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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 459 — Who among you wishes to die?

Chapter 459: Who among you wishes to die?

Yuanfu Cultivators, needed to comprehend insights into different Mandates before they could rise in strength.

Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns needed to comprehend second-level insights, allowing variations to their respective wills of Mandates, further strengthening them.

There were nine levels to Celestial Phenomenon, and each level was a qualitative evolution. When a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant reached the peak of the ninth level, it meant that the constellations they birthed had already reached perfection, which also indicated that the evolution of their respective Mandates had reached the limit.

Although this young man from the Great Solar Chen Clan was their youngest Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant, he was already over a hundred and had terrifying strength.

Qin Wentian borrowed the power of the divinities to transform into a demon. This was a strength granted by external means, and wasn’t truly his to begin with. Although his talent was outstanding, and although he was at the peak of Heavenly Dipper with his great roc form, when he came face to face with a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant, there was no need for any comparison at all. He didn’t stand the slightest bit of chance.

Hence, the other two Ascendants of the Chen Clan were content watching at the side, without making any moves to help. Any Ascendant could deal with the great roc with the ease of flipping a palm, there were no challenges if they wanted to catch him alive.

The eyes of the Chen Ancestor gleamed with a cold laughter when he saw the gigantic palm clutching the great roc. This was the killer of Chen Wang, the one who stole their Sacred Royal Medallion.

In that case, not only would their Chen Clan take back the medallion today, they would do the Pill Emperor Hall a favour and capture Qin Wentian for Jun Yu.

The Chen Ancestor wasn’t a fool, the seclusion of the Pill Emperor Hall allowed him to understand that there was an immense power backing Qin Wentian. In that case, they didn’t want to hold on to this hot potato, they would toss it into Jun Yu’s hand.

With Jun Yu’s status and background, so what of it even if Qin Wentian had an immense power backing him?

As for those belonging to the Mystic Moon Sect, since the Great Solar Chen Clan had already declared war on them, they might as well use this opportunity today to thoroughly wipe out all of them.

The great roc was captured, the young Ascendant from the Chen Clan had a cold smile on his face as he appeared before the great roc. With a gesture, the flame titan above him slammed a fist aiming for the great roc’s body.


The terrifying force of the strike jolted the great roc badly, causing its body to convulse. The young man snorted before he stretched his hands out towards the medallion clutched in the great roc’s talons, wanting to retrieve it.

An armor of flames burst into being around him while a terrifying manifestation of a flame titan was behind him. The stars in the patch of sky above him, also re-arranged themselves into the form of a gigantic flame titan constellation.

The sharpness in Qin Wentian’s eyes never faded. Abruptly, he opened his beak and exhaled violently.

Instantly, an exceptionally formidable killing intent swept out over everything in the area. The instant the killing intent erupted forth, a flood of astral light inundated the area as the silhouette of the great roc disappeared from sight. Over there where the great roc used to be, a resplendent constellation could be seen.

“Damn, the Shadow Glamor Constellation!” The expressions on the faces of the other two Ascendants were flushed with shock.

The Shadow Glamor Constellation was the constellation of Fairy Qingmei. It could cast a glamor over the crowd, immersing them in an illusion imbued with her killing intent, trapping them within for eternity.

Fairy Qingmei was extremely skilled in illusion techniques. She had actually hidden herself in Qin Wentian’s beak, cloaked in illusions, concealing her presence from even the Ascendants. Only when Qin Wentian exhaled did her killing intent explode forth.

The expression of the young Ascendant from the Chen Clan drastically changed. Earlier he was already prepared to retrieve the medallion but when that formidable burst of killing intent erupted outwards, it froze him in his tracks momentarily. He couldn’t react in time, he only saw a shadow flashing past.

Too swift, his location was just in front of the great roc. And when the great roc exhaled, Fairy Qingmei removed her illusion and directly appeared. At such close range, even an Ascendant would be hard-pressed to react to Fairy Qingmei’s attacks.


Fearsome streams of astral light landed on his body, the flame titan manifested, standing protectively over him. However, even before the flame titan could finish its manifestation, the shadow that was Fairy Qingmei had already arrived. Abruptly, numerous phantoms of Fairy Qingmei appeared, all attacking in the same instant, slamming their palms into the body of the flame titan.


