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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 464 — 10% Survival Rate

Chapter 464: 10% Survival Rate

“Royal Tomb!”

As the voice of Old Man Tianji faded, silence descended on the area, as the hearts of everyone pounded.

The Royal Tomb has appeared?

In Grand Xia, the Royal Tomb was only heard of in the legends.

Ever since the ancient kingdom was destroyed, there was no longer a force powerful enough to unite the entire Grand Xia. The Royal Tomb naturally referred to the tomb of the previous emperors of Grand Xia.

However, even three thousands years ago, before the ancient kingdom was destroyed, nobody knew the secrets of the Royal Tomb. This was a place only mentioned in the legends, they knew of its existence, yet they didn’t know where it was.

Only descendants of the royal clan would be privy to its location.

And today, Old Man Tianji had actually asked if the Royal Tomb has appeared? He must have already deduced something.

The eyes of the Ouyang Ancestor and the others all shone with a sharp light as they stared towards the same direction as Old Man Tianji - in the direction of the ancient kingdom of Grand Xia.

Ouyang Kuangsheng and his friends controlled the Seven Slaughters Puppets that could manifest the powers of an Ascendant. Where did such powerful puppets originate from? Were they from the Royal Tomb?

“These seven puppet guardians should be fifth-ranked puppets. And if the controllers were all at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm, when the seven combined into one, the power output would definitely be amplified by an unknown number of times. However, the requirement was that all seven had to be of one heart. Only then would they be able to use these Seven Slaughter Puppets. Such a requirement might be slightly tough to meet.”

Old Man Tianji cast a glance at Di Tian and the other six. These seven could actually accomplish the realm of seven hearts as one, bond by their friendship with Qin Wentian.

“Bzzz! A raging wind gusted, the Ouyang Ancestor’s silhouette flickered as he called out, “Members of the Ouyang Clan, come with me.”

As the sound of his voice faded, the other members of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan all departed, following him, rushing towards the ancient kingdom of Grand Xia.

Old Man Tianji only shook his head lightly. Yun Mengyi calmly stared at the departing silhouettes of the Ouyang Clan as she spoke, “The Ouyang Ancestor is truly a crafty individual, as expected of an old monster that has lived for over a thousand years. However, how can it be so easy for people to casually enter the Royal Tomb? There’s only a 10% survival rate for those who venture in. There are too many unknown factors.”

“Those who are blessed with great luck shall survive, but those who have none shall perish.” Old Man Tianji smiled at Yun Mengyi as he continued, “With the descendant of ancient Grand Xia leading the way, I’m sure the survival rate would be totally different. Or more accurately, it should be a 100% survival rate isn’t it?

Yun Mengyi cast a glance at the unconscious Qin Wentian, sighing in her heart. Sadly, it seemed that Qin Wentian had no destiny with the Royal Tomb. Today was the only chance they had to enter the Royal Tomb of Grand Xia. After today, the various transcendent powers would definitely send their experts to guard the entrance and pry into the hidden secrets. At that time, it would be impossible even if they wanted to enter.

“Let’s go, we mustn’t waste time.” Yun Mengyi’s silhouette flickered as she disappeared, while Ouyang Kuangsheng and the rest mirrored her actions.

Qin Wentian’s other self, Di Tian, naturally showed no hesitation as he joined in. Although one of his bodies would enter an extremely dangerous location, he still had another body on the outside.

His two true-bodies of shared the same thoughts and experiences. With one entering the Royal Tomb, the benefits gained from that would naturally be shared among the two true-selves. This was the heaven-defying benefit granted by the Great Nirvana Art.

The Great Nirvana Immortal Art allowed a cultivator to have two true-selves. Each self could walk a different path, cultivating different Mandates. But in the process, the experiences and insights comprehended by each self would be shared among the two.

“Bai Qing, come with us as well.” Di Tian turned his head as he spoke to Bai Qing.

“Yes. Bai Qing, go with them.” The leader of the Mystic Moon Sect looked to Bai Qing as she gave her consent. Bai Qing glanced at the unconscious Qin Wentian with worry apparent on her face only to hear Qing`er reassuring her. “Don’t worry, I will take care of him.”

