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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 456 — Royal Sacred Sect

Chapter 456: Royal Sacred Sect

The three ascendants of the Pill Emperor Hall sat together. Jun Yu sat in the middle, his status was even greater compared to his master, the Pill Emperor, as well as that ancient elder from the Pill Emperor Hall.

Although Jun Yu was the disciple, his current status was now far beyond anyone in Grand Xia. Earlier, the Pill Emperor had intentionally left the seat in the middle for Jun Yu. His only purpose was naturally to outline how important Jun Yu was to the other transcendent powers.

Over a year ago, that battle in the Pill Emperor Hall made the Pill Emperor experience a crowning calamity.

The Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant that appeared struck fear in the deepest depths of his heart. Just a simple revelation, the calling of Qin Wentian as his young master, made the Pill Emperor Hall enter seclusion, striking off their relationship with the outside world. Their status and power had declined sharply after that, numerous disciples had died and because of the incident in which their ancestor tried to leech away the life of people, no cultivators wanted to join the Pill Emperor Hall.

For that period of time, it was the lowest point they experienced ever since the Pill Emperor Hall had been conceived.

Recently, a news of great import made the Pill Emperor sit up in delight.

His personal disciple, someone who was the top ranker of the Heavenly Fate Rankings over thirty years ago, had finally returned.

Also, the current Jun Yu had already formally entered the Royal Sacred Sect as the direct disciple of one of the elders there. Not only that, that elder was a king of the Great Shang Empire. This meant that even in Grand Shang, Jun Yu was someone extraordinary. He could even enter the Royal Palace and speak directly to the Emperor of Grand Shang.

Many in Grand Xia would naturally not understand how imposing Jun Yu’s current status was. But as the leader of the Pill Emperor Hall, the Pill Emperor was extremely clear of what it represented. Back then when the rebellion of the nine grand clans caused the ancient kingdom of Grand Xia to fall, the mastermind in the dark was none other than the Grand Shang Empire.

Grand Shang was as strong as Grand Xia before its decline. Nay, Grand Shang was even stronger compared to Grand Xia. The number of Ascendants they had, far outstripped Grand Xia.

Back then, the Si Clan that appeared during the Heavenly Fate Rankings three years ago, was actually the strongest among the nine grand clans in ancient Grand Xia. They had disappeared from history not because they were all eliminated. Rather, they had all migrated to Grand Shang. With their current prowess, none among the transcendent powers of Grand Xia would even dare to antagonise them.

One could very well imagine how high Jun Yu’s status was currently. Hence, after the Pill Emperor Hall knew that he had returned, they decided to come out of seclusion. So what if Qin Wentian was a young master of a certain power?

In this entire world, how many sects or clans could be comparable to the Royal Sacred Sect of Grand Shang?

The Royal Sacred Sect was a true tyrant, far above the level of transcendent powers. It was rumoured that there were even existences above the Celestial Phenomenon Realm there.

Grand Xia, was merely one out of three imperial empires in this world.

The Royal Sacred Sect, the Sacred Royal Medallion. Those who possess a Sacred Royal Medallion can enjoy several special and unique advantages. They were considered external members of Grand Shang and could undergo a test in the Royal Sacred Sect to become their disciples.

This was the reason why the Chen Clan placed so much importance on the missing Sacred Royal Medallion. Each and every medallion was a glimmer of hope to them.

The three medallions they were given every hundred years, would only be bestowed to members of their clan who had the highest degree of talent. After Grand Xia, with the medallion in hand, they could go out and temper themselves and if they were strong enough, they might be recruited into the Royal Sacred Sect. At that time, it wasn’t just a foolish dream if they wanted to conquer and unite the entire Grand Xia.

Jun Yu, was once the most talented disciple in the Pill Emperor Hall. With the Sacred Royal Medallion in hand, he ventured out of Grand Xia and now over thirty years later, he returned in glory.

The gazes of the transcendent powers all shifted onto the viewing platform designated to the Pill Emperor Hall as they silently probed Jun Yu’s current strength.

Yet, Jun Yu was all smiles as he openly faced the stares. “I didn’t think that so many elder-level characters would make an appearance today. Jun Yu pays his respect to the elders of the various transcendent powers.”

