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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 543 — Experts Descending Upon the Royal palace

Chapter 543: Experts Descending Upon the Royal palace

Within the royal palace of ancient Ye, on the Star Gathering Platform, the rumbling sounds from Qin Wentian’s body continued for a total of three days and nights. Starlight completely covered his body while his four astral novas vibrated intensely due to the continuous influx of astral energy.

Today, a crisp sound rang out that was akin to when the quantity of water exceeds the cup’s capacity and overflowed. Qin Wentian’s astral novas grew even larger compared to before and all of them shone with a shiny luster. Within his sword-aligned Yuanfu, sword qi seethed and surged within so violently as though it wanted nothing more than to shoot up to the heavens. An instant later, a sword beam so bright that it pierces the eye shot out as the King Sword astral nova was retracted, returning back to its original position to stabilise his Yuanfu, merging back into one.

Simultaneously, his other three astral novas mirrored the King Sword astral nova’s action. The bright astral light in the area instantly dimmed into darkness as everything was absorbed into his body. As he finally opened his eyes, a dazzling glow shot forth from within as the sharpness radiating from him before was completely retracted. A smile that gave off the feeling of the spring wind appeared on his face as the aura he projected became calmer and many times more elegant compared to before.

This change in aura happened in the blink of an eye, it was like a switch switching on and off, moving with his will. An intention was sufficient to bring out the aura that was as sharp as an unsheathed sword while another intention was sufficient to bring out the aura that was as calm as water.

His cultivation obviously grew stronger, he has now broken through to the fifth-level of Heavenly Dipper. Now, with the augmentation provided by his bloodline, the aura he exuded would be at the sixth-level, giving him the capabilities to threaten Ye Kongfan. However, he also understood that Ye Kongfan was no ordinary opponent. As a chosen from the Violet Thunder Sect, possessing the calamity lightning bloodline and heavenly lightning body, Ye Kongfan wasn’t someone who didn’t deserve his reputation. Qin Wentian didn’t dare to be careless.

Now, he closed his eyes again, and continued to solidify his foundation and stabilising his newly-acquired strength.

In the royal tomb of Grand Xia, Di Tian continued practicing with his halberd. Although this was something extremely dry, Di Tian seemed to possess an unending patience. Cultivation was originally something extremely boring, especially when it came to things like comprehending insights gained. This was something that could be completed in a day. But for people like Qin Wentian, they have a heart that seeks to pursue the highest peak, and a never-ending thirst to grow stronger. Every iota of improvement brought to them excitement, happiness, causing their blood to burn with hotness.

From his perceptive, there were two types of comprehension. The first was enlightenment, suddenly struck by divine inspiration, gaining insights randomly while transforming in the process. Enlightenment could only be achieved under special sets of circumstances and depended on one’s fortune, it couldn’t be actively sought after. For the second kind, it requires one’s hard work, persistence and determination. With enough time, even water droplets could penetrate a stone - comprehending insights from one’s daily actions, doing the same thing over and over, improving bit by bit until perfection. No matter how high one’s talent in cultivation is, the practice of cultivation was something that couldn’t be divorced from persistence and hard work.

Also, Qin Wentian felt that even if it was enlightenment, it also depended on the sufficient accumulation of one’s hard work before one could fall into that special set of circumstances to be struck by divine inspiration.

In the blink of an eye, there was only three days left to the challenge day set a month ago. Di Tian still had not managed to enter that realm of the eighth to fourteenth sword strike but his halberd arts were evidently more profound. The power he could unleash was greater than before. Right now, he put down the ancient halberd in his hands and closed his eyes, lying down on the floor, falling into a deep sleep.

However even in his dream, Di Tian was still practicing his halberd arts. It could be seen how strong his determination is.

This single sleep lasted an entire day. But when Di Tian finally awoke, the hint of a smile could be seen in his eyes.

He couldn’t help but think back to the green-robed senior he had met once before in the Dark Forest of Chu. Back then among the ancient mountain peaks, he learnt that dreams and reality could be connected as one, it was merely a matter of perspective.

Standing up, Di Tian resumed practice once more. His smile never faded as he sought to improve, seeking perfection. If one could see the halberd arts he was using now, they would definitely be awed by the might generated from each strike.

