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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 455 — Jun Yu

Chapter 455: Jun Yu

Qin Wentian’s request for the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and Jiang Clan to battle, was actually because of the fact that despite his current strength, he was still helpless.

Right now, although the hidden Azure Faction was already reunited, they only had Fairy Qingmei, a single Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant. Evidently, his current strength was insufficient to clash head on against a top-tier transcendent power like the Great Solar Chen Clan. If not, why would Fairy Qingmei need to wait so many years? She would have finished things long ago, if she could have.

Hence, Qin Wentian needed the strength of the alliance to deal a critical strike to the Chen Clan, making it so that once they stumbled, they would be unable to rise again.

Also, Fairy Qingmei had revealed some secrets behind the Azure Emperor’s death to Qin Wentian. Back then, the Great Solar Chen Clan were the masterminds. And if it wasn’t for her timely appearance, the Hua Clan and Wang Clan would all have acted as well.

But of course, Qin Wentian wouldn’t force the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan into danger for him. He had already made some other arrangements.

Not only that, the power under him wouldn’t be part of the alliance between the Ouyang Clan, Jiang Clan and Mystic Moon Sect. The only reason why they appeared together was to deal with the Great Solar Chen Clan.

As for the nine ultimate arts of Grand Xia, this was the compensation for the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and Jiang Clan. He also wished that these two powers could grow more powerful and in the future, be ranked above the Chen, Hua and Wang Clan.

In Ginkou, the number of experts that gathered here this year was greater than the previous Heavenly Fate Rankings three years ago. Especially for the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan which was one of the powers embroiled in the tempest of Ginkou, even their Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant had personally came over. One could only imagine how terrifying the storm is going to be.

The Chen Clan, Hua Clan and Wang Clan’s relationship got visibly closer, as though they already had intentions to ally together for some reason. Xiao Han and the others from the Nine Mystical Palace were also mixed in but right at this moment, just as they were drunk on success, a piece of news out of the blue caused them to feel as though their hearts had stopped.

Back then, Qin Wentian who had barged up the Pill Emperor Hall, hadn’t he already died? Why did the news say that a gigantic roc controlled the hidden factions of the Azure Emperor and allied themselves with the Greencloud Pavilion, thoroughly rooting out the Nine Mystical Palace?

After the news circulated all over Ginkou, it was as though the air itself was covered by a layer of dark clouds. The various transcendent powers suddenly recalled the seclusion of the Pill Emperor Hall. Back then, there was an exceptionally powerful constellation that enveloped the entire Pill Emperor Hall. What exactly happened back then?

And after the first waves of shock, yet another tsunami-level piece of news circulated throughout Ginkou. The Hua Clan in the Moon Continent found themselves under attack by the Azure Faction and had suffered drastically due to being caught unaware. Luckily, the Hua Clan Ascendant was there, which was why the Hua Clan had still survived. The ancestor of the Hua Clan wasn’t a match for Fairy Qingmei, however he still managed to survive with heavy injuries and led the rest of his clan to safety.

As this piece of news hit Ginkou, those from the Hua Clan currently within Ginkou all immediately left, rushing back to the Moon Continent. There were no more doubts now. Right now, Qin Wentian was enacting his revenge. All the transcendent powers that had offended him before were now trembling with fear, wondering if they would be next.

Soon after, news of the Wang Clan in the War Continent under attack also circulated here, the information causing people to be speechless.

Qin Wentian was truly still alive. In that case, the stories about him having a supreme power backing him must be real. Not only that, he represents the Azure Faction now and was treading the path of revenge. There was no doubt that his actions would completely offend several of the other transcendent powers. Even if they wanted to make peace now, it was too late. War, was the only answer.

However, Qin Wentian had no plans to announce that he would establish his own power so soon. This was because having a stable base might incite attacks from others. This was also the reason why he had his followers don masks to hide their identity, able to melt away in the crowd, hiding from the eyes of those who meant them harm. In the meantime, the followers under him were all cultivating the nine supreme arts, and no one knew who they were.

Under the continuous onslaught of shocking news after shocking news, the Heavenly Fate Ranking battle finally commenced in the Venerate Heavens Sect in Ginkou.

