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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 453 — The Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation, Is Reversible?!

Chapter 453: The Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation, Is Reversible?!

Fairy Qingmei personally commanded this nameless force. The sovereigns under her command were made up of those from the Celestial Lake Palace as well as the hidden Azure Factions which Qin Wentian reunited. The power of this combined force exceeded the majority of the transcendent powers in Grand Xia.

The Nine Mystical Palace was ranked last among transcendent powers. How could they withstand an all out attack led by both Fairy Qingmei and Old Man Greencloud? In the blink of an eye, blood painted the Nine Mystical Palace red. The earth was destroyed, the Nine Mystical Palace was crumbling under the domineering onslaught of the two forces.

Fairy Qingmei and Old Man Greencloud joined forces to block the ancestor of Nine Mystical Palace, not giving him any chance to escape. They gradually whittled down his strength before fatally injuring him.

"Who is that masked lady? Why is she doing this?"

At this moment, Palace Lord Xiao’s eyes were filled with traces of blood, turning his gaze on the alluring female in the sky.


A demonic wind abruptly gusted down from the skies as overwhelming amounts of demonic qi permeated the atmosphere. Momentarily, an immense silhouette blotted out the sun, causing the entire Nine Mystical Palace to be plunged into darkness.

The members of the Nine Mystical Palace stared up towards the sky; after which, they saw a great roc descending, coming closer and closer to them.

The sharp eyes of the great roc shifted onto those from the Nine Mystical Palace. There were none that didn’t tremble when the gaze of the great roc landed on them.

The primordial great roc was a descendent of one of the eight demonic divinities. The descendant of the Sky Sovereign Roc, the sovereign of the skies!

He was Qin Wentian.

Palace Lord Xiao’s countenance instantly paled; he naturally knew of the grudge between the Nine Mystical Palace and Qin Wentian. Back then, in the small country of Chu, a descendent of his Xiao Clan died in Chu because that person had antagonised Qin Wentian. And because of this, the Nine Mystical Palace used the death as an excuse to capture Di Yi, wanting to excavate the secrets Di Yi was hiding.

And currently, everything made sense. Qin Wentian was the one that led this nameless force over. He instantly understood something. Today, the Nine Mystical Palace was finished.

"Does the Greencloud Pavilion really want to be in an alliance with the broken remnants of the Azure Emperor Palace?" Palace Lord Xiao called out in rage, his words causing the Pavilion Lord of Greencloud Pavilion to freeze in the air. He then glanced at the great roc, as his heart trembled with an unknown emotion.

He hadn’t thought that the great roc would actually be Qin Wentian.

"All of you from Greencloud Pavilion should have no idea that Qin Wentian is the Azure Emperor’s successor." Palace Lord Xiao continued hollering, only to see the eyes of the great roc boring into him. A rumble then filled the air, as a powerful voice thundered out. "The true Azure Emperor Palace will be established as the Nine Mystical Palace fades away."

As the sound of it’s voice faded, the great roc dived downwards, akin to a supreme sword, piercing forth in the direction of Palace Lord Xiao.

Palace Lord Xiao’s body crackled with purplish lightning; he transformed into a raging lightning dragon and dashed through the skies, slamming towards the great roc.

The great roc and the lightning dragon fiercely collided. The immense silhouette of the great roc climbed through the skies, seeking the advantage of a higher position. Abruptly, an incomparably sharp kingly sword appeared, slashing towards Palace Lord Xiao.

"Lightning Eruption!"

The voice of Palace Lord Xiao was ice cold, his Astral Nova exploded as nine lightning dragons were birthed from it. They then zoomed upwards, trying to burrow themselves into the great roc.

"Booom!" A flood of astral light inundated the area as the silhouette of the great roc vanished from sight. The kingly sword held in it’s talons had already broken apart the shell of the lightning dragon, turning Palace Lord Xiao back into a human as the sword penetrated his throat. The lightning dragons manifested from the eruption of Palace Lord Xiao’s Astral Nova took the chance to slam into the great roc’s body, devastating it from within.

An explosive sound thundered out, the body of Palace Lord Xiao was lacerated into nothingness under the pressure of the sword might.

The establishment of the true Azure Emperor Palace as the Nine Mystical Palace fades away. The sound of those words reverberated throughout the entire space, only stopping after many moments.

The destruction of a transcendent power could never be hidden completely. Very soon, all of Grand Xia would know, so there was no need to hide any longer, Qin Wentian might as well boldly reveal his objective. These were also the wishes of the Azure Emperor and Fairy Qingmei. Qin Wentian had received their aid, naturally he would do his best to carry out their wishes.

The experts from the Nine Mystical Palace gradually dwindled in number. Among the crowd, Luo Tianya stared with dumbfounded stupefaction at the great roc in the air. Was this still the youth he met at the Junlin Banquet? Back then, Qin Wentian had defeated his son Luo Qianqiu, after which his son was even slain by Qin Wentian.

