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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 476 — Heavenly Mountain, Treasure Seizing Assembly

Chapter 476: Heavenly Mountain, Treasure Seizing Assembly

Qin Wentian’s heart trembled involuntarily as he stared at the blood-colored demon halberd embedded in the earth. What an intense aura of vengeance.

After all, Chi Yezi was a fifth-ranked Grandmaster and had an esteemed status that was widely respected by others. Who would have imagined that the silk pants young master of the Yin Clan would be so despotic, forcing him to the brink of madness by slaughtering his clan members, and thereby indirectly causing him to commit suicide, using his life as a sacrifice to the halberd, causing the aura of vengeance exuding from it to tower up towards the heavens.

Even after his death, Grandmaster Ye obviously wanted to kill the young master of the Yin Clan. Hence, those who were sent to retrieve the halberd all died there. The young master only escaped due to having a powerful protective treasure. As a result, he sealed this area and sent batches of people for the retrieval mission. He wanted to observe the strange points of the halberd, thereby causing the death of several cultivators.

Qin Wentian’s silhouette flickered. Under the cover of the bloodsoaked night, he moved in the direction of the halberd. The nearer he got, the stronger the feeling of something influencing his state of mind could be sensed. There was an unknown energy that caused him to feel panic and irritation.

Finally, Qin Wentian was only a few steps away from the halberd. Abruptly, he felt a blood-colored glow enveloping him within, transporting him to a realm created by the halberd. In this space, withered skeletons could be seen everywhere. The sky and earth were dyed red by blood as terrifying demonic howls echoed out loud in the air, striking fear into the hearts of people.

Blood-colored rays of light shot into Qin Wentian’s mind yet his eyes remained clear. He calmly stared at the deceased soul in the halberd as he spoke in a low voice, “Senior, my heart is resolute, the will of the Mandate of Dreams won’t be able to affect me.”

Right now, Qin Wentian already understood what the origin of this energy was.

Chi Yezi was also someone that was proficient in the Mandate of Dreams. He could enter others’ sea of consciousness and cause them to be trapped within a dreamscape.

However, given the tempering experience Qin Wentian had when in the Royal Tomb, when he came face to face with the terrible nightmare borne of his own heart demons, Chi Yezi’s dream will was nothing in comparison.

That deceased soul was still unwilling and shrieked in a mad manner as it lunged towards Qin Wentian in a frenzy.

Qin Wentian sighed as he shook his head, “Senior’s veangance caused the death of so many, yet your enemy is still well and alive. Why must senior persist?”

As the sound of his voice faded, Qin Wentian continued stepping out, moving closer and closer to the scarlet demon halberd. He stretched his hand out and directly placed it on the halberd as he let out a roar, “Let me the bearer of your vengeance.”

The instant he came into contact with the scarlet demon halberd, the towering aura of vengeance all transformed into light rays that shot into his mind. His sea of consciousness descended into chaos, this dream will was trying to peer into his memories. How could Qin Wentian fall for it? In the Royal Tomb, that experience that was like him entering samsara and living a whole new life. How terrifying and cruel was that? The state of his heart had long transcended what it used to be. The energy of a dream will left behind by a dead man was not strong enough to shake his resolve in the slightest.

“Junior doesn’t dare to guarantee, but if there’s a chance, I shall use this halberd which senior personally forged to slay your enemies, using their blood to cleanse your hatred.” Qin Wentian spoke as he sliced apart his finger, allowing a drop of blood to flow on the runic inscriptions carved on the halberd. At the same time, his intent bored into the halberd and erased the mark Chi Yezi had left behind.

After which, with a wave of his hands, he directly pulled out the halberd and stored it inside his interspatial ring.

“Let this place regain its peace.” Qin Wentian spoke in a low voice. His silhouette flickered as he vanished into the darkness.


The next morning, the news of the halberd’s disappearance soon spread around, causing people to feel extremely shocked by it.

It disappeared? Was the scarlet demon halberd taken away by someone?