The dazzling flames that exploded forth blinded the eyes of the crowd. The gigantic flame titan shattered, the phantoms of Fairy Qingmei fused together, becoming one again while the young Ascendant from the Chen Clan stood there motionlessly.

A sound softly echoed out as the young Ascendant fell to the ground, deader than dead.

From the instant her killing intent erupted up till now, only the space of a single breath had passed. Her speed had already reached a terrifying realm.

Fairy Qingmei had a cultivation base at the second level of Celestial Phenomenon, while her opponent was only at the first level. When comparing strength, she had already surpassed him by far, not to mention that her attack had the element of surprise to it due to a sneak attack. Even if her opponent was an Ascendant, it would be almost impossible to escape his fate.

“BOOM!” The corpse of the young Ascendant was blasted into fragments. The Shadow Glamor Constellation then flashed with resplendent light as the silhouette of Fairy Qingmei and Qin Wentian flickered, reappearing in the middle of the sky.

Upon seeing this, the two remaining Ascendants of the Chen Clan trembled with untold rage. The fire of their fury was palpable in the air as their eyes reddened with a boiling storm of anger.

That was an Ascendant, a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant!

How utterly rare were Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants? The reason that their Chen Clan could be ranked within the top five among the transcendent powers in Grand Xia was purely because they had three Ascendants.

Ascendants were the pillar of support for their respective clans and sects. Without an Ascendant at their core, that power couldn’t be termed as a transcendent power.

But now, an Ascendant of their clan was openly slain in front of their eyes.

The Great Solar Chen Clan only had two Ascendants left.

They had thought that an expert at the Celestial Phenomenon level would be more than enough to deal with a great roc at the Heavenly Dipper Realm. Yet they had forgotten to take into consideration Fairy Qingmei. Right from the start she had already been hiding in the beak of the great roc, concealing her presence with her formidable illusory techniques.

Fairy Qingmei was a character that had lived for over thousands of years, who would ever imagine that someone of her status would be willing to hide inside the beak of a demonic beast? Yet, Fairy Qingmei had done precisely that.

“Qingmei, considering your status, to think that you would resort to such a despicable method to slay a junior.” The Chen Ancestor glared at Fairy Qingmei, his eyes glimmering with unbound rage.

“Do you even have the face to utter such words? Back then didn’t the whole lot of you also gang up on the Azure Emperor? Even if we leave that aside, look at your actions. Three Ascendants showing up to deal with a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign junior. How shameless can you be?”

Fairy Qingmei sarcastically spat. Moments later, the sky glowed with the brilliance of star light as the various Ascendants in the area all manifested their constellations.

The leader of the Mystic Moon Sect as well as an extremely old-looking granny appeared right next to Qin Wentian. Their constellations exploded into being as well.

For a glorious moment, the sky lit up majestically like fireworks as star light of different colors bloomed in the air. Those below only felt their hearts thumping incessantly as they lost themselves in awe at the sights.

A battle at the level of Celestial Phenomenon was a sight rarely seen even in a thousand years. Right now, they were all personally witnessing this with their very eyes.

“Is that a sun-type constellation?” Behind the back of the Chen Ancestor, a gigantic ball of flames emerged. His surroundings were as lit up by rays of the sun, in a certain radius around him, even the space itself shimmered, evaporating from the terrifying heat. The hearts of the crowd pounded as they stared blankly, there were rumors saying that the ancestor of the Chen Clan had already reached the third level of Celestial Phenomenon. In the entire Grand Xia, the number of third level Ascendants could be counted on a single hand. Without a doubt, he was one of the most terrifying existences currently still alive in Grand Xia. Comment by blastburn12: Conspiracy theory time : If he is evaporating space, doesn't that mean that that specific part of space is gone forever. If this is true, then this dude could destroy the world

“Senior Qingmei, as well as the two seniors from the Mystic Moon Sect, if the three of you join forces, would you be able to hold off the Chen Ancestor?” Qin Wentian transmitted his voice to the three of them.

“If the three of us join forces, we would naturally be able to hold him back. But even so, it would be impossible to kill him with our power. However, wouldn’t that mean sending you to your death?” Fairy Qingmei replied.

“Don’t worry, I have my methods.” Qin Wentian replied, his words causing the Fairy Qingmei and the two other Ascendants to start.

