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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 551 — Lin Xian`er

Chapter 551: Lin Xian`er

In the ancient Ye Country, Ye Lingshuang and Qin Wentian accompanied the Human Emperor for a few days more until his injuries were fully recovered before Qin Wentian and the rest prepared for their departure.

Although there’s still some time before the opening of the Immortal Martial Realm, it would be a good idea to go to the Immortal Martial City slightly earlier ahead of schedule and broaden their perspectives by seeing the Heaven Chosen from the various places in the Royal Sacred Region. It was a matter that filled the hearts of them all with anticipation.

Within the Royal Palace, the Human Emperor stared at the row of young cultivators before him. Right now, all the imposing tyrannical might which he exuded during combat had been completely retracted, leaving behind only a warmth and gentleness of a caring elder.

“Looking at all of you reminds me of the time when I was young. Time passed by so fast, its already over a hundred years in the blink of an eye. Now since all of you are still young, do not waste the best years of your life. Who isn’t wild and ‘crazy’ back in their younger years? Sadly, there’s no option for us to turn back the clock or I would definitely be even ‘crazier’ and wild compared to how I was before.” The Human Emperor laughed, his words causing smiles to break out on the faces of Qin Wentian and the others.

“The glory of foster father in his past didn’t fade away in the slightest. Just that recent battle where you had slain the rebelling dukes and kings, burying the experts from the Violet Thunder Sect is already considered many times more wild and ‘crazy’ than we could ever be.” Qin Wentian laughed.

“I’m old now.” The Human Emperor smiled as he shook his head, “Wentian would you really not reconsider? The strength of Shi Xuan and his men can be considered above average. If you want to, I can give some of them to you to act as your royal retainers and bodyguards.”

“Foster father, why would I need people protecting me when I’m out roaming the world. However, if I do need troops for help in the future, I will certainly borrow them from foster father.” Qin Wentian replied. Maybe someday in the future when he returns to Grand Xia, he would need the strength of the Human Emperor’s troops to sweep through all the transcendent powers. However, that day was still some time away, there was no hurry yet. What would that make him if he borrowed the experts of ancient Ye if he himself hadn’t reached a certain level of power? He would wait until he broke through to the Celestial Phenomenon Realm before returning back to Grand Xia.

“Fine, fine. In the future if you have some free time during your roaming about in the Royal Sacred Region, remember to come back with Qingcheng to visit me occasionally. After all, this place can also be considered your home.” The Human Emperor added. He and Qin Wentian were kindred spirits which hit it off right from the start, both of them accepting the foster relation with no schemes nor plans of benefits in mind. This point was something the two of them were very clear about. Also, if Qin Wentian is agreeable, the Human Emperor didn’t mind passing the Ye Country over to him but since Qin Wentian told him that his ambitions didn’t rest at here, the Human Emperor wouldn’t force him to accept as well.

“I naturally won’t stand on ceremony with Foster Father.” Qin Wentian straightforwardly replied. “Foster Father, after our departure today, I don’t know how long it would be before I return. But when I’m back I will surely accompany foster father to chat amidst enjoying beautiful wine.”

“Mhm. In the future when you and Qingcheng gets married, you definitely have to send an invitation to the Ye Country or don’t blame me for not acknowledging you this Foster Son of mine.”

“How can I not do so? I still wanted to invite Foster Father to chair our wedding.” Qin Wentian laughed. How can it be possible for them not to invite the Human Emperor to their grand wedding?

“Haha are you sure you are not saying that just to make me feel better?” The Human Emperor laughed uproariously. After which, he turned and stare at Shi Xuan who was standing behind him as he added, “Take your men and escort Wentian, Lingshuang and their fellow members to the Immortal Martial City. Stay there and wait for them until they have exited the realm, do not come back before that.”

“Roger that.” Shi Xuan bowed low, accepting the order. Qin Wentian and the others didn’t reject as well. This journey to the Immortal Martial Realm would surely cause a storm of great proportions in the Royal Sacred Region. Those princes and princesses from the ancient countries, the Heaven Chosen from the reclusive sects and descendants of supreme clans would all be there as well. Given their extraordinary statuses, how could they even care about ordinary disciples from the Battle Sword Sect? If a fight truly broke out, they would show no mercy hence it's always better to have a strong enough entourage to act as a deterrence.

Also, there was another point, since they were all going to be contending the various geniuses in the Immortal Martial Realm, it was only natural that their hands would be stained with blood. There would usually be a great war right after the closing of the Immortal Martial Realm due to the conflict the survivors had during the time they were in the realm. Hence, the major powers would all make ample preparations so that their geniuses would remain safe.

