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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 510 — The Sacred Royal Medallion Appears

Chapter 510: The Sacred Royal Medallion Appears

The battle stage had turned into a stage to showcase Qin Wentian’s performance. Right now, the focus of the entire crowd was on Qin Wentian, causing the brilliance of those who passed the nine sects’ test earlier to dim, becoming a backdrop to further showcase Qin Wentian’s radiance.

The countenances of those from Xuan King City was incredibly ugly to behold, warped by rage and malevolence. Right now, an expert from the Yin Clan suddenly shouted, “KILL HIM! My Yin Clan will bestow an Ascendant-level cultivation art to those who can kill him.”

“My Wind Roc Aristocrat Clan will bestow the Wind Roc Cultivation Art to the one able to kill him. The Wind Roc innate technique would grant one overwhelming might, the ability to transform into a wind roc, soaring through the heavens, boosting one’s speed to an incredible degree.” Another expert from the Wind Roc Aristocrat Clan bellowed.

“My Golden Fire Aristocrat Clan shall gift an unusual fire spark to the one who can kill him. After refining the unusual fire, it will enable one’s bloodline to birth flames, increasing one’s affinity with fire and even lacing your attacks with the energy of flame combustion.” An expert from the Golden Fire Aristocrat Clan hollered.

The six major powers all respectively offered their terms, promising powerful arts and even priceless treasures just for the sake of killing the black-robed young man. From this, one could see how deep their hatred for Qin Wentian went.

The eyes of the experts on the battle stage all shifted onto Qin Wentian. Currently, this young man in black was like a treasure trove. As long as they killed him, they would be able to obtain countless benefits.

There were many experts on the battle stage, including some that has already passed the tests designed by the nine great sects. If they attacked together, Qin Wentian would definitely die here today. However, no one dared to lead the pack. Especially when Qin Wentian turned his gaze upon them, the pressure he gave off was just too strong. It felt as though whoever steps out first, shall be the first to die beneath his spear.

At this moment, in the area designated to the Great Earth Sect, a young man with a ruddy glow on his face came before an elder, whispering something into his ear. Instantly, the elder from the Great Earth Sect swept his gaze over the crowd as he transmitted, “Is this matter true?”

“I wouldn’t dare to deceive elder.” That person spoke seriously. After which, that elder turned his gaze onto Qin Wentian, as a burning heat flashed in his eyes.

“Little friend, you have already proven yourself through the battles earlier. It’s about time you make a choice. If you join our Great Earth Sect, we will give it our all to nurture you, giving you the rights and privileges of a chosen. Even among the other eight great sects, none of them will be able to match our offer. How about it?”

At this moment, that expert from the Great Earth Sect called out, his words caused the representatives from the other eight sects to start slightly. The Great Earth Sect was actually willing to offer him the same treatment a chosen would receive? They actually valued him so much? One must keep in mind that in Grand Shang, these nine great sects were only second to the Royal Sacred Sect. The benefits a chosen would receive was undoubtedly immense.

Also, those demon-level geniuses of the Xuan King City didn’t even have the qualifications to join the nine sects. One could see how powerful and how stringent the nine sects placed on one’s degree of talent. Each chosen of the nine great sects were existences akin to blazing suns of their generation, destined to enter the Royal Sacred Sect.

Although Qin Wentian’s performance today was outstanding, it was impossible for the other eight sects to make the same statement as the Great Earth Sect.

A chosen from any of the nine great sects could do whatever he wanted to in the Xuan King City. Nobody would even dare to raise a voice in protest.

In the direction where the royal clan members were sitting, the eyes of the golden-eyed young man gleamed with a resplendent light as an expression of extreme interest appeared on his face. The Great Earth Sect actually offered such a beneficial condition? There must be something more to their decision.

“Your highness.” At this moment, a leading character from the Xuan King’s Manor addressed the golden-eyed young man. His eyes flickered with a terrifying light as his face was apoplectic with rage.

“Uncle.” The golden-eyed young man called out. This expert from the Xuan King’s Manor was one of his many uncles purely based on bloodline.

“That man considered everyone to be beneath him, insufferably arrogant, even daring to kill Shang Qi right in front of our eyes. Shang Qi is also someone of the royal clan, how can we spare him? I beseech your highness to kill that man so as to uphold the pride of our royal clan.” That expert from the Xuan King’s Manor had a solemn expression on his face as he spoke.

