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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 548 — Arrival of Sword Sovereigness

Chapter 548: Arrival of Sword Sovereigness

The experts from the Violet Thunder Sect were all extremely depressed. As someone of the nine great sects, they were ranked higher compared to ancient countries. This time around they plotted and schemed to poison the Human Emperor for two reasons. One was because of the treasure in the Human Emperor’s body, they wanted it for an absolute genius of their Violet Thunder Sect, which would allow him ride roughshod over the various geniuses from the other supreme clans, reclusive sects and ancient countries, obtaining the first spot on the Immortal Martial Realm Ranking Monument.

The Immortal Martial Realm opens once every ten years and the time for its opening was coming again soon. This time around, no one knew how many talented geniuses of the younger generation would step within. In there, the geniuses are all concentrated within contending against each other. When they finally exited the Immortal Martial Realm, no one knew what sort of storms would the survivors cause when they return back to the Royal Sacred Region.

For the Immortal Martial Realm that opens once every ten years, as long as one could have their names engraved on the first position on the ranking monument, and that they didn’t die prematurely, they would surely become a character that would play a critical role in the Royal Sacred Region. The Emperors of the various ancient countries, sect leaders and clan lords from the large reclusive sects and supreme clans, all had entered there and survived in their time. Ye Qingyun, the Human Emperor had once obtained the first rank before in the Immortal Martial Realm, his strength allowing him to sweep unrivalled through an ancient country which he eventually became the emperor of. Currently his strength was at the seventh level of Celestial Phenomenon, an undoubtedly mighty existence.

Just seeing how right now where there were so many experts from the Violet Thunder Sect encircling the Human Emperor, but the fact that they were all getting slayed like sitting ducks was already sufficient to know how tyrannical the Human Emperor’s strength was.

Even if we leave aside the first ranker, any top three characters in the Immortal Martial Realm would all be sure to have great accomplishments after they exited.

Naturally, the Immortal Martial Realm also has another name. It’s known as the necropolis of geniuses. Every time the Immortal Martial Realm was opened, it’s not known how many geniuses would fall within it, their bones buried within this graveyard.

Hence, the Immortal Martial Realm was a place people loved and hated, but of course it was a must for majority of the geniuses in the Royal Sacred Region to enter. This was an opportunity to rise up above all others, how could they cower just because of danger? In that case they would have already lost their qualifications to stand at the peak, becoming the genius of their generation, lording over their era.

Regarding these Violet Thunder Sect’s experts who plotted to harm the Human Emperor, they did so not only for the treasure. There was another reason, they also wanted control over Ye.

The competition between the nine great sects of the Royal Sacred Region was extremely intense. Not only that, several supreme clans and ancient countries were all eyeing their position like a tiger eyes its prey. Even a sect as powerful as the Violet Thunder Sect couldn’t help but to think of danger in times of safety, being vigilant in peacetime. If they could gain control of Ye, that could become the subordinate of their Violet Thunder Sect which then would serve as a base to allow them to grow even stronger.

They participated in the scheme of the Qi King precisely for these two reasons. However, the experts from the Violet Thunder Sect never expected that their perfect plan would actually fail. The poison of the Human Emperor has been purged, his strength restored to the peak. Even with so many Ascendants fighting against him, they still had no way to suppress him. And right now at this moment, one of the experts from the Violet Thunder Sect gave a low roar as lighting shot from his eyes. Instantly, the light emanating from him intensified to the point where it could illuminate the heavens. The next instant, it was as though this entire piece of sky was covered by brilliant flashes of lightning.

Amidst the thunderstorm, a lightning gigantic bird appeared, exuding an incomparably baleful aura. The lightning around it sparkled with ferociousness, its appearance was akin to those ancient demons and was so large that it could blot out the skies.

A loud screech followed before that ancient desolate bird’s talons grabbed downwards, its actions causing boundless lightning and thunder to blast down, wanting to destroy everything in its wake.

“This constellation is only possessed by one man in the Violet Thunder Sect. To think that the chief among the Seven Supremacies of the Violet Thunder Sect has also arrived. Truly giving this Emperor face.” A loud voice thundered out. The Human Emperor stomped on the ground and blast his palms outwards. The force that gushed forth from him transformed into tiny twinkling constellations, colliding with the gigantic lightning bird. From this strike, both of them were evenly matched, with no one gaining the advantage whatsoever.

