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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 477 — Presenting Treasures

Chapter 477: Presenting Treasures

As for the Heavenly Mountain Treasure Seizing Assembly, there was naturally a reason why the words ‘Treasure Seizing’ were in it.

This assembly wasn’t just a place for people to meet to do simple transactions. There were two truly important places - one at the peak of the mountain where the top-tier experts gathered. There would be mutual trade occurring between experts and that place was cloaked in endless mysteries. Cultivators below the sixth level of Heavenly Dipper were barred from entering because the treasures that appeared there would definitely be exceedingly valuable to the point that even Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants might come out to vie for them.

The second important place was at the waist of the mountain. Just like what Song Jia had said to Qin Wentian, Yin Cheng would gather a group of his peers from the various major powers to participate in treasure seizing over there.

The Treasure Seizing Assembly basically constituted an extremely simple relationship. There would be someone presenting their treasures while the others would seize them.

Those that present treasures would call out their conditions for a transaction, allowing interested parties to accept. Of course, if there were more than one party interested in the presented items, the seizing of the treasures would then begin. The saying went that as long as the item you presented was valuable, you wouldn’t return disappointed. An example was that if there were two parties interested in an item, they would engage in combat, the winner obtaining the right to purchase the item from the seller. This was what ‘treasure seizing’ meant.

And every time the Heavenly Mountain Treasure Seizing Assembly started, the area at the waist of the mountains would be the most lively. Because the requirements to enter the mountain peak was too strict, the majority of cultivators participating would all be at the waist of the mountains. It could be said that for every treasure seizing assembly, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the area around the mountain waist would be flooded by people.

Qin Wentian followed the pathway and continued up. There were many transaction booths opened by vendors on the pathway, yet to Qin Wentian, these ordinary items naturally had no way to attract his interest. Over the years of being engulfed by storms of blood, he had accumulated plenty of wealth. If he could find treasures that were suited to him in this assembly, it meant that he wouldn’t have made a wasted trip.

The mountain waist was an extremely large piece of flat land. It was like a long corridor that pierced right into the centre of the Heavenly Mountain. This place was a boiling cauldron of voices, there were tens of thousands of cultivators gathered all around a pathway, solely for those treasure presenters to walk on.

That pathway led to an empty and spacious land. The treasure presenters would walk over there and present their treasures to see if any cultivators in this assembly was interested in their items.

Further up ahead would be the precipice of the mountain. However, around there, there were numerous elegant-looking pavilions for the purpose of allowing people to chat and relax. Only extremely famous people or members of major powers in the Xuan King City would qualified to be there.

Those people were the main characters of the Treasure Seizing Assembly. In the previous assemblies, the majority of items presented were all bought by this group of people.

“Truly befitting the name of a Treasure Seizing Assembly, what a grand event.” Qin Wentian mixed himself in with the crowd as he mused in his heart. Those around him were all engaged in their own discussions, speculating who were those austere presences that had the qualifications to sit within the pavilions up ahead.

Qin Wentian’s gaze shifted over there. With just a single glance, he could tell that there were over ten camps. Majority of the cultivators there were Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns that were the cream of the crop from the major powers of Xuan King City. Evidently, most of them would be extremely young, below the age of fifty.

Qin Wentian’s eyes were currently onto the characters sitting down on the main seats in the two largest camps over there. The person on the left had a cultivation base at the third level of Heavenly Dipper, and an extremely fair skin. He gave off a gloomy and sinister aura although he was quite good looking. Although his eyes were smiling, they would occasionally erupt forth with a sharpness that contained faint traces of coldness within. Just a single glance was sufficient to tell Qin Wentian that this person was an extremely ruthless character. He also exuded a kind of innate arrogance that people born in high standing positions would have.

According to the discussions around him, that person was none other than the young master of the Yin Clan. Although this person committed many atrocities, he wasn’t just a useless silk pants young master. Stepping into the third level of Heavenly Dipper at the age of twenty five, his talent in the Yin Clan could be considered extremely outstanding. And just from the story of him forcing a fifth-ranked Grandmaster to the point of exterminating his entire clan already indicated that this was a man who would spare no expenses, even using despicable and underhanded methods to achieve his aims.

Naturally, he dared to do these things because the authority his clan had given to him was extremely great. This was why he even dared to make a move against a fifth-ranked Grandmaster.

