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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 445 — Outside Ginkou Continent

Chapter 445: Outside Ginkou Continent

The fact that the Nine Mystical Palace would act, came as a surprise to many of the spectators. The Nine Mystical Palace was located in the most remote region, in the Qing Continent at the boundaries of Grand Xia, and they were ranked last out of the thirty-six transcendent powers. How could a transcendent power like them be comparable to the Great Solar Chen Clan or Ouyang Aristocrat Clan? Making a move at this exact moment indicates that there might be a deeper meaning behind their actions. Maybe they just wanted to join in and kill the young man surnamed Di. But their actions could also be interpreted as them wanting to stand against the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan.

Naturally there was another possibility. They wanted to form an alliance with the Great Solar Chen Clan.

In the boundaries of Grand Xia, the enmity between the Nine Mystical Palace and the Greencloud Pavilion got increasingly deeper, resulting in the clashes and confrontation becoming more and more frequent. Maybe, this was the reason why the Nine Mystical Palace chose to stand with the Great Solar Chen Clan.

Right now, the experts from the Nine Mystical Palace all made their moves towards the young man surnamed Di at the same moment, sealing his path of retreat. In addition to that spear strike by Wang Jian, Qin Wentian was basically dead.

Qin Wentian could use Stellar Transposition to avoid it, but he didn’t wished to reveal too many of the nine ultimate arts at this moment since his identity could be compromised.

This was also the reason why he only showed that he knew the Bloodcurse Imprint, this way it would cast less suspicion on his identity and background.

Lifting his palms, he abruptly grabbed hold of the spear. Wang Jian reacted instantly by channelling his astral energy into it, causing the tip of the spear to erupt with killing rays of spear light imbued by the will of his Mandate, wanting to devour everything.

Everything happened in an instant. Qin Wentian’s palms turned crimson as a wave of destructive aura emanated forth. Instead of retreating, Qin Wentian pushed the spear aside and closed the distance between him and Wang Jian.

Wang Jian didn’t even have the time to think, he could only react by reflex as he retreated with explosive speed. Even if his spear pierced into Qin Wentian’s body, it might not rupture Qin Wentian’s defense. But if Qin Wentian’s blood-colored palm were to land on him, he would definitely die. Such a scenario wasn’t what he was willing to see, hence, with no hesitation, he naturally chose to disengage.

However, the threat Qin Wentian was facing hadn’t diminished yet. Behind him, experts from the Nine Mystical Palace condensed their lightning might, forming a bead of lightning once more, firing it his way. If that bead struck him, no matter how strong the physique of a human might be, they would all be blasted into pieces by the tyrannical power of lightning.


Qin Wentian stomped the ground with a heavy step. He couldn’t use any techniques which he was famed for, things like the Fiend Transformation Art was a dead ringer for his identity. Although such a feeling was simply horrible, he had no choice but to accept it.

That stomp of his shook the void, an oppressive sword might directly pressed down on the bodies of the experts belonging to the Nine Mystical Palace, so intense that even their Astral Novas were trembling.

A terrifying sword intent swept out over everything, the sword might in the area manifested a screen of swords, before the sword light from them concentrated into an intense beam that shot straight towards the bead of lightning, causing it to explode.

Qin Wentian then retreated with the speed of a raging hurricane, moving out of the blast radius.

“For an argument over a demonic beast, the various transcendent powers all combined forces in order to slay me? This has truly opened my eyes to the exalted status transcendent powers hold. I bid you guys farewell.” Qin Wentian’s voice rang out as the great roc flew over. He then mounted the great roc as the both of them soared into the skies, wanting to fly far away.

“Want to leave?” Wang Jian and the rest of the Wang Clan members coldly snorted, all of them flying after him in pursuit.

“Let’s move as well.” Ouyang Kuangsheng commanded. In the next moment, the chaotic battle also shifted as Ouyang Kuangsheng, Fan Le and Chu Mang flew off into the distance as well.

