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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 436 — Tempest in Ginkou

Chapter 436: Tempest in Ginkou

Roughly two years and nine months had passed since the last battle for the Heavenly Fate Rankings. This indicated that the start of the battle for the next Heavenly Fate Rankings, would commence in three months.

However, there were changes to how the ranking battle would be conducted. Before this, the location of the ranking battle would always be held in the ancient kingdom of Grand Xia located in Ginkou. Sounding the drums, bypassing the River of Life and Death, ranking of the battle robes, entering the Vermilion Bird Formation World, plundering of ancient luck and even having an opportunity to obtain secret arts. But today, the formation world was no longer what it was in the past. The controller of this Ascendant-level formation was now the Purgatory Vermilion Bird which Qin Wentian obtained through the ranking battle almost three years ago.

And because of this, the transcendent powers in Ginkou announced that the next ranking battle would be held in the Venerate Heavens Sect in Ginkou instead. Also, because there was no longer ancient luck, the thirty-six transcendent powers of Grand Xia would each take out an extraordinary treasure and bestow them upon the top thirty-six rankers as a reward.

Hence, since the three year time frame was almost up, many talented geniuses of the younger generations arrived in Ginkou. Although all of these people had high aspirations, nobody believed they would be able to match up to expectations, considering how dazzling the participants were during the last ranking battle.

The recent ranking battle more than two years ago was like a golden age, motivating cultivators everywhere to push themselves up to the levels of Qin Wentian, Chen Wang and Si Qiong.

Hidden beneath this bustling period, the chaotic undercurrents in Ginkou could also be clearly felt. Members belonging to the Pill Emperor Hall, Chen Clan and Hua Clan were continually ambushed and killed, creating a palpable terror that hung in the air.

And finally, one day… An astonishing piece of news erupted in the middle of Ginkou.

Hua Taixu caught up to Bai Qing after she killed an expert from the Hua Clan!

Although Bai Qing was powerful, she wasn’t able to match up to Hua Taixu. But at the instant before she was captured, Ouyang Kuangsheng, Chu Mang, Fan Le, Qin Zheng and Yun Mengyi abruptly appeared and joined hands, fighting against Hua Taixu.

Geniuses belonging to two different Heavenly Fate Rankings engaged in a heaven-shaking and earth-shattering battle. Hua Taixu had a higher cultivation base and was on the Heavenly Fate Rankings before them, not only that, he was ranked number one.

With a higher cultivation base, it could mitigate for the disadvantage he suffered in terms of numbers. And despite the number of people ganging up on Hua Taixu, Ouyang Kuangsheng and the rest were all still seriously injured. But no one could imagined that at the crescendo of the battle, Hua Taixu actually retreated. He was poisoned!

Nobody knew who administered the poison, nobody saw how the poison was administered. But the fact that Hua Taixu was poisoned, brings to mind a single name - Mu Feng.

This name once again appeared in the public after three years of absence, and instantly caused a huge wave of commotion.

The experts from the Hua Clan and Great Solar Chen Clan all arrived, but those from the Mystic Moon Sect, Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and Jiang Clan also caught up. Both sides were at a standstill, neither could compromise and as such, the result was another intense battle that erupted between the five transcendent powers. In the end, both sides suffered heavy losses from aftermath of that battle.

However, that battle was merely a prelude to something else. That palpable tension in the air enveloped all of Ginkou, it seemed as though a tempest of blood would kick up at any given moment.

Also, from that battle, many things were apparent to the public. The Ouyang Aristocrat Clan was firmly allied with the Jiang Clan, because of the marriage engagement between Ouyang Kuangsheng and the Jiang Clan. Both of these transcendent powers, acted on behalf of Qin Wentian because of Ouyang Kuangsheng’s request. From this, one could see how high Ouyang Kuangsheng’s current status was, he was directly in line to be nurtured as the next leader of the Ouyang Clan.

At the same time, this incident brought up another name in the minds of the people. Was Qin Wentian truly dead? If he is not, where was he now?

Wasn’t it all because of Qin Wentian that terrifying characters such as Bai Qing, Ouyang Kuangsheng, Chu Mang, Fan Le, Qin Zheng, Yun Mengyi and Mu Feng stood together? And if Qin Wentian was added into the mix, what would the end result of the battle against Hua Taixu be?

The deeds of that young man were far more astounding compared to those of Hua Taixu’s. Both of them were the blazing suns of their generation, and countless held anticipation in their hearts, wanting to witness a showdown between the two of them. But sadly, this battle of destiny is doomed to never take place.

Although initially there were people who believed that the great roc Qin Wentian transformed into didn’t die and may emerge once more in Grand Xia, as time flowed by, more and more people believed that he was already dead back when he stormed the Pill Emperor Hall.

Bai Qing, Ouyang Kuangsheng, Fan Le and the rest would often have Qin Wentian in their thoughts. Especially after their clash with Hua Taixu, the heavy feeling of uncertainty would weigh in their hearts as they stared up at the heavens and sighed. Was he still alive?


Far up in the skies above the forested regions outside the Demon Continent, in the misty clouds, the great roc spread its 3,000 metre wingspan as it zoomed towards a certain direction.

Standing on the back of the great roc, was a delicate beauty with exquisitely carved features. She exuded no aura and there was a layer of mist in her eyes, her features were so stunning that people wouldn’t forget her even if they only glanced at her once.

The great roc streaked through the clouds like a bolt of lightning, speeding past the Demon Continent and continued forwards relentlessly. After a single day, the great roc arrived at the area in Moon Continent that was under the administration and governance of the Star-Seizing Manor.

