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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 449 — Disaster Befalling the Mystic Moon Sect

Chapter 449: Disaster Befalling the Mystic Moon Sect

In Ginkou,a heavy and stifling pressure could be felt in the atmosphere in the base which Mystic Moon Sect occupied.

In a certain courtyard, there were several experts gathered there

“How’s the situation outside?” A middle-aged lady questioned. Someone replied, “The Chen Clan has already surrounded this place and they are continuing to gather more people. I’m afraid they might launch an attack on us at any given moment.”

“Master, would the Chen Clan really launch an all out war just for the sake of a single Chen Wang?” A female disciple asked.

In Grand Xia, there were countless conflicts among the transcendent powers. Yet, a true all out war had never occurred before.

An all out war meant that it wouldn’t be stopped until a single side was completely and utterly annihilated. Nobody dared to make light of it. Even if a single party possessed some advantage, they wouldn’t dare to initiate it lightly because of the heavy losses that they were bound to suffer, even if they obtained victory in the end.

An example was like the Great Solar Chen Clan. Although it was more powerful compared to the Mystic Moon Sect, the moment once it declared an out all war, the retaliation by the Mystic Moon Sect would be swift and deadly. Unless the Chen Clan could ensure that it would be able to wipe out the entirety of the Mystic Moon Sect in a single breath.

But how could that be accomplished so easily? A transcendent power meant that it had Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants serving as its foundation. If one tried and failed, the revenge carried out by an Ascendant was something inconceivably terrifying.

Hence, although the conflict between the Ouyang Clan, Chen Clan, Hua Clan and Mystic Moon Sect was extremely intense, there were still some silent restrictions of control over it. For example, for the battle yesterday, only fourth level Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns and below were allowed to participate in it. The reason why the stronger ones didn’t participate was precisely that they didn’t want to ignite an all out war.

As for the events later where Chen Wang sent out a signal for help, as well as his death, was something nobody had anticipated. After all, as a chosen of a clan or sect, they would most certainly have some life-saving treasure at hand. Even when facing someone a level of two higher, they would still have the means to escape.

However, the reality was that Chen Wang did truly died. And now, it seemed as though the Great Solar Chen Clan would ignore any cost in order to seek revenge.

“I’m also surprised by their actions. Bai Qing, what happened exactly yesterday? Who was the one that killed Chen Wang?” The middle-aged woman glanced at Bai Qing as she inquired.

Bai Qing shook her head slightly, “I have no idea as well. I only know that the young man surnamed Di was chasing after him.”

“That young man surnamed Di is truly not bad at all. However, with a cultivation base at the second level of Heavenly Dipper, even if we considered the incredulous fact that he managed to barely defeat Chen Wang, there was no way he could kill him? Not only that, Chen Xiao who was at the fourth level of Heavenly Dipper also died. This wasn’t something he had the strength to do; there must be something hidden that we are all missing.” That middle-aged woman spoke in a low voice.

In fact, this was also what the Chen Clan had thought. However, the truth of the matter was known by no one. Hence, they had no choice but to start with the Mystic Moon Sect. After all, the relationship between the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and Jiang Clan was too close. It would be too difficult to deal with them both at the same time.

“Did any of you go to seek help?” That middle-aged woman asked again.

“Yeah, the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan is already aware of the situation we are currently facing. Now that we share a common enemy, I think the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan would understand what to do.” A person spoke. However the moment her voice faded, a vast and oppressive might enveloped the area as a voice drifted over.

“Mystic Moon Sect, hand over those that participated in the battle yesterday. If not, we will annihilate each and every one of you completely.” That voice was extremely cold, containing an intense killing intent within. The middle-aged woman furrowed her brows as she instructed, “Those below the third level of Heavenly Dipper separate yourself and escape from here. There’s no use for you to remain here, you guys would only be sending yourself to death. For those fourth level Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns and above, come and fight them together with me.”

The middle-aged woman was extremely decisive.

“Master, this matter started because of me. I won’t leave.” Bai Qing shook her head.

“Now that things come to this, it isn’t the time to speak of who’s right and wrong. To our Mystic Moon Sect, reserving some of our strength is of paramount importance. Especially in troubled times like this where an all out war could erupt any moment. Bai Qing, as a potential leader of our Mystic Moon Sect, even if we were to die later, you must survive.”

