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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 446 — Reversal of Situation

Chapter 446: Reversal of Situation

In the blink of an eye, five experts fell, directly slain by Qin Wentian on the spot. Seeing such a scene happening caused goosebumps to erupt all over them as an intense chill bloomed in their hearts.

They were tricked! This man intentionally lured them out to kill them. If not, if they still remained in Ginkou under the watch of so many experts, it would be impossible for him to succeed.

But even the Great Solar Chen Clan had never imagined such a scenario would occur. Logically speaking, in their terms, a group formed by experts of three transcendent powers killing a young man? The odds were obviously in their favour. This was the reason why the Great Solar Chen Clan allowed the young man to flee, while acting afterwards to block the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan’s experts from reinforcing him.

“That huge sword, what kind of divine weapon is that?” Wang Jian stared at the huge sword in Qin Wentian’s hands. The power of this sword was simply incredible, able to kill a human via vibrational shockwaves? One must know that the Astral Novas of Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns were even stronger compared to Divine Weapons. Yet, all five fell to him.

The only reason why Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns would use divine weapons was if that divine weapon was an extremely overpowered one. If not, they would rather use their Astral Novas. Astral Novas complemented their attributes and directly boosted their strength, it was countless times easier to use as well.

Hence, the only remaining explanation was that the sword, that the young man surnamed Di wielded, was an exceptionally overpowered weapon.

In reality, Qin Wentian’s huge sword wasn’t any high-grade divine weapon. This was merely something he requested the White Deer Institute forge for him. A sword as heavy as they could make it, to mask his true strength when fighting against others.

“RETREAT!” At this moment, Wang Jian hollered as the three from Wang Clan respectively backed away. Yet, Qin Wentian’s eyes were as cold as ever. Executing Roc’s Flash, he instantly appeared before them as the huge sword in his hand blasted out, breaking the void, using Shattered Void once more, a move of his own creation.

This innate technique combined his second level of insights in the Mandate of Force along with the third stance of his Great Dream Halberd Art, Fractured Void. When unleashed together, after being tempered by the sharpness of a sword, further augmenting the sword intent of his Kingly Sword Astral Soul, the vibrational shockwaves blasted out were unimaginably strong. Even a third level Heavenly Dipper Sovereign couldn’t do anything except wait for his heart to rupture.

After that person was hit by Qin Wentian’s attack, the sound of an explosion thundered from his body, as he was jolted to death by the internal impact.

In the blink of an eye, only Wang Jian and one more remained. Extreme terror suffused their features; they didn’t expect the combat prowess of this guy to be so monstrously strong. The two of them edged back, only to see Qin Wentian using Roc’s Flash to boost his speed. A shadow flashed past, that huge sword directly disintegrated the other cultivator into dust. Only Wang Jian remained.

“There’s no escape.” A glacial voice rang out from behind Wang Jian. Wang Jian turned with defiance etched on his face. Howling in rage, several long spears manifested in the air moments later, as all of them shot out like a cannon, piercing towards Qin Wentian.

“BOOM!” Stellar Transposition was executed once more as Qin Wentian appeared directly in front of Wang Jian. A terrifying demonic qi concentrated on his palms, as an incomparable tyrannical strength blasted out from the sword. Wang Jian paled, his eyes were like saucers, staring at the huge sword swinging his way.

Wasn’t that one of the nine ultimate arts, Stellar Transposition?

A layer of armored light enveloped Wang Jian as he released his Astral Novas, blasting them forwards, causing a sense of sharpness to radiate out, sweeping over everything in this region.

The huge sword swung down from an overhead strike. The Astral Nova of Wang Jian exploded as the huge sword continued downwards, breaking apart that light barrier, splitting Wang Jian into two.

Little Rascal’s silhouette flickered, collecting the interspatial rings from the fallen Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns, before returning to Qin Wentian’s side.

Qin Wentian patted Little Rascal on the head before he hopped on its back. That grand battle erupting in the desert in the distance was currently exceptionally intense. And when Qin Wentian arrived, Bai Qing and Ouyang Kuangsheng were joining hands together to fight against Chen Wang. Chu Mang and Fan Le had their own opponents. Explosive sounds of weapons clashing, this battle was complete and utter chaos.

Upon seeing Qin Wentian appearing here with a huge black sword in his hands, the countenance of the combatants all stiffened for a moment. Earlier, Qin Wentian had over eight people pursuing him, yet he actually appeared here right now? Where were his pursuers then?

