gazing at a group of powerful demonic beasts before it.


The great roc was staring at a Grand Earth Demon Bear. In the eyes of the great roc, there flickered with a supreme sense of majesty, like the monarch of all demons looking down on his subjects.

This Grand Earth Demon Bear was a bear king, a tyrant that was crowned king in an area of about a thousand miles. Upon seeing a great roc appearing on his territory, a brutal and icy intent flashed in its eyes, as an aura of bloodlust emanated forth from it.

However, the stature of the great roc was too immense; it resembled a sky sovereign roc from the ancient times, a demon emperor that was able to soar through the nine heavens. The dangerous aura Qin Wentian was exuding caused the bear king to feel extremely stifled. It didn’t dare act rashly.

As the bear king looked, the eyes of the great roc flashed with a heavy disdain as it towered over the bear king. The demonic bear howled in anger, and instantly, the earth was shuddering from the impact, as the group of demon beasts that had submitted to the bear king rushed the great roc.

“BZZZ!” A massive wind kicked up, as a terrifying demonic qi gushed forth. The wings of the great roc spread, fanning out violently. In an instant, the surrounding demonic beasts were all buffeted by that terrifying windforce and sent flying away. The pupils of the demonic bear narrowed, feeling the threat represented by the great roc. It then retreated with explosive speed, only to see the great roc’s silhouette flickering by then vanishing from the edge of its vision.

Roc Flash, this technique was now used by Qin Wentian and executed in his roc form. How terrifying was that? In just an instant, the sharp talons directly penetrated the flesh of the demonic bear, piercing its body and pulling the huge body of the bear up into the air.

With a shrill shriek, the great roc shot up towards the heavens, violently flinging the demonic bear out.

“BANG!” A thunderous sound resounded. The huge body of the demonic bear was blasted into a mountain far away, and the full force toss caused the entire mountain to crumble apart from the impact.

The great roc screeched in victory, zooming forward with impressive speed. When its altitude lowered, the forested regions below trembled. As the demonic beasts hiding within prostrated themselves on the ground, they inclined their heads and stared at the terrifying silhouette in the skies, as though they were looking at their sovereign.

In the air, Qin Wentian imperiously gazed downwards, as his eyes swept over everything. Not even one of the demonic beasts below dared to match his gaze directly.


The angry howl of a raging wind echoed as the great roc landed atop an ancient mountain peak. His eyes felt as though they were capable of penetrating past everything. He stared at the demonic beasts below as he stated in a cold voice, “In this region of ten thousand miles, I am the Emperor. All demonic beasts can either scram from my territory, or come forth in worship. Now go, transmit my orders to others you find.”

This voice echoed with the ring of command, the sound waves drifting towards the distance, as the demonic beasts prostrated themselves in deeper reverence.

The law of the jungle was something the demonic beasts deeply believed in. The strong would be the leader.

And now, this primordial roc wanted to proclaim himself Emperor in an area of ten thousand miles, wanting the demonic beasts living within the region to come worship him.

“GO!” Seeing how the demonic beasts were still prostrating, not daring to move, the great roc suddenly howled its command. Instantly, the demonic beasts rushed off in all directions, their movements causing the entire forest to shake as they rushed to obey the great roc’s orders.

The great roc stared on impassively at the departing demonic beasts. Even as a demon, he also wanted to be the sovereigns of all demons within this region.

In this life, if he was never able to return to being a human, after he was strong enough, he would lead hordes of demonic beasts and trample the Pill Emperor Hall.

In this region that spanned ten thousand miles, thousands of demonic beasts came to the great roc in worship. Staring at the great roc on the ancient peak, all of them felt a vast magnificence bearing down on them as they prostrated themselves in worship, paying their respect to the sovereign of demons.

An immense commotion completely rocked the region, even the demonic bear who used to be the king of this region came to worship him. Flying beasts, as well as those on land, flooded the area, as this place suddenly became a gathering point for demons.

Such a scene involuntarily caused Qin Wentian to remember the scene in the Dark Forest when he was still back in Chu. Back then, the statue of an ancient demon made the demonic beasts within go forth in pilgrimage, to worship it. Under great risk to herself, Mo Qingcheng went into the depths of the forest looking for him, to tell him of the happenings in Chu. Even now, the scene back then was still vivid in his mind.

However, the grandness of today’s views far exceeded the scene back then. There were even more demonic beasts here in the wilderness of the Demon Continent.

Despite the number, right now, this region was in total silence. The vast majority of the demonic beasts had submitted to Qin Wentian completely, not daring to randomly move about because the great roc standing atop the ancient peak had yet to speak.

Qin Wentian stared at the multitude of demons, singling out the strongest among them. These powerful demonic beasts were all hovering in the air with their heads lowered in deference to him.

In the air, below them, there were another group of demonic beasts, followed by the beasts prostrating themselves on the ground. These were the obvious tiers of power, with the strongest standing the highest in the air.

The strongest among these demonic beasts were all glaring at the great roc with sharpness in their gazes. The great roc shifted its gaze onto them as it coldly regarded these beasts. The might radiating from it caused these proud beings to lower their heads submissively. None dared to match its gaze.

Gradually, one after another submitted. This entire region was doused in silence, waiting for the great roc to speak.

“I desire to command the demonic beasts in this entire region. If you are unwilling to submit, get out of my sight. But if you are willing to serve under me, proclaim me as your Emperor.” The voice of the great roc resounded out, and, in a moment, all of the demonic beasts prostrated themselves, indicating their willingness to follow him.

