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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 539 — AllOut Massacre

Chapter 539: AllOut Massacre

The second wave of experts from the Eastern Mountain Marquis Manor were even stronger and more terrifying compared to the first. Cold light gleamed in their eyes upon seeing the ground littered with corpses. After which, their hearts all shuddered when they stared at Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng.

The two of them stood atop the back of a Vermilion Bird with two rows of demonic beasts escorting them from both sides. Only the word ‘shocking’ was sufficient to describe such a scenario.

Qin Wentian tightly held onto the scarlet demon halberd in his hands. He stared straight ahead as he icily stated, “Death to those who block me.”

“RUMBLE!” Waves of towering pressure erupted forth, the experts from the second wave up ahead all simultaneously released their terrifying aura. A great sword swept out, stopping right before Qin Wentian as a loud voice echoed, “Cease your steps. We won’t kill you, the marquis is arriving soon.”

“DIE!” As the sound of Qin Wentian’s voice faded, the purgatory vermilion bird shrieked and dashed out. A beam of light was abruptly fired forth from its beak and instantly, the flames of purgatory engulfed the space causing lotuses of purgatory fire to manifest, enveloping these experts within their area of effect.

“ARGH!” Voices after voices of misery rang out. Instantly, everyone died. They were burned into nothingness from the terrifying heat released by the purgatory flames.

“How powerful.” The spectators stared at the vermilion bird. The flames from this bird was simply too overwhelming, able to incinerate everything.

The immense body of purgatory hurled through the air, its wings flapping furiously and everywhere the specks of flames shot to, only death and destruction remains.

Qin Wentian’s countenance was as sharp as the edge of a blade and incomparably cold as well. The summoned astral warbeasts by his side all rushed out, engaging in a wild slaughter.

“Boom!” Qin Wentian slowly stepped out and akin to a gust of wind, he instantly landed before a sixth-level Heavenly Dipper Sovereign as he stabbed his halberd out. Instantly, terror suffused the features of that expert. His sea of consciousness was scrambled into chaos and as a crisp sound rang out, the halberd has already penetrated his brain, killing him from where he stood.

Qin Wentian didn’t stop. His silhouette continued to flicker, reappearing at various spots and everywhere his halberd struck, mounts of bones would built there. The experts of the second waves died one after another in Qin Wentian’s hands. Purgatory was locking down on the strongest expert from the Eastern Mountain Manor. It used its purgatory flames to suppressed its opponent to the limit, forcing him to have no choice but to evade.

“IMPUDENT!” From afar, an explosive shout shook the air. More and more waves of experts from the Eastern Mountain Marquis Manor were rushing over here.

The Eastern Mountain Marquis was a marquis after all. Although he doted on an idiotic son, there was no need to doubt his strength.

People in the Royal Sacred Region thirst strongly for advancement in their martial path. This was evident in the ancient Ye Country. Strength was everything, without strength, even if you are a descendant of aristocrats, you would still be castigated and become someone with no power nor authority. This world was clearly a strength-oriented world, with no strength, everything was just prattle and illusions. Don’t even dream about having wealth, fame and profit. Even if you are born with a silver-spoon, you will lose everything sooner or later.

As a aristocrat, the Eastern Mountain Marquis naturally had power and authority. Even ignoring the fact that he’s an Celestial Phenomenon Ascendent, the experts from his manor were as common as clouds.

And just like this instant, yet another wave of experts rushed out. There were even those at the seventh and eighth level of Heavenly Dipper within them. All of their strength was redoubtable.

After these people arrived, they instantly surrounded Qin Wentian and purgatory. The stifling pressure that exuded from these experts directly bore down upon them. It it wasn’t for the fact of Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng’s statuses, just seeing the body of their comrades would cause them to directly slay Qin Wentian.

“Even if you are a member of the Battle Sword Sect, you still have to pay a price for killing so many members from my Eastern Mountain Marquis Manor.” One among them exuded an aura of imposingness. This man was none other than the brother of the Eastern Mountain Marquis. His strength was at the eighth level of Heavenly Dipper and was exceedingly tyrannical It was only natural for him to be angered upon seeing so many experts from his manor injured and dead.

“Wow wow wow, so many people ganging up on my junior apprentice brother. Are you all bullying the fact that my Battle Sword Sect doesn’t have a lot of people?” From afar, a booming voice thundered out, the tone of that voice was as sharp as the edge of a sword causing the hearts of people to shudder. The experts from the Battle Sword Sect has arrived.

