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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 541 — Utter Humiliation

Chapter 541: Utter Humiliation

At this moment, Ye Lingshuang’s words rumbled the entire space, transmitted within the Qi King Manor, the import of her words causing everyone in Qi King Manor to shudder.

The Human Emperor actually issued a decree for Ye Kongfan’s capture? Not only that if they resist, they would be treated as traitors attempting to rebel.

“Has the Human Emperor gone mad and wishes to stake all out in a last-ditch gamble forcing the Qi King to rebel?” A notion appeared in the heads of those from the Qi King Manor. Only this explanation could account for Ye Lingshuang’s current action. If not, with the Human Emperor surviving on his last breath and in addition to the fact that more than half of the royal authority from the other kings and dukes were already under the Qi King’s control, the Human Emperor would never dared to issue such an order.

As that thought of here, the countenances of those from the Qi King Manor all changed. Their hearts were all filled with trepidation when they recalled how powerful the Human Emperor was. If he went all out on his last breath, the damage he could wreck would be overwhelming. They couldn’t help but to be wary.

Ye Kongfan’s expression also became incredibly unsightly. Initially he was here waiting for the members of the Battle Sword Sect to barge in so he would have a reason to kill all of them. Yet he didn’t expect that the Human Emperor would actually decreed that he was to be captured back for questioning, using this as a pretext to sent out his troops. In that case, the Qi King Manor was instantly pushed into the weaker position.

As the sound of Ye Lingshuang faded, she has already joined up fully with those from the Battle Sword Sect. Behind here were experts from the two army camps, all of them exuding incredible battle intent and was ready to fight at any given moment. These two camps were none other than the Divine Arrow Camp and Ironblood Camp.

Qin Wentian stood atop the vermilion bird, staring at Ye Lingshuang as a hidden expression of worry flashed past his face. Right now, the injuries of the Human Emperor had yet to be fully recovered. Such a risky maneuver to force out the traitors might in fact be disadvantageous for the Human Emperor.

However, there was no need for him to overthink things. Since the Human Emperor gave such an order, he definitely already made a decision in his heart.

The group of them then rushed into the Qi King Manor. There were many experts that sought to block them but as Ye Lingshuang waved her hands, the experts from the Divine Arrow camp instantly fired, causing beams of resplendent light to engulf this space as the terrifying whistling sound of death echoed through the air.

“How dare they block us. These are all traitors. Show no mercy.” Ye Lingshuang coldly commanded. They slaughtered a path right into the Manor, only to see the experts from the Qi King Manor erupting forth with their auras. Since they already knew the Qi King currently already controlled over half of the aristocracy, how could they still allow the forces of the Human Emperor to barge into the Qi King Manor as they wished? Wasn’t this simply a ridiculous humiliation?

“KILL!” Ye Lingshuang upon seeing these people blocking them, instantly commanded. Scores of arrow penetrated through the air covering the skies with hundreds and thousands of arrows. They shot out together in synchronisation resembling an arrow web that sought to cover everything in this world, blocking and sealing off all positions of retreat.

“Swish, swish, swish…” The crisp sounds of arrow flying through the air unceasingly rang out. Blood splattered everywhere the arrows passed by, causing great fear to strike the heart of those from the Qi King Manor. The strength of these Divine Archers are all exceedingly terrifying, their insta-explosive power seemed boundless able to break through everything. There were basically no survivors at the area where their arrows landed.

“IMPUDENT!” A thunderous voice echoed out. An aged figure appeared from within the Qi King Manor. He soared up into the skies as he roared, causing a thunderous invisible energy to rock the qi and blood of those in the vicinity.

“You guys dared to barge into our Qi King Manor?” Yet another aged figure appeared. This man was clad in luxurious robes and exuded an almighty imposing aura. These two were none other than experts from the previous generation that followed the Qi King, their status were all extremely high under his command.

However at this moment, yet another few auras tyrannical blast outwards. The skies changed color as starlight descended. These powerful people stood amidst the stars, directly over the Qi King Manor.

One among them was actually Shi Xuan. Right now he radiated total coldness, and was staring at the experts from the older generation under the Qi King. He then icily stated, “On the Human Emperor’s order, we are here today to capture Ye Kongfan. This has nothing to do with the Qi King Manor. If you old men wishes to protect Ye Kongfan, this means that you disregard the imperial orders and will be branded as a traitor. Don’t blame me for being uncourteous then.”

“How dare you talk to me this way.” An old man inclined his head, staring at Shi Xuan in the air, as his countenance turned incomparably cold.

“Annihilate all those who disobey the edicts of the Human Emperor. Although I believe that Qi King Manor has no traitors.” Shi Xuan coldly laughed, his aura cold and tyrannical.

