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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 463 — Royal Tomb

Chapter 463: Royal Tomb

The Ascendants from the Pill Emperor Hall finally left. They had no other recourse available to them. Initially, they thought they could retain Qin Wentian, yet they had never anticipated the appearance of Di Tian.

This man actually shared command with and had the same authority as Qin Wentian. In that case, there must be an extremely close relationship between them. Even the innate techniques they cultivated were the same, one in the shadows and another one in the light. Di Tian must have took great care to obscure himself in the shadows only stepping out after Qin Wentian transformed into a roc.

When faced with Di Tian’s threat, Jun Yu and the two other Ascendants dared not gamble. They could only choose to leave.

Today, he came here with his head up high in pride and glory, yet he was faced with countless threats, ending in his humiliation. Everyone understood that with Jun Yu’s status, there was no way he would merely let things rest like this.

Although Qin Wentian and the others temporary avoided danger, but just like what Jun Yu had said before he left. This matter hasn’t come to an end.

Looking at the numerous silhouettes standing in the air, the spectators all sighed in their hearts. To think that although Qin Wentian and his companions were face to face with life-threatening danger today, they had safely resolved it. Not only that, it resulted in the destruction of the Great Solar Chen Clan. Such an ending was sufficient to cause the entire Grand Xia to shake in terror.

That single sword attack that changed fate but caused Qin Wentian to faint into unconsciousness, heavily injured. It was unknown whether his injuries were fatal or not.

Once, Qin Wentian had transformed into a primordial great roc, splitting apart the Pill Emperor Hall. Now, the primordial great roc had turned back into a human, and become an instrument of destruction that exterminated the Great Solar Chen Clan. The hearts of the crowd were all trembling involuntarily, if Qin Wentian didn’t die, how much more powerful would he be in the future? If he had ten years worth of time, there might no longer be anyone in Grand Xia capable of standing against him.

Also, those Seven Slaughter Puppets, what were they? Where did they originate from?”

Only to see that right now, there were cultivators exiting the seven puppets. Other than the untainted celestial beauty Qing`er, the appearances of the other six caused the crowd to be badly startled.

It was actually them? The outstanding characters on the Heavenly Fate Rankings three years ago.

Qin Zheng, Yun Mengyi, Ouyang Kuangsheng, Fan Le, Chu Mang and Mu Feng. Even Mu Feng had appeared here today, participating in the battle to save Qin Wentian.

“Kuangsheng?” The expression on the Ouyang Ancestor’s face stiffened slightly. Ouyang Kuangsheng was the controller of one of the seven puppets.

In another direction, the remnants of the Great Solar Chen Clan all had ashen expressions on their faces when they saw the Ascendants of the Pill Emperor Hall leaving. They knew that their Chen Clan was finished for sure.

“Great Solar Chen Clan.”

The leader of the Mystic Moon Sect flickered as she instantly flew above the air. The terrifying Arctic Underworld Constellation enveloped the entire space as the killing intent emanating from her felt incomparably sharp, like a sharpened spear ready to kill at any moment.

The remaining experts from the Chen Clan stared at the leader of the Mystic Moon Sect in the air, their countenances all turned pale, their faces masks of terror.

Chen Fan no longer had the arrogance that he’d had before. He stood there blankly staring at the leader of the Mystic Moon Sect, feeling an indescribable emotion in his heart. Who could have imagined that their Great Solar Chen Clan that was vastly more powerful than the Mystic Moon Sect just moments ago, were now like sheeps waiting to be slaughtered.

“Is this Heavenly Fate?”

Chen Fan inclined his head, staring at the skies as he murmured.

The leader of the Mystic Moon Sect waved her hands as countless underworld spears appeared, raining down upon the remaining members of the Chen Clan.

“The Great Solar Chen Clan had reaped what they had sown. What Heavenly Fate?” Qin Wentian’s other form, Di Tian, halted the Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation in the instant that Jun Yu gave up. Right now, he appeared beside the leader of the Mystic Moon Sect, staring down at Chen Fan as he coldly spoke, “Back then, when the Chen Clan was powerful, the members of your clan were merciless and cruel, using such methods to humiliate the seniors of the Mystic Moon Sect, thinking that nobody could ever deal with your Chen Clan. If not for that, how could the Chen Clan be in this state today?”