“Today is the recruitment selection event of the nine great sects, it wouldn’t be too good if I interfere.” The golden-eyed young man calmly spoke. “I’m also affected by Shang Qi’s death but considering the circumstances, things would become extremely ugly if we used external forces to interfere with events happening on the battle stage.”

“Your highness, there’s a few extremely outstanding characters who came here from our royal clan this time around. If your highness is willing to allow them to go up the stage, it wouldn’t be difficult to slay that little bastard.” The expert from the Xuan King’s Manor continued, his gaze turned to a few others standing to the left of the golden-eyed young man. These people had come here along with the royal clan, he knew that they were all extremely powerful among the younger generations.

The nine great sects were here to hold a disciple recruitment selection event, they would naturally bring some of their disciples over as well, the royal clan was no exception.

“They have already pledged their allegiance and joined our royal clan.” The golden-eyed young man reminded, silently indicating that these people didn’t have any reason to go up the battle stage as it was inappropriate.

Upon hearing his reply, the expert from the King Manor’s cursed silently in his heart. Even though they shared a bloodline this prince had actually refused to help.

“Little Yue has already grown up now. She's truly beautiful, as befitting of a princess.” The golden-eyed young man suddenly said something out of context, his words causing a gleam of sharpness to shine in the eyes of the expert from the King’s Manor. How could he not understand what the golden-eyed young man was getting at?

The Seven King Cities were all branches of the royal clan however they had been removed from the main bloodline many generations ago. Even still there were some members among the royal branches that were extremely talented and had managed to join the Royal Sacred Sect. An example of one was the King of the Xuan King’s Manor, he was powerful enough to become an elder of the Royal Sacred Sect and even the current emperor of the entire Grand Shang Empire had to show him some respect.

The Great Shang Empire, in order to consolidate their authority, methods like joining the Royal Sacred Sect would also be needed

Shang Yue glanced over, as she saw the golden-eyed young man looking at her and instantly paled.

“If your highness can kill that man in black, I’m willing to send Shang Yue into your palace, allowing her to be your consort.” The expert from the Xuan King’s Manor spoke. Since Eye King agreed, this wasn’t merely just about killing Qin Wentian. The Xuan King's Manor's Expert had even sent Shang Yue away, after already having lost Shang Qi, these actions showed what kind of attitude he currently had. His promise to send Shang Yue over now, was a kind of attitude only an idiot would have.

The golden-eyed young man had peerless talent and was born with unusual eyes. He was bestowed the position of a king since he was young and not only that, he was given the authority to pass on his kingship to his descendents. This was the difference between him and the other seven King Cities, he was of the true bloodline of the Grand Shang Empire, otherwise known as the Eye King, Shang Tong.

The current Emperor has a total of nine sons. This golden-eyed young man, the Eye King, although he wasn’t the strongest, his talent was the most terrifying. He had the power to fight for the throne and a high possibility to inherit Grand Shang. Since he took the initiative to mention Shang Yue, the expert of the Xuan King’s Manor obviously knew what he had to do. He could only suggest sending Shang Yue into the Eye King’s Manor.

The instant Shang Yue heard these words, her countenance turned to something akin to dead ashes. Although she was the princess of the Xuan King City, she had no power to control her own fate. She was actually used as a bargaining chip for a matter between young men on a battle stage. Right now she was actually hoping that Qin Wentian wouldn’t be defeated. If the Eye King was defeated, his arrogance and pride would forbid him from bringing this matter up again.

Shang Tong’s golden eyes turned towards Qin Wentian, as a cold light erupted from within. Since the expert from the Xuan King’s Manor already agreed, right now in his eyes, Qin Wentian was already a dead man. Although Qin Wentian’s talent was outstanding, rather than him eventually joining one of the nine great sects, he might as well kill this man off now.

“Little friend, our Qinghua Mountain holds you in extremely high regards. Now, this is the second time we are extending an invitation for you to join. I wonder if you would be interested?” The expert from the Qinghua Mountain issued out yet another invitation for Qin Wentian.