Could the Yin Clan have finally thickened their face and sent out a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant to silently steal the halberd in the middle of the night? But of course, no one would dare to speak about this in public, they only speculated silently among themselves.

Yet, the truth was that a certain young master of the Yin Clan flew into a towering rage. He had exhausted all his efforts to obtain this tyrannical ancient halberd and even used all the means at his disposal to ensure that the creation was successful, ruining his reputation in the process. Such an ending angered him so much that he coughed out blood. His scarlet demon halberd was stolen by someone.

Not only that, he also received a piece of news yesterday that caused him to be terribly unhappy. The man he sent to capture Song Jia was actually injured by an expert during his return journey. Also, Song Jia was taken away. These two matters caused him to be extremely unhappy and dissatisfied.

As for Song Jia, she was currently in that small inn. And just when she went down for breakfast, her heart couldn’t help but felt a wave of mournfulness upon hearing the news that the scarlet demon halberd had gone missing. This must definitely have been done by those from the Yin Clan.

“Miss Song, what a coincidence.” Suddenly, a voice drifted over causing Song Jia’s expression to falter. She lifted her head and stared in the direction of the voice, feeling extremely astonished.

“Why are you here?” Song Jia stared at Qin Wentian who was carrying Little Rascal in his arms. This fellow seemed completely confident and at ease.

“Just wandering about, I didn’t think that I would meet Miss Song Jia here.” Qin Wentian smiled and sat in front of Song Jia. “Earlier Miss Song was pressured and forced by someone else, now that you have regained your freedom I assumed that you must have met miraculous encounters en route. Why are you not returning to Luo City?”

Song Jia’s countenance visibly dimmed as she heard his words. After which, she shook her head and replied, “I’m too used to the methods of the Yin Clan. They wouldn’t rest until they accomplish their objective. If I return, he would still send someone over to Luo City and harass my clan members. At that time…I don’t know what kind of methods he would employ, I don’t want to implicate my clan.”

“In that case, are you planning to voluntarily walk into the trap? Is this something your clan members are willing to see?” Qin Wentian asked.

“Today, the Xuan King City is organising a Treasure Seizing Assembly at the Heavenly Mountain and people of the major powers would all attend, including the young master of the Yin Clan, Yin Cheng. I will apologise to him in front of the public and beg for his forgiveness. Maybe, because of face, he might agree to release me. Although doing this is extremely pathetic, I don’t want to see my clan members sad because of my death. If all possible avenues are not exhausted, I truly don’t wish to become a skeleton when I’m still so young.”

Song Jia calmly added, “In life, there would be moments where one has to lower their heads. If I was more mature earlier, I wouldn’t have uttered words which should have been left unspoken, leading to this situation today.”

Qin Wentian stared at the calm-looking Song Jia as he sighed in his heart. Indeed, one’s experiences would cause one’s thinking to change. After experiencing this matter, Song Jia’s mindset was evidently changing gradually.

“It just so happens that I’m bored and the Treasure Seizing Assembly seems like something interesting, I’m willing go with you to take a look.” Qin Wentian laughed casually, yet he was silently sighing in his heart. Initially, he planned to silently rescue Song Jia and that would be the end of it. Who knew that this girl would choose to voluntarily walk into the trap. Qin Wentian couldn’t stand by idly while watching her delivering herself to death.

“Since I took their wine, I’ll just have to deal with whatever trouble that comes along I guess.” Qin Wentian murmured in his heart.

Song Jia lifted her head to glance at Qin Wentian before nodding her head slightly, “That’s fine. But after we arrive at the Heavenly Mountain, you must not be seen walking together with me. My matters with the Yin Clan might implicate you if they see us walking together.”

Qin Wentian didn’t reply and shifted the topic away. After eating their breakfast, they set off towards the Heavenly Mountain.

As Song Jia saw Little Rascal transforming into a pegasus before her eyes, her eyes couldn’t help but to flash with a brilliant light.

“This is Little Rascal’s transformation ability. Come on up, we will still need you to lead the way.” Qin Wentian smiled. Song Jia hesitated for an instant before nodding her head and mounted Little Rascal.

