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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 435 — Seclusion

Chapter 435: Seclusion

The misty region outside the Demon Mountain City vanished completely, disappearing in the span of a single night. The demonic beasts that passed by it, all felt that there was something strange but they couldn’t comprehend what was going on.

However, this was merely a matter of the tiniest import. In the entire Grand Xia, nobody even knew of something like this happening let alone understand how greatly this event would impact the history of Grand Xia.

In the demon region, atop a mountain, the great roc continued standing there, projecting an aura of extreme desolation.

However today, a silhouette flashed and zoomed over. The demonic beasts snarled and tried to block, yet mysteriously, space shifted completely, they could not do a single thing to bar the intruder and were instead stuck behind a barrier created by space.

“Stand down.” The cold voice of the great roc rang out. Instantly, the other demonic beasts all retreated, leaving behind that celestial maiden that resembled a snow lotus. The other demonic beasts all felt a sense of puzzlement in their hearts. Was their Emperor acquainted with this human female?

Qing`er silhouette flickered as she arrived at the mountain top, and stood before Qin Wentian.

Only to see her taking out an ancient golden-colored page as well as an interspatial ring as she passed both items to Qin Wentian. “See if they can be of use.”

Qin Wentian received the items, and allowed his perception to sink into the golden page. Instantly, numerous symbols flashed in his mind as the information regarding the cultivation method for an ancient art of exceptional power was branded into his mind.

Upon contemplating the information, Qin Wentian’s heart clenched. Even his body was trembling involuntarily from the information recorded within.

“Great Nirvana Immortal Art, this art allows one to form a completely similar true-body avatar of the user who cultivates this.” Qin Wentian’s body was shaking when the implications hit him. Terrifying light erupted from his eyes, he shifted his gaze onto Qing`er only to see her staring into the distance, as casual and ice-cold as ever.

“Qing`er, where did you get this?” Even the voice of the normally composed Qin Wentian was shaking. This art…this inconceivable art allows one to fully create a true-self, a true body that shares the exact same characteristics as the original. If one of the two bodies died, the other wouldn’t be implicated. These two true-bodies could cultivate in totally different directions, choosing different cultivation paths to gain insights into more Mandates and could even act independently.

To a Stellar Martial Cultivator, this was equivalent to having another life. Not only that, these two true-bodies could exist together, and could even linked their thoughts and perspectives together. This art was definitely something that existed in a vastly more powerful place than Grand Xia. No wonder it was called an Immortal Art. The effects were too godly.

“Where has Qing`er acquired this art from? Before this, she was missing for several days. Was it because she went to search for this item? What price has she paid to obtain this art?”

“In the interspatial ring, there’s plenty of cultivation resources, other materials and treasures that you can use to form your second true-body.” Qing`er didn’t reply to his question. She continued casually, “Can you send me back?”

Qin Wentian clutched the interspatial ring tightly, so tight that the talons on his hands dug deep into his palms. The Great Nirvana Immortal Art required many precious treasures to allow a cultivator to form a true-body. He had never heard of this before, but just from how valuable this art is, there’s no doubt that the treasures held within the interspatial ring all borderlined on the level of being priceless.

“Mhm.” Qin Wentian nodded his head heavily. With this Great Nirvana Art, not only could he still live as a human, he would still possess a body with the advantages of a great roc. Wasn’t it simply perfect? It’s like possessing all benefits with no cost at all, yet Qin Wentian didn’t seemed as happy as he ought to be.

Although Qing`er had an icy personality and didn’t really like to talk much, the magnitude of this debt weighed heavily upon his heart.

Qing’er’s silhouette flickered before re-appearing on the back of the great roc.

Qin Wentian then spread his wings, the 3,000 metre large wings blotted out the sun as a massive gale kicked up when it soared up to the skies. A booming sound echoed out, “Scarlet-Winged General, this place shall be left to your governance. The nine demonic leaders are to aid him in this.”

