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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 544 — The Victor is King

Chapter 544: The Victor is King

The sun rose to its zenith, the blazing heat shone upon the royal palace causing that ancient structure to radiate with a golden luster.

A terrifying aura of might permeated the air. The Human Emperor, who was still lying on his bed, opened his eyes, revealing a bright glow gleaming from within. He threw his head back and laughed, “Prepare the banquet.”

As the sound of his voice faded, the silhouettes outside the royal palace all enter in impunity, nobody blocked their entry any longer.

Each of these visitors were powerful experts in their own right, the aura that exuded was so heavy that it was hard to breath.

At the same time, outside the Human Emperor Hall on top of the stairs, there were many people who bustled about at that ancient pathway paved with ancient white draconic stones. These people set up the tables and chairs before bringing up plates of precious fruits, luxurious food and beautiful wine. In the short span of time measuring around the time it took to burn an incense stick, over hundreds of seats were fully prepared on both sides of the ancient white draconic pathway. The pathway was like a corridor with people unceasingly moving towards it before standing there and turning their gaze onto the stairways that led to the Human Emperor Hall ahead.

“Coming forth to bother the Human Emperor, we beg for your forgiveness.” The voices of these people were extremely loud and jarring. Although they said they were begging for forgiveness, it was evident that there was no respect in their tones.

“No worries. Please be seated.” The voice of the Human Emperor echoed out as the guests from the other powers all settled into the seats arranged by both sides of the pathway. The guards of the royal clan were all tingling with nervousness, the atmosphere here was too tense. They could clearly sense how powerful the visitors are under the overwhelming pressure which they exuded.

Especially for those right at the very front, a middle-aged man among them was clad in golden imperial robes casually sitting there yet the battle intent he radiated was so torrential that it could towered up to the heavens. He was just like a divinity of War and everywhere his gaze passes by, none dared to match it directly. This person was none other than the strongest member of aristocracy in the War Country, the Grand Martial King.

Beside him was a young man with exquisite features. That pair of eyes roamed the surroundings, clear and shining, with no traces of fear despite the overwhelming pressure in the air. This person was the Crown Prince of the War Country.

As the eyes of this young man rested onto a maiden standing opposite of him, his countenance slackened for a second as a bright glow flashed through his clear eyes. This maiden was as though she was surrounded by a corona of the purest light, causing people to unconsciously shift their eyes away, not wanting to blaspheme. This maiden was none other than the Princess of Spirit Luan Country, Princess Tianluan. Beside her, another maiden of outstanding looks could be seen. This was an exceedingly famous female general of the Spirit Luan Country, named Qing Xuan.

And below were the seats of the leaders from the Li Clan and Barbarian Clan. Members of the barbarian clan all had sturdy and muscular physique, giving off a sense of vigor and energy while those from the Li Clan completely retracted their auras, giving off a sense of calm and heaviness to others. The only exception was Li Hanyou, when her beautiful eyes stared at the dazzling members of those belonging to the same generation at her, a sharpness could be clearly felt radiating from her. Especially when she glanced at Princess Tianluan. Princess Tianluan was someone many times more famous compared to her, when Li Hanyou glanced in her direction, an intense battle intent could be felt gushing forth from her.

“Qi King, Su King, Spirit King, Han King…pays their respect to your Majesty, the Human Emperor.” Sonorous voices drifted over from afar as yet another group of powerhouses arrived at the royal palace. At one glance, it was evident that these people were in alliance, with the Qi King in the lead. Even before the Human Emperor said anything, they had already stepped into the royal palace, a marked show of disrespect. Their purpose here today was clear to all.

“Be seated.” From the Human Emperor Hall, an archaic voice rang out. Before this, only the Qi King was out in the open while the others interested in the rebellion all hided in the shadows. But now, apparently they felt that there was no need to remain hidden any more.

After the various kings sat down, the gazes of many in the crowd landed onto a young man standing beside the Qi King. He was none other than the genius of the Violet Thunder Sect, Ye Kongfan.

From the Human Emperor Hall, a number of silhouettes slowly walked out. The ones in the lead were none other than the princes and Ye Lingshuang, followed by the Human Emperor’s concubines.

After them, the maidens from the Medicine Sovereign Valley and Mo Qingcheng walked out. Beside Mo Qingcheng, there was actually a young man. This man radiated an aura of peace and harmony, as calm and still as water yet the resplendent glow in his eyes resembled the shine of a thousand starry skies, so deep that they seemed depthless. This young man was naturally none other than Qin Wentian.

