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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 504 — I’m Here To Kill

Chapter 504: I’m Here To Kill

Qin Wentian stood inconspicuously among the crowd but as he saw Yin Ting stepping out, a fiery killing intent flashed through his eyes.

Back then when the six chosen led their men and surrounded him, Little Rascal and Purgatory had almost died. If it weren’t for their protection, he would have been killed there as well. Right now, Purgatory was heavily injured and hadn’t recovered; it could only live on in his bloodstream.

Since Yin Ting dared to step out here today, today shall be the date of his death.

Yun Rou stood beside Qin Wentian, earlier because of curiosity, she followed Qin Wentian all the way from the Warforge Residence.

"Yin Ting is extremely powerful, a chosen from the Yin Clan. I wonder if he would be able to obtain the approval of the nine great sects."

Earlier, she was stunned when she saw a powerful expert falling in that Violet Thunder Sword-Drum Formation, she didn’t expect that even the entry test to merely be qualified would be so dangerous. Indeed, it wasn’t that easy to enter the nine sects.

Yin Ting had already stepped into the formation, his entire body was bathing in lightning while he emitted the vast and ponderous energy of the great earth. Each of his steps were as heavy and stable as a mountain. But, under the torment of the violent lightning energies, and devastating sword qi, he was forced to stop many times to re-adjust his breathing and mental state. After some time, he eventually arrived at the center, but the sustained damage caused him to cough out a mouthful of blood.

Right now, his eyes flashed with lightning as he called upon his own lightning energy to protect his body, weaving together with the violet lightning of the formation. Despite the severe storm of lightning and sword qi his steps were still as steady as before. Summoning all his strength, he only coughed out a total of three more mouthfuls of blood. As he furiously pushed himself to complete the last step. Finally stepping upon the magnificent stage as he cleared the entry test.

Although his aura was obviously fluctuating, Yin Ting was still extremely dazzling, attracting the focus and gazes of the crowd.

However, the representatives of the nine great sects said nothing, as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all.

The chosen of the major powers in Xuan King City, if placed in the perspective of the Grand Shang Empire, they could only be considered normal geniuses. In the vast Grand Shang, geniuses of this level were a dime a dozen, hence, the nine great sects naturally wouldn’t easily acknowledge them. They would still have to observe Yin Ting’s later performance.

"Although Yin Ting passed the formation, he was still injured and even coughed out blood." The spectators were musing, silently measuring themselves according to Yin Ting’s performance and wondering if they too, would be able to pass the entry test.

Yun Rou frowned, eventually she shook her head and sighed, "It seems that I have no hope to pass this. The formation is too powerful for me."

The two others beside Yun Rou also sighed in dejection. In Xuan King City, they could be considered someone extraordinary as well, but in the face of a mere entry test set up by the nine great sects, they were totally helpless.

After Yin Ting, there was a continuous stream of cultivators who stepped into the formation. There were some who failed and died, while there were also others who succeeded.

Qin Wentian hadn’t moved from his location at all. He chose to observe in silence instead, and in the blink of an eye, already half a day passed and quite a lot of people had already passed the entry test. Among them, there were geniuses not from the Xuan King City. Participants from all six King Cities of the Grand Shang Empire came here for a chance to join the nine great sects.

Yin Ting, Jin Yan, Jian Jingtian, Feng Yunhe and Xie Yu had already passed the formation. Five out of the six chosen, save for Shang Qi, were already standing on that majestic stage.

The experts of the other major powers had smiles upon their faces as their hearts were filled with anticipation. If one of their disciples could enter the nine great sects, it would be a chance for them to achieve meteoric success and possibly even enter the Royal Sacred Sect in the future.

Although right now, there were already several experts on the stage, they didn’t compete against each other yet, it was as though the nine great sects were still waiting for something. As for their cultivation bases, the vast majority were at the fifth or sixth level of Heavenly Dipper, while the minority were at the fourth level of Heavenly Dipper or below. And right now, the hearts of the weaker group that had passed couldn’t help but to be filled with worries when they understood their situation.

And for this event, the man in charge of the Battle Sword Sect, was none other than Lin Shuai. His master has personally instructed him that he had to get the white-robed young man to join their sect. But right now, that young man hadn’t even appeared at all.