The gaze of the woman was deep, her hands lightly stroked Bai Qing’s long hair. Bai Qing’s eyes reddened as she glanced at the middle-aged woman, “Master, I…”

“Don’t speak anymore. If you are still recalcitrant, you’ve wasted all my time and effort spent all these years to nurture you. There’s no need to call me master any longer.” The middle-aged woman berated, her words causing Bai Qing to cut off her sentence mid-way. Thinking back on how well her master had treated her, just like a mother taking care of her own daughter, Bai Qing felt even more pain in her heart.

Bai Qing knelt on the ground, kowtowing a total of three times, the force of the kowtow caused the ground to quiver. After which, she got to her feet, turned and departed, not even looking back once.

The experts of the Chen Clan were already barging their way in. One of the disciples from the Mystic Moon Sect gazed at the back view of Bai Qing as she asked, “Master, do we need to send someone to aid Bai Qing in breaking out of the encirclement?”

“No need to. Bai Qing’s Astral Souls are namely the Dark Night Astral Soul as well as the Phantom Spirit Astral Soul. Silence and stealth are her forte; it isn’t going to be so easy if they wished to catch her. If you all followed after her, you girls might do more harm than good. Now, let us go meet with those from the Chen Clan.” The middle-aged woman spoke as she soared into the skies, staring at a group of figures who were similarly gazing down at the battle that had erupted below.

“Chen Clan, is this your declaration of war?” Bai Qing’s master glanced down at the number of experts present from the Chen Clan, as she felt something akin to a rock dropping in her heart. She knew that it was impossible for her Mystic Moon Sect to prevail today.

It seemed like the decision to come to Ginkou was a mistake. But naturally before this, no one would have anticipated such a scenario.

“Give us those who participated in the battle yesterday, and we will put an end to this.” That expert from the Chen Clan coldly spoke. Bai Qing’s master snorted, wanting her to send out their disciples to meet their death? If they really did that, where would their reputation be? Everyone in Grand Xia would look down on them and even curse their name for a thousand year.

“Chen Clan went all out and gathered so many experts to come to my base, even threatening war. It seems that the Sacred Royal Medallion must have already been bestowed to Chen Wang,” Bai Qing’s master casually inferred. Instantly, the expressions on the faces of those from Chen Clan all immediately changed. That Chen Clan leader’s eyes flashed with an incomparable sharp glint of light, as he stared intently at the middle-aged woman.

“Seems like my deduction is right. For the Great Solar Chen Clan, you would only receive three medallions every hundred years. Seems like one of the three medallions have been bestowed to Chen Wang, and right now, because of his death, the medallion is lost.” Bai Qing’s master coldly laughed. The Chen Clan leader shouted, “Shut the hell up. Since you know about this, the suspicions towards the Mystic Moon Sect just deepened further. If all of you still want to resist, don’t blame us for doing what we need to do.”

“The members of my Mystic Moon Sect, listen to my command. Don’t fight to the death, gather your strength and break out of the encirclement. We will meet up back in the Spirit Continent.” Bai Qing’s master’s voice resounded in the air. Moments later, the experts from the Mystic Moon Sect no longer fought as madly as before; they were all looking for opportunities to break through the encirclement, obeying the orders of the middle-aged woman.

“Spare no expense, we must definitely capture Bai Qing of the Mystic Moon Sect,” The leader of the Chen Clan commanded. Since the chosen of their clan Chen Wang had fallen, they must make sure that a chosen of the Mystic Moon Sect fell together as well.

In the area where Bai Qing was at, the skies had changed color and became night. A phantom-like silhouette moved forwards in the darkness, as though transformed into shadows, merging in together with the darkness.


Only to see a few of Chen Clan experts dashing into the area of darkness. Their bodies were all lit up with towering flames as they channelled the Great Solar Universe Art to the maximum, randomly blasting out in the darkness, hoping to probe Bai Qing’s location.

The cold wind gusted by, as a sinister cold intent permeated the air. Abruptly, a devil sabre slashed out from the darkness, splitting an unfortunate expert from the Chen Clan into two. However this attack revealed Bai Qing’s location; after she slayed the expert, she immediately dashed ahead madly, at breakneck speed.

“You can’t escape.” In the middle of the air, a blazing sun appeared, casting its rays downwards, illuminating her body.


Bai Qing immediately executed Stellar Transposition as her silhouette flickered in and out of sight as she moved short bursts of distance. She had naturally mastered Stellar Transposition when she and the other rankers and Qin Wentian were trapped inside the formation world, back then in the ancient kingdom.

