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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 547 — Grand Battle Among Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants

Chapter 547: Grand Battle Among Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants

“This is impossible!” the Qi King howled after being momentarily stunned. The old man from the Violet Thunder Sect was frowning as well, he didn’t dare to believe this was real. How could that poison be so easily cured? The only chance of that would be if the Medicine Sovereign himself were to personally intervene. Although Mo Qingcheng was the Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Valley, she had just stepped into the ranks of a fifth-ranked alchemist after all. It was clear that with her current level of ability, there shouldn’t be any way for her to cure the poison. And as for Qin Wentian, although his talent was outstanding, he was just a disciple of the Battle Sword Sect, what did he know about poison?

However, the Human Emperor’s combat strength had obviously been restored to its peak. After all, anyone seeing the vibrancy of his figure, and his domineering execution of the Han King—all with no trace of poison apparent on his face—the Human Emperor had evidently made a full recovery.

They’d tried a thousand stratagems and a hundred plans to poison the Human Emperor and had caused his injuries to worsen by staging a battle, while waiting to make their moves once the Human Emperor succumbed to the toxins. Yet, they would never have expected that their wait would yield a fully recovered Ye Qingyun.

Those sitting at the front row continued projecting their auras, which protectively enveloped the latter generations of their clan members. They were all frowning severely as they stared at the Human Emperor of Ye Country. Initially, they’d all assumed that today would be the death date for the Human Emperor. At that time, they would make use of the chaos and seize the precious treasures in the palace, yet the Human Emperor had already recovered? They were all now in an extremely difficult spot.

In regards to the ancient countries; Ye Country, War Country, Spirit Luan Country as well as the Li Clan and Barbarian Clan, they could all be considered major powers belonging to the southern domain of the Royal Sacred Region. Among those present, only the Battle Sword Sect and Violet Thunder Sect were stronger than them.

Their purpose for gathering today was extremely clear to everyone. Since they had already stepped into the borders of Ye, many things were destined to happen. Even if they were to retreat now, it was too late—an arrow fired from the bow could never return.

Staring at that incomparably arrogant lone silhouette standing there, everyone began to recall the stories regarding the Human Emperor.

The Human Emperor of Ye, Ye Qingyun, was once someone unknown, until a certain point in time two hundred years ago, after that fateful event at the Immortal Martial Realm. After that, his name had been engraved at the most dazzling position—number one in the entire Immortal Martial Realm. From then on, he’d rapidly soared top, enjoying a meteoric rise that was envied by every genius in Ye. In the end, they all banded together and sought to kill him, only to be entirely annihilated within a single battle. Ye Qingyun took the heads of the various geniuses of the Ye Royal Clan and entered the Royal Palace, coming out only after the then Human Emperor named him the crown prince.

The hearts of the spectators mused and from then onwards, Ye Qingyun’s path to the top was basically unblockable. Even though he was embroiled in many bloody storms, he’d never once suffered a defeat. This made many speculate that back when the Human Emperor, Ye Qingyun, stepped into the Immortal Martial Realm, he must have met with a fortunate encounter which formed the basis of his transformation, which led to the success he had today. And this matter was kept a secret until recently, after the Human Emperor was poisoned before the word leaked out. This was also the reason why they had come here today.

“Qi King, who was the one that administered the blood poison?” The Human Emperor stared at the Qi King as he coldly snorted. Even now, he still didn’t know the identity of the poisoner. Although this poison was very powerful, it was impossible for it to suddenly infect him for no reason whatsoever. Throughout the days of his recovery, the Human Emperor had always been pondering this question. It was highly possible that the one who’d poisoned him was someone that was always by his side.

The Qi King’s countenance turned malevolent as he coldly spoke, “You will never know the answer to this for all eternity.”

“Hmph, because of all of you, I don’t know how long it’ll take for Ye to recover from this internal strife. Our citizens will only feel pain while our enemies rejoice. Qi King, Su King, both of you truly deserve death.” The Human Emperor slowly walked out, his aura towering up to the heavens. Now that he was no longer poisoned, there was no need to hold back part of his strength as compared to before. How can the Qi King and his allies escape death?

Although he understood this trouble had been caused by external factors, the internal strife in Ye would definitely result in the death of many kings and dukes, which would in-turn affect their overall strength. However, he had no choice—death to all the traitors! Leaving them behind only meant that he was leaving behind a root of trouble which might haunt him in the future. Since they had chosen to rebel, then they had to take responsibility for the consequences.

