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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 457 — Hostage Exchange

Chapter 457: Hostage Exchange

The action of closing his eyes, the meaning behind it was clear to all.

The appearance of Jun Yu thoroughly disrupted his plan. Initially, he thought he would be able to exterminate the Chen Clan, thus he had agreed to the alliance. Now, with the three Ascendants of the Pill Emperor Hall appearing here, in addition to Jun Yu’s status, the Ouyang Ancestor no longer wants to be a part of this murky water.

The Ouyang Ancestor wasn’t Ouyang Kuangsheng. He had to take into consideration every single thing that would affect his entire clan. The risk of taking part in the the battle outweighed the gains.

“Ancestor, we won’t be any weaker than them if we fight.” Ouyang Kuangsheng appeared beside the Ouyang Ancestor as he spoke.

“Kuangsheng, shut up.” The Ouyang Ancestor widened his eyes, as he berated. Ouyang Kuangsheng’s countenance turned ashen. He knew that regardless of how outstanding his talent was, it would also be useless. He wouldn’t be able to change the Ouyang Ancestor’s mind.

And now, since both the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and Jiang Clan weren’t willing to act, how could the Mystic Moon Sect not be worried?

Based on Qin Wentian’s character, now that Bai Qing was in such a situation, he would rather die than avoid the battle. He would never want to face that scene again, that damning feeling of being helpless. Losing someone dear to him because he was not strong enough.

“Ouyang Kuangsheng, Fan Le, Chu Mang. The three of you, come with me.”

At this moment, a voice drifted over. Ouyang Kuangsheng’s eyes flickered for a moment before he glanced in the direction of the voice. The person who spoke was actually non other than Qin Zheng.

Throughout these few years, Qin Zheng had fought together with them. They were already well acquainted.

“What’s the matter?” Ouyang Kuangsheng asked in a voice transmission.

“Yun Mengyi. She activated the secret of the Grand Xia’s ancient kingdom. All of you, come along with me. However, we still lack one person.” Qin Zheng spoke, his words caused Ouyang Kuangsheng to instantly understand what he meant. Following which, their eyes all landed on an extremely ordinary-looking person in the crowd. Through the transmission, they knew that he was none other than the disguised Di Tian.

“Di Tian, follow me to the ancient kingdom.” At this moment, Ouyang Kuangsheng spoke. Qin Wentian’s expression faltered slightly as he turned his gaze onto Ouyang Kuangsheng. At such a trying moment, he didn’t dare to leave here even for a single second.

“You won’t be able to change anything, a friend of ours discovered something in the ancient kingdom. This may aid our cause.” Ouyang Kuangsheng continued. Qin Wentian could only nod his head in agreement as he silently left together with Ouyang Kuangsheng and the others, moving with great speed towards the ancient kingdom of Grand Xia.

Not many people took note of their departure. The leader of the Mystic Moon Sect sighed in her heart as she stared at Bai Qing. She felt an extremely strong sense of reluctance. Was there no way to wash clean the humiliation the Mystic Moon Sect had suffered?

“Release Bai Qing and my Mystic Moon Sect will ignore the matters of the past. The Sacred Royal Medallion truly wasn’t stolen by us.” The leader of the Mystic Moon Sect sighed. With the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan forsaking her, although she didn’t want to bow submissively, she had no choice.

Upon hearing the words of the leader of the Mystic Moon Sect, the crowd couldn’t help but shake their heads silently. A leader of a transcendent power was reduced to such a state whereby she could even ignore past humiliation for the sake of Bai Qing. One could very well see what dire straits had she been forced into. Right now, she could only hope that they would spare Bai Qing, she didn’t want any more needless sacrifices.

“I can use an ultimate art in exchange for her.” The leader of the Mystic Moon Sect naturally understood that the Chen Clan wouldn’t possibly allow Bai Qing to go free so easily. She could only hope for a transaction.”

“Do you think that the ultimate arts of Grand Xia are more valuable than the Sacred Royal Medallion?”

At this moment, a cold voice resounded out. Chen Fan, whose cultivation base was at the fifth level of Heavenly Dipper suddenly stood out and walked to the side of Bai Qing. One of his hands fiercely clutched Bai Qing’s shoulder as a terrifying heat surrounded her.