As they thought of this, a chill couldn’t help but to blossom in their hearts, as they involuntarily shuddered. There were quite a few third-level Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns among that group of pursuers, yet seeing the fact that Qin Wentian was here, as well as there were no commotions in the distance. This could only mean an unbelievable truth, this lone cultivator had killed off all his pursuers.

Qin Wentian’s gaze directly landed on Chen Wang, as he leisurely stepped towards him.

Chen Wang was indeed powerful; the flame clones of his were already capable of tying Bai Qing and Ouyang Kuangsheng down. Despite the strength of both of them, if they fought against Chen Wang, they would be defeated sooner or later. And currently, just from feeling the pressure of Chen Wang’s aura, Qin Wentian could sense that Chen Wang was infinitesimally close to the third level of Heavenly Dipper.

Although he was known as eternal number two, no one could doubt Chen Wang’s strength. Even now that he was at the second level, it wasn’t a problem for him to fight against third level Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns.

Right now Qin Wentian was thinking, what if Chen Wang fell here? Wouldn’t the Great Solar Chen Clan feel so much pain that their hearts would burst?

“Chen Wang be careful!” Someone noticed Qin Wentian advancing towards Chen Wang and, hence, called out a warning.

“Bzzz” A raging wind kicked up, that instant of diversion was sufficient to spell doom when experts on this level were fighting with each other. A great axe chopped out from a cultivator from the Ouyang Clan narrowly missing his head. The Chen Clan’s cultivator perspired cold sweat as he hurriedly mounted his defense, before sending out a palm strike to defend against the rush of incoming force he felt targeted at him.


The black colored huge sword directly penetrated through the palm imprint, shattering it into dust. The expression on the Chen Clan’s expert drastically changed as he turned and swung his weapon out full force, intending to clash against that huge sword.

However at the instant of collision, a terrifying corroding intent seeped through his weapon and into his body. Even before he had the time to scream out, the Ouyang Clan cultivator behind had already chopped out once more with the great axe, ending his life.

“This young man is so powerful.”

The chill in the hearts of the crowd grew even colder. With someone like him that can overpower third level Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns, the odds of the battle would definitely turn into the Ouyang Clan’s favor.

“Gather.” Chen Wang commanded, explosively retreating while throwing a palm strike out. An instant later, those from the Chen and Wang Clan, that were warring against Chu Mang and Fan Le, also retreated as they fell back, standing behind Chen Wang.

The clones of Chen Wang merged together into Chen Wang’s original body, as his aura explosively shot up. Ouyang Kuangsheng and the rest also fell back, as they gathered in a group.

Both their groups glanced at Qin Wentian, only to hear Ouyang Kuangsheng laughing uproariously, “You are really strong. Let’s join hands and smash these pieces of sheet together, how about it?”

“That’s what I came here to do,” Qin Wentian nodded. Although he was well acquainted with Ouyang and the rest, this wasn’t the time to divulge his identity.

Right now, he was using the identity of Di Tian to appear in Grand Xia. He wouldn’t rest until the entire Grand Xia was turned topsy turvy. Every time he closed his eyes, he could still see Mo Qingcheng stretching her hands out helplessly, with that expression of longing and reluctance in her eyes.

“Chu Mang and Fan Le, both of you act as our supports.” Ouyang Kuangsheng instructed. Fan Le and Chu Mang nodded in agreement as they spread out, with their resplendent Astral Bow in their hands. Currently, now that they reached this level of strength, it was unknown how powerful the explosive might of their arrows were, especially when imbued with the will from the Mandate of Arrows, Insta-shot.

“Brother Di, the two of us will act as the vanguard. Any problems with it?” Ouyang Kuangsheng glanced at Qin Wentian as he spoke.

Qin Wentian’s combat prowess was extraordinary. If he and Ouyang Kuangsheng rushed ahead and acted as the vanguard, Bai Qing could use her agility to flit around the battlefield like a phantom, killing people off in sneak attacks, while Chu Mang and Fan Le’s arrows could cover any of their blind spots and could even seal off the opponents’ path of retreat .

“Naturally,” Qin Wentian nodded, his fingers gripped the hilt of the huge sword tightly. He took the left, while Ouyang Kuangsheng took the right; the experts in this battle all released their Astral Novas with no restraint. The violent energies that exuded forth clashed against each other, so powerful that it even caused the space to warp.