As expected of the Human Emperor of Ye, his strength was truly tyrannical. If the Supremacy from the Violet Thunder Sect were to fight him alone, it was highly probable that the Human Emperor would come out victorious.

Since the Head-Supremacy of the Violet Thunder Sect has already attacked, there was no longer a need to conceal his presence. He openly warred against the Human Emperor, their attacks shook the heavens and shattered the earth. The spectators all had their gazes fixed upon the air, yet they could only see terrifying bright lights flashing intermittently as the constellations slammed into one another with blinding speed.

The Empress had already slain imperial concubine Yun. Right now, they were all watching the play above with intense worry on their faces.

“Shi Xuan, bring your men and slaughter a path to aid the Human Emperor.” The Empress commanded.

“Empress, the Human Emperor commanded us to stay here to protect you. Without his orders, I’m not allowed to leave my post.” Shi Xuan replied, his words causing the expression on the Empress face to shift slightly. She understood that Shi Xuan only obeys the orders from the Human Emperor, and since the Human Emperor had ordered his troops to protect them, it must be because he wanted to guard against any further hidden traitors. After all, the experts from the War Country and Spirit Luan Country has yet to make a move. The Human Emperor evidently was guarding against them.

“Since foster father made such an arrangement, he should be confident that he can handle attacks of this degree.” Qin Wentian consoled. The Empress could only nod her head, although her countenance appeared normal, her palms were still perspiring from her worry.

“Human Emperor, dig out the treasure that has fused with you and we will forget everything that happen here today. Do you really wish to push things to a situation where either the fish dies or net splits?” A voice filled with anger thundered out, yet the Human Emperor only laughed in response, “Even now you still dare to brag? How ridiculous. If today, I don’t make your Violet Thunder Sect pay a high price, so that you all wouldn’t forget this for eternity, my name shall not be Ye Qingyun. Do you think I’m good to push around?”

Arrogant laughter sounded out amidst the battle, the spectators couldn’t even clearly see the situation. The waves of destructive qi from the shockwaves of their impact obscured everything. Luckily, their battle against each other was fought in the skies where they soared higher and higher, and the impact from the aftermath couldn’t reach the ground. If not, the earth would definitely be torn asunder as all the ancient palaces would be destroyed.

Below, the eyes of that middle-aged man from the Li Clan flickered incessantly. Li Hanyou who was beside him, was staring up in the skies with her brows furrowed. She silently mused, “Since we are all considered the southern domain of the Royal Sacred Region, the Battle Sword Sect naturally knew of this. My master has also sent people to Ye, most likely, she wished to interfere in this as well. However, she still concealing her presence and hadn’t appeared yet.”

“The War Country and Spirit Luan country most probably has never imagined such a terrible situation would occur.” Li Hanyou stared at the spectators only to see the Crown Prince of the War Country smiling and nodding his head at her. Seeing him smiling at her, Li Hanyou nodded her head back as a form of courtesy. After all, he was the Crown Prince of the War Country and has outstanding talent. His background and status wasn’t anyway inferior compared to hers.

After the time taken to burn an incense passed, the screeching of the bird finally stopped. Boundless star light rained down as the constellations disappeared. The spectators finally could clearly see the situation.

Right now, only three people were left standing, the rest had all fallen. Under the pressure of that might, the weaker ones have all already been turned into dust.

The Human Emperor was drenched in blood yet the majestic aura from him didn’t diminish in the slightest. He stood there arrogantly, as though he would be undefeated for all eternity. Only two remained from the original attackers, one of them was none other than the Head-Supremacy from the Violet Thunder Sect, while the other was another elder-level character from the Violet Thunder Sect. Right now, the blood and qi in their bodies were roiling chaotically, their bodies dyed red by blood. Not only that, the elder from the Violet Thunder Sect also had one of his arms torn away. An utterly shocking sight.

The magnitude of this battle was sufficient to awe the entire southern domain.

“Ye Qingyun.” That Head-Supremacy spoke in a hoarse voice, the killing intent in his eyes soared to the heavens. This battle today has caused the face of their Violet Thunder Sect to be thrown totally, many of their experts had fallen.

“What’s lamentable is the internal strife in my Ye Country, the various kings and dukes plotting against me. I understand a majority of the rest chose to remain on neutral ground because they feared the retaliation of your Violet Thunder Sect. But now, let me Ye Qingyun use this to tell them all. The matters of Ye shall be settled by Ye alone. For outsiders like you, don’t even think about interfering. Even if the Violet Thunder Sect has designs on my country, I shall similarly make you pay a heavy price.