However, the most dazzling character in the Xuan King City wasn’t him. But rather, it was the person currently standing beside him that effortlessly attracted the attention of the crowd.

This person was a woman whose beauty could be considered at the level of toppling cities with a single smile. Her skin was as fair as snow, and her features were flawless. What was even more outstanding was her aura, projecting a sense of coldness and nobility. Most in the crowd would only dared to fantasize about her deep in their hearts but every time the gaze of the woman swept by, they would lower their heads, not daring to match the gaze of that beautiful eyes.

This woman was an extremely famous beauty in the Xuan King City. If ranked according to beauty, she would absolutely be placed within the top three. But if one was talking about background, she was none other than the princess of the Xuan King’s Manor.

Regardless when talking of her beauty or background, the vast majority of the crowd could only look down and be ashamed of their own inferiority.

Qin Wentian’s attention was also slightly attracted by the beauty of the princess, hence he snuck a few glances at her. It was only natural for men to be attracted to women of beauty, although those with a resolute heart wouldn’t allow their hearts to be wavered in the slightest while others couldn’t resist and were drowning in her beauty.

Qin Wentian was looking at the princess, but given his current state of heart, he only found the princess to be extraordinary, but wasn’t to the point of being submerged by her beauty. After all if one were to talk about beauties, there were truly few that could match Mo Qingcheng from Chu or the ice princess Qing`er.

Shang Yue’s gaze swept about the crowd. Abruptly, her brows lightly creased as her eyes landed on a young man. This young man was clad in white and had an ancient sword strapped on his back. He appeared clean and simple, and had hints of an innate pride in his aura. He was the only one who made no attempts to hide his gaze while looking directly at her.

Shang Yue’s gaze flashed with sharpness, Qin Wentian naturally sensed it. He casually laughed and shifted his eyes away, only then did Shang Yue shift her attention away.

Qin Wentian then turned his gaze onto the other cultivators gathered around Shang Yue and Yin Cheng. Just from a single glance was sufficient to tell that these people all had an extraordinary background.

On the left of Yin Cheng, there were several young men and women sitting in the pavilions. Each of them radiated a formidable presence, and they were all actually at the fifth level of Heavenly Dipper.

These people were none other than disciples from the Heaven Shocking Sword Sect, the most powerful sect in the Xuan King City.

The disciples of the Heaven Shocking Sword Sect were naturally proficient in sword arts. They were especially famed for their powerful attacks, as for Yin Cheng himself, he was also cultivating in there. Not only him, Song Jia was also from the same sect but because of that one incident where she rebutted him in public, speaking about her feelings on the matter of the scarlet demon halberd, Yin Cheng decided not to spare her.

On the right of Yue Shang was a powerful aristocrat clan. The Golden Fire Aristocrat Clan was extremely famous in the Xuan King City as they were one of the three aristocrat clans residing within.

And further to the right of them were people from the Wind Roc Aristocrat Clan.

The Yin Clan, Golden Fire Clan and Wind Roc Clan were the three grand aristocrat clans within the Xuan King City. Among them, the Yin Clan was the strongest with the Golden Fire and Wind Roc Clan lagging slightly behind. Despite so, they were both also extremely terrifying with Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants at their foundations. Their strength even exceeded the transcendent powers in Grand Xia.

Other than these, it was needless to say that all who sat in the pavilions were disciples or members of extraordinary powers in Xuan King City.

Before this, Qin Wentian had already understood the strength of Grand Shang. The Seven King Cities were supreme powers that even exceeds the transcendent powers of Grand Xia. The strongest King City even had Ascendants at the peak of Celestial Phenomenon, there was no need to doubt their level of strength. And as for the few strongest sects and clans, they even had the capability to resist Royal Authority should they joined their forces. From this, one could see how powerful they were as well.

Grand Shang was an entire tier higher compared to Grand Xia.

Right now, since he was adventuring alone in one of the King Cities of Grand Shang, it would naturally be better if he could obtain some life-saving treasures. As for Qing`er, she was many times stronger compared to him, he had no need to worry about her.

“Princess, I see that many others are already prepared to seize the treasures. How about we start the treasure presentation?” At this moment, Yin Cheng’s eyes gazed on Shang Yue who was standing next to him as he asked with a smile on his face.