For these demonic beasts that came here today, they only had one intention. They hoped that there would be a powerful demon Emperor who was able to lead them. For those that stayed away, they had already left the region, as they were unwilling to submit.

“Before me, who were the kings of this ten thousand miles region?” The great roc emotionlessly spoke. As the sound of his voice faded, a total of nine extremely powerful demonic beasts came forward. The weakest among them had a cultivation base at the fifth level of Yuanfu.

Since they were each kings of an area, they naturally had power far above the other beasts.

“Good. The nine of you shall be the leaders under me, aiding me to govern the others. Since I said to govern, it means that I need you to be able to instill order. Are you able to accomplish it?” The command of the great roc was filled with commanding strength. The nine demonic leaders all bowed, and one among them spoke the speech of humans, “Emperor, we will follow your orders. However, the reason for the chaos among us was because there was no leader powerful enough to lead us all. Now that you are here, we will naturally follow you.”

“As for the other regions about the Demon Continent, each of them has an Emperor of their own. Frequently, they would lead their beasts and invade our region. What should we do if we encounter an invasion?”

“Eight among you shall be responsible for the governance, while the last group will familiarise yourself with the other regions and be in charge of strategy and information collection, keeping me updated with the happenings in the demon city.” The great roc stood on the peak of the mountain as it continued relaying its commands. The light in its eyes were extremely brutal, emanating an aura fit for an Emperor, resembling a true sky sovereign roc and causing the other demonic beasts to involuntarily submit.

Precisely, it was the sense of majesty that the great roc projected which made these demonic beasts willing to submit to it. One has to take in account that demonic beasts were chaotic in nature, and it was almost impossible for them to behave in an orderly manner.

But from this moment onwards, this region of ten thousand miles was re-organised, becoming the first ever bastion of Qin Wentian’s military might.

Qin Wentian fitted the structure of a human sect and educated the demon leaders under him of it. To make the demonic beasts grow stronger, firstly, they had to centralise their power.

Seven days later, the great roc demon emperor kicked off the first storm of commotion.

In the region outside of the ten thousand miles, there was another demon emperor. This demonic beast was an extremely powerful Scarlet-Winged Earth Dragon and was descended from one of the eight ancient demonic divinities. Undoubtedly, it ruled unchallenged in the skies and on the earth; its power enabled it to disdainfully look down on everything. The temperament of this beast was extremely cruel, in addition to having a greedy and lustful nature. It was only because he didn’t want any trouble, as well as the presence of the great roc, that it had not led its demonic beasts to take over the ten thousand mile region.

But now, the great roc actually wanted a war?

The two demonic regions erupted with storms of blood and gore as the fearsome beasts on both sides engaged in an all-out slaughter.

A massive serpent was exceedingly powerful, anything it sank its venomous fangs into would perish without a doubt.

However, right at that moment, in the location where the battle was being fought, a massive windstorm kicked up, as a terrifying demonic qi permeated the area. A group of demonic beasts all revealed looks of excitement on their faces, their newly crowned emperor had arrived.

As for the demonic beasts they were fighting against, all of their pupils narrowed as they stared at the great roc which abruptly appeared in the skies. The great roc coldly swept its gaze onto the participants of the bloody battle down below it.

“Bzzz!” A gust of wind billowed, as blood splattered in the air. That powerful serpent was directly sliced off into two. The sight of its death caused the battle in the surroundings to temporarily halt for a moment.

“Those invading my territory shall be killed without mercy.”

The great roc soared into the air, it's killing intent gushing out endlessly, projecting an immense pressure pressing down on the enemies below. This overwhelming pressure caused a primal fear to erupt deep in their hearts. Even the stronger ones were no exception. One of them even prostrated itself straight on the ground, “I’m willing to submit.”


A windstorm kicked up once more as a terrifying silhouette flashed through the skies. The Earth Dragon, that was prostrating, was sliced apart as the great roc once again appeared in the skies. “No surrender shall be granted to those that slay my subjects. DIE!”

As the sound of its voice faded, instantly, the opposing demonic beasts were all slaughtered before they could even blink, leaving only a single survivor behind. “Tell your emperor to come, i will be waiting for him.”

After speaking, the silhouette of the great roc flickered as it vanished. The oppressive might of its actions caused the reputation of the great roc to soar immeasurably.

In the blink of an eye, another few days passed. The great roc stood on the ancient peak together with a beautiful silhouette beside him. That silhouette belonged to none other than Fairy Qingmei. She glanced at the great roc as her heart trembled. She didn’t expect Qin Wentian would actually conquer all the demonic beasts in the external regions.

Maybe, this was because of his mettle, or maybe, this was because he lack a better option.

Even as a demon, he wanted to be one above all, an overlord of demons. Since he wanted revenge, he might as well start things off by building up an army, showing his strength of character.

“Qing`er has yet to return, even I have no idea where she went.” Fairy Qingmei silently sighed, her face painted with worry for Qing`er. Comment by Lord Bluefire: a little weird, followed the raws exactly. Anyway to reword?

However at this moment, a raging wind kicked up as the great roc soared into the skies.

“Senior,” The great roc spoke, as Fairy Qingmei nodded her head, “Is there something you need my help with?”

“Could you aid me in investigating the movements of Zong Clan from the Sword Reverence City as well as the White Deer Institute from Moon Continent? I might contact them any time.” Qin Wentian stated.

“Fine, leave this to me.” Fairy Qingmei agreed, “I will try my best to help out in all your requests.”

After speaking, she turned and departed while Qin Wentian returned to where he stood earlier, awaiting for the arrival of the demon emperor from another region!

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