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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 498 — In This Life, I Will Never Turn My Back Upon You Two

Chapter 498: In This Life, I Will Never Turn My Back Upon You Two

As to why Qin Wentian dared to ignore the consequences and even thought of unleashing the Immortal Vanquishing Swordplay, it was because he had cultivated the Great Nirvana Immortal Art. His other true-self was currently cultivating in the royal tomb of Grand Xia. One of his true-self went to Grand Shang to temper himself while the other was constantly cultivating and in mediation, gaining insights of his Mandates.

Hence, even if one of his true-selves were killed here, he wouldn’t die. But of course, Qin Wentian placed an extremely high regard on his original body. If there were any other alternatives, he didn’t wish for it to be killed at all. However, in the face of being surrounded by so many powers, he had no path left before him. In that case, he could only use his death to protect Little Rascal and Purgatory.

Under such a circumstance, he’d rather choose to die.

However, he was willing to sacrifice himself yet Purgatory refused to allow him to do it. To Purgatory, Qin Wentian was its everything.

Hence, when it knew what Qin Wentian was planning, Purgatory instantly knocked Qin Wentian down, together with Little Rascal; pressing them upon the ground as its wings embraced them protectively. Its eyes glimmered with hellfire, staring at the oncoming crowd of experts.

“LET ME OUT PURGATORY!” Qin Wentian howled as he struggled madly. Yet, Purgatory ignored him and continued tightly pressing him down on the ground.

“What a loyal demonic beast, how about following me from now on?” An expert walked over, staring at Purgatory.

The vermilion bird opened its beak and fired a purgatory lotus, shooting it towards that expert. That expert snorted coldly, stretching out his arms as the power of ice collided with the purgatory lotus, shattering it.

“Under such circumstances yet still so protective of your master. As a vermilion bird, you are a descendant of one of the eight demonic divinities. Follow me, I won’t mistreat you.” Another person walked out, wanting to persuade the vermilion bird into accepting him, yet the response he received was similar to the first expert as well.

“Not knowing what’s good for you.” That expert coldly spat, and started his attack.

“Since there’s no way to convince it, we can only kill it. However, its purgatory flames are of use to me.” A powerhouse from the Golden Fire Aristocrat Clan spoke coldly. He stepped out as he blasted an attack towards Purgatory.

At the same time, that expert who excelled in the Mandate of Icesnow also slammed his palm downwards, unleashing a flurry of attacks on the vermilion bird. Purgatory trembled violently from the attacks, yet it refused to budge an inch.

“This demonic beast is truly persistent. Sadly, its loyalty will be the cause of its death.” Yet another attack with the force of a million jin slammed down, causing Purgatory to spit out fresh blood.

Despite being shielded by it, even Qin Wentian could feel how powerful the aftershocks of those attacks were.

“Purgatory…” The rims of Qin Wentian’s eyes turned red, as he continued howling madly, struggling to break free. Yet, Purgatory acted as though it didn’t hear anything. There was only one thought in its mind, Qin Wentian must not die.

Little Rascal was also protected by its wings as it continued spitting out astral light. Right now, a fearsome red light could be seen gleaming in its eyes, overwhelmingly feral.

“Kaboom!” A thunderbolt snaked down from the skies, scorching the earth in the surroundings. Purgatory coughed out yet another mouthful of blood as a terrifying scar could be seen on its body.

“Foolish beast, it’s still trying to resist. How futile.”

A mocking voice echoed out as yet another powerful attack slammed down. As Purgatory silently endured the attacks, its injuries were getting increasingly grievous.

“GET OFF ME!” Qin Wentian used his entire strength trying to push Purgatory away from him, yet he only saw Purgatory looking warmly at him, still refusing to budge an inch.

Its actions were obvious to all who were watching this scene. If one wanted to kill Qin Wentian, they could only do so after stepping over its dead body.

“ARGHHHHHH!” Qin Wentian’s roar reverberated in the air as a wave of demonic qi madly gushed forth from him. The power of his demonic bloodline exploded as a terrifying energy permeated the air. At this moment, his Mandate of Demons had just broken through to the Transformation Boundary of the second level of insights.

Yet right now, excitement was the last thing on Qin Wentian’s mind. He only wanted to stop Purgatory, yet despite his increase in strength, it was useless. Purgatory refused to move even if it died.

The experts around them didn’t continue attacking. At this moment, all of them were stunned by Purgatory’s loyalty. Under the face of such fierce attacks, if it were some other demonic beasts, they would have died several times over. Yet, the vermilion bird still continued enduring, guarding its master. This was its conviction - Qin Wentian was even more important compared to its life.

Sensing the weakening of the vermilion bird’s aura, the surrounding expert’s countenances turned incredibly unsightly. “The defense of this demonic beast is insanely high, it’s the same for that white puppy as well, we can’t even kill it after such a long time.”

In fact, they were all jealous of Qin Wentian, he actually had two such wonderful demonic beast companions with him.

Powerful, and also loyal.

“Let’s continue with our attacks. Since they refused to submit, they can jolly well go to hell.” A cold voice rang out. These experts were in fact, somewhat depressed. Even when joining forces, it was still tough to kill the demonic beasts.

“Mhm.” An expert nodded, his silhouette flickered as he reappeared in front of Purgatory before raising his hands and stabbing forth with a golden-colored finger attack, wanting to penetrate through everything.

