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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 452 — Doomsday of the Nine Mystical Palace

Chapter 452: Doomsday of the Nine Mystical Palace

In the Qing Continent, there was a sudden influx in visitors. However these visitors all dispersed themselves among the crowd, making it so that their arrival wasn’t that obvious. Yet, to those astute observers, they noted that these new arrivals all had an extraordinary aura. Not only that, several among them even exuded demonic qi

Hence, the scouts from the Greencloud Pavilion reported this up, and those in the upper echelons decreed that this matter was to be investigated in full.

Recently, there weren’t really any major events happening in the Qing Continent, why would there be a sudden influx of so many powerful cultivators? Their investigations showed that the vast majority of these strangers were Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns and not only that, quite a few among them were demonic beasts.

“Pavilion Lord, could this have something to do with our conflict with the Nine Mystical Palace?” At this moment, someone questioned, his words causing the expression on the Pavilion Lord of the Greencloud Pavilion to flicker.

However at this moment, the pavilion lord suddenly shifted his gaze upwards to the clouds and spoke in a booming voice, “Which friends have decided to pay a visit to my Greencloud Pavilion? Why don’t you show yourselves?”

In the sky, star light congregated, taking the outline of a constellation. The scene that was unfolding caused a look of shock to appear on the face of the pavilion lord.

After which, an incomparable, perfect figure descended from the clouds. Her beautiful frame caused the hearts of people to pound slightly as they stared with their eyes wide open, lost in her charm. However, the features of this woman were obscured by a golden mask. Not only that, she also exuded an aura of coldness, nobody could tell the identity of this woman.

“I wish to meet Old Man Greencloud.” That person softly spoke. The countenance of the pavilion lord of Greencloud Pavilion turned heavy, but at this moment, from the depths of the Pavilion, a voice echoed out in the air. “Which powerful friends deigned to pay me a visit? You are welcome to enter.”

That succubus-like figure slowly descended, landing within the Greencloud Pavilion. All of a sudden, the silhouette of an old man could be seen standing before the Pavilion gates, staring at her.

“Those from the Nine Mystical Palace have already entered Ginkou and made contact with the Great Solar Chen Clan. As to what the purpose behind their actions was, I’m sure you don’t need me to explain. Now, there’s an opportunity. My people have already entered the Qing Continent, and are currently moving towards the place where the Nine Mystical Palace is located. It is easy to defeat them, but not so easy to completely annihilate every one of them. If you are willing to work together with me, we can act and delay the Ascendant of the Nine Mystical Palace while both your people and mine exterminate their members. If you agree to cooperate, there will be no more Nine Mystical Palace in Grand Xia.”

The alluring woman slowly explained, the tone behind her words exceedingly calm. The expression on Old Man Greencloud was serene as well yet his heart was already pounding slightly.

“How can I trust you?”

“In the tempest that shook Ginkou, the Chen Clan massacred the Mystic Moon Sect’s members who were there. In these chaotic times, do you think you can survive if you stand alone? Or perhaps you are thinking that I personally came here just to joke with you? If it wasn’t for the fact that I have hatred against the Nine Mystical Palace, I would form an alliance with them to deal with your Greencloud Pavilion. What would you do then?” That alluring figure coldly spoke. Old Man Greencloud remained silent for a moment before speaking, “When do we act?”

“My men are already on their way. We have to thoroughly wipe the Nine Mystical Palace off the face of Grand Xia. Once my men are ready, we will take action immediately.”

“Fine.” Old Man Greencloud nodded his head. “Relay my orders, and gather all Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns and above. From this moment on, we are in at war with the Nine Mystical Palace. The Pavilion Lord will take command of this operation.”

This voice resounded throughout the Greencloud Pavilion like a clap of thunder, shocking the hearts of the Greencloud Pavilion cultivators. However, soon after, a sharp glint of light flashed in their eyes as they prepared to storm the Nine Mystical Palace.

Finally, was the war about to begin?

As for that alluring female, as well as Old Man Greencloud, they had disappeared immediately, leaving for the Nine Mystical Palace. The most important objective was to prevent the Ascendant of the Nine Mystical Palace from escaping… If he does, the terrifying consequences would be unimaginable.