Within the Venerate Heavens Sect, there was an extremely impressive arena that was surrounded by thirty-six viewing platforms in all eight directions. Behind the viewing platforms were the countless spectators that came to witness the new rankers today.

The ranking battle this time around wasn’t conducted in the ancient kingdom of Grand Xia. There was no beating of drums, crossing the river of life and death, no battle-robed opponents to battle. In that case, they would directly use combat to determine the rankings. Each of the transcendent powers will come up with a treasure to reward the thirty-six rankers.

But right now, the thirty-six transcendent powers has already been whittled down to thirty-five. In the viewing platform designated for the Nine Mystical Palace, only a few experts could be seen sitting there. Even they themselves felt extremely awkward, with their sect being destroyed, they were no longer a transcendent power. Right now, they could only live under the protection of others.

Other than this, the number of experts in the viewing platforms designated to the Wang and Hua Clan only had a few cultivators. They were all afraid that Qin Wentian would mount a sneak attack again, hence they could only return to their clans and increase their vigilance.

On the grand viewing platforms, the spectators stared at the battles in the arena, yet no one was really paying attention to the combatants.

Compared to the chaotic currents flowing in Grand Xia now, the ranking battle of the Heavenly Fate Rankings weren’t that important. After all, this was merely a battle among the younger generations, considering the state Grand Xia was in now, would the geniuses that emerged from the ranking battle this time around even be able to rise up?

Those from the Chen Clan brought Bai Qing over. They hadn’t harmed Bai Qing, but were constantly on the lookout. Today, if the Sacred Royal Medallion didn’t appear, they would definitely kill Bai Qing to vent their anger.

Old Man Tianji sat in the main seat, his gaze peering down on the intense battle of the combatants below. A smile appeared on his face when he shifted his gaze onto a young man. “This seedling isn’t bad.”

“The sword arts of this young man are truly profound.” A spectator from the Venerate Heavens Sect nodded in agreement.

When Old Man Tianji glanced around at those from the various transcendent powers, his pupils couldn’t help but to narrow. He felt as though these people weren’t here for spectating the Heavenly Fate Rankings, but were hatching schemes of their own instead.

Shaking his head slightly, Old Man Tianji could only sigh in his heart. He naturally understood what these people were thinking about. In such chaotic times, even transcendent powers could fall. How could these people pay attention to what was going on in the ranking battle?

“Sigh demon star, demon star, you truly flung the entire Grand Xia into chaos.

The vision he had back then, was gradually coming true.

Qin Wentian, in the short span of a few years, had already caused so much chaos in Grand Xia. If he had ten more years to grow, what would the situation in Grand Xia be like then?

Considering the history of Grand Xia, ten years were just too short a time.

Right now, the ranking battle got increasingly intense. The Ouyang Aristocrat Clan, Jiang Clan and Mystic Moon Sect all sat together on one viewing platform. Their eyes were all flickering with sharpness, yet they seemed to be patiently waiting for something.

And finally, after a few days of battle, only two combatants remained. Excited roars resounded throughout the crowd, lauding laurels onto them, fully convinced that these two would definitely stand at the peak of Grand Xia in the future.

The two combatants were both respectively dressed in black and white. The black-robed young man was from the Shi Clan. In the earlier rankings three years ago, Shi Potian suffered miserably, but this time around, the Shi Clan could finally lift their heads up with pride, someone from the clan finally obtained the position of the first ranker in the Heavenly Fate Rankings.

As for the person ranked second, it was actually someone from the Thousand-Jue Alliance.

Old Man Tianji finished engraving the Heavenly Fate Ranking scoreboard, as thirty-six names shimmered in the air. The new rankers on the Heavenly Fate Rankings had thus been born.

At this moment, it seemed as though everything has ended. But of course, everyone understood that this was just the beginning.

“I have to congratulate Brother Shi. Esteemed Nephew Shi Hao’s talent is extraordinary, he is sure to accomplish grand things in the future.” Only to see a powerhouse of the Chen Clan glance towards a man from the Shi Clan with a smile on his face. The leader of the Shi Clan lightly nodded and replied, “Hao`er still needs more training. When compared to the first ranker three years ago, he’s still a distance away.”