As the sound of his voice faded, the Human Emperor Ye Qingyun stepped out once again, while the constellation behind him flared with even greater strength.

The Qi King, Su King and their allies retreated explosively, and gathered together with the experts from the Violet Thunder Sect. From afar, several silhouettes with terrifying auras rushed over. These were none other than the experts from the Violet Thunder Sect. Since all appearances of cordiality had already been shredded, there was no longer a need to hide their intentions…

“Who else is there? Show yourself to the Emperor! When have I, Ye Qingyun, ever been afraid of the battlefield?”

The Human Emperor roared as royal might blasted from him. His arm grew many times larger, and grabbed over in the direction of the Su King.

“YOU DARE?!” The various kings and dukes roared in anger. Within moments, dazzling streams of light fired towards that expanding palm, but the Human Emperor only snorted as he stomped his foot in the air and rushed forwards, causing the light from his constellation to intensify and cascade down onto his arm, granting it invulnerability.


The streams of attacks instantly dissipated when they came in contact with that light. And that expanding arm was now big enough to seize the moon and pluck the stars from the skies. The Su King gave a howl of rage as his entire body suddenly flared up. However, when that arm stretched over, grabbing right at him, it seemed as though the heavens and earth were all swallowed up by it. He couldn’t help feeling how tiny and inconsequential he was. Trapped within the range of the arm’s grasp, he tried everything he could to avoid it, and yet there was still no way for him to escape from the power of this single grab.

“BANG!” The palm clenched abruptly, and the Su King instantly turned into dust. Ye Qingyun’s strength was so powerful that it caused everyone’s hearts to pound with fear. The strength of the various kings and dukes in front of him were so weak that they couldn't even stand up to a single strike. No wonder Ye Qingyun was the Human Emperor of Ye—no human in Ye could rival him.

At this moment, all the Ascendants took the chance of his attack to surround Ye Qingyun. Vastly powerful constellations manifested, covering the entire skies as countless different types of destructive qi swirled chaotically in the air, all while exuding an incomparable pressure that pressed downwards. If there were cultivators who were below the Ascendant level, their bodies would instantly explode, dying from the pressure.

“Join forces and kill him!” An expert from the Violet Thunder Sect coldly commanded. Behind him, a constellation soared up in the skies, shining its glow onto the Human Emperor as the star light manifested into a fearsome prison wanting to trap the Human Emperor within.

“Royal Father!” From afar, the various princes and Ye Lingshuang all had expressions of fear and worry on their faces. Although they were joyful in their hearts that the poison had been totally purged, there was no way they wouldn’t be worried for the Human Emperor. After all, he was surrounded by so many Ascendants and there were even people from the Violet Thunder Sect, one of the nine great sects in the mix.

“Don’t worry about me, just watch clearly. The battle has just started.” The Human Emperor gave a loud roar after he heard the voices of Ye Lingshuang and the others. The astral light from his constellation congregated and grew increasingly radiant before transforming into an incomparably hot beam of axe light that directly shattered the astral prison. However, after the prison was shattered, an overwhelming pressure all pressed towards the Human Emperor, containing destructive lightning, sword beams from gigantic swords and saber-light from powerful sabres. Each stream of pressure was exceptionally terrifying, the eyes and perception of the spectators had no way to follow the speed of the attacks.

The Human Emperor blasted his palms outwards as countless arms, all manifested from the astral light of his constellation, appeared around him. All of them expanded at an insanely fast rate before blasting outwards in retaliation, causing the heavens and earth to rumble from the power.

The countenances of the experts near him were all ice-cold. They swooped down together, choosing to enter close-combat with the Human Emperor. This was an even more dangerous plan, but because they had more people, it was faster to settle things with close combat. When their destructive attacks landed at the same time at such a close range, no matter how powerful the Human Emperor was, he would still be helpless.

“Qi King, what are you hiding for? Don’t you want my throne?” The Human Emperor laughed, despite the overwhelming pressure boring down from the attacks. However, even as the rumbling destructive qi flows from the nearby experts ravaged his surroundings, the Human Emperor gave no regard to it. It was as though he didn’t even see it. He ignored everything and soared up into the skies, his expanding constellation arm stretched madly towards the Qi King,

“IMPUDENT!” The experts from the Violet Thunder Sect hollered in rage as a beam of lightning zoomed down from the skies. It transformed into a blade that severed away all forms of energy, clashing together with the Human Emperor’s expanding arm. And yet, the arm still remained attached.