Finally, Di Tian stopped and shifted his target of practice to the sword. He understood that in terms of using the halberd, it was already almost impossible to have any improvement within such a short time frame any longer.


Currently in the royal palace of Ye, the atmosphere there was tightly taut, in a state of mutual hostility. The various kings and dukes gathered at the royal capital and frequently called for secret meetings. There were even some major powers like some supreme clan and another ancient country of the Royal Sacred Region that descended down to the Ye.

Ever since the Human Emperor issued the command for Ye Lingshuang to bring troops and storm the Qi King Manor, after the news of Qin Wentian issuing a challenge to the members of the Violet Thunder Sect, everyone in Ye knew that a month later, this wouldn’t be merely a battle between Qin Wentian and Ye Kongfan but rather, it would be the fateful date of the war waged for the royal throne. The patience of the Qi King was truly strong, since the odds weren’t 100%, he would rather choose to wait. If it wasn’t for his patience, he wouldn’t be able to cause the Human Emperor to be injured so severely back then. And now, this was an opportunity hard to come by even in a million years.

The Ye Country was an ancient country with over ten thousand years of history. Its roots were deep and its strength was undoubtable, ranking just below top-tier powers like the nine great sects. Hence, now that the situation in Ye was about to undergo a change, how could those from the supreme and major powers of Royal Sacred Region not monitor them closely? And how could their members refrain from stepping into Ye? After all this was a chance to witness history being made with their own eyes.

And now in a garden within the royal capital, a row of young experts that exuded an extraordinary aura stood there. Their faces were etched with pride and self-confidence and among them was a lady that was exceptionally dazzling. She was clad in a fiery phoenix robe, exuding a heroic aura causing people to not dare meet her gaze.

This woman was none other than Li Hanyou, one of the personal disciple of the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereign. Beside her were members of her clan.

“Second Grandpa, why did our clan also send men to Ye?” Li Hanyou gazed at a cold-looking middle-aged man as she asked in some confusion.

“The situation in Ye is changing, how can we missed such a good show? Didn’t members of your Battle Sword Sect come by even earlier than us? Not only that, disciples under your master, the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereign also came with you. It’s obvious that she regards this extremely highly.” The middle-aged man laughed. Although he was already over a hundred, he still looked full of vigor, akin to someone around forty.

“Master did indeed send a few elders over. However, I still don’t understand her purpose, could Second Grandpa explain to me?” Li Hanyou continued.

“Do you really think that the Qi King would dare to rebel alone? And which emperor in history hasn’t trod on a path filled with countless corpses when they first seize the throne from others? Behind each of them were mountains of dead geniuses, only by persevering all the way at the end could they subdue all the kings of the smaller fiefdoms and unite an ancient country. The Human Emperor of Ye, Ye Qingyun was truly a legend back in his days. Initially, he was looked down upon by all but the instant he rose up, his radiance was so intense that it illuminated the entire skies. He, Ye Qingyun buried over tens of geniuses from his own royal clan and finally taking the head of the absolute genius, the Heaven Chosen from the Royal Clan named Ye Tianxiang before the intense inter-killing stopped. The Human Emperor back then anointed him as the crown prince, to become his successor. And after that, the genius with overwhelming talent, the Qi King, or the proud and haughty Su King, all could only bow before his might. They didn’t even dare to harbor any thoughts of stealing the position of crown prince away, resulting in peace for years until Ye Qingyun ascended, and became the Human Emperor of this generation.”

The middle-aged man spoke, the tone of his voice filled with respect. How could it be so easy to become the Human Emperor of a generation? After hearing that story, Li Hanyou’s hands were both clenched into fists as an intense competitive light flashed in his eyes. Although Li Hanyou was dazzling, but in her Li Clan, there were similarly others who were as dazzling as her.

“The Qi King has been suppressed by the Human Emperor, Ye Qingyun for many years. The disparity between their strength was of course, quite a distance away. If the Qi King only had the support of the other kings and dukes, they would never have the guts to rebel. After all, they were very clear on the iron-handed methods which Ye Qingyun governed Ye with in his earlier years. All of them had personally witnessed that ruthless streak in him before - carrying the head of his own brother back to the Human Emperor of that generation, winning the position of the crown prince. That brutal scene, was a memory that the Qi King would never forget.

