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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 451 — Tempest In All Directions

Chapter 451: Tempest In All Directions

The devil might Bai Qing exuded towered up towards the skies, gushing towards Chen Fan. Even if she was no match for him, she didn’t mind dying to heavily injure him.

“Overestimating your own strength.” Chen Fan’s countenance was ice-cold as his blazing sun Astral Nova emitted terrifying currents of heat. Rays of sunlight focused and blasted downwards, aiming right for Bai Qing.

There was no way for Ouyang Kuangsheng and the rest to stand by and spectate. All of them flew up in the air, even the experts from the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan also lent their strength.

In another direction, the experts from the Chen Clan also dashed over. In an instant, a great battle erupted. Terrifying auras blasted out, even the surrounding space shook when Astral Novas from all parties rumbled the void.

However, the current battle strength of the Chen Clan experts was no longer what it was during the battle at the ancient kingdom. The Chen Clan had mobilised even more powerful experts, they would stop at nothing until they reacquired the medallion. And adding in the fact that the base of the Mystic Moon Sect in Ginkou was vanquished, the obvious superiority in today’s battle lay with the Great Solar Chen Clan.

After all, this was Ginkou, this was the territory of the Chen Clan. Even if their Ascendants didn’t make an appearance, they would still enjoy the advantage.

Let alone the fact that there were still experts from the Wang Clan, Hua Clan and Nine Mystical Palace helping the Chen Clan.

“Ouyang Kuangsheng is truly a man that values sentiments. Bai Qing and him don’t seemed to have too deep a relationship. He must have acted this way because she was the little sister of his bro, Qin Wentian. And now, he even implicated the entire Ouyang Aristocrat Clan with his decision.” The spectators mused. Right now, the Chen Clan is already prepared to pull out all stops to get the Sacred Royal Medallion back. It wasn’t a wise thing for the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan to choose this time to oppose the Chen Clan.

Chen Fan’s pressure bore down on Bai Qing, Ouyang Kuangsheng and the others. Bai Qing was soon injured, the difference in their cultivation level was too vast. Chen Fan himself was a genius ranked second on the Heavenly Fate Rankings nine years ago. How could Bai Qing and the rest be his opponents? Not only that, Chen Fan’s current cultivation base was already at the fifth level of Heavenly Dipper, and he had a combat strength that didn’t lose out to Hua Taixu, who was at the fourth level of Heavenly Dipper.

However, in the midst of the chaotic battle, a piece of paper suddenly flew through the air, and attached to it, a tattered piece of torn clothing fluttered about, flying towards the direction of those from the Chen Clan.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fan’s eyes erupted with a terrifying light. With a palm strike, the surrounding space was surrounded by heat from his blazing sun. And at the same time, the other experts from the Chen Clan momentarily stopped their battles as they flew after that slip of paper.

Chen Fan’s hand snaked out, catching hold of that paper, as well as the piece of cloth attached to it.

“Chen Wang’s clothing.” Chen Fan’s expression radiated sharpness as his eyes peered into the distance. This piece of clothing was obviously sent by Chen Wang’s killer.

The other experts from the Chen Clan also started to move forward, wanting to seal this place. However, they couldn’t even sense anything strange, it was as though the piece of paper and the clothing appeared out of nowhere.

“Chen Fan, what information does it contain?” A Chen Clan expert came up to Chen Wang and asked.

“During the battle for Heavenly Fate, in the place where countless experts are gathered, the Sacred Royal Medallion will make its appearance there.”

It seemed as though this matter had been cleared up, the killing of Chen Wang definitely wasn’t done by the Mystic Moon Sect.

In fact, the Chen Clan had never thought that they were the culprits. They only wanted to find some clues, regardless of the price paid.

“Seems like, what we have done, is right.” Chen Fan spoke, his words causing the eyes of those from Chen Clan to flicker as they looked at him.

Right? Although this matter wasn’t done by the Mystic Moon Sect, they had already formed an irreversible grudge. Why would Chen Fan say that? But after a moment of contemplation, their eyes dawned with comprehension as they looked at Bai Qing.