“Get lost.” Axe light shot forth from the arm, causing the experts from the Violet Thunder Sect to retreat with explosive speed. At the instant of his retreat, that arm continued forward, grabbing in the direction of the Qi King. The Qi King soared into the air, fleeing for his life’s worth, however, the determination in the Human Emperor’s heart to kill him was just too strong.

“YOU THINK YOU CAN ESCAPE DEATH?!” The Human Emperor roared. At the same instant, the attacks from the other experts all blasted around him. Qi King’s allies were all incomparably enraged—they madly blasted out their attacks yet the Human Emperor didn’t even seem to care as he focused solely on killing the Qi King.

“RUMBLE~!” Finally, that expanding constellation palm grabbed his opponent, as that destructive energy instantly caused the Qi King to suffer from grievous injuries. He unceasingly coughed out fresh blood as terror suffused his features. The disparity between them both was actually so great when the Human Emperor ignored everything else, going all out to kill him. At the Celestial Phenomenon Realm, the distance between cultivation levels and degree of comprehension would directly affect and influence the magnitude of strength one was able to use. Each gap was like an incomparably vast boundary and not only that, for a truly powerful expert, he could even insta-kill people at the same level, let alone the current gap in cultivation level between himself and the Human Emperor.

At the time when the Human Emperor caught hold of the Qi King, his perception was locked onto those people closest to him. There was a beautiful lady behind the Empress whose countenance involuntarily underwent a slight change.

“Imperial Concubine Yun, this Emperor has always treated you with love, why did you do this to me?” The Human Emperor roared in anger, his words causing the lady to wince. When the Empress turned her eyes onto the imperial concubine, her eyes were as cold as ice, as an unmasked killing intent radiated forth from her.

“DIE!” The Human Emperor hollered, and instantly, the Qi King transformed into nothing but motes of dusts, his body utterly ravaged by that destructive power. And at that same moment, the Empress also moved against the imperial concubine. Although her strength wasn’t as formidable as the Human Emperor’s, she could also be considered extremely powerful and wasn’t someone that the Imperial Concubine Yun would be able to defend against.

“Ye Qingyun, you are courting death!” A thunderous voice echoed out, rumbling the air. Although the Human Emperor had killed the Qi King in a domineering fashion, he’d been injured by the retaliation as well. The blood from his wounds dyed his robes red, the sight of it causing Ye Lingshuang and the others to be filled with nervousness.

Qin Wentian was similarly viewing the battle with intense concentration, his heart shaking involuntarily as he watched on. Not only was this fight extremely brutal, the representatives from the various ancient countries below were eyeing the Human Emperor like how a tiger eyes its prey. Things were definitely not that simple—the Human Emperor had really met with calamity this time around.

“Wanting to kill me? The whole lot of you aren’t qualified yet.” The Human Emperor raged as every step he took caused both the heavens and earth to tremble. The various experts tightly pressured him, not daring to slack off. They couldn’t afford to give him an opening that could help him escape this encirclement.

“Ye Qingyun, you’d better retrieve that treasure you’ve melded into your body. Why must you push things to a situation where either the fish dies or the net splits?” Another expert from the Violet Thunder Sect coldly stated. Ye Qingyun hissed in a mad manner as both his arms blasted forwards, akin to comets streaking across the skies. That person howled in anger as a golden screen of light appeared before him. Yet, the screen’s flimsy protection instantly shattered as the terrifying aftershock forced him to retreat. The impact causing him to cough out fresh blood as his countenance turned exceedingly ugly to behold.

“To think that you are a member of the nine great sects, how ignorant. Do you really believe just a mere item will be able to change the innate capability of a cultivator? Back then this Emperor really did acquire a treasure that eventually melded into my body, but if you truly think that my rising up the ranks was because of it, your heart is weak. You don’t have a heart fit to cultivate the martial path.”

The Human Emperor coldly spoke as he continuously stepped out. Treasure light gleamed from his body as a large Heaven-Cleaving Greataxe appeared in his hands. That terrifying axe-light swung out in all directions, causing blood to sprinkle freely in the air. Those weaker Ascendants were instantly chopped down, causing the countenances of the members from the powers whom they belonged to, to turn exceptionally unsightly. Initially, they’d all thought that because the Human Emperor had been badly poisoned, them joining forces was already considered as regarding him highly. Yet they hadn’t expected they would be the ones who would suffer so grievously!

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