“Hmph.” How could the experts from the Chen Clan spare her? They instantly executed Stellar Transposition as well, chasing after her to catch her.

In another area at Ginkou. The Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and Jiang Clan had indeed planned to send reinforcements to the Mystic Moon Sect. Right now, the Chen Clan had already shredded all pretense of cordiality and wanted to engage in all out war. However, during the process of sending out experts, they encountered experts from the Hua Clan and Wang Clan hindering their movements, delaying the reinforcements sent. The Hua Clan and Wang Clan didn’t want an all out war, they weren’t fighting as fiercely as they should have; their only task here was to delay the reinforcement. Without external help, the Chen Clan would definitely be able to exterminate those from the Mystic Moon Sect.

Qin Wentian himself also never expected that him killing Chen Wang had actually caused a calamity to descend on the Mystic Moon Sect.

Now, he had already returned to Ginkou. Currently, he was in an inn, listening to the gossip and discussion of the crowd.

“Too disastrous, I didn’t expect the Chen Clan to be this ruthless. However, since they already declared war, there is no need for them to hold back anything any longer. I feel sad for those females in the Mystic Moon Sect.” Someone at a table spoke in a low voice, his words causing Qin Wentian to feel his body tightening. Had something happened to the Mystic Moon Sect?

“I heard that Bai Qing actually managed to escape from the encirclement. However, she’s injured, and notices for her capture have already been sent out all throughout Ginkou. For some reason I think she might surrender and walk right into the trap.”

“Yeah, outside Ginkou’s city gate, Bai Qing’s master was stripped naked with her corpse hung inverted outside there in display.”

The whispers of the crowd caused Qin Wentian’s heart to go cold. Shifting his gaze onto the person who spoke, a sudden pressure enveloped the entire area, as terror suffused the features of that person. He hurriedly exclaimed, “Senior, I was just talking nonsense earlier, please spare me.”

They mistakenly thought that Qin Wentian was an expert from the Chen Clan who felt humiliated because Bai Qing escaped their pursuit.

“What happened to the rest of the members from the Mystic Moon Sect?”

The few of them around the table exchanged glances as their gazes flickered. It seems as though Qin Wentian wasn’t someone from the Chen Clan.

“This morning today, experts from the Chen Clan surrounded the base where the Mystic Moon Sect was located, declaring an all out war. The Mystic Moon Sect tried their best to break out, yet only a few managed to escape. Bai Qing’s master was slain in the chaotic battles and her corpse hung outside the city gate. They wanted Bai Qing to collect her master’s corpse.

“Just because of Chen Wang’s death, the Chen Clan pulled out all stops? Destroying the entire Mystic Moon Sect just to lure Bai Qing back?” The coldness radiating forth from Qin Wentian, was glacial to the extreme.

“No, not merely for Chen Wang. There were some rumors regarding an ancient medallion, something called the Sacred Royal Medallion.” That person respectfully replied, his words causing Qin Wentian’s heart to tremble. The Sacred Royal Medallion was definitely the ancient medallion he had found in Chen Wang’s interspatial ring.

“Kacha!” Qin Wentian’s hands tightly clenched into fist as his body shuddered involuntarily. Intense feelings of guilt overwhelmed him when he thought of what happened to Bai Qing’s master.

This matter arose all because of him.

Although he hadn’t expected that killing Chen Wang would incite such a violent response from the Chen Clan, it was ultimately still because of his action that caused such a disaster to befall the Mystic Moon Sect, which inherently created the situation where Bai Qing’s master had to be humiliated even in death.

He felt extremely miserable, his heart filled with agony. Bai Qing’s master must have doted on Bai Qing a lot.

But now, even though she was already dead, her corpse was still desecrated by the Chen Clan.

“Chen Clan!” The rims of Qin Wentian’s eyes had reddened as the waves of coldness from him continued gushing forth unabated. Those around the table were already kneeling, their eyes full of terror. The Qin Wentian right now was too terrifying, he might even kill them all in a fit of rage.

“Bzzz!” However at this moment, Qin Wentian’s silhouette disappeared from the inn. Only then did those innocent bystanders heaved a sigh of relief. However, despite so, their bodies were still trembling uncontrollably as they silently speculated on the identity of the young man that was here earlier!

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