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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 555 — EraSuppressing Geniuses

Chapter 555: EraSuppressing Geniuses

When Qin Wentian returned to the inn, he saw Mo Qingcheng was standing by the window observing the scenery out in the street. When the soft and beautiful moonlight shone on her flawless countenance, she resembled a fairy that had been exiled from the heavens.

“Qingcheng, are you waiting for me?” Qin Wentian walked over to and stood behind Mo Qingcheng as he stretched both his hands out to embrace Qingcheng’s willowy waist. A gentle smile flashed past Mo Qingcheng’s face as her soft body reclined slightly, leaning onto Qin Wentian. However soon after, she suddenly thought of something as a playful pout suddenly appeared on her face.

“Spending time together for so long, engaging with the number one beauty under the heavens, you actually still bear to return?” Mo Qingcheng stated, her tone containing hints of jealousy.

How could any of the females in this world not possess ‘jealousy’? Even though Mo Qingcheng was the Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Valley, she was still a woman after all. Who asked her to be so deeply in love with this fellow? Yet in her heart, as long as he wanted to do something, she would never interfere with Qin Wentian’s matters. If not, she would have never allowed Qin Wentian to go to the Immortal Ripple Pavilion this morning.

“No matter how beautiful she is, how can she be more beautiful compared to my Qingcheng?” Qin Wentian tightly embraced her soft body, leaning his face against Mo Qingcheng’s. Mo Qingcheng’s lips curled up in a sweet smile after listening to Qin Wentian’s sweet nothings. Although she knew he was trying to placate her, she couldn’t help feeling gratified in her heart.

“Hmph.” Mo Qingcheng pouted before slowly turning her head, causing their foreheads to touch. As she gazed into his eyes, her countenance flashed with an expression of shyness before she hurriedly moved her head away. The blush on her face, from shyness, that was akin to the setting sun, had actually made her even more appealing.

“What was your opinion of Lin Xian`er from the Celestial Maiden Sect?” Mo Qingcheng asked in a light-tone.

“An extremely rare type of woman. Although she appeared to be gentle and weak, her heart was higher even than the heavens.” Qin Wentian replied in a low voice. Mo Qingcheng’s eyes flashed with a strange glow as she heard his reply, “Today, you were the only one out of all the geniuses present who was qualified to enter the Immortal Ripple Pavilion. Since a ‘dumbo’ like you could be that highly regarded by Lin Xian`er, doesn’t that mean in the future you would be a character that could even stand above the heavens, in her eyes?”

“Why? Couldn’t a ‘dumbo’ like me be that sort of character?” Qin Wentian joked.

“Of course you can. I have said that regardless of the rumors about Lin Xian`er, she at least has shown that she has good judgement.” Mo Qingcheng blinked her eyes as a mischievous look appeared on her face.

“Of course that’s only natural. One just has to see who my wife is and they would instantly know how great am I.” Qin Wentian grinned. Right now, in front of Mo Qingcheng, he acted in a carefree manner, no longer showing any restraint. This empire-toppling beauty was like a harbor for his soul.

Mo Qingcheng couldn’t stand up to Qin Wentian’s teasing. Her hands balled up into a fist as she lightly punched Qin Wentian. A blissful look, one of astounding beauty, showed on her face, that caused Qin Wentian’s heartbeat to quicken as he stared at her.

“Lin Xian`er also told me that if she didn’t meet her ideal man in this lifetime, she would remain single forever. She also revealed that her ideal candidates would probably be those eight absolute geniuses who had the ability to suppress this era. I’m still far from being qualified for her to set her sights on me yet.” Qin Wentian laughed.

Mo Qingcheng smiled, she inclined her head while looking at Qin Wentian and stated gently with a laugh, “How could there be so many absolute geniuses that are able to suppress the era? At the very end, when those characters contend against each other, only one or two could honestly be able to earn that label. Also, one of those who will stand at the peak, in the future, has already appeared right in front of her eyes yet she didn’t notice it. What a lack of judgement.”

Qin Wentian’s heart bloomed with waves of gentleness as he stared deeply at the beautifully smiling maiden in front of him. Unbidden, he inched closer and leaned in for the kiss. Mo Qingcheng blinked rapidly but before she could react she suddenly felt her body growing light as she was carried up by that big bad bully. This night was naturally an incomparable marvellous one!


