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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 511 — Sharply Opposed, Neither Giving Way to Each Other

Chapter 511: Sharply Opposed, Neither Giving Way to Each Other

The Sacred Royal Medallion, an ancient medallion personally promulgated by the Royal Sacred Sect with the purpose to recruit outstanding elites from all around the world.

With the medallion in hand, one was considered an external disciple of the Royal Sacred Sect and would gain preferential treatment, able to bypass the tests of the nine great sects and directly take the test set by the Royal Sacred Sect. If one was able to pass that, they would become a true disciple of the Royal Sacred Sect and be rewarded all the privileges that came with it.

The test set by the Royal Sacred Sect was extremely stringent and fair. There would be major characters from the sect on the judging panel, nobody dared to break the rules nor try bribery or fraud. This was how the Royal Sacred Sect remained so overwhelmingly strong through the generations.

The Royal Sacred Sect was the undisputed leader of this vast region known as the Royal Sacred Region which encompassed Grand Shang, Grand Xia and Grand Zhou. They had built up this enterprise through painstaking efforts, having extremely high requirements for people who wanted to join them. The elites under the heaven would gather by themselves, as well as the nine great sects. How could the Royal Sacred Sect not prosper? One must know that without the injection of fresh blood, no matter how strong a power was, it would only be doomed to fade away into obscurity with the passing of time.

Hence, the meaning behind the Sacred Royal Medallion was extremely important. Even if Qin Wentian didn’t come here to participate in the event today, just based on him having a Sacred Royal Medallion, he could saunter his way over to any of the nine great sects and directly request to participate in their test. This was also how the Grand Shang attracted the geniuses from Grand Xia over. Back then, there had already been some geniuses from Grand Xia that had been recruited by the Grand Shang Empire.

The vast majority of Grand Xia might not know the importance and value of the medallion, but how could those from Grand Shang not know? Not only that, there were representatives of the nine great sects that were just below the Royal Sacred Sect in power present at the venue. When Qin Wentian flashed the Sacred Royal Medallion, even Jun Yu had to retract his palms, not daring to kill Qin Wentian.

It did not matter if Qin Wentian had stolen the medallion or not as the medallion was now in his hands, it merely meant that he was more capable than the original holder. In front of so many, Jun Yu didn’t dare to publicly ignore the will of the Sacred Royal Medallion. After all, this place wasn’t Grand Xia.

There were simply too little Sacred Royal Medallions in Grand Xia. Even for the remaining seven grand clans, they would only get three medallions every century. Previously, the Sacred Royal Medallions were in the hands of the Royal Xia Clan and were distributed by the Emperor of Grand Xia. This was also one of the major reasons why the nine grand clans back then chose to rebel. After Grand Xia was destroyed, the influence of the Royal Sacred Sect in Grand Shang grew larger and larger and after a few thousand years, their current might was already something that even Grand Xia at its peak wouldn’t compare to it.

Jun Yu glanced at the Qin Wentian below him, his long hair fluttered in the wind as the flames of his anger were palpable in the air. He wanted nothing more than to destroy this young man who had stained his pride back in Grand Xia. He was a lofty Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant and was even a personal disciple of an elder of the Royal Sacred Sect. Despite his status, he suffered a disadvantage at the hands of a junior. How could his pride allow him to bear such humiliation?

Those from the Xuan King’s Manor had never expected that Jun Yu would have a grudge with Qin Wentian. And right now, an expert exclaimed, “Jun Yu, this brat is too arrogant. Who is he exactly?”

“Nothing but a loser from Grand Xia, Qin Wentian. I didn’t expect that he would actually choose to escape to Grand Shang.” Jun Yu’s eyes flickered with fearsome flames, as though his anger would bake Qin Wentian alive.

“Ridiculous.” Qin Wentian’s long spear pointed right at Jun Yu as he coldly spoke. “As a disciple of the Royal Sacred Sect, you wanted to show off your prestige when you went back to Grand Xia yet were frightened away by a single sword attack of mine. Everyone in Grand Xia knows about this matter but to think that you still have the face to come here and boast. Jun Yu, you completely tarnished the reputation of the Royal Sacred Sect.”