These experts had all been alive for a very long time. Not only were their experiences vast, they were powerful in combat and were also naturally intelligent.

Why would the culprit send out that information now? Did he want to announce that the Sacred Royal Medallion was in his hands? How could it be that simple?

There’s only one possibility for his actions. The actions that the Chen Clan took must have made this man feel fear.

In that case, the reason must definitely be because of Bai Qing!

The enemy was afraid that they would take drastic actions against her, that was why he intentionally sent out that piece of paper and Chen Wang’s clothing, telling the Chen Clan that the medallion was in his hands and had nothing to do with Bai Qing.

“Who would have thought that you would be so important? To save you, the person who killed Chen Wang even risked his life to appear here. In that case, there’s absolutely no way we can allow you to go free now.” Chen Fan stared at Bai Qing as he spoke, his words causing a look of bewilderment on the faces of Ouyang Kuangsheng and the others. The killer of Chen Wang revealed himself for Bai Qing?

But who exactly killed Chen Wang and stole the Sacred Royal Medallion?

Ouyang Kuangsheng had also heard about the Sacred Royal medallions before. If one had this in their possession, the first thing they would do would naturally be to flee Ginkou. If the culprit really showed up because of Bai Qing, this could only mean that their relationship was extraordinary.

“In that case, the slaughter carried out by the Chen Clan, annihilating the Mystic Moon Sect, was done with no evidence at all. Chen Wang’s death and the medallion’s disappearance had nothing to do with the Mystic Moon Sect or Bai Qing.” Fan Le’s voice contained a dreadful chill, Chen Fan merely snorted in response. “So what if you are right? Since the matter has become clear now, the rest of you can go but Bai Qing has to remain here. If all of you still want to test my patience, don’t blame my Chen Clan for showing no mercy.”

Ouyang Kuangsheng continued standing there, his face a mask of coldness. From the distance, yet another piece of paper drifted over. Chen Fan immediately shot out, his perception has already been enveloping the area, hence, in order to capture the culprit, he was already prepared to make his move at any moment.

However, Chen Fan soon returned. His expression grew heavy as he spoke, “Seems like our deduction is right. The man who killed Chen Wang is extremely powerful.”

If not, how could the culprit hide all traces of his existence despite sending out another piece of paper in plain sight?

The experts from the Chen Clan read the content written within, before passing to Chen Fan. “If a single strand of hair is missing from Bai Qing’s head, the Sacred Royal Medallion will never reappear again.”

Chen Fan’s hand shook with anger, crumpling the piece of paper before burning it into a crisp. His eyes were like cold ice as he stared at Bai Qing before his voice resounded out. “I will wait for the day when the battle for the Heavenly Fate Rankings commence. If you don’t appear then, I promise I shall let her enjoy a multitude of humiliation and torture before I release her unto the sweet relief of death.”

Chen Fan’s voice rumbled out, spreading in all eight directions. He thought that since the culprit had delivered the paper, he should be in the surroundings. And if so, he would definitely be able to hear his words.

Bai Qing wasn't that important to him. The only thing theycwanted was the Sacred Royal Medallion.

The Chen Clan only got a total of three medallions every hundred years. And this time, he was bestowed one, one of his uncles that was extremely outstanding got one and Chen Wang was given the last one. They were the three holders of the Sacred Royal Medallion of the Chen Clan for these hundred years.

Each of these medallions was priceless. How could they lose it?

Upon hearing Chen Fan’s words, those from the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan transmitted their voices to Ouyang Kuangsheng. “The Chen Clan is unwilling to risk completely falling out with us. Today, we don't hold the advantage. We must endure first and act only after more experts from our Clan arrive. Since the culprit dared to say that he would show up during the ranking battle, Bai Qing wouldn't be in any danger until then.”

The Chen Clan had already made an enemy out of the Mystic Moon Sect. If they could avoid it, they would naturally not want to make an enemy out of the Ouyang Clan and wage war on two fronts.

If the Sacred Royal Medallion returned to them, they didn’t need to kill with no mercy. They hoped that the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan would think this through thoroughly.