In the morning, the sunlight entered from the windows of the room they rented. Warmth flooded Qin Wentian’s heart as he walked out of their bedroom, looking at the beautiful maiden as she groomed herself in front of the mirror.

This empire-toppling maiden had experienced so many tribulations, together with or because of him, before they were finally able to be reunited again after such a long time. He silently vowed that he would never allow Qingcheng to suffer again in this life.

Mo Qingcheng’s flowing long hair resembled a waterfall. She turned and glanced at Qin Wentian before smiling, “Look what time is it already? Do you still know how to wake up?”

“Last night was just too blissful, hence I woke up slightly later today because of it.” Qin Wentian laughed as Mo Qingcheng instantly turned red. She glared at Qin Wentian, when had this ‘dumbo’ learned how to be so bad? That honest and naive character of his years ago had completely disappeared. With such a glib tongue, he was no longer a ‘dumbo.’

“Seeing how bustling the atmosphere in the Immortal Martial City currently is, we should go for a walk around the city later.” Qin Wentian smiled. The blush on Mo Qingcheng’s cheeks hadn’t faded yet. If other males knew that this pure and holy maiden was just teased in such a manner by Qin Wentian, nobody knew what sort of expressions they would have on their face’s. Maybe they would be so overwhelmed that they would want to kill Qin Wentian.

“Mhm.” Mo Qingcheng nodded lightly, she was naturally willing to spend more time with Qin Wentian. The two of them walked out of the inn after completing their ablutions.

Right now, the lively and bustling atmosphere in the Immortal Martial City was truly extraordinary. The experts currently present were as common as the clouds and for those various geniuses who were usually high-profile in places of their origin, are all now exceptionally quiet. The only reason for this was because geniuses were a dime a dozen, you could meet any of them by simply walking on the streets.

After all, this journey to the Immortal Martial Realm was something that shook the entire Royal Sacred Region. The various powerful reclusive sects, ancient clans and other major powers all sent their Chosen over. The gathering point for this event was none other than the Immortal Martial City. It could be said that this truly was the point where the wind and clouds met, forming a massive storm in the process.

With Mo Qingcheng’s countenance, she would easily become the focal point of attention wherever she went. However, just from the bearing she projected, one could tell that she was a high-up character in some major power and hence, nobody tried to cause a disturbance.

Qin Wentian who was walking beside Mo Qingcheng, projected a handsome and elegant demeanor. His aura was completely retracted, making him seem like an ordinary mortal, but his countenance resembled sunlight. His eyes seemed to have an endless depth to them and gave off an unfathomable feeling to others. The two of them walking together had naturally attracted several gazes of envy and admiration over their way.

At this moment, Qin Wentian inclined his head and stared ahead. He could feel an intense energy fluctuation was permeating the air as golden light flashed past the skies, followed by a thunderous roar.

“These are people from the Radiant Gold Ancient Country, and they are actually ganging up on one person. That person is so powerful.” The noises ahead increased in intensity, as many silhouettes all rushed towards the commotion ahead.

“Let's go and take a look.”Qin Wentian pulled Mo Qingcheng along as both of them soared through the air. After a while, they arrived at the battle field which was situated at the roof of an ancient-looking building.

Right ahead, resplendent golden light sparkled in the air. Numerous experts from the Radiant Gold Ancient Country were glad in golden armor that radiated a scintillating light. Golden long spears were in their hands and the killing intent they all emitted was extremely terrifying. Their cultivation bases were all at the Heavenly Dipper Realm, the weakest among them was at the fifth level while the strongest among them was at the eighth. Yet the person they were ganging up on only had a cultivation base at the seventh level.

It was unknown what secret arts or innate techniques this person had used, he actually grew to a height of ten metres, appearing like an ancient God ascending the heavens. Both of his eyes shone with a golden light, while his entire physique radiated an incomparable feel of sharpness, that was gleaming with golden luster as though his body had been forged completely from gold.

“With just you, these few ants, yet also daring to proclaim that you are Heaven Chosen? Weaklings like you, despite cultivating the Mandate of Gold, dared to name yourselves the Radiant Gold Ancient Country?” That gigantic physique roared in rage, the power of his shout had even caused the space near him to shatter. A golden long spear abruptly shot towards him, intending to impale him. However, the attacker only discovered that his attack was completely blocked by that golden physique, unable to penetrate through a single inch.