“Our Violet Thunder Sect also welcomes you to join us.” An expert from the Violet Thunder Sect made their stance clear, his words causing the face of the uncle of Yin Ting to changed drastically as he stared at the elder who spoke. That elder ignored him totally, from his perspective, how could a mere Yin Ting overshadow the talent Qin Wentian had shown? Yin Ting had an advantage in cultivation but was still defeated under a spear strike of Qin Wentian, directly getting insta-killed. Such a character was the epitome of uselessness.

Each of the great sects made their wishes known, all of them inviting Qin Wentian. The only sect that didn’t make a statement yet, was the Battle Sword Sect.

Lin Shuai studied Qin Wentian. He knew that with a character like Qin Wentian’s, he would already have his own choice long before. Whether they spoke up or not didn’t really matter too much.

“There’s no need for all of you to fight for him. He shall die today.” At this moment, another voice drifted out, causing the crowd to feel a wave of pressure gushing over.

Lifting their heads, they saw a person flying up in the skies. This person projected a tyrannical aura with an unbendable pride, disdainfully looking down on Qin Wentian.

“Jun Yu.”

The experts from the Xuan King’s Manor were all stunned and surprised when they saw Jun Yu. Nobody expected Jun Yu would come here today. Sadly, he arrived a little too late. If he was here earlier, Qin Wentian wouldn’t have had any chance to act so arrogantly.

Jun Yu was someone from the Royal Sacred Sect. In fact, he was the personal disciple of the Xuan King himself.

The representatives from the nine great sects were also taken aback when they saw Jun Yu. Jun Yu actually appeared here, did he come to avenge Shang Qi’s death?

How could Jun Yu be here for someone like Shang Qi? He was passing by Xuan King City and only came to take a look when he heard that the nine great sects were holding a disciple recruitment event here. Yet, who would have thought that he would actually meet Qin Wentian here?

Back then, during the time when he returned to Grand Xia, appearing with the untouchable and esteemed status of a personal disciple of an elder from the Royal Sacred Sect. At that time his corona of radiance had actually been stained by someone from the younger generation - Qin Wentian.

During the Heavenly Fate Ranking Battle of Grand Xia, he arrived in a domineering fashion. For that all out war, his radiance should have illuminated the skies but who would have thought that Qin Wentian only used a single sword strike to scare him off. Jun Yu was even tricked into utilizing the extremely valuable life-saving treasure which his master had bestowed on him. That event had basically been an extraordinary bout of shame and humiliation that he needed to repay.

Qin Wentian lifted his head and stared at the silhouette of Jun Yu standing in the skies. How could he not remember Jun Yu? Back then, it was because of the appearance of this person that caused the Ouyang Aristocrat and Jiang Clan to forsake their alliance, almost narrowly causing the other powers which followed him to die and be buried within the Venerate Heavens Sect, dying at the hands of the Great Solar Chen Clan.

Jun Yu was said to be the disciple of an elder in the Royal Sacred Sect. Who would have thought that his master would actually be the King of Xuan King City?

But so what of it? Even though Jun Yu was a disciple of an elder, he was after all still just a disciple in the Royal Sacred Sect.

“DIE!” Jun Yu coldly spat out, a gigantic palm slamming down from the sky. Qin Wentian lazily stretched out his hand, showing a medal clutched in it as he bellowed out loud, “IN FRONT OF THE SACRED ROYAL MEDALLION, WHO DARES TO KILL ME?”

Jun Yu instantly retracted his palms, an ugly expression appeared on his face as he stared at the medallion in Qin Wentian’s hand. “This medallion wasn’t given to you, this was something you stole.”

“This Sacred Royal Medallion was obtained by me after I killed the person who it was bestowed. In the unspoken rules of the cultivation world, since he was defeated, his belongings naturally now belong to me. Right now, I’m announcing in front of the nine great sects and the royal clan that I will be participating in the test to join the Royal Sacred Sect in the future. As a disciple of the Royal Sacred Sect, if you dared to make a move against me, it means that you are defying the laws your sect set, disobeying the Sacred Emperor and treating his will as fart. Everyone present here can be my witness.”

Qin Wentian’s outburst turned Jun Yu’s countenance green. He didn’t expect that Qin Wentian actually understood how to use the Sacred Royal Medallion!

Shang Tong (商瞳): Shang is a surname, Tong stands for eye/pupil.

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