If it wasn’t because of the Chen Clan’s oppressiveness, how could Qin Wentian lead his forces over, and how would he have a reason to unleash the Immortal Vanquishing Swordplay?

Chen Fan was wallowing in misery. Not long ago, he was looking down on this group of people with contempt. Back then, how mighty had their Chen Clan been? They could do what they want with no fear of repercussions. But to think that now, revenge came so swiftly.

“I want to kill him with my own hands.” A cold voice drifted over. Qin Wentian turned his head as Bai Qing appeared.

Bai Qing was the most heart-broken person in the Mystic Moon Sect. Because, among those the Chen Clan humiliated to death, her esteemed master, who was like a mother to her, was part of them.

Right now, an extremely cold and terrifying killing intent radiated out from her as she stared at Chen Fan.

“Fine. There should be a Sacred Royal Medallion on Chen Fan as well. After his death, the medallion shall belong to you, Bai Qing.” The leader of the Mystic Moon Sect stated. After which, her palm pushed out in the air as a frigid underworld energy gushed into Chen Fan’s body, causing him to groan in agony as he spat out fresh blood.

“I’M UNWILLING TO DIE LIKE THIS!” Chen Fan inclined his head and howled his heart out. Yet, the devil might around Bai Qing increased in intensity as a devil sabre appeared in her hands. The entire sky turned dark from the amount of roiling devil might that currently permeated the air.

The rims of her eyes were red as she walked towards Chen Fan, “Master, your disciple is useless, causing your death. Now, I can only avenge you by personally killing this man.”

As the sound of her voice faded, the vast amounts of devil might infused into the devil sabre of Bai Qing as it cleaved down with world-shaking might.

“RUN!” Below the air, the other members of the Chen Clan fled in all directions.

Those spectators from afar had already known that the Chen Clan was finished upon seeing this scene.

After this battle, the thirty-five transcendent powers of Grand Xia would be once again be reduced by one. Only thirty-four remained.

The Great Solar Chen Clan and the Nine Mystical Palace had been annihilated all because of Qin Wentian.

“Wentian gege.” After Bai Qing slew Chen Fan, she retracted the devil might and sped towards Fairy Qingmei. Right now, Qin Wentian was still unconscious and the one carrying him was actually a supreme beauty whose looks and demeanor didn’t lose out in the slightest when compared to Mo Qingcheng.

Qing`er, upon seeing Bai Qing rushing over, lifted her head and lightly spoke with her usual ice-cool countenance, “Don’t worry, I won’t let him die.”

“Thank you.” Bai Qing spoke to Qing`er, her worried expression caused Qing`er’s eyelashes to flutter but Qing`er didn’t say anything else in response.

“Let me take a look.” A voice drifted over as Old Man Tianji appeared.

This demon star of Grand Xia, only used a short span of a few years to achieve what he had done - the start of the change in Grand Xia’s destiny.

Qing`er coldly turned her gaze onto Old Man Tianji, Qin Wentian was still being tightly embraced by her, she had no intentions to loosen her grip. Old Man Tianji couldn’t help but to have a bitter smile on his face. This maiden definitely had an extraordinary back ground, Qin Wentian’s luck with ladies really wasn’t bad. To think there would be so many outstanding beauties worried about his safety.

“The energy in his body has completely dissipated, even the slightest strand of astral energy has been exhausted. Now that he is unconscious, he has no way to absorb astral energy from the constellations, he would need precious medicines to aid him before he would have the opportunity to recover.”

Old Man Tianji stated with a straight face. Earlier, even he was awed by the might of that Immortal Vanquishing Swordplay.

That single stance was too overpowered, but it was too dangerous as well. He had never seen a scenario such as this, where the entirety of energy within a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign’s body would be siphoned away so completely. In addition to that, merely the amount of astral energy Qin Wentian had shouldn’t be sufficient to unleash that sword strike. The power of his bloodline as well as his very life force, had been drained as well.

Fairy Qingmei nodded, “We will take note.”

“Qingmei, it has already been so long since the battle that year. You should let go of the hatred in your heart and stop obsessing over revenge. It will do you no good.” Old Man Tianji persuaded, his gaze shifting onto Fairy Qingmei.

“I know.” Fairy Qingmei nodded as she replied softly. Old Man Tianji didn’t say anything else.

