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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 505 — A Spear Sealing The Throat

Chapter 505: A Spear Sealing The Throat

Those who stood on the stage got increasingly more, and many among them started fighting against the others, hoping to display their combat prowess to gain approval of the nine great sects.

After all, the test set by each of the nine sects were too difficult. The people standing on the stage were merely qualified to stand here, but it was far from enough to enter any of the nine sects.

Shang Qi, the instant he stepped out he immediately sensed the might radiating from the nine rows of sword beam. Eventually, he chose to give up.

Shang Qi who was a chosen of the royal branch in Xuan King City actually dreaded the test of the Battle Sword Sect. Before this he was still in a domineering stance wanting to ‘try’ out the test, yet just a single sentence from that expert in the Battle Sword Sect was already sufficient to scare him off.

This sword formation not only lacerates the body, it lacerates the heart of martial path of those who had a weak heart. Death was guaranteed.

Shang Qi didn’t dare to attempt this.

For the experts within the younger generation here, they continued on, taking the entry test. There were those who passed and those who failed, and right now, a young man clad in black walked to the entrance of the pathway as he stepped directly into it.

The instant his foot landed, the battle drum sounded as a bolt of violet lightning zoomed right at him. Qin Wentian allowed the lightning bolt to slam into him as he continued forward effortlessly. His perception stretched out as he contemplated this formation.

"The Violet Thunder Sword-Drum Formation, so the crux to solving it is this." Qin Wentian soon understood the secret of this formation, the more you resist, that force you used would reverberate as shockwaves on the battle drums, bringing about an even mightier retaliation as the sounds of the drums would endlessly echoed between each other, causing the lightning-imbued sword qi within the formation to be even more fearsome.

This formation was extraordinary indeed.

Qin Wentian walked up that incline pathway like he was walking on normal ground. Regardless of the number of lightning attacks landing on his body, he endured them by circulating the will from the Mandate of Force and Mandate of Demons around his body. The two forces were akin to two layers of armors and in a short span of time, he had already exited the Violet Thunder Sword-Drum Formation.

This scene caused the spectators’ eyes to glow, they had seen many people attempting the entry test, and there were several who passed. Those who passed all relied on tyrannical means of absolute strength, using force against force, forcibly barging passed the formation. They had never seen someone like Qin Wentian who passed through it so leisurely.

That black-robed young man projected a cold and arrogant aura, yet gave off a sense of unfathomability. Nobody could see through him. After stepping on the stage, he merely walked to the edge of the stage and continued surveying the situation. He wasn’t in a hurry to take the tests designed by any of the nine sects.

Right now, Xie Yu stood among the group of experts who passed the entry test, and was silently contemplating the difficulty of each test designed by the nine great sects.

The difficulty of all were exceedingly great. And after Shang Qi gave up the Battle Sword Sect test, there was another cultivator who went to attempt it. However, he ended up dying within the nine rows of sword light, after passing by the third row, not even his bones were left. Since that person could pass the entry test, it meant that his strength wasn’t weak, yet he was slayed just when he barged through the second row of sword light. His death only served to heighten how fearsome the test designed by the Battle Sword Sect was.

As for Xie Yu, he naturally wouldn’t be stupid enough to court death by choosing the Battle Sword Sect. Also, he had already failed the test for the Qinghua Mountain earlier.

"Xie Yu, why don’t you try for the test of the Great Earth Sect? Since you are proficient in the Mandate of Great Earth, you might have a chance of passing it." Right now, a voice rang out in Xie Yu’s mind, transmitted to him by one of the elders from the Ecliptic Sect. Although Xie Yu was a member of the Ecliptic Sect, the sect naturally wished for him to have a good future. To talents like him, the sect would never restrict their growth, they would have to venture out sooner or later after their cultivation reaches a certain level. They only hope that these talents would remember their origins after soaring up high in the future.