Chen Fan inclined his head, staring at the skies as he coldly spoke, “I believe that since you said the Sacred Royal Medallion would appear today, it will definitely appear. If you still don’t show yourself, don’t blame me if I use some of my methods.”

In the middle of the air, the fluctuations of energy pressed down. The Ascendants all inclined their heads, staring at the sky as glints of terrifying light flickered in their eyes. The powerhouse from the Chen Clan directly soared skywards, his countenance ice-cold.

There was actually someone hiding here, somewhere.

As the sound of Chen Fan’s voice faded, killing intent erupted out of him.

Without waiting for the Chen Clan’s powerhouse to soar up, a raging wind abruptly gusted in the middle of the air out from nowhere.

The crowd lifted their head, as they only saw the clouds billowing by. From within, a terrifyingly immense silhouette descended from the blanket of clouds, appearing in the vision of the crowd.

That silhouette was so high up in the skies, it descended with fearsome speed and only after ten breaths of time did it finally appear fully, above the air space of the Venerate Heavens Sect.

A monster with a wingspan of 3,000 miles, it’s cold eyes emitted a baleful aura as it surveyed the crowd. This silhouette actually belonged to a primordial great roc.

A primordial great roc? In that case, it was Qin Wentian!

Indeed, Qin Wentian didn’t die. Right now, he had made an appearance in front of the various transcendent powers once again.

“Wentian gege.” Bai Qing felt shocked and surprised upon seeing the appearance of Qin Wentian. She thought that she would never be able to see Qin Wentian ever again. But now, her Wentian gege was still alive! Although he had transformed into a primordial great roc, she knew that his heart was still the same, he still cared about her.

“Qin Wentian.” The eyes of the Chen Clan’s Ascendant radiated sharpness. “The slip of paper wrote that the Sacred Royal Medallion will appear here today. Could it be that you are the one who killed Chen Wang and stole his medallion?”

The Ascendants from the Pill Emperor Hall also stood up as their eyes were fixated on the immense silhouette hovering in the air.

Their hatred for Qin Wentian was too deep. It was precisely this great roc who had split apart the Pill Emperor Hall, causing the prosperity of their sect to fall to the bottom of the abyss. Fortunately, Jun Yu had returned.

“This great roc is Qin Wentian?” Jun Yu gazed at the primordial great roc as he asked the Pill Emperor.

“Yes, there’s no mistake. The secret art he used is irreversible, hence he remained in the form of a primordial great roc.” The Pill Emperor spoke, his words causing Jun Yu to coldly laugh, “Borrowing the power of the demonic divinity constellations to transform? Of course this is irreversible. How could mortals obtain such power without paying something in return?”

The Pill Emperor nodded his head lightly. Such a heaven-defying art had no way to be negated indeed. The only possibility for Qin Wentian to regain human form once more was to cultivate to a level above Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants.

The gazes of everyone present were all fixated onto Qin Wentian who was hovering in the air. Looking at his current form and comparing it to that young man of yesteryear who had obtained the position of the top ranker in the Heavenly Fate Rankings three years ago, traces of complication couldn’t help but to appear in the eyes of the spectators.

Qin Wentian’s glory as the top ranker was extremely short-lived. However, the actions he did caused waves of commotions over and over, rocking all of Grand Xia. None had managed to do so before him.

A vast majority of them even looked up to Qin Wentian, taking him as their idol.

Who could, for the sake of love, use a sword to split apart the entire Pill Emperor Hall? Regardless of his courage or his talent, Qin Wentian became the target that countless youth wanted to pursue in their hearts.

The legend of Qin Wentian resounded throughout Grand Xia. Too many worshipped him, yet whenever he appeared, who would dare to stand openly on the side of him?

“Little Qing, Wentian gege has implicated you.”

The eyes of the great roc flickered with a gentle light as an expression of guilt could be seen on it’s countenance, “I’ve implicated your Master, as well as the other seniors of your Mystic Moon Sect that died that day. Chen Wang was killed by someone under my command.”

Bai Qing and the leader of the Mystic Moon Sect started for a moment, before Bai Qing recovered and shook her head, “Since it was done by Wentian gege, it doesn’t matter if I pay for it. My death has no meaning, but my hatred for the Chen Clan, for their actions of killing the sisters of my sect and the humiliation of my master, shall never fade.”