The middle-aged man coldly laughed as he continued, “However, although the Human Emperor Ye Qingyun was a legend, all his heirs are useless trash that couldn’t inherit even the slightest bit of his capabilities. Or maybe, the rumors back then were true. In the past, Ye Qingyun was able to rise up so abruptly was all because he had a miraculous encounter. Initially, his original talent was nothing outstanding, he only rose all the way to the top after that. Hence, maybe this was the reason why his heirs are all so average. In comparison, the son of Qi King, Ye Kongfan, was clearly born with extraordinary talent and was even regarded highly by the Violet Thunder Sect. With the backing of one of the nine great sects, the Qi King finally saw glimpses of an opportunity.”

“Second Grandpa, are you saying that the Violet Thunder Sect is the mastermind behind this rebellion?” Li Hanyou was taken aback completely. After all, for members of the younger generation, the vast majority of them only cares about cultivation, they usually wouldn’t know about things of such secrecy.

“Naturally, if not how could the Human Emperor be in such dire straits today? And also, didn’t people of your Battle Sword Sect also chose to interfere in this matter? Could you be so naive to believe that that they were only escorting Ye Lingshuang back for her safety, right? If my calculations are right, the changes in Ye would definitely implicate several major powers.”

A profound smile appeared in the eyes of the middle-aged man. And just as Li Hanyou wanted to ask something more, he interjected, “Hanyou, all these are of secondary importance. You only need to understand that strength is everything. As long as you are strong enough, any sinister plots and schemes before you, are all nothingness. The Human Emperor could govern the Ye Country for so many years not because he was good in ruling a country but rather because, he had unparalleled strength.

“Hanyou understands.” Li Hanyou nodded her head.

“Since you are in the Battle Sword Sect, are you acquainted with Qin Wentian? Its rumored that although this man only had a cultivation base at the fourth level of Heavenly Dipper, he still went ahead and challenged Ye Kongfan. Truly audacious.” That middle-aged man suddenly asked.

Li Hanyou thought back to that person who rejected the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereign as her brows suddenly furrowed. After which she replied, “I don’t know him too well, but I’ve seen him before. Arrogance is his middle name and for the oncoming battle between him and Ye Kongfan, every signs points to disaster, he would surely die in Ye Kongfan’s hands.”

“Mhm.” The middle-aged man surnamed Li casually nodded his head, and didn’t continue the conversation. He turned his gaze towards the royal palace of Ye as though his eyes could penetrate through space.

Not only did the Li Clan send their experts over, there were other tyrannical powers from other ancient countries also arriving. As to the reason why they are here, it was extremely clear to everyone. Only ordinary folks and those of the younger generation weren’t that clear of their purposes.

Qin Wentian naturally knew nothing of these happenings. After he exited his seclusion, he went to see the Human Emperor together with Mo Qingcheng.

The Human Emperor was the same as the past, he was still resting on his bed but Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian understood his injuries had almost completely healed. As to why he was keeping up the act, it was because he planned to lure all the snakes out of the cave. Just like back then, he commanded Ye Lingshuang to lead troops and aid Qin Wentian. He already calculated that the Qi King wouldn’t dare to wage a war.

Finally, a month passed.

The morning sun rose skywards, shining upon the vast piece of land. It was the start of a new day.

Outside the Human Emperor Hall, below the stairs, everyone inclined their heads staring at the rising sun, following its trajectory. All of them knew that a storm of blood would soon commence.

“The War Country, Grand Martial King, along with their Crown Prince pays respect to the Human Emperor of the Ye Country.” At this moment, a thunderous voice boomed out, resounding throughout the royal palace. Countless people raised their heads, their hearts pounding from the volume of that voice.

The War Country was the same as the Ye Country, they were an ancient country with ten thousand years of history. The Grand Martial King was the person with the strongest combat prowess in the War Country.

“Spirit Luan Country, Princess Tianluan pays her respect to the Human Emperor of Ye Country.” After that, yet another voice shook the air.

“The Li Clan pays their respect to the Human Emperor of Ye Country.”

“The Barbarian Clan pays respect to the Human Emperor of Ye Country.”

One thunderous voice after another rang out unceasingly through the air. The pounding of the hearts of the crowd grew increasingly intense second by second!

Ye Tianxiang (叶天翔): 叶Ye is a surname. 天Tian = Heavens. 翔Xiang = Soar. Ye soaring the Heavens.

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