As the other experts of the Ouyang Clan wanted to follow, they found themselves being blocked by the experts from the Chen Clan. Chen Fan coldly laughed, “Since the battle has been left to them, let them handle it themselves.”

A raging wind gusted past, as more of those from the younger generations also flew off into the distance. Chen Wang and Bai Qing were among these as well. These group of young geniuses wanted to change the battlefield.

Engaging in a battle here was almost pointless, with the rest of the more powerful experts of the various powers onlooking. Since that was the case, and they were out to kill, they may as well shift to another location and see who was the strongest among them.

Hence, in the air space above Ginkou, a magnificent scene appeared.

A great roc soared through the skies with several experts that were exuding a terrifying aura, chasing after it madly.

“They are all experts from the younger generations belonging to the various transcendent powers. Chen Wang, Wang Jian and Bai Qing are among their ranks. Wait, but who is that young man standing on the great roc?” The spectators below also wanted to follow them so that they could witness the ensuing battles. However, their speed was simply too fast, unless the spectators all had cultivation at a certain level, it would be impossible to catch up to them.

The great roc was naturally something Little Rascal had transformed into. Although it’s combat prowess hadn’t increased, it’s speed did. Both it’s wings flapped furiously while Qin Wentian stood on top of it with his arms held behind his back. A grin of extreme coldness etched on his face as his eyes twinkled with a grim light.

“Little Rascal, depart Ginkou. Go as far as possible.”

Qin Wentian spoke in a low voice as he sat down cross-legged on the back of the great roc, ignoring his pursuers. Such an action was filled with obvious hints of provocation, therefore it caused Wang Jian and the others to increase their speed as they sped behind the great roc, unwilling to give up the chase.

In the middle of the clouds, the gusts of wind got increasingly stronger at this height. They were now in the air space above the central region of Ginkou and after a period of time, the city gates of Ginkou came into view.

The great roc didn’t pause at all and directly flew out of Ginkou, continued zooming forwards at rapid speed, crossing landscapes and rivers before arriving at an ancient looking mountain range.

“Enough.” Qin Wentian whispered. Finally, the great roc swoop down, landing on a small hillside in that ancient mountain range. As it turned, they waited for the pursuers to show up.

Moments later, beams of light flashed as Wang Jian arrived. There were actually two other cultivators from the Wang Clan that came along with him.

And after them, two cultivators from the Chen Clan as well as three other cultivators from the Nine Mystical Palace arrived. The two from the Chen Clan were third level Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns. Qin Wentian had killed too many of their members, so there was no way they would permit him to leave alive today. Hence, upon seeing him fleeing, they decided to forsake the battle erupting in the ancient kingdom to pursue after Qin Wentian.

After these pursuers arrived, they quickly grouped into a formation as they stood in a circle in the air above Qin Wentian. Wang Jian then stated, “How about this? The great roc shall belong to whoever kills this man?”

“Sure.” One of the experts from the Chen Clan replied.

“We have no objections.” Those from the Nine Mystical Palace exchanged glances as they agreed. Their auras gushed out, manifesting a pressure that pressed down onto Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian lifted his head, an extremely terrifying cold glint of light flickered in his eyes when he gazed at the experts from the various transcendent powers.

“Today, since you all have arrived, you might as well stay here for all eternity.” Qin Wentian emotionlessly stated, his words causing a bizarre expression to appear on the faces of those present.

How brazen was he, even daring to speak such words in the face of so many experts? With them joining forces, killing Qin Wentian would be as easy as flipping a palm. To think that this young man still dared to utter such words even before his death? Wasn’t he underestimating them a little too much?

“If you kept up your speed and dragged this out for a few more days, we might have stopped our pursuit. But since you decided to stop here, you are basically dead.” A sharpness erupted forth from Wang Jian as his Astral Nova manifested. It was none other than a magnificent long spear, that seemed capable of piercing through anything.

Flames burst into being around the members from the Chen Clan as they channelled the Great Solar Energy frenziedly in their bodies.