Xie Yu glanced in the direction of his sect before nodding to a middle-aged man. He then stepped out in the direction where the Great Earth Sect was located.

At this moment, Jin Yan was also making his way towards the direction of the Great Earth Sect. Although he was proficient in the Mandate of Fire, he had also comprehended insights in the Mandate of Great Earth. Earlier in the hidden realm, he and Yin Ting as well as Xie Yu were all fighting for the Earth Mandate Fruits, but the fruits were eventually snatched away by Qin Wentian leaving nothing for them.

Yin Ting’s ambition wasn’t in the Great Earth Sect, but rather, the Violet Thunder Sect instead. After all, his uncle was an elder in the sect, if he could enter there, there would naturally be someone taking care of him, making so that his path to his future would be much smoother. Hence, he didn’t try for the test set by the Great Earth Sect.

The test of the Great Earth Sect was a Great Earth Puppet that was three meters tall in height. Its body was an earthen yellow and resembled an earth giant standing there upright. The criteria to passing this test was to be able to shatter the earth giant with a single strike, no matter your cultivation base.

There were rumors saying that this puppet was none other than a puppet protector of the Great Earth Sect which was used to temper and increase the combat prowess of the disciples from their sect. Brute strength alone wouldn’t be able to shatter the puppet.

Jin Yan and Xie Yu walked up, mutually exchanging glances.

"Brother Xie, please." Jin Yan politely extended his hands outwards, signally for Xie Yu to go first.

"Sure." Xie Yi nodded. His nine arms manifested as a pulsation energy exuded from him. Every step he took caused the earth to shake.

"BREAK!" Xie Yu roared in rage as his nine arms slammed at the same location. Fist shadows filled the skies and as an explosive rumbling sound echoed, generating devastating vibrational waves that gushed into the earth giant. A portion of the earth giant was actually destroyed, transforming into yellow earth, falling on the ground. Yet in an instant, the destroyed part regenerated once more, as the earth giant appeared no different from before.

"My fist attacks earlier contained eighty-one streams of fist might, all of them landing at the same position on the earth giant’s body yet I failed to destroy it completely?" Xie Yu’s expression turned heavy. He then stepped out of the test zone, allowing Jin Yan to take his place.

Jin Yan’s golden fire bloodline bubbled up as his entire body was immerse in flames. Both his hands folded gestures, condensing a golden lotus to the utmost limits which shone with incomparable resplendent light. His silhouette then flickered as he directly slammed the compressed golden lotus into the earth giant, wanting to use the explosiveness of fire to cause the earth giant to implode from within.

The three-meter-tall giant was bathed in flames, yet underneath the menacing flames it still stood there unmoving, undamaged. This scenario caused the countenance of Jin Yan to turn incredibly unsightly.

"Brother Jin Yan, the test set by the Great Earth Sect naturally has something to do with the Mandate of Great Earth. How can you pass if you depend on the power of fire?" Xie Yu’s voice was filled with satisfaction. At the very least, his performance was more satisfactory compared to Jin Yan.

"Do you want to try instead of talking so much?" Jin Yan turned back, regarding Xie Yu. Xie Yu’s eyes glimmered with sharpness as he stared at the Great Earth Puppet, "Naturally."


A voice drifted over from their backs, Xie Yu and Jin Yan turned only to see a black-robed young man standing there, staring at them with eyes as sharp as edges of blades.

Several of the spectators also stared in the direction of the black-robed young man. Earlier, Xie Yu’s performance was already not bad, yet this black-robed young man suddenly appeared and told XIe Yu and Jin Yan to scram.

When Xie Yu sensed the aura emanating from Qin Wentian, an aura at the fourth level of Heavenly Dipper, his lips couldn’t help but to curl up in a smile of disdain. "You better take back your words, or although you made it passed the Violet Thunder Sword-Drum Formation, I shall make you regret stepping on this stage."