Although the members of the Battle Sword Sect weren’t many - there were only about ten over. Their appearance gave the members from the Eastern Mountain Manor an unbelievable amount of pressure.

Although the Eastern Mountain Manor was powerful and belonged to the aristocrat class of ancient Ye, when compared to the nine great sects, they were completely at a different level. Just Qin Wentian alone already gave them so much trouble and now, not to mention the fact that the other members from the Battle Sword Sect has already arrived. How would the experts from the Eastern Mountain Manor dared to make a move rashly.

“All of you should be members from the Battle Sword Sect. However, the Royal Sacred Region naturally has a set of rules to follow. So what if you are the Battle Sword Sect, you best not to act too overboard. This young man has slain my nephew, his actions are too impudent - he even killed a member of the aristocrats within the royal capital of Ye? Does the Battle Sword Sect still wish to protect him?” The brother of the Eastern Mountain Marquis tyrannically spoke, while exuding a powerful aura.

Duan Han took a step out, instantly appearing behind him with his sword already unsheathed. This sword of his were thin and radiated a bone-piercing coldness. The body of the sword was as smooth as the flowing water and there were a few hues of black imprinted on it, giving people an intense sense of danger.

“The son of the Eastern Mountain Marquis disrespected the Holy Maiden with his words. Since my junior brother and the Holy Maiden were lovers, so what even if he killed him? If people from the Eastern Mountain Manor dares to interfere, I shall judge this as the Eastern Mountain Manor supporting the actions of Dongshan Jin, guilty by association. Don’t blame me then if I annihilate your entire Manor.”

After Duan Han brandished his sword, a murderous aura gushed forth in overwhelming amounts from him. A surge of stifling sword-might pressed down upon those from the Eastern Mountain Manor, even the strongest of them also trembled when they felt that terrifying pressure.

They knew that this man was Duan Han, the ninth personal disciple under Sword Sovereign Ling Tian. His words contained an extremely heavy weight, this wasn’t a matter about killing Dongshan Jin any longer. If they interfered, they would all be guilty by association.

“Truly brazen, as expected of someone from the Battle Sword Sect. Although the Battle Sword Sect has nine mountains, the disciples of each mountain are all completely united. Despite their members being the least in all the nine great sects, they were all extremely protective of each other. Today, it seems that the rumors of their conduct are all true.” The spectators silently sighed in admiration. Just a single sentence from Duan Han completely demolished the domineering presence exuded earlier from the experts of the Eastern Mountain Marquis Manor.

The expression of Dongshan Teng, the uncle of Dongshan Jin, now turned completely ashen. Yet at this moment, the coldness in Qin Wentian’s eyes were at its limits. He continued stepping out, the killing intent exuding from him didn’t dissipate in the slightest. Purgatory shielded him from the front while Mo Qingcheng was beside him. They actually passed through the wave of experts from the Eastern Mountain Manor forcibly, he wanted to see who still dared to block him.

“This place is the territory of my ancient Ye, how can we stand for your arrogance? Wanting to leave after killing our people? Even if the Battle Sword Sect blames us in the future, would the reputable and prestigious Battle Sword Sect bully our Eastern Mountain Marquis Manor?” Dongshan Teng bellowed in a loud voice. After which he stretched out his hand and grabbed towards the direction of Qin Wentian. A gigantic palm imprint manifested, causing thunderous rumbling sounds to echo out.

“DIE!” Duan Han spat out, his murderous aura was simply frightening. HIs silhouette flickered, moving like a gust of wind. After which his black sword slashed out, causing a black thread to manifest, slicing apart space with absurd ease.

The countenance of Dongshan Teng underwent a drastic change, he only felt his vision turning dark as though his eyes has lost his sight. He instantly retracted his palm but everything was already too late. A slicing sound whistled through as one of his arms was directly severed.

“YOU DARE?!” Dongshan Teng hollered with rage. Duan Han took another step forward, causing a black glow to appear. Light dimmed at the place where Duan Han was standing, as a wave of darkness descended. Dongshan Teng was as if he became a blind man, although his eyes were opened, only darkness was before him.

An extremely dangerous wind gusted by, with no trace of its presence. His countenance paled, and after which, the crowd only saw a line of blood splaying out. Dongshan Teng’s head was directly split into two pieces.