He wanted revenge but was afraid of the retaliation by the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and Greencloud Pavilion. He had always been enduring, waiting for a opportunity, biding his time so that he could kill Qin Wentian. However who would expect that as time flowed by, Qin Wentian’s name shook the entire Grand Xia. And now, he actually commanded his forces to wipe out the Nine Mystical Palace. Everything felt as surreal as a dream.

All of a sudden, the icy glance of that great roc was directed his way. Luo Tianya felt his heart violently clenching from fear, yet Qin Wentian only disdainfully spared a glance at him. After which, the eyes of the great roc shifted aside, as though it couldn’t be bothered to look at a dead man, totally disregarding him.

"Bzzz!" A raging wind gusted as the great roc landed onto an ancient-looking building before using it’s wings to split the dome of the building apart.

Di Yi inclined his head, his face a mask of amazement as he stared at the immense silhouette blocking out the sun.

"Kacha…" The chains binding him were shattered. Yet Di Yi stared blankly at the great roc before him. It was a while before he recovered.

Qin Wentian stared at Di Yi, respectfully dipping his head in a slight bow, as he stated, "Headmaster, Wentian apologises for his tardiness. I’ve led the Azure Emperor Palace over to save you, I’m finally here."

"Wentian…" Di Yi murmured, tears streak down his face, as he was overcome by his emotions.

Only after a long while did he glance back at Qin Wentian once more. He stretched out his hands, as though wanting to cradle the great roc’s face. However the great roc was too large, his hands could only touch a small portion of it’s face.

Di Yi’s eyes reddened, his heart was filled with endless complications.

Qin Wentian had reunited the hidden Azure Faction and led people to destroy the Nine Mystical Palace. However, he himself had actually transformed into a primordial great roc.

"Headmaster, you should be happy instead." The large eyes of the great roc revealed a smile, his words causing Di Yi to nod his head. "Yes, you are right. I should be happy. My Azure Emperor Palace is finally reunited and is even stronger compared to some transcendent powers. I would never have thought that despite being separated for thousands of years, the forces of our hidden Azure Faction would arrive at this step today."

"But, such a display is still extremely dangerous." Di Yi cautioned.

"Mhm, I understand. Hence I have the people from our Azure Emperor Palace to don on masks. Nobody knows their identity and we can all fade away like smoke if someone launches an investigation." Qin Wentian replied. Di Yi nodded, apparently Qin Wentian had already considered it from this angle. The young man before him was no longer as naive as the youth he was back then in Chu.

Qin Wentian brought Di Yi with him as he soared through the skies. Di Yi suddenly asked, "Wentian, what are your plans now that the Nine Mystical Palace has already been destroyed?"

"I still have something I need to do so I will need to return to Ginkou. Headmaster, after you return to Chu, please convey my well wishes to my old acquaintances on my behalf." Di Yi nodded. He had been imprisoned by the Nine Mystical Palace ever since his capture, thus he hadn’t known the events that transpired in the outside world. Since Qin Wentian said that he had to return to Ginkou, it must be for something important.

Di Yi didn’t continue to ask about it. He stared at the space below, a sect with thousand years of history was destroyed in the span of a single day, becoming history; as what it once was, the glory it once had, all dissipated like ashes in the wind.

A few hours later, after the dust had settled, the other experts from the Greencloud Pavilion entered the Nine Mystical Palace and cleaned everything up. Old Man Greencloud had already managed to guess the identity of the alluring woman, and even someone at his level felt slightly apprehensive in his heart when he learnt who she was. As for those on the ground, there was currently a group of three from the Greencloud Pavilion standing together. One of them was an extremely old-looking man, and the other two were beautiful females that exuded the vibrancy of youth. They all inclined their heads, staring up at Qin Wentian who was hovering in the air.

And at this instant, the great roc also lowered it’s head. A smile could be seen on his face as he matched their gazes.

"Senior Gongyang, how have you been? It has been ages since we last met," Qin Wentian smiled. So, that decrepit-looking old man was none other than Gongyang Hong, whom he had been acquainted with back in Chu.

Gongyang Hong had a wry smile on his face as he shook his head, "I’m doing fine, your name has shown up frequently during the last few years, and I spend my time boasting to my peers about my excellent judgement. But even I would never have imagined that you would transform into a great roc. But no matter, my heart is satisfied just by seeing that you are still alive."

Currently, there were many people in Grand Xia who had fallen due to Qin Wentian.

"Transforming into a great roc, soaring through the skies. This isn’t something to be unhappy about. Sadly, I still have something I need to do and won’t be able to stay long to chat with Senior. Please accept my apologies."