Ouyang Kuangsheng turned his gaze towards Bai Qing. His fists were tightly clenched as he silently sighed, “If we fought today, our current combat strength against them would be like using an egg to smash a rock, death would be the only outcome for us. Since the culprit sent that note, Chen Fan would definitely not dare to go against the instructions and harm her. I guess we can only temporarily accept this.”

“Bai Qing, don't be rash. The other experts from the Mystic Moon Sect must be on their way here. You have to endure all of this and live through so you can seek revenge for your master.” Ouyang Kuangsheng’s worried voice was transmitted to Bai Qing. Bai Qing’s heart trembled, but her eyes was as cold as ever.

If she died, who would avenge her master?

She retracted her devil might, as she silently surveyed the countenance of those from the Chen Clan and their alliance, as though she was trying to carve their faces into her memories.

“Consider yourself lucky.” Xiao Han swept a glance at Bai Qing as he coldly spoke.

The raging battle calmed down because of the two pieces of paper. The various powers then left the area. Bai Qing was taken away by those from the Chen Clan, while the other spectators all speculated about who that mysterious culprit actually was? Who actually had the capability to kill Chen Wang and steal away his Sacred Royal Medallion? And why would that person reveal himself because of Bai Qing?

What relationship did they have exactly?

Nobody knew the answer. Very swiftly, the experts from the Mystic Moon Sect in Spirit Continent, the experts from the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan in the Azure Continent and the experts of the Jiang Clan from the Wind Continent all gathered in Ginkou.

The date for the Heavenly Fate Ranking battle was nearing. Many transcendent powers had mobilised an impressive number of their own members to travel to to Ginkou.

For this ranking battle, the commotion it caused even exceeded the one from three years ago, all of this was because right now there was a possibility that the various transcendent powers might shed all pretense and engage in an all out war.

The previous ranking battle shook the entire Grand Xia because of numerous demon-level talents appearing back then. But for the ranking battle this time around it was all about who the one that incited the tempest in Ginkou was?

The eyes of all in Grand Xia, were fixated on the happenings in Ginkou.

However, nobody knew that as the ranking battle neared, in a demon city, within the Celestial Lake Palace, numerous experts were currently making their way to the Qing Continent. Not only that, Fairy Qingmei was personally leading this contingent.

In addition to that, a countless number of demonic beasts gathered into tides as movements on a large scale were measured. They were all galloping into a certain direction, and led by extremely powerful demonic beasts.

The tempest in Ginkou covered the eyes of everyone in Grand Xia, who would still pay attention to something minor in comparison such as the large scale movements of demonic beasts? Also, nobody knew what these two events signified for the future of Grand Xia.

This was actually the starting of the shifting of fates for Grand Xia, but who would know that?

The Nine Mystical Palace was one of the transcendent powers based in the Qing Continent. Although the Nine Mystical Palace wasn’t outstanding when compared to the other transcendent powers in Grand Xia, in the Qing Continent, even though the Nine Mystical Palace was weaker compared to the other transcendent powers based here, it was not weaker by much.

These few years, the Nine Mystical Palace had been constantly engaging in battles with the Greencloud Pavilion. The conflict only got worse as more time passed.

As for the other two transcendent powers based in Qing Continent, the Misty Peak and the Setting Sun Mountains, since this concerned neither of them, they were content to sit on the fence and watch the drama play out. It was only to their advantage if both the Nine Mystical Palace and Greencloud Pavilion suffered losses. Who knows, maybe the four transcendent powers of Qing Continent would be reduced to only two.

But today, an excellent piece of news was sent to the Nine Mystical Palace from the Ginkou Continent almost half a world away.

The relationship between the Great Solar Chen Clan and the members of the Nine Mystical Palace that had ventured to Ginkou had grown increasingly warm and cordial. The Chen Clan also showed hints of forming an alliance with them. As long as the Chen Clan was willing to send some reinforcements to aid his Nine Mystical Palace, there was no way for the Greencloud Pavilion to prevail. At that time, it was obvious who would have the last laugh.

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