“Thank you…” Bai Qing stated her thanks softly. After which, her silhouette flickered as well as she dashed off in the direction of the ancient kingdom together with the rest of Qin Wentian’s companions.

At this moment, the Great Solar Chen Clan of Ginkou had already been destroyed. Fairy Qingmei and the leader of the Mystic Moon Hall stood together as the leader spoke, “The battle today was won through sheer luck. However, I think that from now on, our sects will probably face many dangers in Grand Xia. Transcendent powers like the Hua Clan, Pill Emperor Hall and Wang Clan, will definitely not spare us.”

“Qin Wentian had never planned to establish his own sect immediately. This was the reason why his followers from the Azure Faction and my followers from the Celestial Lake Palace are all masked. Nobody can tell their identity and they could melt into the crowd at anytime. Given how vast Grand Xia is, I doubt anyone can find them if they don’t want to be found.” Fairy Qingmei stated.

However, the Pill Emperor Hall definitely wouldn’t waste time. They would surely target key characters like Fairy Qingmei and Qin Wentian.

“However, like what you said, the Mystic Moon Sect might be in extreme danger from now onwards.” Fairy Qingmei added in a low voice.

The Mystic Moon Sect leader nodded, “Our sect is located in the Spirit Continent, and there’s no doubt that after today, we would definitely become the target of a multitude of arrows. Qingmei, I decided to be like you, allowing my Mystic Moon Sect to roam Grand Xia, hiding our identity. How about the two of us form an alliance?”

“That would be naturally for the best.” A smile appeared on Fairy Qingmei’s face. “This force only answers to Qin Wentian, while as for your sect, seeing how deep the relationship between Qin Wentian and Bai Qing is, I don’t need to say anything more. In fact, there might even be an opportunity for these two forces to merge.”

Upon hearing Fairy Qingmei’s words, the leader of the Mystic Moon Sect also understood the reason within. A rare smile also appeared on her face as she stated, “Or maybe, in the future, there would only be a single power in the whole of Grand Xia.”

A glint of sharpness flashed past Fairy Qingmei’s eyes when she heard that. It wasn’t that she had never thought of this, but the future they are speaking of is still a little too far away.


The Great Solar Chen Clan of Ginkou, this ancient family had occupied an extremely vast territory. Standing at the peak of Grand Xia for a few thousand years, it was one of the strongest transcendent powers ever to exist. There were countless people who wanted to join the Great Solar Chen Clan.

However, at this moment, the gazes of several figures were directed in the direction of the Chen Clan. Only to see that in the middle of the air, a black-robed granny could be seen standing there with an incomparably sharp killing intent radiating out from her. Around her, experts from the Mystic Moon Sect could be seen. The remnants of the Chen Clan had already heard the news and were on the run. The wealth the Chen Clan had accumulated was now fated to become the loot of others.

“An imposing clan destroyed in a single day. How sad, how lamentable.” The crowd in the surroundings sighed within their hearts. They had never even imagined that the day of the Heavenly Fate Rankings would actually be the day of demise for the Great Solar Chen Clan.

The powerful majestic Chen Clan, how glorious were they? Those from there all commanded an imposing presence, clad in luxurious robes and equipped with powerful weapons. Yet now, in the history of Grand Xia, they faded away with the blowing wind.

“The winners become the king, the losers are all vilified. It has been like this since time immemorial. How could an all-out war be so simple? A single wrong move equates utter annihilation.” Another person sighed. In the entire Grand Xia, one power would not easily be willing to wage an all-out war with another. Once the declaration of war is announced, neither side will rest until one side is completely wiped out. They would never leave sources of future trouble unchecked. Hence, before this, the Great Solar Chen Clan were extremely ruthless and merciless to the Mystic Moon Sect for no other reason than the fact that an all-out war had already started between them.

Yet the Great Solar Chen Clan never expected for them to not be the victors.

In an inn located extremely far away from the Chen Clan, a silhouette clad in dragon robes gazed in the direction of the Chen Clan. His eyes were incomparably sharp, and also emitted a frosty chill of anger.

The eyes of this man had a terrifying flame flickering within. He was one of the remnants of the Chen Clan who had luckily escaped in time.