One sword, lacerated.

In the other direction, combat has already erupted. But even so, the majority of the gazes from the spectators all landed on Duan Han’s sword. That sword was too powerful, too sharp, too overwhelming, too terrifying.

Duan Han had only slashed out two swords. The first sword strike severed an arm, the second sword strike cleaved the head of his opponent apart.

“Junior brother let’s go.” Duan Han stared at Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian looked at Duan Han as he nodded his head. The purgatory vermilion bird led the way as they continued on ahead, and everywhere it passes, fresh blood would splatter in the air. The members of the Battle Sword Sect began an all-out massacred, their sword qi ravaged this entire space, nobody could even resist. The spectators involuntarily trembled as they looked on with fear in their eyes. A notion flashed past their mind - the Eastern Mountain Marquis Manor is finished.

The Battle Sword Sect didn’t even reason with them, sweeping through the experts from the Eastern Mountain Manor with utter dominance. No mercy was shown at all.

In the blink of an eye, the battlefield was completely cleared. Only then did this group of people proceed back to the royal palace. Even then, the killing intent by them hadn’t faded. They already knew the entire process of what had happened.

The mastermind of this was undoubtedly Ye Kongfan. In that case, their Battle Sword Sect would definitely make Ye Kongfan give them an answer. Who cares for the fact Ye Kongfan was the son of the Qi King? Who cares for the fact this was his territory? Who cares for the sect he was a member from the Violet Thunder Sect? If this breath of vengeance wasn’t expelled, how could they still have the face to be members of the Battle Sword Sect?

Upon feeling their murderous auras, countless people were all shaking from fear. But despite so, all of them still followed behind those from the Battle Sword Sect. They wanted to know what would the ending of this matter be.

From the distance, yet another imposing might gushed over. This time, the aura belonged to the incomparable might of someone at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm. In an instant, a gigantic constellation appeared right up in the air.

“The Eastern Mountain Marquis as arrived.” The hearts of the crowd shuddered. Yet the Battle Sword Sect didn’t even stop. They continued on their way forward.

An umbrella appeared in Qin Wentian’s hand, this umbrella contained fearsome lightning-attributed energy within. The destructive qi flows around it struck fear in the hearts of people, this item was none other than the fifth-ranked divine weapon he had obtained back during the entrance test of the nine great sects when he was still in the Xuan King City. This was originally a weapon from an expert from the Violet Thunder Sect, but eventually was acquired by him.

Duan Han clutched his hands into fist, his countenance incomparably frigid, staring at the figure ahead with unmasked killing intent. The Eastern Mountain Marquis has personally led his experts here in attack.

“MY SON!” The Eastern Mountain Marquis howled in mindless rage. His icy gaze shot over here as his killing intent engulfed the heavens and earth. “Not only did you all killed my son, you even slay the people from my Eastern Mountain Manor. Since this is the case, even if I have to leave Ye, being hunted by people from the Battle Sword Sect, I STILL MUST KILL ALL OF YOU. All of you shall repent before me.”

After speaking, the Eastern Mountain Marquis directly rushed out. Qini Wentian’s silhouette flickered as the umbrella in his hands caused waves of destructive thunder to be blasted forth. The Eastern Mountain Marquis roared in rage, he lifted his hands and cut them down swiftly causing the astral light from his constellation to descend. A gigantic blade formed from that light slashed through the heavens, smashing into the bolts of destructive thunder, causing devastating shockwaves to rumble the area.

And at the same time, Duan Han coldly commanded, “KILL!”

As the sound of his voice faded, the skies instantly dimmed as darkness engulfed the land. The members from the Battle Sword Sect stepped out together, slashing forward with their swords. Their combined sword intent congregated on Duan Han by virtue of a sword formation. Duan Han roared as he stepped out, slicing forth with his sword. The crowd only saw a beam of white light severing the darkness, allowing light to flood the land once again. After which, the only thing they saw was the pale and fear-filled face of the Eastern Mountain Marquis.

“Puchi!” The sword beam flashed as the darkness totally dissipated. The body of the Eastern Mountain Marquis had been completely severed into two. An existence at the level of Celestial Phenomena was instantly slain with no time for him to even mount a defence.

Overwhelming. These people from the Battle Sword Sect were simply too domineering!

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