The eyes of the powerhouse from Chen Clan flickered with an unknown emotion when Qin Wentian was mentioned. He then casually added, “Now that so many experts gathered and the ranking battle has concluded, the Royal Sacred Medallion has not made it appearance. In that case, even I feel bad thinking of the humiliation that will soon befall that talented and beautiful young lady from the Mystic Moon Sect.”

As the sound of his voice faded, he stood up and stared in the direction of Bai Qing.

“The Chen Clan lost the Sacred Royal Medallion due to their disciple’s inability. To think that they would vent their frustrations out on the disciples of my Mystic Moon Sect. How laughable.”

Only to see that opposite the Chen Clan, the sect leader of the Mystic Moon Sect personally spoke. Her eyes flickered with a terrifying light as she stared at the Chen Clan’s powerhouse.

“Who knows what is real? Maybe the medallion is in the hands of your sect?” The powerhouse from the Chen Clan icily spat out. He turned his gaze towards the alliance of three powers while coldly laughing in his heart.

Did the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and Jiang Clan really have the guts to form an alliance with the Mystic Moon Sect to wage an all-out war against them?

“The Chen Clan truly did go overboard in this matter.” The Ouyang clan lord calmly spoke, causing the expressions of the crowd to stiffen. The statement of the clan lord indicated a single thing.

It seemed as though a tempest is incoming.

The powerhouse from the Chen Clan glanced in the direction of the Ouyang Clan, yet his expression was as calm as ever as he continued laughing coldly in his heart.

At this moment… a voice drifted over from afar.

“Old friends from the Pill Emperor Hall are here to pay a visit to Brother Tianji.”

The expressions of the crowd faltered as they stared in the direction of the voice.

Over there, there were three silhouettes, each projecting an extraordinary aura that was immeasurably deep.

“That’s the Pill Emperor, as well as the ancient elder at the Ascendant level. Is the Pill Emperor Hall coming out of seclusion?”

Upon seeing this scene, a flash of puzzlement shone in the eyes of the crowd. That young man who walked shoulder by shoulder with the two powerhouses of the Pill Emperor Hall, who was he?

Old Man Tianji turned his gaze onto the three newcomers, as a strange glow flashed in the depths of his eyes. The expression on the faces of the experts from the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and Jiang Clan all grew incredibly ugly at this moment.

Why would the Pill Emperor Hall appeared here?

“Ah noble nephew Jun Yu has returned.” Only to see that among the experts of the Chen Clan, one extremely old-looking man clad in luxurious robes stood up. This was none other than the ancestor of the Great Solar Chen Clan. He wielded the highest amount of authority in the entire Chen Clan

Right now, seeing those from the Pill Emperor Hall arriving, the first person he chose to greet, was actually the young man? This actions caused countless people to be extremely surprised.

Jun Yu…Jun Yu? Could it be him?

Around thirty years ago, the personal disciple of the Pill Emperor, as well as the daughter of the Pill Emperor were both the pride and chosen of the Pill Emperor Hall. Jun Yu immersed himself in the martial path while Luo He focused on alchemy. Jun Yu was also once the top ranker of the Heavenly Fate Rankings, but for some reason, after he entered Heavenly Dipper, his name disappeared completely from Grand Xia.

And currently, this man had finally returned.

“Uncle Chen.” Jun Yu bow lightly with a smile on his face. His attitude was as though talking to someone of equal ranking. The ancestor of the Chen Clan didn’t find anything strange in it, he only nodded and continued, “I heard that noble nephew Jun Yu has already stepped into the Celestial Phenomenon Realm and has an outstanding evaluation from that place, now that you’ve returned, how could the Pill Emperor Hall fail to rise back to glory?”

Jun Yu only had a smile on his face in response. After that, the three of them sat on the viewing platform prepared for the Pill Emperor Hall amidst the endless cheering from the disciples of the Pill Emperor Hall.

The three Ascendants of the Pill Emperor Hall sat together, yet Jun Yu seemed to command the greatest presence.

Old Man Tianji glanced at this man as he silently speculated in his heart. Jun Yu is indeed extremely powerful, as befitting of someone who went out of Grand Xia to temper himself, a holder of the Sacred Royal Medallion. In the past hundred years, Jun Yu was undoubtedly the one with the highest achievements. He wasn’t simply a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant. There were rumors that he had an extraordinary status over there, high enough to crush the status of anyone in Grand Xia!

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