Attackers on both sides didn’t dare to move too abruptly. Now that the two sides were eyeing each other, it was highly probable that the one who moved first would end up being the target of the joint attacks from the opposing group.

“Swish, swish, swish…” The sounds of arrows being fired punctured the air. Abruptly, a total of eighteen arrows, nine from each of them, circled about in an intricate-looking dance in the air as they enveloped people from the Chen Clan alliances.

Not only that, after the first round of arrows, an unending number of fired shots started raining down. Chen Wang and the rest reacted immediately, blasting out with their palms destroying the arrows.

Qin Wentian and Ouyang Kuangsheng moved. Towering might from thunderfire erupted into being around Ouyang Kuangsheng as a huge snowy sabre manifested above his head. The explosiveness of the thunderfire around him concentrated on the blade, coating it with a will that promised pure annihilation.

“Careful, that’s the Thunder God’s Slash.”

Chen Wang’s expression faltered slightly. Thunder God’s Slash was the ultimate art that had the strongest attack power for single attacks. With a sabre slash, even with Ouyang Kuangsheng’s current cultivation base, at least 50% of the astral energy in his Yuanfu would be totally exhausted. The destructive might of this technique was overwhelming to say the least, so powerful that it was almost inconceivable.

Normally speaking, for techniques that exhausted a large amount of energy, their attack output would surely be extremely powerful. One must keep in mind that not all techniques were capable of using up so much energy in one go, but the Thunder God’s Slash was precisely one such technique and could even be said that it was the epitome of dominance in the entire Grand Xia.

Qin Wentian’s blood surged and seethed; he took a step out as an indomitable pressure gushed forth from him, causing the Astral Novas of his enemies to shudder. He and his huge black sword were ready, they could complement Ouyang Kuangsheng’s sabre slash any time.


Stellar Transposition, Ouyang Kuangsheng instantly vanished and appeared right in front of Chen Wang and the rest. The Thunder God’s Slash cleaved downwards with the might of a real thunderbolt, the space where it passed through was directly lacerated into half by the fused might of thunderfire. A few unlucky cultivators had their Novas sacrificed, shattering into fragments, while the others rapidly retreated.

At the same instant Ouyang Kuangsheng launched his attack, Qin Wentian also smashed out with his huge sword. A terrifying vibrational shockwave rocked the void, tearing apart anything in its path.


The destructiveness of both their combined attacks was so domineering that Fan Le couldn’t help but to call out in praise. Taking advantage of the lapse in concentration, he fired even more arrows that pierced right through the centre of the brows of some of their opponents. Fan Le’s arrows were able to change directions as they pleased.

“Bzzz!” Two continuous beam of light flashed. After Chu Mang fired his arrows, he too used the Stellar Transposition as a great axe appeared in his hands, cleaving down with earth-shattering might. Other than him, Bai Qing also flashed by, she’d been using Stellar Transposition, executing the Nine Slashes of the Underworld, dancing amidst the crowd, weaving in and out as fresh blood splattered all about.

Miserable. In but an instant, the situation reversed. All of these people were skilled in Stellar Transposition! Those that were slain didn’t even have any time to react. When everyone finally reacted, it was already too late, the battle had almost reached its end.

Only Chen Wang and the two other cultivators from the Chen Clan had survived. This was because they too knew the Stellar Transposition and could dodge it when the Thunder God’s Slash came crashing down. But, undoubtedly, the instant they dodged, it affected the strength of their formation as a whole. The overwhelming might of the slash directly killed three people, while the others were all injured.

Inside the ancient kingdom, the experts from the various powers were all still in a confrontation. However at this moment, the expression on the face of an expert from the Chen Clan faltered as his countenance grew incredibly unsightly to behold.

Chen Wang actually sent out a signal for help?

“Damn, something is wrong.”

Those from the Chen Clan wanted to leave, but this time round, they were stopped by the experts from the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan. Sharpness radiated from both sides, an inevitable clash would soon occur.


A command coldly echoed out as the experts of both sides erupted into battle. Those of the Chen Clan’s alliance wanted to go to where Chen Wang was, while the experts from the Ouyang’s alliance barred their path. Such a scene caused looks of bewilderment to flash on the faces of the spectators nearby.

What was going on? Had something happened to those experts from the younger generation that shifted to another location for their battle? Wang Jian and Chen Wang were clearly superior. There shouldn’t be any problems, right?

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