The Nine Mystical Palace also discovered that there was something strange going on in the Qing Continent. specially right now, there was actually a nameless group of people heading directly towards their Nine Mystical Palace.

Such a big matter, the scouts of the Nine Mystical Palace naturally reported it up to the higher echelons.

Right now in the grand hall, the three palace lords sat within there, listening to the reports as their expressions got increasingly heavy.

“Could the people on the move be those from the Greencloud Pavilion? Has anyone thought to investigate their situation?”

“Reporting to milord, we’ve already sent men to investigate, there should be news soon.”

“Good. Continue to monitor the movements.” Palace Lord Xiao stood up, his eyes radiating sharpness. “I don’t believe anyone in Qing is powerful enough to touch my Nine Mystical Palace. The Greencloud Pavilion? It’s impossible for them.”

“That’s right, we only need to wait a little longer. Once our alliance with the Great Solar Chen Clan is set in stone, it would be as simple as killing an ant if we want to deal with Greencloud Pavilion.” Palace Lord Yu continued. Currently, there were three factions in the Nine Mystical Palace, hence there were three palace lords.

A moment later, a scout hurriedly rushed in as he knelt on the ground. “Palace Lords, the Greencloud Pavilion is currently mobilising all of it’s Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns and they are on their way here.”

“What?!” Palace Lord Xiao’s expression abruptly changed. A cold light flickered in his eyes, did the Greencloud Pavilion really dare to wage war with them?

“Mobilise our own sovereigns as well and prepare for war. At the same time, inform the ancestor. Since Greencloud Pavilion decided to go to war, Old Man Greencloud would surely be leading the charge.”

The countenance of the three palace lords all became incomparably heavy. At this moment, there was another scout rushing in, his forehead shining with the sheen of perspiration.

“Palace Lords, the strangers that arrived in Qing Continent, they…seemed to be gathering.” The voice of that scout trembled.


“They are all just outside our Nine Mystical Palace.” After speaking, that scout knelt down, his entire body trembling uncontrollably. The three palace lords frantically asked, “What about their strength and numbers?”

“They are all Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns, as for the numbers… It is tough to gauge, but there’s a high probablity that it exceeds the number of sovereigns our Nine Mystical Palace has.” The voice of that scout was almost at it’s breaking point, his words also caused the countenances of the palace lords to falter.

“Impossible, how could there be a power with so many sovereigns? Our Nine Mystical Palace didn’t offend any of the other transcendent powers. Is this group of people a mixture of those from Greencloud Pavilion as well as mercenaries hired by the Greencloud Pavilion?”

“No sir, the experts of Greencloud Pavilion are still on their way here. Is there any command I should carry out? Sir, please make a decision.” That scout was shaking as well.

“Move out first.” Palace Lord Xiao spoke. Immediately, a group of experts flew towards the exit of the grand hall, with speed akin to that of a hurricane.

The moment they stepped out of the grand hall, they immediately felt a terrifying pressure pressing down from the skies.

“Which friends have arrived in my Nine Mystical Hall? Why not come out for a meeting?” In the middle of the air, the only Ascendant of the Nine Mystical Palace appeared, turning his head up to gaze at the sky.

From the clouds, two silhouettes emerged. One of them was an extremely alluring female who had a gold mask on her face. For the second silhouette, it was actually none other than the Ascendant of Greencloud Pavilion, Old Man Greencloud! The two Ascendants waved their hands as their constellations birthed, enveloping the entire Nine Mystical Palace.

Their only purpose for coming here, was to exterminate the Nine Mystical Palace. There were no need for them to waste time on words.

The instant the constellations appeared, a threatening power descended everywhere within the Nine Mystical Palace. The appearance of the constellations was also a signal for the rest of their forces to initiate their attack.

Countless numbers of sovereigns hovered in the air, dashing right into the Nine Mystical Palace. As those from the Nine Mystical Palace glanced up, they discovered that the attacking sovereigns of this force all had their features obscured by masks, as though they didn’t want to let anyone know of their identity. Who exactly would want to make a move together with the Greencloud Pavilion against their Nine Mystical Palace?

