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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 468 — Sword Forest

Chapter 468: Sword Forest

That power of that freezing energy was exceptionally terrifying. After seeping through the flesh, it could even freeze the blood and even the astral energy circulation of the victim. If his internal organs were all frozen, he would undoubtedly die under the power of that freezing ice. That snowman wasn’t joking with him, it would definitely kill him.

As he thought of here, the blood in Qin Wentian’s body started to seeth and surge. He called upon the power of his bloodline and executed the Fiend Art Transformation as terrifying amounts of demonic qi exuded from him.

“SHATTER!” With a howl or rage, the ice crystals forming on his arms shattered into fragments. The shadow of a primordial great roc could be seen flashing by above his head.

The sounds of freezing continued on, that icy energy still enveloped him.

“Fiend Art Transformation.” Qin Wentian growled, the demonic qi exuding from him surged in intensity. That terrifying energy currents circulated around him as his body underwent a transformation into a great roc.

However, the power of this transformation is by far weaker compared to the power granted by the Demon Divinity Sacrificial Transformation. Its physique was smaller by countless times, and its wingspan was only about tens of metres wide.

However despite transforming into a roc, parts of his body was still frozen by the ice. He flapped his wings furiously as beams of sword light shot forth from him. The countless sword beams coalesced into a giant kingly sword that pierced deep into the ground. That was his Astral Nova. That sword started vibrating as a strange keening resounded forth from it, the sharpness of the melody shattering the ice that bounded him.

But right at this moment, a violent storm of snowflakes danced wildly in the air, covering the great roc, turning him white.


The body of the great roc shot up into the skies. The kingly sword on the ground flew up with him, circling around him as the keening melody continued on unabated. The terrifying sword might generated from it destroyed the entirety of the flying snowflakes.

Qin Wentian’s sharp gaze swept downwards. A moment later, his body transformed into a stream of light as he descended with the speed of a comet, instantly landing upon the ground. The Kingly Sword stabbed out madly, the power of laceration sweeping over everything.

The great roc was extremely decisive, since he couldn’t find the snowman. He might as well destroy the entire snow in this space.

However right at this moment, the snow on the ground shot to one direction and abruptly gathered with increasing speed. A few breaths of time later, a snow mountain appeared on top of the ground in a certain direction and was growing exponentially larger with every second. It was as though the entire snow in this world have all been compounded and were being concentrated on this snowy mountain.

Qin Wentian shifted his gaze onto that snowy mountain. In the form of the great roc, he soared up into the skies. A kingly will emanated forth from his Sword Astral Nova and slammed downwards, aiming for the snowy mountain, smashing down with overwhelming might.

A terrifying vibrational energy permeated the space. Great fissures could be seen appearing on the snowy mountains yet they recovered with blinding speed. And at the same instant, a gigantic sabre made of ice shot out from the snowy mountains and pierced upwards, aiming at the great roc.

Qin Wentian explosively retreated, the snowy mountain below him was still expanding in size and soon became a gigantic snowy mountain of over a few thousand metres in height. Rumbling sounds echoed out while the snowy mountain trembled. An extremely strange sight occurred, the snowy mountains was actually growing out arms and legs. In fact, facial features also appeared, it was none other than the snowman whom Qin Wentian fought earlier.

In the blink of an eye, that snowy mountain transformed back into that snowman. But this time around, it was a few thousand times larger compared to before. With a single glance, it caused Qin Wentian to feel as though even his soul was being frozen.

“Initially I still wanted to slowly play around with you. Who would have thought that you would be so boring?” A frigid voice rang out from the snowman. After which, as it moved, the entire earth trembled. Upon nearing, it immediately shot out a snow-colored gigantic palm, aiming to grab the body of the great roc.

And even before the palm neared, that incomparably powerful icy energy had already descended. The great roc felt his entire body growing cold, and instantly slapped its wings furiously, appearing in another location. The snow palms closed upon nothing, but an immense crystal of ice could be seen forming at the heart of its palm.

“This world is extremely large. You can continue evading, I don’t mind, i’m having fun. However, you shall be trapped here for an eternity with me. I’m looking forward to it, it has been too long since I have someone to play with.” The immense snowman mockingly laughed, his words causing the expression on Qin Wentian’s face to turn extremely unsightly.

His opponent had abided by the rules and suppressed his cultivation to the second level of Heavenly Dipper. This was the only reason why was able to dodge. But even though that snowman has already suppressed his cultivation, its body had a size of over thousands of metres and seemed to have an undying body. How could he win?

“His body is formed by snow and ice. Unless I can destroy it entirely at one go, I won’t be able to kill him.” Qin Wentian silently speculated. The demonic blood in his body surged as a towering demonic qi erupted forth from him. This terrifying power of his bloodline caused his own cultivation level to temporary shot up to the next level, as he emitted an aura similar to third level Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns.”

“The power of my bloodline can augment my strength. Although I’m at the third level now, my true cultivation is still at the second level of Heavenly Dipper.” Qin Wentian stared at the snow giant, he hadn’t thought that at merely the first trial, he would already have to call forth the power of his blood. This feeling left Qin Wentian a little unsettled, he had an ominous feeling regarding the subsequent trials. How terrifying would they be?

“Third level of Heavenly Dipper? What can you do with it?” The snow giant coldly laughed.

At this moment, Qin Wentian turned back into his human form. After which, fearsome looking demonic scales enveloped his body as the will of his Mandate of Demons unleashed to its limits. His body was protected by layers of incomparably tough draconic scales while the kingly sword was held in his hands as he strode forward.

With Qin Wentian’s current prowess, if it was in the external world, it was a piece of cake for him to kill a fourth level Heavenly Dipper Sovereign .