As the sound of Qin Wentian’s voice faded, the entire crowd was stunned into silence. Jun Yu was a lofty existence at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm and was a true disciple of the Royal Sacred Sect. How could he have been frightened away by Qin Wentian? If what Qin Wentian said was true, Jun Yu had truly and completely thrown away the face of the Royal Sacred Sect. But naturally, they didn’t really believe Qin Wentian’s words. It wasn’t that they didn’t believe in Qin Wentian’s talent, but rather his current cultivation was truly too low. How could he even have the strength to resist the power of an Ascendant?

However, Jun Yu’s expression became increasingly unsightly. His reaction causing many in the crowd to believe that what Qin Wentian had said was true.

“Even with the Sacred Royal Medallion, you haven’t officially entered the sect as a true disciple. How dare you show disrespect to me.” Jun Yu’s aura exploded forth, pressing down on Qin Wentian.

Yet Qin Wentian showed no sign of fear, his long spear continued pointing straight at Jun Yu as he spoke, “What a joke, you are merely somebody who started cultivating tens of years earlier compared to me. If we were of the same generation, in this world, there wouldn’t be anyone named Jun Yu. In the future when I breakthrough to Celestial Phenomenon, you will be nothing more than an ant to me. I shall directly trample you to death.”

The Pill Emperor Hall was already Qin Wentian’s enemy. Sooner or later, there would be a day where he returns to there and retrieves the demon sword, obliterating the sect from the face of this world. And because Jun Yu knew this as well, he wouldn’t let go of any opportunity to kill him. In that case, Qin Wentian had nothing to fear.

“Daring to be so disrespectful to your elders. I, Jun Yu won’t you kill today. But, I will teach you a lesson that you will never forget.” Jun Yu coldly spoke. A blazing heat filled his palms as a ball of sunflame condensed within, instantly blasting downwards towards Qin Wentian.

In the space between the two of them, a dazzling light exploded as a scorching heat caused the hearts of the crowd to tremble. A disciple of the Royal Sacred Sect was truly domineering indeed, from this single attack, even if Qin Wentian survived, he would still be seriously injured. The might of this attack was simply too tyrannical.

“Bzzz!” Right at this moment, a rainbow appeared in the sky. At that very instant, a towering sword might enveloped the entire battle stage, completely disrupting the ball of sunflames hurtling towards Qin Wentian.

Jun Yu’s expression turned sharp. Shifting his gaze, he turned in the direction of the sword attack. It was actually from the Battle Sword Sect.

The spectators all sat up in shock, since the Battle Sword Sect actually interfered and destroyed Jun Yu’s attack.

No matter what, Jun Yu was still the personal disciple of an elder in the Royal Sacred Sect. Although the nine great sects had different philosophies, since they were all under the Royal Sacred Sect, they should at least give some face right? Now that the Battle Sword Sect had disrupted his attacks, they inevitably offended Jun Yu.

If Jun Yu was just an ordinary disciple of the Royal Sacred Sect, nobody would care. After all, the nine great sects were all also part of the Royal Sacred Sect. But Jun Yu was the disciple of an elder-level character, even in the sect, he had some status. Everyone would think twice about offending someone like him.

But the Battle Sword Sect showed no hesitation and directly slashed out, forcibly disrupting his attack.

“My Battle Sword Sect came to the Xuan King City for the disciple recruitment event. We are not here to see how you flaunt your strength in front of a junior at the Heavenly Dipper level. Get the fuck down.” Lin Shuai’s voice was the same as his character. Simple and sharp.

Jun Yu frowned, he stared at Lin Shuai with a ugly expression on his face. “This is my matter and has nothing to do with you. You dared to obstruct me?”

Lin Shuai placed his hands around his back. A twinkling sound rang out as the humming of a sword could be heard. His sword was pulled from his scabbard, radiating an ice cold light.

Such a scene caused Jun Yu’s countenance to turn into winter’s frost.

“The nine great sects are also part of the Royal Sacred Sect. I will say this again, I won’t go easy on anyone seeking to disrupt this disciple recruitment selection. Don’t forget that since we are both members of the Royal Sacred Sect, even if there are disputes, as long as there are no deaths, the sect won’t pursue anything.” Lin Shuai’s voice was still as sharp as before, yet the threat in his words wasn’t masked at all, causing Jun Yu to tremble with rage and prepare to lunge towards Lin Shuai.

“Senior Jun Yu.” At this moment, a voice drifted over from the direction where the royal clan of Grand Shang was sitting. The one who spoke was none other than the young man with the golden eyes, Shang Tong.