From afar, there were waves of experts rushing towards the Qi King Manor relentlessly. It was obvious these people all rushed here after hearing the Human Emperor’s command. And among these, there were even quite a large number of kings and dukes present.

“Has the Human Emperor turned insane? He actually issued a command to storm the Qi King Manor?” A member of aristocracy roared in anger. So great was the power of his roar that even the constellation in the air trembled.

Shi Xuan’s countenance remained unchanged. His perception stretched out as he discovered that these newly arrived experts had already surrounded his forces. However, they still didn’t make a move yet, they were all waiting for a command from the Qi King. The instant the command rang out, they would slaughter Shi Xuan’s forces before leading their troops and barged into the royal palace, seizing the throne away.

Such an impressive scene was also something Qin Wentian didn’t imagined. Ye Kongfan used words of humiliation and sullied Mo Qingcheng’s reputation. This person was someone Qin Wentian definitely had to kill. However although the members from the Battle Sword Sect stormed the Qi King Manor, they naturally didn’t hope to be able to kill Ye Kongfan within his own territory. This was something impossible, yet they didn’t expect the Human Emperor would give such an order, completely changing the situation, as well as seeing clearly who were the ones that sided the Qi King.

Ye Lingshuang led the experts of the two army camps and continued their slaughter. Although more and more guards from the Qi King Manor arrived and fought back, the powerhouses at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm still held back from participating. The Qi King had yet to give the order.

If the Ascendants made a move and attack Ye Lingshuang and her troops, this battle right here would instantly elevate, forcing the situation on both sides into the end-game.

Ye Kongfan and the others from the Violet Thunder Sect stood in the air, staring at Qin Wentian and the rest who were slaughtering their way over. Their eyes were all filled with coldness, their killing intents towering up the heavens. Initially, they had planned a perfect trap for Qin Wentian to step into yet they didn’t expect the interference of the Human Emperor which caused their Qi King Manor to suffered such grievous losses.

“Ye Kongfan, do you acknowledge your crimes?” Ye Lingshuang stared at him as she coldly asked.

“What a joke. What crime have I committed?” Ye Kongfan’s countenance turned sinister, as killing intent flickered intensely in his eyes.

“As someone from the royal clan, and as a member of the Violet Thunder Sect, you were actually so despicable. Spreading rumors about the purity of the Holy Maiden, tarnishing her reputation as well as scheming to wipe out the Eastern Mountain Manor, using them to attempt and kill my foster brother Qin Wentian. Such a despicable man like you isn’t fit to be named as a genius of the Violet Thunder Sect. The prestige of our royal clan has been completely thrown away by you and yet you still dared say you didn’t know what crime have you committed?” Ye Lingshuang’s voice turn icier and icier, each of her words piercing the ears, causing Ye Kongfan to want nothing more than to slay her right now this instant.

“Piling crimes on my name yet still saying I’m the despicable one? Since princess is deemed to slander me, I have nothing more to say.” Ye Kongfan directly denied, he naturally wouldn’t admit that he was the mastermind behind this entire scene.

“Oh is that so? In that case, allow yourself to be captured to aid in our investigations. If this matter has really nothing to do with you, I shall bow to you and personally apologise. My royal father would do so as well.” Ye Lingshuang stated as her group continued on forward.

“Extremely ridiculous. Since I, Ye Kongfan has never done this. Why do I have to go back with you?” Ye Kongfan coldly replied. Yet Ye Lingshuang and her troops didn’t seemed to care and just as they were about to rush over, a few figures abruptly appeared before them, their auras crackling with lightning and exuded incredible power.

“Since senior is someone from the Violet Thunder Sect, you shouldn't interfere in matters of my royal clan.” Ye Lingshuang stared at the Ascendants from the Violet Thunder Sect.

“The Human Emperor uses numbers to bully others and even want to pin a crime unjustly on a disciple of my Violet Thunder Sect. Tell me, how can I not interfere?” The old man coldly laughed as his aura intensified further. A lightning-attributed constellation appeared in the air as purplish bolts of lightning flashed across the skies.

“No wonder the Qi King didn't appear, so it turns out that members of the Violet Thunder Sect is nearby.” Duan Han’s dark eyes flashed, he then stared at Qin Wentian and stated, “Junior Brother Qin, how do you propose we should settle this matter?”

The gazes of everyone turned to Qin Wentian. However they only saw Qin Wentian staring fixedly at Ye Kongfan, his eyes never leaving him as a clear look of disdain flickered within.