“The hatred that abounds in this world will never have an end. Leave this to me. You must not taint your heart with the darkness of hate at such a young age.” The leader of the Mystic Moon Sect continued, “The grudge between Qin Wentian and Chen Wang came about because of the Heavenly Fate Rankings. Three years ago, Chen Wang had already wanted to kill him. There’s nothing surprising now that Chen Wang is dead, if the Chen Clan has the ability to, they could just avenge Qin Wentian by killing him. Yet, the Chen Clan chose to vent their frustrations out on my Mystic Moon Sect instead.”

“Little Qing, remember this. The hearts of people are what is the most important. For you, Qin Wentian was willing to appear in front of the Chen Clan. In that case, there’s no longer a reason for my Mystic Moon Sect to retreat. If the Chen Clan want a war, we will give them a war. If they refuse to release you, in that case from this generation onwards, the Mystic Moon Sect shall regard the Great Solar Chen Clan as their enemies for eternity. If we see one, we will kill one. No mercy shall be shown.”

The voice of the leader from the Mystic Moon Sect was ice cold, yet the powerhouse from the Chen Clan was still laughing coldly. After which, he glanced at Qin Wentian, “Where’s the Sacred Royal Medallion?”

“Release her.” Qin Wentian stared at the ancestor of the Chen Clan as he emotionlessly stated.

“Release her? Return the medallion and I will release her. You should understand by now that I don’t give a damn about her.” The ancestor of the Chen Clan laughed.

“Ten breaths. If you refuse to release her, I shall destroy the Sacred Royal Medallion.” Clutched in the talons of the great roc, the Sacred Royal Medallion appeared. If the Chen Clan wished to test his patience, he would directly destroy the ancient medallion.

The countenance of the Chen Clan’s Ancestor stiffened. Currently in this situation, the Pill Emperor Hall would definitely not allow Qin Wentian to escape from them again. The Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and Jiang Clan didn’t dared to make any reckless moves, and his Great Solar Chen Clan was vastly more powerful compared to the Mystic Moon Sect. Even if Fairy Qingmei was added into the mix, his Great Solar Chen Clan would still be able to handle the situation.

Right now, they were guaranteed success. With the three Ascendant powerhouses of the Pill Emperor Hall holding down Qin Wentian, he could just brute force his way through and exterminate the Mystic Moon Sect before dealing with Qin Wentian.

As he thought of this, a cold smile appeared on the face of the ancestor from the Chen Clan. Right now, he was only afraid that Qin Wentian might really destroy the Sacred Royal Medallion.

“Come down here and I will release her.” That Ancestor from the Chen Clan stated.

“Wentian gege, don’t trust him.” Bai Qing shook her head.

“Fine.” Qin Wentian directly agreed. After which, his immense body gently descended downwards. Instantly, the Ancestor of the Chen Clan waved his arms as a constellation was birthed in the skies above the great roc.

A blazing sun manifested behind the old man, the baking heat it exuded was capable of even burning the oceans. The cold smile that played on the ancestor’s lips got wider and wider.

“Release her.” The Chen Ancestor commanded. To his Chen Clan, Bai Qing wasn’t worth a single fart. The value of the Sacred Royal Medallion was far above her.

Chen Fan released his grip, releasing her. A moment later, the silhouette of Bai Qing flickered as she rushed towards the direction of Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian’s silhouette continued descending as he spoke to Bai Qing, “Little Qing, leave here first.”

Bai Qing’s eyes flashed with something akin to defiance, wanting to shake her head yet she only saw a sharpness flashing past the eyes of the great roc. “Little Qing, are you not going to heed my words as well?”

“But, Wentian gege…” Bai Qing’s countenance was pale white.

“Retreat, I can take care of myself.” Qin Wentian transmitted. Expressions of a struggle could be seen on her countenance before Bai Qing finally nodded her head. Her silhouette moved towards the back yet she still didn’t leave. Evidently, she was still worried despite Qin Wentian’s assurance.

Qin Wentian’s immense body landed on the arena. The sheer size of his body struck terror in the hearts of the spectators; but despite this, the constellation in the form of a blazing sun abruptly appeared directly in front him while emitting a scorching heat that could incinerate all under the heavens!

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