Jun Yu naturally recognized Shang Tong. Back when he had visited the royal clan of Grand Shang, he had seen Shang Tong before. This person’s talent was truly too terrifying which resulted in him being bestowed a Sacred Royal Medallion at a very young age. In fact, Shang Tong was directly initiated into the Royal Sacred Sect without needing to take the test. In the future, he would definitely become a character of importance in the Royal Sacred Sect.

“Eye King, what’s the matter?” Jun Yu courteously nodded his head towards Shang Tong.

“Since today is the disciple recruitment selection event of the nine great sects, please allow junior to resolve this matter.” Shang Tong’s golden eyes gleamed with sharpness. Jun Yu then glanced at the experts surrounding Shang Tong and instantly understood what Shang Tong was thinking about. Shang Tong wanted to do him a favor, defeating Qin Wentian in compliance with the rules.

“Since the Eye King himself has spoken, I shall refrain from punishing this brat today.” Jun Yu nodded his head. He then turned and glanced at Qin Wentian once more, “I truly want to see how you can leave here alive.”

The major powers from Xuan King City all exulted when they saw this. If the Eye King was willing to help, Qin Wentian would almost certainly die.

Qin Wentian also glanced at Shang Tong. Earlier, when he wanted to kill Shang Qi, it was this person who exposed the fact that he was using a disguising art to cloak his features. The golden eyes of this man seemed to be able to see through everything.

And right now, Shang Tong was exactly looking at him as well. Their gazes locked, and in that golden eyes, Qin Wentian could see a sense of towering arrogance, unexcelled in the world.

Yet, wasn’t Qin Wentian the same as well? His countenance was as sharp as a sword as light erupted from his eyes. Their gazes were contending for supremacy when matched in mid-air.

“You have character.” Shang Tong’s lips curled up in a cold smile. At the same time, Jun Yu had already arrived by his side and almost immediately a person stood up and offered his seat to Jun Yu.

Qin Wentian couldn’t be bothered. After which, he turned his gaze onto the representatives of the nine great sect and asked with a smile, “I wonder if the nine great sects would still be willing to recruit me, Qin?”

After he spoke, the others all turned their gazes onto the nine great sects. Right now, if there were still any sect which dared to recruit Qin Wentian, this meant that they would be offending Jun Yu, Shang Tong, as well as the Royal Clan of Grand Shang behind him. Was it worth it to offend so many just for a single Qin Wentian? They were now seriously considering the options.

Indeed, no one else spoke. However, that expert from the Great Earth Sect laughed, “Our Great Earth Sect won’t change our mind.”

“Many thanks.” Qin Wentian stared in the direction of the Great Earth Sect, but he could tell that something was amiss. Ever since he walked out of Sky Harmony City, he had been cultivating for about ten years. He had experienced too many things, and naturally, wasn’t as naive as he had been in the past.

“After passing our test, you shall be a member of my Battle Sword Sect, nobody would dare to bully you. But of course, if you say you want to leave here today, I guarantee that nobody would dare to stop you either.” Lin Shuai quietly spoke, it was rare for the Battle Sword Sect to express their attitude. Although the Battle Sword Sect didn’t express an invitation for Qin Wentian to join them earlier, but when in times of danger, they didn’t hesitate to strike out for him, protecting him from Jun Yu. And right now, they actually dared to promise such a thing.

This caused many to silently sigh in admiration. The Battle Sword Sect was truly the Battle Sword Sect indeed. They do, have character.

“Thank you senior, but junior is in no hurry.” Qin Wentian nodded to the Battle Sword Sect. Currently out of all the nine great sects, he felt the most well-disposed towards the Battle Sword Sect. Lin Shuai actually promised in front of everyone that if he wished to leave from here, they’d guarantee that nobody would stop him. Such spirit indeed conformed to the rumors about people of the Battle Sword Sect.

Qin Wentian brandished his long spear, standing in the center of the battle stage, closing his eyes. At the same time, in the direction where Shang Tong was standing, a few young men stood up and made their way towards the formation pathway. The eyes of that expert from the Xuan King’s Manor gleamed with a terrifying light. Qin Wentian was dead for sure.

These people were members of the youngest generation in the Grand Shang Empire with the strongest talent that were recruited by the Royal Shang Clan. In the future, they were all already destined to join the Royal Sacred Sect, paving the path to greatness for the elites of the royal clan! From generations to generations, for recruits like them, this was their only mission!

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