The Venerate Heavens Sect had never participated in external events since time immemorial. No one knew how strong they were, they only knew that despite the waves of commotion rocking Grand Xia, the position and status of the Venerate Heavens Sect had never wavered in the slightest.

At this moment, the silhouette of the Ouyang Ancestor appeared here. “Qingmei, Di Tian, as well as Kuangsheng. The matters today were out of my control, it isn’t that I wanted to pull out of the alliance on a whim. Since my Ouyang Clan has decided to set up our roots here in Grand Xia, we cannot afford to offend those people.”

“I know, you don’t need to explain anything to us.” Fairy Qingmei’s detached voice rang out. The Ascendants of the Mystic Moon Sect also gazed over as they spoke, “That’s right. The Ouyang Aristocrat Clan have their own position to consider, we are very clear on this. However, I hope that although two of the nine ultimate arts were already bestowed to you, you yourself and your clan members best not cultivate those. It wouldn’t be too good to take the things of others for free without any payment would it?”

Vengeance was thick in the voice of the leader of the Mystic Moon Sect.

Although the dust has already settled after the battle today, the overwhelming danger they faced earlier was still fresh in the minds of everyone. If it wasn’t for that Immortal Vanquishing Swordplay of Qin Wentian, the Chen Ancestor wouldn’t have fallen. In the end, the power that would be utterly annihilated, would definitely have been the Mystic Moon Sect as well as Qin Wentian and his forces.

The Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and Jiang Clan chose to pull out of the alliance at the last moment. Their decision had almost caused the death of the rest of them.

Although the Ouyang Ancestor had his own considerations, needing to think about the future for the entire Ouyang Clan, it was impossible for the leader of the Mystic Moon Sect to not feel any anger at all. Since you had your own worries, I shall not blame you for them. But the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan had already received the ultimate arts as payment before this yet they still chose to withdraw at the last moment, obtaining the benefits for free.

“That’s right, that’s what I wanted to say as well.” Fairy Qingmei stated.

The Ouyang Ancestor didn’t reply. He turned his gaze onto Ouyang Kuangsheng as he asked, “This puppet, where did it originate from?”

“Not an item of mine.” Ouyang Kuangsheng snappishly replied, his tone causing great dissatisfaction to the Ouyang Ancestor. It was normal for Fairy Qingmei and the leader of the Mystic Moon Sect to be angered. But Ouyang Kuangsheng was a junior of his clan. He should be standing on his side and think in his shoes, considering how their actions would affect the future of their Ouyang Aristocrat Clan. What right did he have to be angry?

“Kuangsheng, how can you talk to the ancestor like that?” The clan leader of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan berated.

“Clan lord, from now onwards, I shall leave Grand Xia to temper myself. I won’t bother with any of our Ouyang Aristocrat Clan’s matters.” Ouyang Kuangsheng stated with a glint of steel in his eyes. The clan lord of the Ouyang Clan berated, “Rubbish. Do you think that these matters have really been concluded? Jun Yu will never give up, he will surely seek revenge. I can forget about the matter regarding your attitude, just come back with us and quickly settle your marriage with Jiang Ting.”

“I have my own path to walk. This has nothing to do with the clan.” Ouyang Kuangsheng’s eyes flashed with resolution. “Regarding the matters of marriage, if Ting`er is willing to follow me out of Grand Xia to temper ourselves, I will definitely give her a suitable explanation. If she’s unwilling and chooses to stay in the Jiang Clan instead, I won’t blame her. In the future when I return, if she is still willing to be with me, I will marry her and officially make her my woman.”

“You…” The Ouyang clan lord was so angered that he couldn’t speak, only to see the Ouyang Ancestor waving his hands and interjecting, “Let him go, allow him to do what he wants.”

“Hmph.” The clan lord of the Ouyang Clan coldly snorted, his countenance unsightly. Ouyang Kuangsheng was too spoiled by the clan and was getting increasingly undisciplined and out of control. This was unacceptable, he didn’t even put his elders in his eyes.

“Hehe,” Old Man Tianji’s eyes twinkled with amusement. He then turned his gaze onto Yun Mengyi and the others, before shifting his gaze in the direction of the ancient kingdom of Grand Xia as he added in a low voice, “Tell me, has the Royal Tomb of Grand Xia appeared?”

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