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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 501 — Battle Sword Sect

Chapter 501: Battle Sword Sect

After seeing that the old man had truly left, only then did Qin Wentian finally heave a sigh of relief. In addition to having such a bizarre temperament, the old man had truly been too strong. Indeed, to think that reverse psychology had worked, and as for that arrogant speech he’d spouted at the end, half of it was because he wanted to anger the old man into leaving while the other half was based from his own self-confidence—he’d truly believed in what he’d said.

From the start of his cultivation up till now, he hadn’t met a single person whose astral souls were more outstanding than his own. On the same level, he’d never met an opponent that could fight on equal ground with him.

Qin Wentian didn’t dare to say that there would never be a monster just like him under the heavens. After all, the world was just too vast, and even with his cultivation base at the peak of the third level of Heavenly Dipper, he could still be considered a frog in a well.

However, Qin Wentian had immense confidence in himself. This was his conviction.

Not letting this bother his state of mind, Qin Wentian continued practicing with his halberd. Although he’d been shocked earlier, he wouldn’t let anything disrupt him from his cultivation.

Right now, his cultivation base was at the peak of the third level, with all his Mandates already at the Transformation Boundary of the second level. Not only that, the state of his heart was sufficiently steadfast; he could faintly sense that he wasn’t far away from the fourth level.

Although cultivation was a boring task, if one’s heart was strong enough, no matter how boring and arduous something was, one would always be filled with the passion to push themselves further/strive on.

Even though the old man had left Qin Wentian’s sights, he hadn’t really departed the area. In a location far away, he sat on the peak of a snowy mountain, observing all of Qin Wentian’s actions.

“Initially, this old man had something important to do, but who would have thought that I would meet such an interesting little boy along the way Ignorant and arrogant, attempting to infuriate me? I want to see the limits of your capabilities,” the old man murmured, feeling extremely depressed. The youngsters beside him maintained their silence, yet they too, were feeling more than a little despondent. That young man in white had actually… The numbers of cultivators who wanted to acknowledge their sect ancestor as their master were almost countless in number, yet that young man had actually rejected him without a second thought!

Their ancestor had a strange temperament—despite his maturity, he was still young at heart and did whatever he desired, ignoring how others would view him. He did what he wanted to do, answering to no man save for himself.

Yet today, he’d been treated to vehement words, and rejected by a junior. When had their ancestor ever been rejected before?

This sit of his lasted an entire thirty days. The old man saw many things which he hadn’t seen before this. Although observing others in cultivation was an even more dry and boring thing compared to cultivation itself, that old man still sat there quietly with no complaints.

In this thirty days, he saw the bond between that young man and his demonic beast. Such depth of emotions was apparent from the smile on the young man’s face. The old man also saw how important that young man was to that beautiful lass. Although that lass has also been cultivating, all her attention was focused on that young man. Such degree of protectiveness left him somewhat astonished. What was that young man exactly, how can he get such a beautiful maiden to act in this way for him?

He saw determination as well as conviction.

Every halberd strike, every sword slash contained the young man’s resolution within. He could continue on and on, filled with spirit as though he didn’t know what fatigue was.

Every time that young man failed when he tried to break through, he didn’t show any signs of dispiritedness. He merely gritted his teeth and restarted anew from the beginning.

He didn’t know who this young man was and what he had experienced. However, that character and persistence, gradually caused the expression on the old man’s face to turn heavy.

Throughout his life, the old man had met many people. Every time he looked at someone, he didn’t merely look at their talent. In fact, back then when he told Qin Wentian that this world was ruled by those who had strength was in fact a test by him. He wanted to see Qin Wentian’s response, and the fact was that at the end Qin Wentian managed to infuriate him, he wasn’t angered at all. Because, Qin Wentian’s words were in accordance with his character. If not, no matter how talented Qin Wentian was, he wouldn’t be bothered to spend so much time continuing to observe this interesting little fellow.

As to why he spent an entire month waiting on the snowy peak, it was because he wanted to see clearly who Qin Wentian was.

In this one month, although the actions of the young man in white was extremely simple, merely cultivating and practicing his halberd art again and again, it struck a chord deep in the old man’s heart. A hundred times, or a thousand times couldn’t be considered much. Ten thousand times of practicing a same instant could said to be putting in some effort; but what if a man continued practicing the exact same movement over and over up till a hundred thousand times, only moving on to the next stance once he achieved perfection. Such determination in addition to his talent, it was immensely difficult even if that young man didn’t want to become someone great in the future.

Although the words of the young man were extremely arrogant, the old man could tell that he wasn’t fake at all. He could support his arrogance with his talent and hardwork.

“This brat, is truly a good seedling.” The old man’s eyes shone with a light before he closed them, lapsing into silence.

And in a place where experts were as common as clouds, located extremely far away from Xuan King City, this region was controlled by an ultimate power named the Royal Sacred Sect.

It was unknown how long was the history of the Royal Sacred Sect. They controlled this vast region where the nine great sects and three empires were located. The geniuses from these places would be sent to the Royal Sacred Sect, undergoing the tempering from the experiences there, gradually revealing their lusters and becoming leaders of the Royal Sacred Sect should they survive.