“I truly want to see how much attacks can your body absorb.” Qin Wentian’s speed abruptly heightened. A cold wind gusted as the will from the Mandate of Ice and Snow got increasingly stronger. Once more, his body started to freeze, every cell in his body felt as though they were frozen solid.


While he still could move, Qin Wentian’s silhouette vanished. He wielded the kingly sword with both his hands and cleaved it downwards, aiming for the head of the snow giant. The kingly sword which was his Astral Nova in condensed form, directly penetrated through as the will of his Mandate of Force erupted forwards, exploding the gigantic head of the snow giant. The terrible melodies of sword keening echoed out, speedily destroying that body of ice and snow.

“Swish!” The icy palms violently pressed towards Qin Wentian. The kingly sword was left embedded inside the giant. With a twist to the side, Qin Wentian executed the Stellar Transposition and dodged behind it. An instant later, a Heavenly Hammer condensed from his first Astral Nova appeared in his hands as he smashed it forcefully towards the back of the giant.

“BOOOM!” His immense strength flooded out, the vibrational shockwaves of his second level insight coated his attacks. Spider-web like cracks formed at the point of impact while the next instant, as endless amounts of sword qi formed into a vortex, Qin Wentian stabbed out with a single finger, intending on breaking the heavens with a single stab! Heaven Breaking Finger, slamming right into the body of the snow giant before he once again explosively retreated. That icy intent radiating forth was too strong, he would be frozen solid if he stopped his movements.

Staying far away from the snow giant, Qin Wentian’s countenance appeared extremely solemn as he turned his gaze ahead. The combination of attacks he used, caused the entire immense frame of that giant to tremble unceasingly.

Finally, with a thunderous boom, the snow giant’s body disintegrated, as boundless snowflakes drifted about in the wind. That normal-sized snowman from earlier appeared once again, peering at Qin Wentian.

“Your combat strength is passable.” That snowman suddenly laughed, “Congratulations, you can enter the next level. However, it isn’t going to be so easy. In fact, in your current state, it’s almost impossible to pass the next trial. You better be prepared.”

As the sound of his voice faded, the snowman turned into the endless snow, dissipating in thin air. At the place where he vanished, a flight of stairs leading to another ancient pathway could be seen.

Snow, rained down once more, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Very swiftly, the entire land was once again covered by snow. Qin Wentian stretched his palms out, allowing the beautiful snowflakes to land on his palm, feeling the tingling coolness of it before it melted away. He then turned his gaze onto that flight of stairs. According to the snowman, the difficulty of the trial ahead would be even higher.

The Vermilion Bird chosen the path of the Tyrant Emperor for Ouyang Kuangsheng and Chu Mang, the path of the Blood Emperor for Mu Feng, the path of the Chaotic Devil Emperor for Bai Qing. But what has it chosen for him?

If he passed all the trials on this path, what would he acquire?

Qin Wentian sat down cross-legged in the snow, allowing the snow to pile up on his body, burying him underneath.

After calling upon the power of his demonic blood to temporary increase his cultivation level, it was only normal that he would be feeling weaker after and would require a period of time to recuperate.

Several Yuan Meteor Stones appeared around him as he began absorbing astral energy from them to replenish his Yuanfu.

Several days later, Qin Wentian stood up and walked towards the flight of stairs.

Lifting his head and gazing upwards, he showed no hesitation and immediately proceeded to climb it.

The instant he exited, the flight of stairs vanished. He appeared in another dimension and this place, was none other than a forest of swords.

“Bzzz!: An incomparably terrifying sword qi instantly locked onto Qin Wentian. The expression on his face turned ashen as he surveyed the surroundings. Countless sharp swords were floating in the air and each of them were emanating tremendous amounts of sword might, as though wanting to pressure him to death. This forest, was a forest of swords. Each of them seemed alive and also seemed to be a single entity.

“This…” Qin Wentian stared at the hovering swords, they seemed akin to leaves on the trees of actual forests that moved with the wind. The tip of each sword were pointed right at him as beams of sword light sparkled resplendently. It was as though the moment he moved, he would trigger the swords into shooting out.

“This place, is the Sword Forest. If you are willing to give up now, I shall send you out, no harm will come to you.” A gentle voice echoed, seemingly originating from the void. A moment later, a silhouette could be seen walking out from the forest of swords.

That person moved at a leisurely pace, but the feeling he gave Qin Wentian was as such that each and every step he took, sword intent would breath in and out. It felt as though this man was the incarnation of a sword, and was also one with the Sword Forest.

“How do i pass this trial? Qin Wentian asked.

“I will only tell you after you’ve decided. But I have to remind you that if you choose to give up now, you can still exit safely. But once you decided to take the test, you’ll be at death’s door where the slightest mistake could claim your life.” The other party spoke. Qin Wentian inclined his head, staring at the surrounding swords. Indeed, he could sense that if he made the slightest mistake, he would definitely die.

But now, he didn’t even know what the test would be, how can he give up so simply?

This was something Qin Wentian would consider. Since he has already chosen the hardest path, how can he still retreat in the face of danger? If he did, was he still him?

“How do I pass this trial? Qin Wentian asked again.

The countenance of the other party was serene as he spoke, “Walk through this Sword Forest and exit it, you will pass the trial. If you cannot, just die of old age here.”

As the sound of his voice faded, the other party turned and left. At the same time, a voice resounded out in the air, “Just a gentle reminder, as you are now, if you take a single step forward, the swords would definitely slay you.”

Qin Wentian clenched both his hands into fists as his heart pounded intensely. Such a trial, how can he complete it?

From all perspectives, it seems like an impossible task. He would die if he make the slightest of movements!

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