This place where they now were, could at most be considered a small city in in the area under the control of the Star-Seizing Manor. Two years ago, a new power arrived here. Although, the majority of the time they were low profile, when they displayed their strength, was extremely shocking to the public.

This new power was none other than the White Deer Institute, they were forced to relocate to this small and remote city from their original location due to the pressure exerted by the Star-Seizing Manor. Firstly, to avoid trouble, and secondly, they were looking for some opportunities to develop their institute.

About a year ago, Fairy Qingmei herself had personally paid a visit to their institute, delivering to them the cultivation methods of the nine ultimate arts of Grand Xia. From that visit, they also learnt that Qin Wentian was still alive. They naturally understood the intentions behind his decision, the unification of the ‘hidden’ Azure Factions would soon arrive.

In this past year, the White Deer Institute selected their core members with the most stringent of selection methods before nurturing them. Other than that, for those characters of the older generation that were absolutely loyal were allowed to cultivate the nine ultimate arts, slowly building up the strength of their White Deer Institute. Naturally, they wouldn’t display the nine arts out in public.

The White Deer Institute was now waiting, waiting for the arrival of the young man who once trampled the Pill Emperor Hall.

At this moment, in the training field of the White Deer Institute, several of those from the younger generations were sparring against each other. Bailu Yi was there as well, her cultivation base currently has improved by leaps and bounds. She was now at the ninth level of Yuanfu.

As she stared at the lively atmosphere of the younger ones in training, the shadow of a person involuntarily appeared in her mind.

But right at this moment, a massive wind kicked up. The people in the training field stared overhead only to see an immense figure descending from the skies. Abruptly, the gust of wind intensified, knocking down many people who were on their feet.

A few breaths of time later, the gusts of wind calmed down. When the people of the White Deer Institute recovered, they only saw a terrifyingly large silhouette hovering above them, with wings so huge that they blotted out the sun. The sharpness that radiated from its gaze contained an imposing aura that seemed to belong to the monarch of this world.

“Great roc!”

Upon see it, the hearts of the crowd all quaked with terror. Yet, a brilliant glow flashed in Bailu Yi’s eyes as she stared intently at the great roc hovering in the sky.

Had he really transformed into a great roc? And this change was irreversible?

Whistling sounds rang out in the air as the elders and doyen level characters all appeared in this place one after another. All of them were staring at the great roc.

As they stared upwards, they soon noticed a figure standing on the back of the huge roc. Initially, that figure was blocked by the immense body of the roc, but now, they could all see his features clearly.

Why had the great roc brought this man here?

Who was this person exactly?

Only to see that at this moment, Bailu Yi walked up to the great roc as she stretched out her hand, as though she wanted to touch its face. The sharpness in the roc’s eyes never diminished, yet it showed no signs of blocking her, lowering its head allowing the soft hands of Bailu Yi to cradle it.

“Little Yi.” A voice rumbled.

The stretched out hand of Bailu Yi trembled, the rims of her eyes reddened as she stared at the great roc. It was true, he had transformed into a demon.

“How are you?” Bailu Yi sobbed.

“I’m surviving well,” The great roc replied. After which, his sharp gaze turned upon the others. The young man on its back walked forwards and stood on its head, gazing down at the members of the White Deer institute as he stated, “From today onwards, I’ll be the one taking control of the White Deer Institute.”

The gazes of the members of the White Deer Institute stiffened as they fixed their gazes on the young man, before glancing again at the great roc. The great roc nodded its head, as it reinforced the statement of that young man. “From today onwards, seeing him means you are seeing me. His commands, are also my commands.”

The hearts of the crowd were seized with bewilderment. Who was this young man exactly? Why would Qin Wentian trust him so much to the extent of granting him complete authority?

“My name, is Di Tian. From today onwards, I, Di Tian, will unite the remaining remnants of the ‘hidden’ Azure Factions, and restructure the remnants into a brand new power. From now on, all of you shall sever all relations with the White Deer Institute, allowing this name to fade into obscurity. There will be a new transcendent power emerging in Grand Xia.”

The figure standing on the great roc spoke with utter certainty, his voice tinged with incomparable arrogance yet also with a terrifying calmness. He wasn’t a mad man. What wild ambition, he wanted to create the thirty-seventh transcendent power of Grand Xia.

Upon seeing how calmly the great roc was reacting, the members of the White Deer Institute understood that the time to act has come. This was also part of the reason why Fairy Qingmei personally paid a visit here about a year ago. The White Deer Institute shall fade to obscurity as the currents from the river of time washes past, disappearing into the history of Grand Xia.

“Choose three of your strongest members to come with me for a trip.” Di Tian commanded. Although the tone of his voice rang with overbearingness, the elder and doyen level members were all nodding in agreement. Soon after, three old men were selected as they stood with Di Tian on the back of the great roc.

“For the others, make your way to the Celestial Lake Palace of the Demon Mountain City in the Demon Continent. Fairy Qingmei will receive you there. Take note, this matter must be done in absolute secrecy. Split yourselves in batches and leave at different timings to avoid suspicion. The brand new power shall be established in the Celestial Lake Palace.” Di Tian spoke. After that, the great roc flapped it’s wings, directly shooting through the clouds, instantly disappearing from their vision.

The vast majority of the members were all reeling from what just happened. Bailu Yi’s eyes were filled with traces of pain as the memories of the past flashed through her mind. He had transformed into a primordial great roc, even his temperament had changed. Could he ever return to how he was back in the past?!

帝天 - Di Tian:

Di (帝) = Surname of Di Cang, the Azure Emperor. It also stands for Emperor.

Tian(天)= Sky/Heaven

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