“Ye Kongfan, as a genius from the Violet Thunder Sect, you don’t even dared to admit what you’ve done? How lamentable.” Qin Wentian’s tone was emotionless, his eyes flashing with contempt. Ye Kongfan’s fists were tightly clutched, his overwhelming killing intent radiating out. He wanted nothing more than to kill Qin Wentian.

“I’ve heard that you Ye Kongfan possessed the calamity lightning bloodline along with a heavenly lightning physique. You are so well-suited to the lightning element that you effortlessly became a Heaven Chosen from the Violet Thunder Sect.” Qin Wentian stared ahead as he continued, “The battle arena situated in the royal clan was constructed for the purpose to let royal descendants practice their skills and exchange pointers there. I hereby issue a challenge to you Ye Kongfan. Do you dare to fight against me on that stage?”

Ye Kongfan’s eyes narrowed as glints of coldness flashed within.

How could he not know of the royal battle arena? This battle arena was able to allow stellar martial cultivators to suppress their cultivation bases, enabling them to fight under the same conditions. This was a true test to determine the combat prowess of both parties. Because there was a difference in age of the royal descendants, there were naturally strong and weak in terms of their cultivation bases. This battle arena was constructed solely to test one’s potential as well as their combat prowess. Who would have thought that Qin Wentian actually knew of this and issued a challenge to him, Ye Kongfan.

However Ye Kongfan had personally witnessed Qin Wentian’s combat prowess that day. His combat prowess was so strong that he could even kill peak-tier sixth-level Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns. Right now, Ye Kongfan actually felt a sliver of fear in his heart when he stared into Qin Wentian’s eyes. He didn’t dare to accept the challenge.

“You don’t dare to?” Qin Wentian coldly snorted, his lips curling up in a smile of mockery. “The genius of the Violet Thunder Sect? The Crown Prince of the Qi King Manor? Nothing but a coward.”

As the sound of his voice faded, a thunderous sound blasted out. Ye Kongfan’s aura gushed forth, and just when he was about to accept the challenge, that old man from the Violet Thunder Sect interjected, “Ridiculous, it's only natural there to be a differentiation between strong and weak for cultivation bases of stellar martial cultivators. Who would restrict their cultivation bases in a real fight?”

Qin Wentian’s eyes bored into the old man as he coldly replied, “I Qin, has just joined the Battle Sword Sect. Although the rumors stated that the Violet Thunder Sect shares the same ranking as the Battle Sword Sect, back then in the disciple recruitment event in Xuan King City, I discovered that your members were so weak that they couldn’t even stand up to a single strike. They are nothing but a bunch of trash. But of course there was always the possibility that the members i’ve met then were the weakest characters in your esteemed sect but since we are all here now, I wonder if there’s any Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns from the Violet Thunder Sect present right now that dares to fight against me? If there are none, why don’t senior pinpoint a few? I will accept all challenges.”

As this sentence of Qin Wentian rang out, his challenge was no longer to Ye Kongfan alone, but extended to all of the Violet Thunder Sect, humiliating all of them within.

The experts from the Violet Thunder Sect went crazy with fury when they heard his words. Bolts of lightning erupted from the skies, striking at the ground right in front of Qin Wentian, subtly warning him to watch his words.

“There’s no need for senior to threaten me like this. I’m just a nobody from the Battle Sword Sect. I shall wait in the royal palace for one month. In this month, I shall spread the news that I’m willing to accept all challenges from any Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns of Violet Thunder Sect, including Ye Kongfan. But of course if after a month Ye Kongfan still don’t have the courage to battle, there’s no need for me to say anything more as well. The people of the Royal Sacred Region will naturally understood what a laughing stock the members from the Violet Thunder Sect are.

The mockery and contempt in Qin Wentian’s eyes grew even more pronounced. After that, he turned as he spoke, “The experts of the Qi King Manor are too numerous, I Qin don’t have strength sufficient to slay you, the despicable coward Ye Kongfan. If you have any courage at all, I shall meet you on the royal battle arena one month from now. If you are truly useless, I won’t say anything and by that time if there’s still no one from the Violet Thunder Sect coming, I will directly proclaim my challenge to you. By then, i’ll fight you square and fair, I have no need for you to suppress your cultivation base.”

As the sound of his voice faded, Qin Wentian walked away. The injuries the Human Emperor suffered has yet to recovered, the reason why he humiliated the Violet Sword Sect and Ye Kongfan, in addition to him setting a challenge one month later was precisely because he didn’t wished for the Human Emperor to wage a war with the Qi King now. After one month, after the Human Emperor’s injuries has fully recovered, that day shall be the Qi King’s death date! Comment by Lord Bluefire: rew0rd for impact

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