“What an insane defense, his attacker was someone also at the seventh level but he was unable to break through it.” Qin Wentian’s eyes widened in surprise. There truly was a heaven beyond a heaven. This giant was certainly terrifying.

The palms of that giant snaked out as a golden palm imprint was directly pressed down. A rumbling explosion echoed out as the earlier attacker’s body was directly shattered into dust. The anger of the other experts from the Radiant Gold Ancient Country towered up the heavens. All of them had surrounded him yet they didn’t dare to make any reckless movements. Their countenances had all turned green, becoming extremely unsightly to behold.

“Li Tian, don’t push us too far.” An expert from the Radiant Gold Ancient Country roared. From his words, recognition appeared on the faces of many in the crowd. But there were also some whose countenance remained unchanged, they had long guessed the identity of the giant.

“So he’s Li Tian, the genius from the Heaven Punisher Clan. No wonder he’s so powerful.”

Qin Wentian murmured. Li Tian, from the Heaven Punisher Clan that was situated in the barbaric wilderness, he was one of the eight absolute geniuses in the Heavenly Dipper Realm that could suppress the era. He was unrivalled among those at the same level on the Saint Battle Platform and could even jump levels to kill geniuses above him effortlessly. It wasn’t impossible for him to jump a total of two levels.

As to what an era-suppressing genius meant, it meant that other than these eight, there were no others that could even approach their glory. After they matured, they would really be able to suppress this entire era. Naturally, who would eliminate who, and who would be left at the end, would depend on their own destiny. However, there was no need to doubt their strength.

“Li Tian from the Heaven Punisher Clan. I heard that he only cultivates a certain kind of energy, the energy from the Mandate of Gold. Currently, he has already achieved an invulnerable golden body, while his inner organs, bones and blood vessels had already been reconstructed by gold. What he pursued, was the peak of the Mandate of Gold, once the gold energy had reached a certain level, his attacks and defense would naturally become exceedingly terrifying. Li Tian’s pursuit towards the energy from the Mandate of Gold showed how strong his conviction was.” Mo Qingcheng murmured.

Mo Qingcheng had naturally also heard of Li Tian’s name before. Right now, Li Tian stepped out, the blood in his body thrummed as the golden liquid circulated around his body. A shiny golden spear suddenly appeared in the middle of the air and was extending frantically, piercing towards his opponents. An expert from the Radiant Gold Ancient Country instantly retreated with explosive speed, yet he only saw Li Tian’s golden spear being flung out of his hands. With a piercing sound, that spear shot into that expert’s body, as it continued dragging him downward with unrelenting momentum.

BOOOM! The ancient building instantly collapsed. That golden long spear had pierced right through the ground, nailing the expert from Radiant Gold Ancient Country into the ground. Such strength was simply terrifying.

“Wentian, if both of you fought with equal cultivation bases, are you confident that you could fight against him?” Mo Qingcheng stared at Qin Wentian as she asked. She had complete trust in him, she had always believed that Qin Wentian would definitely become a character on the same level as those eight absolute geniuses who could suppress the era.

“I have no idea. Li Tian didn’t use his full strength against those opponents, hence I’m unable to make an accurate judgement. Also, I haven’t judged the strength of his defense.” Qin Wentian shook his head as he responded. Just speculation wasn’t sufficient to judge one’s strength, however this was the first Heavenly Dipper Sovereign whom Qin Wentian had met which he didn’t have absolute confidence in defeating. If they truly fought with the same level of cultivation bases, victory or defeat was unknown.

“Ants from the Radiant Gold Ancient Country. Whenever you see me in the future, you had better turn and travel another path. I shall not spare your dog lives after today.” Li Tian coldly stated. After which, he soared into the air before flying away and disappeared in an instant. Yet, he had left a deep impression in the hearts of the spectators. With Li Tian’s strength, the other seven geniuses shouldn’t be any weaker compared to him.

The opening of the Immortal Martial Realm this time around had truly caused one’s heart to be filled with anticipation. On the ranking monument in the Immortal Martial Realm, would these eight era-suppressing absolute geniuses be able to completely occupy the top eight positions?

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