"Get the fuck down." Jin Yan coldly spoke. The confrontation here attracted the attention of many in the crowd. Yun Rou who stood below were stunned into a daze. Although this fellow passed the entry test, why would he antagonize Xie Yu and Jin Yan, the chosen from the major powers of Xuan King City. Was he courting death?

Qin Wentian took the bag which hung on his back down, loosening the knots and opening it, taking out a long spear. His eyes glanced at the representatives of the nine great sects as he asked in a straightforward voice, "I only have a single question. Are we allowed to kill up here?"

In the direction of the royal clan, one of the expert laughed, "Since you guys are already on such a magnificent arena, the life and death of individuals shall be up to their own fate. The other spectators cannot interfere."

The eyes of those from the Ecliptic Sect and Golden Fire Aristocrat Clan gleamed with sharpness when they stared at the young man in black. He asked, if they were allowed to kill up on the stage, could it be he was planning to kill Xie Yu and Jin Yan?

But no matter how strong his combat prowess was, how could the young man in black be powerful enough as to kill chosen from the major powers whose cultivation were an entire level higher compared to him?

"Courting death." The experts from the Golden Fire Aristocrat Clan coldly laughed.

Both Xie Yu and Jin Yan revealed expressions of interest as they stared at Qin Wentian.

"Of course, we are allowed to kill people here." Killing intent flashed in Xie Yu’s eyes as a cold grin played on his lips.

Qin Wentian tossed the black cloth covering his spear onto the stage, before stepping out, advancing forward. His steps were extremely light, making no sound at all and his eyes, held a look that was so calm that it was a little abnormal.

Xie Yu’s nine arms were all filled with earthen yellow light as a heavy pressure erupted forth when he stared at the oncoming Qin Wentian.

"This fellow…" Yun Rou’s eyes glowed, although she wasn’t acquainted with Qin Wentian, she was still very nervous for him.

The attention of the spectators below the stage were all involuntarily drawn towards Qin Wentian.

And as the distance between Qin Wentian and Xie Yu got closer and closer, each step he took finally erupted out with an explosive sound. In an instant, Xie Yu felt his heart trembling fiercely as a formless pressure abruptly surrounded him.

Qin Wentian continued lifting up his foot and stepping down, although the scene appeared calm, Xie Yu’s breathing was getting erratic as his heart thumped with increasing intensity. He was even seized by a sense of danger.

"GO TO HELL!" Xie Yu howled as he dashed forth, all nine of his arms violently struck out as a violent surge of his qi instantly swept out.

At that instant, Qin Wentian also lashed out with his spear.

That spear had no presence to it, no whistling sound of the spear piercing through the wind was audible, no shifting of air currents giving testament to the speed of the spear could be heard. The word ‘fast’, wasn’t sufficient to describe it. The instant the spear lashed out, it penetrated through the sword light and directly pierced towards the location of Xie Yu’s throat.


At that moment, Xie Yu only felt his mind being assailed as everything turned dim. He was inside the abyss where he stood there defenseless, staring at the millions of spear light shooting his way. Xie Yu paled, he knew he was pulled into in a dreamscape by this young man in black.

"Puchi…" A light sound rang out, every illusion before him was broken, Xie Yu’s mind regained clarity once again but everything was too late. He stared at the black-robed young man in front of him, his lips trembling as though he wanted to ask a question.

"Who are you?"

"The six chosen of Xuan King City? You are just the first." A voice transmitted into Xie Yu’s mind. Xie Yu widened his eyes in shock, staring at the young man in black.

This voice…the tone of this voice reminded him of that white-robed young man who was encircled by the experts of the six major powers back then. This person was Qin Wentian!

Pulling out his spear, Xie Yu’s blood splattered on the ground, the entire surroundings turned silent as the gazes of everyone landed on the young man in black.

The demon-level genius Xie Yu of the Ecliptic Sect in Xuan King City, was killed by a single spear sealing his throat!

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