“Noble nephew Jun Yu is too courteous.” The powerhouse from the Chen Clan laughed. He then cast a glance in the direction of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan as a cold smile hung on his lips.

He had initially thought that the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan wouldn’t have the guts to truly wage an all-out-war. The succession of sneak attacks may have caused the Hua Clan and Wang Clan to retreat, but did the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan really think that the Chen Clan wouldn’t be able to tell what they were thinking?

And now, even if the Azure Faction led by Qin Wentian appeared, what commotion could they even cause?

Just counting his Great Solar Chen Clan and the Pill Emperor Hall alone, they would have a total of six Ascendants. And that’s even before considering the extraordinary status of Jun Yu.

Would the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan even dare to take action?

“I heard that noble nephew Jun Yu has already joined the Royal Sacred Sect and become the personal disciple of an elder there. Brother Pill Emperor, congratulations for raising such an outstanding disciple.” The powerhouse from the Chen Clan clasped his hands, his words causing great satisfaction to appear on the Pill Emperor’s face.

Upon hearing the words, the faces of members from the transcendent powers present all changed. The common people in Grand Xia might have no idea what the Royal Sacred Sect was, but as a transcendent power, how could they not know of it? These so called ‘legendary’ powerful characters from the transcendent powers in Grand Xia were akin to ant-like existence when placed in comparison to the Royal Sacred Sect of Grand Shang. Just a verbal command from them was sufficient to snuff out a transcendent power in Grand Xia.

Any of the elder-level characters in the Royal Sacred Sect would be able to effortlessly destroy a transcendent power.

And as for Jun Yu, he had become the disciple of one of these terrifying characters. How could the Pill Emperor not be proud?

The expression of the Ouyang Ancestor turned incredibly unsightly to behold.

Qin Wentian had already achieved what he promised, drawing the members of the Hua Clan and Wang Clan away. Also, even before the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan took any action, Di Tian had already handed over two of the nine ultimate arts as a show of good faith, allowing their members to cultivate them so as to prepare for the clash against the Great Solar Chen Clan today.

However, the appearance of Jun Yu spoiled everything.

Especially Jun Yu’s status, it evoked great fear in him.

The grudge between Qin Wentian and the Pill Emperor Hall was a deep-seated hatred caused by debts of blood. If he allied with Qin Wentian to attack the Great Solar Chen Clan, it was obvious what the Jun Yu’s attitude would be.

The heart of Ancestor Ouyang wavered once again.

The countenance of the sect leader of the Mystic Moon Sect was also incredibly ugly to behold. She could also sense how extraordinary Jun Yu was. The situation was fast developing into something she had never expected.

“Isn’t noble nephew cultivating in the Royal Sacred Sect, how do you have the time to come back?” At this moment, Old Man Tianji laughed as he turned his gaze onto Jun Yu.

Jun Yu impassively returned Old Man Tianji’s gaze and replied in a calm voice, “I heard that there were endless storms of commotion in Grand Xia. Somebody actually dared to make a move against my Pill Emperor Hall. How insufferably arrogant is that? Now that I’m back, I hope that the various transcendent powers would give me some face; if you meet Qin Wentian in the future, please capture him. I shall personally bring him away.”

Jun Yu had already heard about what happened back then from the Pill Emperor. There was an extremely powerful force behind Qin Wentian, Jun Yu naturally wouldn’t kill him.

If Qin Wentian appeared, he must definitely be captured alive. Jun Yu shall personally lead the interrogation to find out Qin Wentian’s secrets as well as who or what exactly is behind him.

“That’s simply a matter of course.” The powerhouse from the Chen Clan agreed. After which, he turned his gaze onto Bai Qing and coldly spoke, “This woman is a good friend of Qin Wentian, and she is also implicated in the theft case regarding the Sacred Royal Medallion of my Chen Clan. Today, if the medallion doesn’t appear, we shall kill this woman here after we enjoy her and display her naked body for the public to admire. I want to see if the thief would show himself, and if Qin Wentian would make an appearance today as well.”