The Heavenly Mountain was located in the western region of the Xuan King City. It was extremely vast, spanning across the entire western region and enveloped the borders of the city, even stretching out into the distance.

Although there were almost an endless number of experts in Xuan King City, the vastness of the mountain range was such that there would undoubtedly be secrets in this vast area that were impossible to probe. There were also a number of hidden cultivators choosing to cultivate in the mountain range around the Heavenly Mountain.

And because of how mysterious the Heaven Mountain was, there would occasionally be some unique treasures appearing here. And over time, every half a year, the Heavenly Mountain would organise a Treasure Seizing Assembly where an astronomical number of cultivators would come to participate.

Right now, the main peak of the Heavenly Mountains was bustling with activity, it was exceptionally lively. The people coming forth to trade their treasures were almost countless.

However, the Song Jia of this moment couldn’t find it within herself to feel any enthusiasm. She walked on the mountain path and spoke to Qin Wentian, “Every time the Treasure Seizing Assembly is organised, it would be split into different segments. Those who are Yuanfu Cultivators would occupy the foot of the mountains, for those Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns below the sixth level of Heavenly Dipper, they would occupy the area around the mountain waist. If you want to buy or sell valuable treasures, you can only do so at the peak of the mountains.”

“Yin Cheng has already stepped into the third level of Heavenly Dipper. In this Treasure Seizing Auction, he will definitely invite some of the disciples from the major powers in Xuan King City over with him to the waist of the mountain to participate in the treasure seizing.” Song Jia spoke as she continued, “Let’s separate here, I will head over to the mountain waist. Don’t stick with me anymore.”

“Mhm.” Qin Wentian nodded his head lightly. Song Jia also didn’t expect that Qin Wentian would agree to it so easily and straightforwardly, she couldn’t help but to feel a sense of disappointment in her heart. In times of despair, people would always wish to find something, a strand of hope to cling to. Although she wasn’t willing to implicate Qin Wentian, she couldn’t help but feel hurt when she noticed that Qin Wentian didn’t even react protectively.

Turning, Song Jia had a look of distress on her face as she moved towards the mountain waist.

Little Rascal transformed back to its original form and was carried by Qin Wentian as they walked along the mountain paths. Qin Wentian’s perception stretched out and soon after, he made his way towards a cultivator setting shop up in the area ahead.

“Boss, are these scrolls of divine inscriptions?” Qin Wentian stared at the old man manning the shop as he asked.

“Little brother’s eyes are truly good. You should have some talent in the field of Divine Inscriptions. These scrolls I have for sale is able to create a shield of divine inscriptions that can withstand a single strike of a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant. It’s really not a bad item if you are looking for a life-saving treasure.” The old man stroke his beard, laughing as he commented.

Qin Wentian lightly shook his head. These items didn't really have much use to him. If he truly met someone far above his level, the scrolls would be expended merely after a single strike. No matter what he still wouldn't be able to escape.

“Do you have any space transference inscription scrolls instead?” Qin Wentian inquired. Although he was able to inscribe divine inscriptions, he wasn't proficient in the Mandate of Space. Back then in the Unmatched Realm, Qin Zheng was the only one that had comprehended it. It was also naturally because of his insights in Space that allowed him access to all thirty six mountains.

“No.” The old man shook his head, “The item you are looking for requires not only someone with a mastery in divine inscriptions, that Grandmaster also has to be someone that has gained insights into the Mandate of Space. Also, the price would differ depending on the distance transferred. The further it was, the more valuable the scroll would be. For items like these, you might want to try your luck at the mountain waist. However, even if there's an item like that for sale, the members of the various powers would surely be fighting over it. You wouldn't have a chance to acquire it nonetheless.”

“Thanks for the guidance.” Qin Wentian clasped his hands. With a smile on his face, he continued on the mountain path, walking towards the waist of the mountain.

He naturally understood how valuable the item he wanted to buy was. But now that he was out travelling in the vast world alone, it would naturally be better if he could purchase some life-saving treasures!

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