The Xuan King City was a vast area, maybe that white-robed young man hadn’t even left the mountain range. And how could it be so simple to find a particular person out of the millions upon millions of people who currently reside in Xuan King City? He could only hope that this disciple recruitment selection event would be able to cause enough commotion to draw the white-robed young man out.

The nine great sects jointly holding a disciple recruitment event together, how could the waves of commotion possibly be small? And if the person his master talked about was really extraordinary, there was no way he would allow himself to miss this chance.

And right now, although Lin Shuai still hadn’t seen the white-robed young man appearing here, he wasn’t flustered. What he had was time, he could afford to wait slowly.

If the white-robed young man didn’t appear here today, he would drag this event on for three months. If the Battle Sword Sect refused to leave here, with their suspicions, the other eight sects wouldn’t leave early as well.

Right now, Lin Shuai was filled with curiosity regarding the white-robed young man his master had talked about. He knew that his master had a bizarre temperament and was someone who didn’t give a damn about anything except for what he wanted to do. Back then, he said he wanted a break and went roaming in the wilds, but to think that he had actually contacted the sect again just for the sake of this white-robed young man? Lin Shuai naturally wanted to see who this young man was, to be able to weigh so importantly in his master’s heart.

But if he were to know the truth, that his master was harshly rejected by the young man before, it was unknown what he would think.

Back then, it was truly coincidental that the old man met Qin Wentian. And because Qin Wentian and Qing`er had too much personality, it attracted the old man’s interest which eventually became the origin of this entire event.

Right now, Xu Feng and Ji Xue had appeared on the stage. As external disciples of Qinghua Mountain, they were naturally eligible to be onstage.

Xu Feng walked to a location in front of the experts from the Qinghua Mountain as he bowed and stated, "Junior is an external member of the Qinghua Mountain, I would like to join the sect as a core disciple, and humbly beseech elders to bestow upon me a chance."

"Since you wish to take the core disciple test, I shall grant you your wish." An expert from the Qinghua Mountain studied Xu Feng. This young man was not an ordinary cultivator and seemed to be quite talented. With a wave of his hands, the expert caused a hovering mountain to manifest onstage in the area designated by the Qinghua Mountain Flag. An instant later, with a thunderous boom, the heavy mountain slammed directly onto the stage.

"This mountain is the test. If you can lift this three feet high, I will permit you to enter the sect as a core disciple." That expert spoke. Xu Feng’s countenance turned solemn as he walked up to the front of the mountain, only to see both his hands stretching out around the mountain, yet how could his arms be long enough to wrap around it? He could only try to get the best leverage he could, grabbing the mountain and use all his strength to lift it up. However, the mountain didn’t move a single jot, as though Xu Feng wasn’t trying at all.

"If I can lift the mountain, would that means that I have a chance to join the Qinghua Mountain?" Some other experts asked.

"If you gain our approval, sure." The expert from the Qinghua Mountain laughed. After which, Xie Yu immediately blitz over, his nine arms manifested, stretching out as he wrapped them around the mountain and summoned all his strength. Rumbling sounds rang out as the mountain trembled, he actually managed to successfully lift it out, but only for an instant. After which, the mountain had slammed onto the ground again, Xie Yu had run out of strength.

"This mountain is too heavy." Xie Yu shook his head and sighed, it was as though there was a mysterious force within the mountain which resonated with each individual trial-taker’s strength. The stronger someone was, the heavier the mountain would be.

"It isn’t the mountain that’s too heavy, but rather, you are too dull." A voice drifted over, the words spoken causing Xie Yu to frown. He shifted his gaze over in the direction as a figure walked over, placing his palms on the mountain. He closed his eyes as he quietly contemplated the force within and after an incense stick worth of time, he finally moved. In the next instant, the mountain was lifted up three inches from the ground.

Upon seeing this, the gazes of the countless people present landed on this person. He was the first to step into the nine great sects.

"Not bad, are you interested to join our Qinghua Mountain?"

"Junior wishes for nothing more." That person bowed low as he stated, his words causing a radiant smile to bloom on the faces of the experts from the Qinghua Mountain. Since they came all the way to the Xuan King City, they naturally had to return with something, they might as well use this chance to recruit some disciples with high latent potential.