As the sound of his voice faded, a harsh killing intent gushed out from him and permeated the air.

The Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and the Mystic Moon Sect wants to wage a war against his Great Solar Chen Clan? In that case, he would show these people how the word ‘regret’ is written.

He truly wanted to see who could stop him today.

“Despicable.” The sect leader of the Mystic Moon Sect coldly spat out upon hearing the venomous words of the powerhouse from the Chen Clan. “No matter what, you are still an existence at the Ascendant level, someone standing at the peak of Grand Xia. To think that you actually have no qualms about using such despicable methods and even spout words of such a lowly standard.”

“You and the others were the despicable one first, plotting to steal my sect’s Sacred Royal Medallion away. As long as I can recover the medallion, I don’t give a damn about the methods used.” The powerhouse from the Chen Clan thundered.

Those from the Chen Clan were visibly agitated as well. They seemed to have been influenced by Jun Yu.

Jun Yu was a genius of the Pill Emperor Hall as well as a holder of a Sacred Royal Medallion. Now that he had returned, Pill Emperor Hall’s status would surely rise to the clouds, who would still dare to antagonise them? As for their Great Solar Chen Clan, they would only have three medallions every hundred years. A medallion meant an opportunity. How could they even waste one of them?

“What a lousy joke, you even dared to make such a shameless claim? Chen Wang was killed because of his own inability, that was all there was to it.” Although the leader of the Mystic Moon Sect wasn’t someone so easily infuriated, her flames of anger were stoked when she heard how the Great Solar Chen Clan wanted to deal with Bai Qing.

The powerhouse from the Great Solar Chen Clan flicked his sleeves, “If the medallion doesn’t appear today, I will do as I’ve said. I’d like to see who can stop me.”


The leader of the Mystic Moon Sect stepped out as a powerful aura containing an icy intent gushed forth from her. She turned her gaze in the direction of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan only to see Ancestor Ouyang standing there silently with his gaze fixated ahead, refusing to meet her eyes. It seems as though this incoming clash had nothing to do with him.

If he didn’t act, those from the Jiang Clan naturally wouldn’t act as well.

The leader of the Mystic Moon Sect paled, she kept her gaze on the Ouyang Ancestor, yet he remained silent, as though he didn’t feel her gaze, and remained as motionless as an immovable mountain.

“Oh it seems that the Mystic Moon Sect disagrees?” The ancestor of the Chen Clan coldly laughed. He made a motion in the air as a palm imprint grabbed hold of Bai Qing.

Seeing how weak Bai Qing currently was, the leader of the Mystic Moon Hall felt stabs of pain in her heart. She too, liked and doted on Bai Qing tremendously but if the Ouyang Ancestor didn’t act, not only would the experts from the Mystic Moon Sect would fail to save Bai Qing, it was almost certain that they would all end up being buried here.

Could it be that they have no choice but to give up, and watch on as Bai Qing was humiliated to her death?

“Haven’t you already promised to act? In any case, you’ve already obtained two of the nine ultimate arts. Why are you still hesitating now?” The leader of the Mystic Moon Sect transmitted her voice to the Ouyang Ancestor, only to hear him sighing, “You have also seen the current situation. The Pill Emperor Hall has three Ascendants, taking into account Jun Yu’s status, if my Ouyang Aristocrat Clan acts against the Chen Clan, we will undoubtedly offend the Pill Emperor Hall as well.”

The leader of the Mystic Moon Sect trembled with rage upon hearing the words, yet she could do nothing as well. While this happened, among the crowd, Di Tian who was actually Qin Wentian, was still calmly observing the situation.

He didn’t expect a character such as Jun Yu to appear.

Right now, the Ouyang Ancestor seemed as though he wanted to back out of his promise, as though he only wanted to be a spectator instead.

“Senior Ouyang, once Qin Wentian arrived with his forces, we wouldn’t be at a disadvantage even if we clashed head-on.” Qin Wentian transmitted a message to the Ouyang Ancestor. The gaze of the Ouyang Ancestor flickered, as he sighed in dejection.

He lightly shook his head, and proceeded to close his eyes right after, ignoring Qin Wentian.

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