“I’m here today as a participant. You can decide.” Yue Shang’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was extremely clear and caused people to feel extremely comfortable when listening to it.

“Right.” Yin Cheng nodded as he smiled. After which he turned his gaze onto the crowd and spoke, “For this Treasure Seizing Assembly, I believe that the treasure presenters won’t caused the rest of us to be disappointed. As long as your treasure is valuable enough, no matter what you want, just state your conditions confidently.”

The atmosphere in the air exploded with the words of Yin Cheng. These people around Yin Cheng all had an extraordinary background. If the treasures of the presenters weren’t powerful enough, they couldn’t even be bothered to glance at it. Hence, the majority of the treasures to appear in the Treasure Seizing Assembly would most definitely be unique and powerful treasures.

Right at this moment, a silhouette could be seen on that pathway. The eyes of the crowd all focused onto that silhouette only to discover that it was actually an extremely youthful female. Not only that, she didn’t wear a mask to obscure her features.

Yin Cheng frowned, as a sinister cold light gleamed in his eyes. Song Jia still dared to appear in front of him?

Those from the Heaven Shocking Sword Sect also had expressions of bewilderment as they stared at Song Jia.

Song Jia walked right to the centre, her eyes on Yin Cheng as she spoke, “Song Jia is here to apologise today for that incident where she ran her mouth off by uttering nonsense and offended senior Yin Cheng, and damaging his reputation. I hope senior would pardon Song Jia for her ignorance.”

Yin Cheng snorted coldly in his heart. Song Jia was truly intelligent, using such an occasion to apologise in front of the crowd. Him, as a member one of the grand aristocrat clans in Xuan King City, naturally would care about his prestige in public and wouldn’t be too harsh to her. She was truly quite smart to use this method to protect herself.

But sadly, wasn’t her way of thinking a little too naive?

Although Yin Cheng was thinking this way in his heart, he had a forgiving smile on his face.

“Song Jia, you blackened senior Yin Cheng’s reputation in public and even dared to appear in front of him begging for his forgiveness now?” At this moment, a young man from the Heaven Shocking Sword Sect radiated coldness and stepped out. This person used to admire Song Jia and was interested to woo her. But now that she had offended Yin Cheng, he decided to change his stance.

Song Jia gritted her teeth as she looked at that person. That person was a senior named Yang Ting and had an extremely high talent. However, he was exceedingly lustful in nature and had harassed her many times.

“Song Jia, for your actions, I should demand an internal duel and slay you for your words. But seeing how we are from the same sect after all, I can spare your life if you agree to be my slave. For the Treasure Seizing Assembly today, I shall be the first presenter. The treasure I want to present shall be here, I’m willing to accept a lower-grade Yuan Meteor Stone in exchange. Song jia, are you willing?”

Song Jia paled, she bit hard on her lips. Indeed, Yin Cheng had no plans to spare her. He was trying to humiliate her, making her a slave and stating that her value was only worth a lower-grade Yuan Meteor Stone.

“I… I’m willing.” Song Jia’s voice was trembling. She had no more path left, either she dies here or she implicate her entire clan.

The crowd naturally knew who was she and couldn’t help lamenting in their hearts. However with the status of the Yin Clan in Xuan King City, who could do anything to him? The fact that he blatantly killed off an entire clan was known by everyone, yet no one dared to speak of it publicly. Song Jia had done did exactly that, how was it possible that she was not a target for his revenge?

“Since that’s the case, and seeing how we are both from the same sect, I will take in Song Jia in case she lands in the hands of some evil people and is subjected to unspeakable deeds. I will take good care of you in the future.” Right at this moment, the lustful senior of Song Jia, Yang Ting’s eyes sparkled with an evil and excited gleam. He had long wanted Song Jia’s body, this was truly a perfect chance.

Those from the Heaven Shocking Sword Sect naturally knew of Yang Ting’s intent. However, Yang Ting talent was high and had a cultivation at the third level of Heavenly Dipper in addition to the support of Yin Cheng. How could anyone stand forth to compete for Song Jia and risk offending Yin Cheng?

“This girl is mine.” Right at this moment, a voice drifted over from the crowd. The words spoken gave the crowd pause as their expressions stiffened. Turning their gaze over in the direction of the voice, everyone was trying to see who was the one that dared to compete with Yin Cheng!

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