While arcs of lightning crackled around those from the Nine Mystical Palace, the lightning started to take on? the form of a lightning dragon, appearing incomparably ferocious. They slowly descended, thunderbolts explode forth about them, they didn’t intend to give any opportunity to allow Qin Wentian to escape.

In the distance, around a few ten thousand miles away the sands of the desert could be seen whirling about in the air. Evidently, there were large scaled chaotic battles on-going there as well.

Qin Wentian tightly clenched his fist as an expression of hatred flashed past his eyes. Abruptly, it seemed as though flames had also erupted out from his body. The blood in his body started surging as a corona of light surrounded him. Flames burned in his eyes, yet they carried the coldness of ice.

All of a sudden, a huge sword appeared in Qin Wentian’s hands. This sword was totally pitch black, appearing as though it was forged from crystals of pure darkness. It had a length of ten metres and weighed about ten thousand jin (converts into around 5,000 kg). Nobody could imagine how powerful one’s attacks would be if they were capable of wielding this sword.

What a fearsome sight. Black light glimmered around the sword’s edge, just the sight of it was sufficient to cause the attackers to halt their steps.

The expressions on their faces all drastically changed. They had never heard of somebody wielding such a large sword before in Grand Xia. Naturally, this was Qin Wentian’s purpose for bringing out the large sword. He excelled in the Mandate of Force and Demons, both of which granted him an augmentation in his strength. Naturally, the large sword was forged for a single purpose only. It was to cover up traces of when he would use his Mandate, to avoid people discovering his true identity.


Qin Wentian soared through the skies with the ten thousand jin sword casually held in his hands. As a burst of astral light flooded the area, his silhouette flickered as he dashed head-on towards the three attackers from the Nine Mystical Palace.

The three of them snorted in disdain. With a command, the lightning dragon erupted forth as bolts of electricity menacingly crackled around it.

“The Nine Mystical Palace is going to disappear completely from Grand Xia soon and the three of you still have the mood to frolic around in Ginkou?” Qin Wentian’s voice contained a terrifyingly cold intent within as he smashed out at the dragon with his sword. A surge of unparalleled sword might erupted from him as the will from his King of Swords Astral Nova enveloped the three of them.

“Die.” Qin Wentian coldly exclaimed. Space trembled, before breaking apart as the large sword swung through the air as it collided directly with the lightning dragon. Pure force warped the frame of the dragon, causing it to fold in upon itself before snuffing out into nothingness and at the same time, an intense vibration that originated from the sword, reverberated through the air.

“BANG!” Void vibration waves passed through the lightning dragon and engulfed one of the attackers, resulting in that poor victim imploding from within. Qin Wentian’s sword didn’t even stop, he directly continued sweeping out as a terrifying sword keen filled the air. The two other attackers couldn’t even react. They only felt their throats being lacerated by the inexorable sharpness of the sword keening before their heads rolled onto the ground, dead.

Three experts from the Nine Mystical Palace, fell over dead in an instant.

The experts from the Chen Clan and Wang Clan who rushed up, and had already struck out, but the corona of light around Qin Wentian glowing brighter and brighter. He turned towards them and slashed out with rage, disregarding their attacks. A terrifying sinuous black dragon spiralled out from that large sword, rushing straight at the attackers. Wang Jian’s spear shattered the space and pierced out, transforming into a beam of light wanting to destroy the black dragon.

The experts from the Chen Clan channelled the Great Solar Energy within their bodies to their limits. They stared at Qin Wentian, only to feel a chill in their hearts when their eyes met his emotionless ones.

It seemed as though this young man had intentionally lured them out of Ginkou.

At this moment, they finally understood his words earlier, “Today since you have all arrived, you might as well stay here for all eternity.”

“SHATTERED VOID!” Qin Wentian’s huge sword directly pressed forth, emanating an indomitable aura that belonged to kings. A formless wave of destructive energy vibrations interweaved and gushed out. With a loud boom, the two experts from the Chen Clan groaned in misery. A thumping sound echoed throughout the still air, their hearts ruptured into pieces as they died with a grievance.

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