He opened his palm, lowered his head and stared downwards. Clutched in his hand was a mysterious ancient medallion. That was none other than a Sacred Royal Medallion.

Every hundred years, the Great Solar Chen Clan would only have three. One medallion was given to Chen Fan, the second one bestowed upon Chen Wang. Both of them had already fallen, their medallions taken away by others. As for him, he was the holder of the third medallion.

As for the medallion’s holders a hundred years before him, other than the youngest Ascendant from the Pill Emperor Hall Jun Yu, none of the others returned. Maybe, they had fallen, or maybe they were kicked out and didn’t have the face to return to their clans.

Right now, only seven grand clans out of nine remained in Grand Xia. Every hundred years, these grand clans would receive three Sacred Royal Medallions, but it didn’t mean that if you were bestowed one, you would definitely be an outstanding character. The world out there was too vast, there were numerous demon-level talents. And amidst the clashes of life and death to temper oneself, it was wasn’t abnormal for the death rate among holders of the Sacred Royal Medallions to be high.

However, every medallion represented a piece of hope. There were several Ascendants in the seven grand clans that were holders of the Sacred Royal Medallion back in their younger days who survived and came back to become leaders of their respective clans.

Closing his fingers, this man tightly clutched the ancient medallion while the sharpness in his eyes grew even more intense. After which, he stood up and departed from the inn, continuing on his own journey, travelling in a certain direction.


At this moment, the situation in the ancient kingdom was totally opposite to the situation in the Chen Clan. The surroundings near the Chen Clan were desolate and bleak, but in the ancient kingdom, there was a sea of humans. The news circulated extremely quickly and all the powerful characters of the various transcendent powers that were already in Ginkou, were currently in the ancient kingdom.

Countless silhouettes gathered in the ancient kingdom, their eyes trained at a single spot in the centre. Over there, the entire piece of ground had caved in, producing an immense cavity that revealed a majestic sight hidden within.

The legends stated that these underground palaces were known by another name. The tomb of the ancient kingdom, where all the royal emperors were buried.

The entrance to the Royal Tomb was guarded by a gigantic totem of a vermilion bird. The large opened beak of the vermilion bird was the entrance to the Royal Tomb yet nobody dared to casually step within.

Since this place was the Royal Tomb of Ancient Grand Xia, it goes without saying that there would be traps set within to prevent intruders from disturbing the peace of those who lay within. Dangers most definitely abounded everywhere, with only a 10% chance of survival for those who ventured in.

“The experts from the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan, Jiang Clan, Shi Clan and Venerate Heavens Sect have all arrived. How swift.” Before the entrance of the Royal Tomb, a row of figures could already be seen standing there. They were all from the various transcendent powers of Grand Xia.

In the middle of the air, a raging wind gusted as a total of seven to eight people arrived at this place. These people all had puppets with them and they were all extremely young. Naturally, these people were none other than Di Tian and his companions.

“Upon entering the puppets, they could join forces and rival a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant. Earlier, in the Venerate Heavens Sect, it was precisely them who had fought against the clan lord of Chen Clan and Jun Yu, it was obvious that they were very powerful.”

“That man in the centre is Di Tian. It was him and Qin Wentian who command the Azure Faction. He cultivates the same innate techniques as Qin Wentian and it seems that he even knows the Demonic Divinity Sacrificial Transformation. Of course, it was also because of his threat that the Ascendants from the Pill Emperor Hall finally chose to leave.”

“Causing so much commotion the first time he appeared, he’s another demon-level talent like Qin Wentian.” The hearts of the crowd sighed in admiration, “Qin Wentian, the top ranker of the Heavenly Fate Rankings slayed the Chen Ancestor with a single sword. Once again, he opened a new page of history in Grand Xia. He’s simply too terrifying.”

The discussion of the crowd continued unabated. The Chen Clan was the same as the pill Emperor Hall, both of them had enraged Qin Wentian. But what was the result? The Pill Emperor Hall ended up being split apart, while the Chen Clan suffered even more drastically, their entire clan was annihilated.

It was as though one must never provoke this man lest they face his wrath!

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