“Okay, time to move out.” The Human Emperor Ye Qingyun stood there with his hands folded behind his back. The others all bowed to him out of respect before their silhouettes flickered as they soared through the air, entering an airship that was a high-speed travel-attributed divine artifact. After everyone boarded, the airship only took an instant before vanishing into the horizons, moving towards the Immortal Martial City at an inconceivable speed.

Under the brilliant sunlight, Qin Wentian turned his head to glance at the majestic looking buildings of Ye. Ye Qinghun the Human Emperor was still standing there with a smile on his face, sending them away with his gaze.

Gazing at the Human Emperor as well as the majestic palaces, Qin Wentian felt extremely gratified in his heart. This trip to Ye had stirred him profoundly, further increasing his conviction to get stronger and stronger.

The battle the Human Emperor partook in was still extremely vivid in his mind.

This was a strength-oriented world, a world belonging to the powerful. The winners became kings and the losers could only be stepped on by others. Although the Human Emperor didn’t offend anyone, his position as the emperor of an ancient country as well as that unusual treasure he had was already sufficient to cause people to attack him because of greed. Luckily the Human Emperor was truly powerful. But if the poison in his body wasn’t purged, there was no need to mention what would happen to him and his descendants.

Shifting his gaze away, Qin Wentian lifted his head and stared at the blazing sun that hung above them. His eyes shone with glints of light, containing an incomparably resolute determination.


The Immortal Martial Realm was located at the north-western area in the Royal Sacred Region. It opens only once every ten years and has been ongoing for over tens of thousands of years. Along with the flow of time, that once desolate piece of land outside the Immortal Martial Realm started to flourish as people constructed buildings which eventually expanded into a city there which became known as the Immortal Martial City of today. Currently, the Immortal Martial City has already become an ancient city where one could feel the vicissitudes of time just from staring at it. Yet despite so, it still exuded an ancient feel of imposingness, giving off a feel that it has weathered through countless storms throughout the ages.

There were even sayings that this ancient Immortal Martial City even affects the prosperity of the Royal Sacred Region. Although this was an exaggeration, it was also true in some sense. Which of those grand characters in the Royal Sacred Region that could summon the wind and rain didn’t leave their mark in the Immortal Martial City before? All of them had entered the Immortal Martial Realm at one point of their lives.

Right now, the ten-year deadline had passed. The Immortal Martial Realm was also flooded with a new batch of geniuses from the younger generations. Everywhere was bustling with activities, a complete change from the tranquility the ancient city usually enjoys.

In the air space above the ancient city, countless demonic beasts could be seen flying about to and fro. There were even those exceedingly rare demonic beasts reared by the major powers there. Many terrifying demonic baleful auras rumbled the air, as cultivators used them as mounts for travelling purposes.

On the path leading to the Immortal Martial Realm, and even in the air, there were an unending stream of traffic.

And at this moment, at an empty space far away, thunderous rumbling and shrill screeching noises rang out as numerous silhouettes zoomed through the skies, shocking many in the Immortal Martial City. The people in the city inclined their heads only to see a multitude of experts mounted on baleful demonic beasts, exuding an imposing might as they flew through the skies.

Right in the center of these demonic beasts, there was an even more terrifying and larger demonic beast over there. It has a pair of blood-red eyes, able to strike terror in the hearts of others with just a single glance. The stature of this demonic beast was immense, it was totally black in color yet it exuded a brilliant luster, causing people to feel that it was extremely dangerous. Its claws were sharper even compared to swords and seemed to be able to cut apart mountains with relative ease.

“Crimson-eyed Demonic Wolf.” The hearts of the spectators shuddered as they thought of a life-form which resembled a wolf and a demon. Its size was even larger compared to tigers and leopards, it was filled with energy and exuded an aura which belonged to the kings.

This Crimson-eyed Demonic Wolf was currently pulling along an air-carriage, but nobody knew who was the person sitting in it.

“These must be people from the Supreme Demon Sect, hailing from the Western Domain of the Royal Sacred Region. It was rumored that the saint-child of the Supreme Demon Sect had outstanding talent that could cause the various demons to submit to him. He is a genius at taming and controlling demonic beasts and was so highly regarded that he was one of the contenders to become the leader of the Supreme Demon Sect of the next generation. The saint-child of the Supreme Demon Sect did put out word that he would be participating in the Immortal Martial Realm this time around, it seems that he has arrived.”

A voice drifted out causing the hearts of many to silently tremble. The Supreme Demon Sect in the Western Domain is an exceptionally dangerous reclusive sect with terrifying strength. They ruled unchallenged in the Western Domain, a land filled with demons, and nobody dared to antagonize them.