And right now, Yin Ting walked towards the direction where the Violet Thunder Sect was designated on the magnificent stage. There was actually an elder in the Violet Thunder Sect who bore strong resemblance to Yin Ting.

"Junior Yin Ting hopes to be able to have the chance to join the Violet Thunder Sect." Yin Ting bowed as he spoke. One of the experts glanced at the elder who bore a resemblance to Yin Ting and asked, "Is this young man your nephew?"

"Yes." That middle-aged elder laughed as he nodded. After which he turned to Yin Ting, "You better do your best."

"Understood, uncle." Yin Ting nodded. That expert from the Violet Thunder Sect merely stabbed out with a finger, pressing down, his actions causing a lightning-imbued space to appear. Within that space, thunder boomed and arcs of electricity sparkled in the air, while there was also a statue whose entire body was bathing in streaks of violet lightning.

"After entering this puppet array, for every step you take, the puppet will respond with a single strike. If you can complete seven steps, it would mean that you passed the test. Note that you are not allowed to retaliate."

Yin Ting took this extremely seriously, after which he stepped into the lightning-imbued space. And indeed, after the first step, the puppet immediately reacted with a thunder palm imprint, slamming into Yin Ting. Yin Ting could only endure the power of that strike with his body.

Upon taking the second step, the arcs of electricity grew even more intense and violent. The third step caused a roaring friction to come from the lightning. During the fourth step, the amount of lightning was akin to a tsunami as it gushed right at him. Stepping out for the fifth time, the lightning was similar to an ancient desolate beast as it bared its fangs, crushing him where he stood… Yin Ting was directly flung out of the array. He had failed to pass the test.

"Not too bad, but not enough." The expert from the Violet Thunder Sect stated. Even if Yin Ting’s uncle was in their sect, he wouldn’t make things easier just to accommodate Yin Ting.

"Junior Xue Fei, desires to enter the Heaven Cleaving Manor."

"Junior Feng Yunhe, desires to enter the Divine Dragon Castle."


On the stage, the interested applicants respectively moved towards the sects they wished to join most in their hearts. Yet, the passing rate was abysmally low.

"Shang Qi, go try and see." In the direction where the royal clan stood, an expert from the King’s Manor spoke to Shang Qi. Shang Qi nodded, he first passed the Violet Thunder Sword-Drum Formation, before stepping on the stage and after which, he walked to the front of the Battle Sword Sect. "Junior Shang Qi wishes to try the test of the Battle Sword Sect."

Lin Shuai glanced at Shang Qi, this person didn’t say he wanted to join the Battle Sword Sect bur rather, he merely wishes to try the test?

With a wave of Lin Shuai’s hands, resplendent sword beams shot down from the dome of the heavens and arranging themselves into nine rows that floated horizontally across the air.

"This sword formation targets the heart, if the cultivator doesn’t have enough determination, he will die without a doubt." Lin Shuai emotionlessly commented, Shang Qi inclined his head and stared at the nine rows of resplendent sword beams hovering horizontally across the air. It was as though each and every one of the sword beams was an incomparably sharp sword. He took a step forward, arriving at the entrance of the sword formation, yet his heart was already telling him to retreat.

If one’s heart wasn’t resolute enough, death was the only path waiting for them.

At the moment Shang Qi stepped on the stage, each and every one of the six chosen who fought him back when the constellation fruits had all appeared. Only then did Qin Wentian step out, moving towards the Violet Thunder Sword-Drum Formation.

Yun Rou, upon seeing Qin Wentian walking there, couldn’t help but call out a warning, "Friend, this formation is exceedingly dangerous, you won’t be able to pass it unless you are a chosen from some great power, there’s no need to take the risk."

"Thanks for the reminder." Qin Wentian’s response was still as calm as ever. He was clad in black, projecting a cold, handsome and arrogant air. Behind him, two ordinary weapons in the form of an axe and a long spear could be seen. As for the top-tier fourth-ranked divine weapons, they were all stored in his interspatial ring. The reason he came to this place today, wasn’t for the sake of joining the nine great sects. He was here to kill people.

Lin Shuai 林帅 - Could also be translated as Commander Lin

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