Other than the Chen Clan’s Ancestor, the clan lord of the Chen Clan was also a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant at the peak of the first level. Even discounting him, there were three other Ascendants from the Pill Emperor Hall, with two of them at the second level of Celestial Phenomenon and one at the first level. Any of them could effortlessly trample on Qin Wentian. How could he be a match for any of them?

“Trust me.” Qin Wentian resolutely replied. After a few moments of hesitation, Fairy Qingmei finally agreed.

“Fellow Ascendants, we will act together to suppress the Chen Ancestor then.” Fairy Qingmei stated. Following which, their constellations brightened in radiance as they dashed towards the direction of the Chen Ancestor.

“Mhm?” Upon seeing their decision, the Chen Ancestor couldn’t help but to laugh. Every increment in level when at the Celestial Phenomenon level, meant a massive leap in strength compared to the previous level. Even if the three of them join forces, he wouldn’t lose out to them in the slightest.

“Don’t join my battle, just focus on retrieving the Sacred Royal Medallion.” The Chen Ancestor transmitted his voice to the clan lord of the Chen Clan.

“Roger.” The Chen Clan’s clan lord nodded. His eyes stared at the great roc hovering in the skies. Now that Fairy Qingmei was tied up, he truly wanted to see what other methods Qin Wentian had left.

The constellations of the three attackers enveloped the Chen Clan’s Ancestor as a terrifying battle erupted within. The Chen Clan’s Ancestor found an opening and forced his way out, before shooting off into the distance, changing the location of their battle to a place above the clouds.

Right now, in the middle of the air, the great roc hovered there. Below him, there were a total of four Ascendants as well as numerous experts at the Heavenly Dipper level from the Chen Clan. However, the sovereign-level cultivators need not participate in this battle. In a fight of this level, they had no qualifications to participate.

“EEEEEEEEEEK!” The great roc inclined its head as let out a piercing cry. Jun Yu and the others coldly snorted as they soared into the air with a speed as fast as lightning

However, right at this moment, they discovered that the immense body of the great roc was actually burning? Qin Wentian was enveloped by a seemingly endless white-colored pure flames as the entirety of his body was trembling.


A terrifying heat sizzled the air, the entirety of Qin Wentian’s energy; the external energy he borrowed from the demonic divinities, the totality of the astral and divine energy in his Yuanfus, as well as the energy of his very life itself, were all burning.

A single sword suddenly exploded forth into being. That was Qin Wentian’s Kingly Sword Astral Nova.

At that very moment, an extremely mysterious energy coated this entire space. The heavens and the earth were shaking, as terrifying gales of sword-wind gusted about the area.

Every mote of air contained a monstrous sword intent within. As the wind gusted violently, it appeared as though there were millions upon millions of swords all vibrating together.

The crowd lifted their heads, staring at the skies. Yet they only saw a countless number of swords covering the entire skies. Right in the centre of that torrential sword might, an immense silhouette that was wreathed in white flames could be seen.

The expressions on the faces of the Chen Clan’s clan lord, as well as Jun Yu and the rest all grew extremely fascinating to behold. Looks of shock and amazement could be seen etched on their countenances, especially on Jun Yu’s. Seeing the trembling of that massive frame, he exclaimed, “Isn’t this using his body as a sacrifice, burning the entirety of his energy up, even to the extent of expending his life force to borrow the power of the Heavens?”

Jun Yu raised his hands, as numerous sealing gates slammed towards the great roc. He wanted to seal the energy within.

However, the sword intent of the millions upon millions of swords shattered the sealing gates. Qin Wentian halted in the middle of the air, his body immersed within the pure white flames, burning at an increasing intensity. Soon after, his entire monstrous frame was shimmering in and out of existence.

With the demonic energies being burnt as fuel, the form of the great roc would be reversed, while Qin Wentian’s human form reappeared.

“The top ranker of the Heavenly Fate Rankings appears again.” The spectators wordlessly watched on, their hearts seized with dumbfounded amazement. Who said that the Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation was irreversible? He had entirely burned through the energy transfused in him by the demonic divinities.

The outline of Qin Wentian’s human form got clearer and clearer. He stared at the space below as his eyes sparkled with a foreboding light. Stretching his finger out, he pointed it at the four Ascendants. A glacial tone colder than ice echoed out, “The Immortal Vanquishing Swordplay can even slay immortals. Tell me, who among you wishes to die?”

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