At that exact moment, as his fingers descended, a terrifying pressure burst forth from that weakened vermilion bird.

“Bzzzz!” The gigantic silhouette of the vermilion bird stirred, instantly turning its beak as a purgatory lotus of fire directly devoured that expert.

“AHHHHHHHH!” A bloodcurdling scream rang out, that expert retreated with explosive speed, staring in shock at the purgatory vermilion bird.

In the blink of an eye, his entire body was incinerated into ashes.

Beneath the vermilion bird, it was unknown how much astral light Little Rascal had spat out. Purgatory had been constantly absorbing it, storing its strength. It didn’t bother with its defense, unwilling to use even an iota of energy for it. Purgatory would rather concentrate its energy, maximizing its attack.

Right now, the resplendent light shining from the nebula all cascaded down onto Purgatory’s body. Qin Wentian slashed open his wrist, before piercing his hand into Purgatory’s body, channeling his blood into it, hoping to alleviate its injuries as well as feeding it with the power of his bloodline.

Qin Wentian’s eyes flickered with a coldness that was birthed by pain. That look of his was sufficient to cause those who match gazes with him to feel as though their bodies had frozen. Just a single glance was sufficient to strike fear in the hearts of these people.

Purgatory inclined its head and shrieked as purgatory flames engulfed the entire space. Yet another victim was burned by the inextinguishable flames, ending up as ashes.

“RUN!” A shout jolted the experts awake as all of them rapidly retreated. Yet, they only saw the purgatory vermilion bird rushing out, the purgatory flames shooting all about in this enclosed space. Qin Wentian followed along with it, continuing to channel the power of his bloodline into it.

The terrible wrath of the vermilion bird swept over everything, the experts from the major powers all covered the respective chosen of their sects and clans, allowing them to retreat.

“UNDO THE SEAL!” A scream echoed out as yet another victim was turned into ashes. The expert from the Yin Clan fumbled but eventually, he succeeded in undoing the spatial seal in this area.

“LEAVE!” Bellowing, the expressions on the experts’ faces were all incredibly ugly to behold as they escaped from this place. They never expected that the weakened vermilion bird was capable of erupting with such prowess right at the end.

Purgatory didn’t chase after them. After the experts escaped, its aura started to rapidly wither away.

Qin Wentian stood below it, the blood in his body surging madly. Earlier, when he had entered a berserk state, he discovered that his demonic bloodline still had a source of unfathomable strength that could be unleashed. Hence, he decided to channel this source of power into the vermilion bird.

However earlier, in order to protect Qin Wentian, Purgatory didn’t use any of its energy to attack. It defended with its bare flesh, ignoring its life and death. At the final moment, it was only because it instantly combusted all the energy in its body in addition to the boost provided by Qin Wentian could it explode forth with such terrifying might.

Yet, Qin Wentian understood that Purgatory’s act was just like a brilliant and dazzling display of fireworks, lasting only for a moment. Purgatory was utterly spent.

“Pu!” Purgatory’s body flopped over as it landed on the ground, totally devoid of strength. Qin Wentian immediately knelt down and embraced it, only to see a gentle smile in its eyes as it stared right at him.

It accomplished what it had to do, it protected Qin Wentian allowing him to survive. In that case, no matter what price it had to pay, everything was worth it.

Upon seeing the smile in Purgatory’s eyes, Qin Wentian felt extreme pain in his heart.

He lives, it lives.

If he were to die, it would rather die first.

Such depth of feelings… In this world, how many could be comparable to it?

The reason for its birth was because of him. In that case, even if it died for him, it would feel no regrets.

Little Rascal flew into Qin Wentians’ arms, its eyes were reddened with unshed tears. It was extremely intelligent, and similar to humans, Little Rascal was capable of feeling a wide range of emotions.

Purgatory was the same as it, they were both willing to give their lives for him.

Qin Wentian stared at these two demonic beasts companions of his, feeling a warmth as well as an excruciating pain in his heart when he thought of what happened earlier.

“In this life, I shall never turn my back upon both of you.” Qin Wentian vowed as tears began flowing down his face. A warm smile appeared on his face as he spoke to Purgatory. “My blood is extremely beneficial for demons, you can enter and temporarily recuperate in my bloodstream first.”

After he spoke, he gently placed his hands on Purgatory’s body and instantly, the figure of the vermilion bird was actually absorbed by Qin Wentian, entering his bloodstream.

Little Rascal’s eyes gleamed, it shared Qin Wentian’s sentiment. In this life, he would never turn his back upon the two of them!

“Yiya!” A bark echoed as Little Rascal soared up into the skies. A pair of wings formed behind it, as it hovered in the air. It stared into the horizons as it opened its mouth, “Qin…Wen…Tian…!”

This voice sounded extremely childish, almost like a baby, and the words were somewhat slurred, not very clear. Yet Qin Wentian’s eyes shone with a resplendent light as a smile lit up his face when he stared at Little Rascal. To think that the first words this little puppy uttered would actually be his name - Qin Wentian!

Shifting his gaze over the horizons, in the direction of Xuan King City, the smile on his face completely vanished, transforming into an icy coldness. “I swear, this debt of revenge, shall be repaid with fresh blood!”

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