As the sound of it’s voice faded, the great roc disappeared into the clouds. Qing`er sat on its back just like that, constituting a scene right out of a beautiful painting.

“Qing`er, you should memorise this art as well. If you acquire enough treasures in the future, you could use it to form a true-body as well.” Qin Wentian reminded in a low voice. Qing`er nodded lightly, “I’ve memorised it already, but other than the two of us, as well as my master, Fairy Qingmei, there must not be a fourth person in Grand Xia that knows of the existence of this immortal art.”

Qing`er was uncharacteristically solemn as she instructed. Qin Wentian naturally understood, even if Qing`er didn’t say why, he also knew what he had to do. This immortal art would caused the entire Grand Xia to go crazy, maybe even resulting in mutual annihilation just to acquire it. And if the news of this art was leaked, the ones that would be involved in the war to obtain it would no longer be merely people from Grand Xia.

After this, even if Qin Wentian managed to form a true-body, the great roc and Qin Wentian must never appear simultaneously at the same time in front of others.

He could afford to let others know that he reversed the Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation and turned back into a human but he can never allow other to know that he formed a second true-body instead.

Within the Celestial Lake Palace, the great roc and Qing`er landed into a court yard. Fairy Qingmei suddenly appeared in that location as a smile suffused her face. Qing`er had also imparted the Great Nirvana Immortal Art to her, causing Fairy Qingmei to feel gratified in her heart.

“Wentian, I’ve already located those of the White Deer Institute and Zong Clan.” Fairy Qingmei glanced at the great roc as she spoke.

“Senior, I still need your help to locate the other ‘hidden’ Azure Factions. I will indicate the locations they are at on the map, and in addition, for the matter of establishing my own sect, I would need senior’s guidance regarding the location.” Qin Wentian stated, his words causing a brilliant light to flash in the eyes of Fairy Qingmei. Seems like Qin Wentian had already completed his preparations.

He had already started planning, and the next step would be to gather all the remaining remnants of the ‘hidden’ Azure Faction together.

“This matter still needs to be carefully thought out, and take note that safety is of paramount importance. After all, even the combined power of all the ‘hidden’ Azure Factions would not be able to match up to a transcendent power.” Fairy Qingmei reminded.

“I understand, hence when I said to establish my own sect, I meant a total restructuring of all the ‘hidden’ Azure Factions’ current organization structure. Hence I need a secret location that could hide this from the prying eyes of others, accomplishing this in total secrecy.” Qin Wentian nodded in agreement.

“Seems like you already have your plans. Very well, as to the location, I supposed that here, in the Celestial Lake Palace, would be the safest of all places.” Fairy Qingmei recommended.

“Senior, this stele contains within it the nine ultimate arts of Grand Xia, could you send someone to ensure that the leaders of both the White Deer Institute and Zong Clan received this? Tell them to shore up their strengths, they would understand what I intend upon seeing the nine ultimate arts.” Qin Wentian withdrew the Divine Stele and handed it over to Fairy Qingmei, showing absolute trust. For the sake of the Azure Emperor, she would aid him unconditionally.

Fairy Qingmei glanced at Qin Wentian, as a smile sparkled in her beautiful eyes. “Able to so selflessly take out the nine ultimate arts and bestowing on your subordinates. Your spirit surpasses even the Azure Emperor back then. However, if this matter were to leak out, the White Deer Institute and Zong Clan would face endless danger.”

“The leaders of both of these hidden factions will understand what to do. If they truly considered betrayal, even if I spared them, senior Qingmei wouldn’t spare them.” Qin Wentian laughed, his words causing Fairy Qingmei to nod in agreement. Indeed, it was as he said.

After experiencing so many things, Qin Wentian’s temperament had started to change as well. However, the resolve in his heart had never wavered before.