Under the Royal Sacred Sect, were the nine great sects and the three royal empires of Grand Xia, Grand Shang and Grand Zhou. The Battle Sword Sect was one of the strangest sects out of the nine great sects. Not only that, the number of their experts were the least as well.

Hence there was this saying. Out of the nine great sects the Battle Sword Sect looked to be the sect most in decline. But, nobody had ever dared to look down on them before. Although their numbers were little, they would produce a world-shaking genius every few years. Also, the personality and characters of the members there were wild and untamed, using their sword to roam the world underneath the heavens, free-spirit and frivolous, but nobody dared to antagonize them.

Although they didn't have the numbers, the combat prowess of any member in the Battle Sword Sect was strong enough to rival several opponents of the same level.

Right now, in a grand-looking building within the Battle Sword Sect, there was a group of extremely powerful experts in there.

All of them projected an extraordinary aura. A glance would be sufficient to tell people that these are all outstanding characters. Their countenances now were solemn but filled with respect. All of them lowered their heads in reverence as though there was someone extremely important right ahead.

But in fact, there was only a statue in front of them. Right now, a screen of light manifested above the statue, showing a scene to this group of experts.

“Master, you exercised and stretched your will out so far. Do you have something to tell us?” The man in the lead had a countenance as sharp as a sword, he respectfully inquired as he faced the statue. The person right now using this statue was none other than his master who had long decided to roam about the Royal Sacred Region, doing whatever he wanted to. Normally, it was hard even if they wish to meet with him, even he himself who was a personal disciple had already gone many years without meeting his master.

Hence, now that his master was actively using the statue to communicate with them, there must be something of utmost importance happening. If not, with his master’s character, how could he be willing to waste so much time and effort to talk to a bunch of people in the sect?

Right now, the scene in the shimmering light screen grew clearer. It was none other than Qin Wentian sitting crossed legged in cultivation.

“This person is currently cultivating in the mountain range of the Heavenly Mountains outside Xuan King City. I want him to grow up and mature in our Battle Sword Sect, and in the future when the Royal Sacred Sect recruit’s disciples, I want him to join there with my highest recommendation.” The voice issuing from the statue was solemn, the words spoken caused everyone present to stared at the image projected, silently taking note of this young man in white.

“We hear and obey Master’s orders.” The man in the lead bowed to the statue, accepting the orders.

“Remember, this matter is extremely crucial. You have to handle this with utmost care.” That statue spoke once again, his words causing shock to surface in the hearts of those present. They naturally understood what sort of character this old man was, why would he put in so much effort and regard this young man with so much importance?

“Right.” The man in the lead was none other than the current sect leader of the Battle Sword Sect. He nodded his head once more as he spoke, “I shall personally supervise this matter and will accomplish it by hook or by crook.”

“Also another important thing, blow up the commotion of whatever you plan to do as much as possible. He must never know that I have a hand in it. The best-case scenario is for him to willingly choose to join us.” That statue stated. The sect leader nodded his head yet again.

“Okay, I got to go.” As the sound of the voice faded, the statue also dimmed. A strange glow could be seen in the gazes of everyone here, especially in the eyes of the sect leader. A swift look of bewilderment flash passed his face, he couldn’t understand why his master was trying so hard for the sake of such a young fellow.

After a while, the sect leader led the rest out of the great hall and immediately issued a notice, informing the nine great sects as well as the royal clan that their Battle Sword Sect wanted to hold a disciple recruitment event in Xuan King City.

After the notice was sent out, it caused a great deal of commotion within the sect. This was the first time their Battle Sword Sect had organized such an event, taking the initiative to recruit disciples. In the past, all prospective disciples all had to seek their sect out of their own accord; the Battle Sword Sect wouldn’t actively recruit people just to strengthen their power. The characters of this sect are all free-spirited and unconventional, doing what they want to do. Without giving a hoot on the opinions of others.

Hence when the notice was sent out, everyone was exceptionally astonished. Why had the sect leader made such a strange decision?

But since the sect leader has already made up his mind, they could only ensure that his orders were carried out perfectly.

Qin Wentian obviously had no idea of what just happened, that a storm of commotion just started to brew in the Xuan King City because of his existence. Similarly, when that news eventually circulated to the Xuan King City, no one expected that the young man in white cultivating in the mountains would actually be the origin of this recruitment event.

Right now, Qin Wentian was absorbing astral energy frenziedly. The Yuanfu in his body thrummed as his astral novas issued a humming sound. Powerful waves of energy gushed out from him, intensely violent. He was on the verge of a breakthrough.

This scene persisted for half a day before rumbling sounds rang out as Qin Wentian’s bone structure and arterial channels underwent further refinement, his Yuanfu expanded as his astral nova became more resplendent. Right now, he finally stepped into the fourth level of Heavenly Dipper.

Opening his eyes, a smile lit up on the face of the young man in white.

That celestial maiden on top of the snowy peak protecting him, also had a smile on her face.

Far away, in a location where Qin Wentian couldn’t see him, the old man finally stood up.

“Arrogant fellow, do you think you can really escape from my palms? Let me see how great the waves of commotion can you create first.” The old man grinned but an instant later, his countenance swiftly changed, “Damn, I was delayed here for too long.”

After speaking, he transformed into a wind, instantly sweeping past here, bringing the youngsters behind him together along with him. His speed was so fast that it was as though he had never appeared in this place before.

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