“When has my Nine Mystical Palace ever offended you? If there had been cases of misunderstanding in the past, I will definitely personally show up at your doorstep with gifts to beg your pardon in the future.” The Ascendant of the Nine Mystical Palace turned his gaze onto that alluring female as he spoke. Previously, he had already sensed a great number of experts arriving in Qing Continent, but he didn’t care too much about them. But now they had stormed up to his doorstep, and just as he wanted to act, the other two Ascendants were already there. It was too late, the Nine Mystical Palace had already been surrounded.

“KILL!” An icy voice abruptly echoed out. In the distance, under the gusts of raging winds, the Greencloud Pavilion’s Sovereigns also arrived. Instantly, the experts of the Nine Mystical Palace all paled while the expressions of the three palace lords all faltered. What had happened? How could this be?

This battle, was being initiated for the sole purpose of completely annihilating the Nine Mystical Palace.

But who was it exactly that could mobilise such a large number of Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns?

Underneath the bright light of the constellations, an endless number of Astral Novas appeared, shaking the void, only to see that the Ascendant from the Nine Mystical Palace didn’t even hesitate as he turned and tried to escape. There was no meaning to this battle, what was important now was staying alive. He would avenge those who died today in the future.

“Ancestor!” Upon seeing the figure who they had put their faith in escaping, the expressions on the faces of the Nine Mystical Palace’s members were like dead ashes. In an instant, their morale dipped to a new low, and without even giving them a chance to recover, the experts under Old Man Greencloud and Fairy Qingmei immediately dashed over and began the slaughter.

In the world of Stellar Martial Cultivators, in an all out war, one must take care to never leave behind seeds of trouble that might germinate and threaten you in the future. To be merciful towards your enemies, only meant that you’re being cruel to yourself.

That alluring woman and Old Man Greencloud instantly moved to block the Nine Mystical Palace’s Ancestor. The constellations in the sky descended and instantly, the entire space around them was covered with dazzling constellations. Old Man Greencloud blasted out with his palms, creating bursts of green clouds with every strike, directly slamming them onto the body of the ancestor from the Nine Mystical Palace.

“Who are you exactly? Why are you doing this to my Nine Mystical Palace?” As he defended against the strike, the gaze of the ancestor never left the alluring woman. He just couldn’t understand and had no idea who was powerful enough to command such a large number of sovereigns.

“The Nine Mystical Palace wantonly bullied the weak, and even took something they should not have taken. Now, it is the time to settle the debts.” The alluring woman coldly spoke. “You won’t be able to escape.”

As the sound of her voice faded, the alluring woman joined forces with Old Man Greencloud. The constellations surrounding them glowed even brighter as the space itself trembled from the pressure. Outside the enveloped space, the Sovereigns from Greencloud Pavilion and those under Fairy Qingmei totally routed the cultivators of the Nine Mystical Palace, not even sparing a single one.

This grand battle was fought at such a scale that even those from far far away could see it. Their expressions turned sluggish as they stared up at the sky in wonder. Constellations! There were actually three constellations in the sky.

Was this an all out war between transcendent powers?

A countless number of Sovereigns stormed the Nine Mystical Palace. Other than those from Greencloud Pavilion, who else was there?

Deep inside the Nine Mystical Palace, in a dark, forsaken jail, Di Yi’s entire body was riddled with countless wounds. He was currently chained up, appearing extremely miserable. At this moment, upon hearing the commotion outside, he lifted his head as bewilderment flashed past his face.

It seemed as though…someone was attacking the Nine Mystical Palace?

Far above the battle, high up in the clouds, the silhouette of a great roc whose wings spanned 3,000 miles could be seen hovering there. Its eyes radiated sharpness as it peered downwards, as though it could see through the thick layers of cloud and witness the battle below it.

The eyes of the great roc were cold, so cold that it evoked a primal fear in others. There were no emotions there, it resembled a sovereign of the skies, staring down with disdain at the world.

He had come, it was time to settle old debts!

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