The instant they saw Mo Qingcheng, the eyes of the crowd brightened, Even the Crown Prince of War Country and Princess Tianluan also trembled involuntarily while musing in their hearts, “What a woman, her beauty is transcendent. As expected of the Holy Maiden from the Medicine Sovereign Valley. No wonder Ye Kongfan’s love would turn into hatred hence spreading rumors to sully her reputation.

These people coming out from the Human Emperor Hall separated themselves into two rows before the entrance. After that, a figure slowly walked out. This figure seemed incredibly calm with no traces of any aura leaking out at all. But the instant he appeared, the gazes of everyone landed without fail upon him.

The Human Emperor of Ye, Ye Qingyun.

The eyes of the Qi King and his allies all narrowed dangerously as cold light glimmered within. Ye Qingyun actually appeared? Not only that, his countenance looked rosy and even seemed to be in the pink of health, full of vitality. He didn’t appear to be someone who was seriously poisoned at all. However, they couldn’t help suspecting this was just an act. They knew very well that the poison they administered had no cure, not unless the Medicine Sovereign himself personally acted. The medical skills of the Holy Maiden were still far from enough.

Now, most likely the Human Emperor has already made his preparations for a last-ditch battle, using all his strength, exploding with a final burst of brilliance before dying. He must have used some secret arts to revitalize himself, returning him to a state where he was fit for combat. However, this was nothing but the radiance of a dying sun, they weren’t worried at all. However, they were truly surprised at how resilient the Human Emperor proved to be. Under the assault of such a terrifying poison, he could still hold on for so long and even reverse his vitality state using a secret art? By rights, he should already have died long ago.

The guards instantly appeared at the sight of the Human Emperor, bringing along with them the Imperial Dragon Throne, setting it up atop the stairs. The Human Emperor sat there calmly staring at everyone before he spoke in a faint-sounding voice, “Everyone came to pay their respect today? Is there something the matter?”

The instant the sound of his voice faded, everyone didn’t know what to reply. The eyes of the Human Emperor flashed with a cold smile before he shifted his gaze onto Qi King and the rest as he laughed, “My junior royal brothers entered the royal palace without me first giving the approval. Are all of you unhappy with me, your elder royal brother?”

The countenance of the Qi King flinched as he stared at the smiling visage of the Human Emperor. He couldn’t see through what the Human Emperor was intending.

“Ye Qingyun, your personality is that of a tyrant. Back then you slaughtered everyone to seize the position of the throne, you are simply the epitome of brutality, shying away from no sins. Now, to think that after you’ve governed the country for so many years, you are reverting back to your old self as evidenced by the fact that you ordered people to storm the Qi King Manor, mindlessly killing the people within, tyrannical beyond belief. I feel strongly that maybe it’s time for elder royal brother, you, to step down.”

The Han King coldly spoke. The moment the sound of his voice faded, waves of tumult echoed through the crowd. This sentence spoken by the Han King was filled with disrespect and a disregard for the Human Emperor’s prestige and authority, an act of great defiance. It was obvious that he and his allies were already prepared for the inevitable showdown that would happen today.

The Human Emperor’s gaze calmly turned to the Han King. The hint of that faint smile in his eyes actually caused the Han King to break out into cold sweat.

“It’s easy if you want me to give up my throne. You can simply chop off my head and the position of the Human Emperor shall be yours. However before this, I’m still the Human Emperor of Ye. Earlier, I heard that the useless son of the Qi King purposely circulated rumors to destroy the Holy Maiden’s reputation while luring the Eastern Mountain Marquis to kill my foster son. Such audacity truly widens my perspective.”

The gaze of the Human Emperor shifted to Qi King and his son as he coldly continued, “As a man, it's fine to be ruthless and even venomous. It’s also okay even if one’s temperament is evil to the extreme. But as a descendant of royalty, as a genius of the Violet Sword Sect, you didn’t even dare to accept the challenge of my foster son when he invited you to fight on the royal battle arena? You have thrown all the face of our royal clan away. Even this Emperor couldn’t help feeling ashamed having such a nephew like you.

Ye Kongfan’s body trembled violently as he stared directly into the eyes of the Human Emperor. The Human Emperor was publicly shaming him. Although he was incomparably angered in his heart, when directly matching the gaze of the Human Emperor, he didn’t dare to rebut in the slightest.

“Royal brother, isn’t humiliating a child an action far below your status?” The Qi King retorted. Qin Wentian who was at the side, silently contemplated the Qi King. The Qi King has ordinary looks and his aura was completely retracted, yet he gave off a sense of danger.

“If he isn’t a member of my royal clan, I wouldn’t even be bothered with him. Ye Kongfan, if you are still a son with the royal blood of our clan running through your veins. If you still have the slightest iota of pride left. I wonder are you man enough to own up to the despicable acts you have done.” The Human Emperor stared at Ye Kongfan with no trace of anger, only disappointment. That look caused Ye Kongfan to grit his teeth as he coldly announced, “Those deeds were done by me, Ye Kongfan. So, what of it?”