Ten miles away, above in the clouds, there were also another row of terrifying silhouettes appearing there. Their bodies were clad in armors of gold, while equipped with golden long spears in their hands. They were simply dazzling with light, drawing the attention of all wherever they passed. These people were experts from an ancient country named Radiant Gold in the Royal Sacred Region. They were proficient in attacks and had terrifying combat prowess.

Also in another direction, there were nine wyrms soaring through the skies, pulling along a dragon-shaped battle-chariot. Everywhere they passed by, the people there couldn’t help but to retreat in the face of such superior strength. Nobody dared to match their gazes directly, they were experts from a major power that controlled the sea, people from the Demon Dragon Island. They ruled unchallenged across a large region of sea with no one able to contend against them.

Other than these, members from the other terrifying powers also arrived or were on their way over. Disciples from the nine great sects also descended on the Immortal Martial City but they arrived in different batches. For example, Qin Wentian and the others came by themselves, while the other members of the Battle Sword Sect would also make their way over here respectively.

Major powers would mostly have countless disciples. The Sect wouldn't request everyone to enter, participation in the Immortal Martial Realm depended on one’s freewill. The spectators were only able to observe such shocking scenes of arrival purely because important characters like the Saint Child of the Supreme Demon Sect and the Crown Prince of the Radiant Gold ancient country were here.

Right now, in an elegant inn inside the Immortal Martial Realm, Qin Wentian and the others sat by a table beside a window. Qin Wentian, Ye Lingshuang, Mo Qingcheng, Qiao Yu as well as a few other beautiful maidens from the Medicine Sovereign Valley sat together while the others sat at a separate table.

Staring out the window and occasionally glancing at the skies above, there seemed to be a faint smile ever present in Qin Wentian’s eyes. They had already arrived at the Immortal Martial Realm for three days and chose a nearby inn to lodge in. During these days, they would either roam the streets or eat some pastries in the inn, living in an extremely carefree manner. However, every time when he saw a shocking scene of arrival, Qin Wentian’s heart would stir. He knew that in the near future, he would be contending against these people in the Immortal Martial Realm.

“Surrounded by beauties and delicacies, junior brother Qin truly knows how to enjoy himself.” At this moment, a voice from the table beside drifted over. So, it turns out that it was Liu Yun who was radiating evident waves of jealousy and envy when he saw how Qin Wentian sat together with so many heavenly beauties at the same table. Sometimes, he also wanted to join in the party but just the gazes from Ye Lingshuang and Qiao Yu were sufficient to beat him into retreat.

“Currently, the number beauties in the Immortal Martial Realm are as numerous as the clouds, you can simply find one just by looking at the streets. How can Senior Liu Yun be lonely?” Qin Wentian stated with a faint laugh. Not long ago, there were a group of beautiful females with graceful bearing that just passed by their inn. Liu Yun’s whistling at them drew many murderous gazes but luckily because this was a place where experts gathered, nobody was willing to start up trouble for nothing. If not, those females earlier would have probably made a move against Liu Yun.

“Speaking of beauties, how can we forget to mention the Celestial Maiden Sect? I heard that the proclaimed number one beauty in the Royal Sacred Region has also arrived at the Immortal Martial City. Does Junior Brother Qin wish to go with me to sneak a look or two?” Liu Yun’s eyes glowed brightly the instant he spoke about the beauties from the Celestial Maiden Sect.

“What Celestial Maiden Sect? They are evidently a bunch of demonesses. Who does not know that Lin Xian`er possesses features that could charm the populace, and the capability to mesmerize the hearts of others? Countless men have fallen to her looks. You can go on ahead by yourself if you wish to degrade yourself and become one of her playthings. Why must you pull Wentian along?” Ye Lingshuang frowned, as though she was filled with several misgivings regarding the females from the Celestial Maiden Sect.

“Haha, I merely wished to ‘test’ Junior Brother Qin. Although Lin Xian`er from the Celestial Maiden Sect is proclaimed to be the number one beauty in the Royal Sacred Region, the beauty of the Holy Maiden would surely not lose out to her at all.” Liu Yun laughed.

“Qingcheng’s beauty definitely doesn’t lose out to that demoness in the slightest, but don’t you know that Lin Xian`er is most proficient in the art of charm? I don’t even know how many talented geniuses have already fallen head over heels in love with her yet you still want to deliver yourself to her? Also, don’t think that I don’t know that that demoness Lin Xian`er has said that those who owns an Immortal Martial Medallion can enter her residence and meet with her. Aren’t you obviously using Junior Brother Qin?” Ye Lingshuang glared at Liu Yun.

Qin Wentian was filled with curiosity when he saw the vigilant look on Ye Lingshuang’s face. What demonic charm did this Lin Xian`er from the Celestial Maiden Sect possess exactly to make a beautiful maiden like Ye Lingshuang to be so filled with misgivings for her?!

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