“I need to enter seclusion. However, I’m unsure of how long it will take.” Qin Wentian added in a low voice. The Great Nirvana Immortal Art would form a second true-body by process of nirvanic rebirth. This wasn’t something that could be completed in a short period of time. Depending on how strong the physique of the original body was, the longer the time needed for a perfect second true-body to be formed.

And now, with him possessing the form of a great roc, he would undoubtedly need even more time.

“I will guard you.” Qing`er stated, causing Qin Wentian’s large eyes to stare at her. Qing`er was still as cold as ever, yet when he stared at her, his eyes were filled with the warmth of a smile.

“Qing`er, you should cultivate as well. I will arrange everything.” Fairy Qingmei shook her head and smiled. “Wentian, just focus on what you need to do. I won’t let anyone disturb your seclusion.”

“Mhm.” Qin Wentian nodded his head.

“Qing`er, let’s go.” Fairy Qingmei spoke, only to see Qing`er glancing at Qin Wentian before lightly nodding her head, departing the area together with Fairy Qingmei. Very quickly, this location was sealed up and was in total silence, not even sound from the outside was able to bypass the barrier.

Qin Wentian took out that golden page once more as a terrifying light flickered in his eyes. He then stared up at the skies, with a dangerous smile on his face as his eyes radiated an incredible sharpness.

“Qingcheng…” The great roc murmured. In the large eyes of the great roc, it was as though snow was falling. Underneath the ancient trees, that beautiful girl was smiling as she called him dumbo. Just a simple smile from her was sufficient to make the world lose its color.


Qin Wentian started his seclusion. Time, waits for no one. Major events in Grand Xia still happened without his presence.

Regarding Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng, people couldn’t help but to lament, has an immortal couple like them truly vanished forever?

Yet another year has passed. There were too many events of huge importance that had happened in recent years. One of the most attention-grabbing events was the rise of those from the younger generation. For those rankers on the previous Heavenly Fate Rankings, their improvement speed was beyond terrifying as they easily surpassed members of the older generation of the same cultivation level as them.

There were also many characters who rose to prominence despite the fact that they didn’t participate in the most recent Heavenly Fate Rankings.

Foremost amongst their ranks was Hua Taixu. He was only thirty plus years of age and had already broken through to the fourth level of Heavenly Dipper. His combat prowess was such that he could even defeat someone at the fifth level; it seemed as though no one of the same generation could stand shoulder to shoulder with him. He was labeled as a genius seen once every several hundred years with latent potential high enough to step into the Celestial Phenomenon Realm.

Other than Hua Taixu, Chen Wang of the Great Solar Chen Clan, and Shi Potian of the Shi Clan, as well as Ouyang Kuangsheng of the Ouyang Clan were all exceedingly powerful. However, the news that caused the most commotion actually originated from the Unmatched Realm that was famed for staying out of matters of the external world.

Leaving aside the results of members belonging to the transcendent powers, there were some disciples who has no background of the Unmatched Realm that also achieved exemplary results. Qin Zheng, Yun Mengyi, Chu Mang and Fan Le, Grand Xia gradually learnt their names, these few people would often war against those from transcendent powers during their travels outside, and had no concerns about killing them directly. Because of their ruthless acts, several transcendent powers jointly send out a missive for their capture.

Also, Bai Qing from the Mystic Moon Sect was another fast rising figure. Her devil arts are many times stronger now compared to before and she truly resembled a devil that walked out of purgatory, akin to a god of slaughter in the darkness.

It was unknown how many members of the Pill Emperor Hall, Chen Clan, Wang Clan and the Star-Seizing Manor were ambushed and killed off in the darkness. She herself had also sustained grievous injuries from the clashes but was fortunate to escape with her life each time, continuing her killing spree after she recovered, paying no heed to her safety. Very swiftly, she turned into a thorn in the eyes of many transcendent powers and they even issued a kill-on-sight mission for her to the entire Grand Xia.

But naturally, the young man holed up in closed-door seclusion within the Celestial Lake Palace, knew nothing of these matters!

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