“Good. That’s more like a real man.” The Human Emperor softly replied before he turned his gaze onto Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian took a step out, his eyes boring into Ye Kongfan’s. Their gazes met in mid-air causing the air around them to palpitate with tension, as their intent to battle gushed out intensely from them.

“BOOM!” Qin Wentian stepped forth, soaring into the air. Upon seeing this, Ye Kongfan similarly mirrored his movements and soared into the air as well. The aura from him explosively erupt forth as the might of a cultivation at the peak of the seventh-level of Heavenly Dipper circulated intensely. Instantly, the unleashing of his aura caused a storm of wind to ravage this entire space. Ye Kongfan roared in anger, “Qin Wentian since you wished to seek death, I shall grant you your wish.”

As the sound of his voice faded, the bloodline of Ye Kongfan thrummed with power. Lightning visibly crackled around Ye Kongfan as beams of tyrannical lightning bolts fired down from the skies. Behind him, the manifestation of a terrifying lightning giant appeared, resembling a divinity of lightning.

At this very moment, the eruption of aura from Ye Kongfan felt incredibly fearsome, it was as though he could control the lightning and thunder of this world to destroy everything.

“Merely a coward who avoids my challenge, yet you dare to so arrogantly talk to me now? You truly don’t know shame.” Qin Wentian’s eyes were as deep as the darkest night. With an intention of his will, his aura abruptly changed, from still as water to sharp as a sword. His bloodline also thrummed with power as his body glowed with the radiance of demon-aligned astral energy, causing him to resemble a descendent of an ancient primordial demon god that ruled over the masses.

“Fifth-level of Heavenly Dipper, it seemed that he broke through. And in addition to the power of his bloodline, his aura can basically be considered at the sixth level of Heavenly Dipper. That bloodline of his is so marvellous, it can even breakthrough the shackles of cultivation? And look at that overwhelming demonic qi exuded, I wonder what sort of bloodline is that. However, Ye Kongfan doesn’t lose out the slightest in terms of power of his bloodline. With his calamity lightning bloodline, I wonder how many times would his lightning-attributed techniques be augmented by?”

The attention of the spectators was all fixated on the two figures standing in the air. Their hearts all couldn’t help but tremble when they felt the power of the auras blasting out of Qin Wentian and Ye Kongfan. They knew that the battle today would surely end up with one of them dead. It was only that they didn’t know who the dead one would be.

Unleashing the Fiend Transformation Art, an armor of demon scales enveloped his body, giving off a fearsome aura that struck terror in the hearts of others. In the center of his brows, a beam of light glimmered, resembling a demonic eye.

“Is this your trump card?” Ye Kongfan was still extremely confident even after he saw Qin Wentian’s transformation. The killing intent in his eyes was incomparably terrifying as he slowly stepped out. “If that's all you got, you are dead for sure.”

Lightning lighted up the skies as purplish calamity thunder coated his fist. His movements were akin to the wind, instantly landing before Qin Wentian as he punched out with devastating might. The lightning divinity behind him thrummed violently as incomparable power infused his fist, so strong that it seemed it could even destroy the sky.

This punch was like a black hole of destruction, resembling the entrance of the abyss, capable of devour everything.

“Lightning God Destruction of the Violet Thunder Sect. It was unknown how many times more terrifying this technique was when used by Ye Kongfan.”

Qin Wentian lifted his palms in response as the divine energy within his body erupted forth. All four of his Yuanfu were rumbling, this is especially true for his first Yuanfu. Every particle of divine energy contained a thick sense of destruction within.


The attacks from both of them collided directly in midair as the shockwaves of destruction borne from the impact engulfed that entire space, tearing their clothing into tatters, making it so that they appeared to be in an extremely pathetic shape. Qin Wentian felt a stream of devastating calamity lightning gushing right into his body, intent on ravaging it while Ye Kongfan felt as though his arm was about to be broken off. The force of impact jolted his internal organs badly, both of them were in utter agony.

“QIN WENTIAN, DIE!” Ye Kongfan howled. Threads of calamity lightning zoomed down from the clouds, congregating into incomparable sharp blades that sliced towards Qin Wentian. Despite the excruciating pain he was enduring, Ye Kongfan showed no signs of hesitation. He wanted nothing more than to kill Qin Wentian immediately. As long as he used absolute strength to destroy the man before him, who would still dare to spread the word that he, Ye Kongfan, was a coward that avoids battles? The victor is king!

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