The Human Emperor spoke with an unyielding air.

“Good!” At this moment, a voice rang out as a few other terrifying auras appeared. Although their strength wasn’t at the level of Ye Qingyun, they were at least evenly matched with the various dukes and kings. A voice drifted over from afar, “After the Human Emperor was poisoned, all of us initially thought that ancient Ye would be finished, and would fall to a decadent state in decades to come. Who would have thought that you, Qingyun, is still full of spirit? In fact, it's us who were useless, our inaction causing Ye to suffer the damages it had today.”

“Hahaha, royal uncle there’s no need to blame yourself. The Qi King and his allies have the ambition of wild wolves and just this point alone was enough to ensure there would be no peace in the country. Only by cleansing all this poisonous element out would the damage slowly recover. But of course, for those others who are not from Ye, I shall make them pay a price for dipping their fingers into this.” Ye Qingyun loftily spoke. Although he was heavily injured, the heroism projecting from him didn’t lessen in the slightest.

Actually, everyone in the crowd fully understood. If the poison was incurable, the fact that the Qi King and his allies formed an alliance with the Violet Thunder Sect would mean that they were basically unstoppable. No one remaining had the strength to fight against them. For those of the aristocratic members that chose to remain on neutral ground had only done so because they had no other choice left. But the result of the battle today was totally different from what was predicted. The Human Emperor, Ye Qingyun was tyrannical beyond compare, slaying countless Ascendants in ancient Ye.

“Human Emperor why must you insist on doing this? Now that the Immortal Martial Realm is opening once again, the Crown Prince of my War Country has unrivalled talent, we merely wished to borrow the treasure in your body temporarily. Is there any way to discuss this?” The Great Martial King of War Country stood up, staring at the Human Emperor who was in the air. As the sound of his voice faded, a terrifying aura engulfed the air, incomparably strong. The War Country was also an ancient country with over ten thousand years of history. As the cultivator with the highest combat prowess in War Country, he was sent to Ye with the Crown Prince. In addition, now that the Human Emperor was seriously injured, how could he even put up any resistance against him?

“Our Princess Tianluan’s talent doesn’t lose out to the Crown Prince of War Country as well. Similarly, we would like to temporarily borrow the treasure for use.” The female general from Spirit Luan Country stared at the Human Emperor as her faint voice resounded out.

The experts from the Barbarian Clan and Li Clan all stood up. Although they didn’t say anything, their attitudes were as clear as day.

“Seems like all of you wouldn’t be at rest until your objectives are achieved.” The Human Emperor coldly spoke as he turned his gaze downwards.

“Since we’ve already stepped past the borders of Ye, everything is already destined. We have to get what we came here for.” The Great Martial King added, “What we want is only the treasure.”

“HAHAHAHA!” The Human Emperor laughed madly, staring down at the people who spoke. “The opening of the Immortal Martial Realm causing yet another storm to arise in the Royal Sacred Region. I know all of you are merely paving the path for the most outstanding member and disciple of your clans and sects, wanting to allow them to have an advantage at the start of the Immortal Martial Realm, walking on a path of chaos, sweeping geniuses left and right, suppressing this entire era. However, what’s laughable is that the fact you are coveting for a mere treasure has already destroyed any chances for the geniuses of your respective powers to become a chosen that could suppress the era.”

“Regardless, that’s our matter. We don’t need the Human Emperor to worry for us. Would you consider our request for the sake of ancient Ye?” The expert from the Li Clan spoke, his words containing a hint of threat. Now that the Ye Country is in this state, if the Human Emperor really died here today, the entire Ye Country would be finished.

“Hehe, the daughter of the Human Emperor Ye Lingshuang is still a disciple of my Battle Sword Sect no matter what. When did it become your turns to make threats here?” From afar, an arrogant voice rang out as several powerful auras flew over. The Human Emperor stared in that direction as a cold laughter flickered in his eyes. Yet within that laughter, traces of sadness of the past could actually be seen within.

“The Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness personally showed up?” The countenance of the expert from the Li Clan instantly changed as he glanced at Li Hanyou. If the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness was here for the treasure, it was most definitely not for the sake of Li Hanyou. Although Li Hanyou was also a personal disciple of the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness, there was also another disciple many times more dazzling compared to her that received the high valuation and all the doting and love of the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness.

Today, the Human Emperor was already destined either to lose the treasure or die no matter what!

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