"Don’t worry about it, go and get busy." Gongyang Hong nodded.

"Mhm." Qin Wentian replied. He nodded his head slightly in acknowledgement to Qian Mengyu and the girl beside her.

Qian Mengyu’s heart trembled involuntarily upon seeing Qin Wentian’s current form.

That youth that she knew from before, was it fated that he would never be able to return?

"Go!" Qin Wentian commanded as he soared up into the skies. Instantly, the masked Sovereigns all departed with him, yet even after their departure, the waves of commotion in the hearts of those present didn’t abate in the slightest. Their actions today were a writing brush penning the history of Grand Xia.

The news of the Nine Mystical Palace’s destruction was like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky. The other transcendent powers of the Qing Continent were all shocked senseless. However, they soon heard the news that the force who destroyed the Nine Mystical Palace was the young man named Qin Wentian who split apart the Pill Emperor Hall years ago. However, now, he was no longer alone; he led a fearsome team of Heavenly Sovereigns that hailed from the hidden factions of the Azure Emperor Palace.


The demon sword was still embedded in the Pill Emperor Hall in Moon Continent.

These few years, the Pill Emperor Hall had maintained an extremely low profile. After what happened back then, they already knew that there was an exceptionally powerful force behind Qin Wentian.

However currently, several experts appeared on the peak of the ninety nine heaven-ascending steps as though they were waiting for something.

And not long after, a group of figures appeared in the skies as they slowly descended downwards. The cultivator in the lead was a young man. His countenance was extremely sharp, as an untamed sense of arrogance emanated forth from him.

"Jun Yu, you broke through to Celestial Phenomenon?" The Pill Emperor stared at that young man, he was visibly moved.

"Mhm." That young man nodded his head lightly, "Master, disciple didn’t let down the fact that you bestowed the Sacred Royal Medallion upon me. Right now, I’m returning to my sect in glory."

"Excellent, excellent!" The Pill Emperor smiled as he nodded his head. However soon after, his smile turned into a sigh, "You should already know what happened to our Pill Emperor Hall. Our current straits can only be described with the word ‘miserable.’"

"Hmph." A cold glint of light flashed past the eyes of the young man. After which, he approached the demon sword, his countenance a mask of ice. Abruptly, astral light flashed as his constellation appeared. His silhouette flickered, landing on the demon sword, trying to pull it out from the ground. However, the sword didn’t even budge a single inch. It’s only response was a keening sound that echoed endlessly, as though it was emphasizing the fact that it wasn’t willing to be pulled out.

"Overestimating itself."

The young man snorted in disdain. The constellation in the skies shone even brighter as a column of astral light cascaded down onto him. The clouds in the skies were forcibly shifted away by a formidable force as a terrifying sealing energy was directed to the demon sword. The force of the seal caused the sword to violently tremble.

"Bzzzz!" A terrifying sharp light erupted forth from the sword as a terrifying phenomenon appeared in the skies. The howls of dragons and wails of phoenixes, the image of a great roc bumping in the ceiling of heavens flashed by. Thunder erupted, lightning flashed, only to see the young man channeling the energy of his constellation to forcibly envelop the demon sword. Gradually, the strange phenomenon weakened, as the demon sword returned to it’s tranquil state.

The silhouette of the young man flickered as he landed on the ground. "This sword…is extraordinary."

Those from the Pill Emperor Halls all nodded their heads. They naturally knew that the demon sword was extraordinary.

And as the voice of the young man sounded out, the sound of a sigh suddenly echoed forth from the sword. This sigh contained a powerful tremor within that could even shake the heavens and earth. Yet, the members of the Pill Emperor Hall didn’t hear it.

The primordial great roc, who was half a world away, suddenly felt a shiver in it’s soul. An archaic, ancient-sounding sigh suddenly rang out in it’s mind.


The eyes of the great roc sharpened as fear blossomed in it’s heart. Who was powerful enough to cause their sigh to be directly transmitted to his mind?

"Forming a connection with the eight demonic divinities, the ancient will stretches across the skies. This art allows you to transform into a demon, it is the Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation Art." That voice sounded out again in melancholy.

"Who are you?" Qin Wentian silently asked.

"Who am I? I don’t even know that myself. I only remembered that I was a Sky Sovereign Roc, I resented that the Heavens were too low." That archaic voice rang out once more, the words it spoke caused the pounding of Qin Wentian’s heart to grow increasingly more intense.

The Sky Sovereign Roc resented that the Heavens were too low!

The demon sword was none other than the incarnation of it?!

Currently, the demon sword was more than ten thousand miles away from him, but it’s voice could still reach out through space, ringing out in his mind.

"The Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation is reversible." That voice rang out once more, it’s words causing Qin Wentian to tremble uncontrollably. The Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation could be reversed?!

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