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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 556 — Reunited

Chapter 556: Reunited

The remaining experts from the Radiant Gold ancient country all had ashen expressions on their faces. They were from an ancient country and were among the best in the younger generations their country had to offer, coming all the way here in preparation to enter the Immortal Martial World. That seventh-level Heavenly Dipper Sovereign young man in the center with a golden crown around his head was none other than the Heaven Chosen of his country, the crown prince of Radiant Gold. His strength was naturally extremely terrifying, and the others around him were his bodyguards. However, their arrogant words being heard led to that battle against Li Tian.

Also, that battle was fought in a manner of total suppression. Even with so many experts, nobody could stand up to Li Tian. That tyrannical monster killed a few of their comrades before smacking their faces with the same arrogance as he departed.

“Go.” That crown prince coldly spoke as his silhouette flickered, bringing the experts of Radiant Gold away from this area. A moment later, only a golden radiance was left behind in the air.

“Humans beyond humans, heavens beyond heavens. These people all also had hearts higher than the heaven and were the chosen of the younger generation from the places they came from. Yet they didn’t expect to meet another even more monstrous genius, Li Tian.” Someone lamented, causing many to nod in agreement. The Royal Sacred Region was too vast, so vast that you wouldn't know how many demon-level geniuses were there. People still remembered that in the opening of the Immortal Martial Realm a few hundred years ago, several era-suppressing geniuses were killed by a totally unknown stranger. This event had shocked the entire Royal Sacred Region.

That man tyrannically snatched away the position of the first ranker in the Immortal Martial Realm back then. After that event, that unknown person got stronger and stronger, and was even ranked first in the Human King Ranking, becoming a character whose name is known throughout the Royal Sacred Region. After that, he joined the Royal Sacred Sect in an domineering fashion, and became a legend.

“There’s another battle over there.” At this moment, another shocked voice rang out. Fluctuations from the energy of a fight drifted over. However, this time around, the fluctuations were evidently weaker compared to that battle of Li Tian against the experts from the Radiant Gold ancient country, indicating the ones currently fighting now weren’t as strong as Li Tian.

“What’s going on today? It’s that little ancestor from one of the Di Clan, one of the seven supreme clans, the Di Clan. There’s actually somebody who dared to antagonize him?” The sounds of battle erupted out once more as an intense vibration rocked the air. Several people instantly flew towards the area, that little ancestor of the Di was someone who was well-known in the Royal Sacred Region.

“Di Clan of the seven supreme clans.” Qin Wentian’s countenance flickered. The Royal Sacred Region has a total of nine great sects, seven supreme clans and two grand empires. These were the top-tier powers of the Royal Sacred Region. The seven supreme clans weren’t that much weaker compared to the nine great sects and were many times stronger compared to ancient countries or large reclusive sects. They too had an extremely deep foundation of over tens of thousands of years.

The Di Clan was one of the seven supreme clans and other than this, the Di Clan was famous because one of the eight absolute geniuses at the Heavenly Dipper Realm that could suppress the era hailed from there.

Di Shi, was ranked equally with Li Tian, he had extremely overwhelming strength.

Not only this, this generation of the Di Clan produced several demon-level geniuses as well. Di Shi’s blood brother Di Yu, was a Heaven Chosen from the Di Clan. His cultivation speed was insanely fast and his combat prowess was not to be belittled. His talent was almost on par with Di Shi. The bloodline of the Di Clan already produced two heaven-shaking geniuses in this generation. It was unknown how many envied them.

Di Yu was born of high birth and was a core member with the same blood as Di Shi. The clan naturally lavished all attention and resources to nurture him, in addition to the love and protection of his elder brother, an era-suppressing genius, it was no wonder he grew up to have an arrogant and domineering personality, extremely willful and rash. He did whatever he wants with no worries because he had the protection of his clan. Hence, Di Yu became known as the little ancestor of the Di Clan to others in the Royal Sacred Region. It was unknown how much trouble had he caused that was eventually smoothed over by his elder brother and clan members.

And since Di Yu appeared here, there was no need to doubt that Di Shi wasn’t far away. This pair of brothers were evidently preparing to enter the Immortal Martial Realm as well.

“How imposing was Li Tian, I wonder what type of character of the Heaven Chosen from the Di Clan would be. Will we be able to see Di Shi?” Qin Wentian spoke in a quiet voice as he held Mo Qingcheng’s hand as they advanced towards the commotion. And after a short period of time, they arrived at the location where the battle was being fought.

Right ahead were two groups of people facing off in confrontation. And two among these two groups were currently engaged in a wild battle. One of them had the look of a youth around twenty, his face still filled with hints of immaturity and childishness. His eyes flashed with an unyielding arrogance and one would easily be able to tell his character just after one glance at him. It was obvious that although this person was a genius, he hadn’t experienced too many tribulations. This was why he still looked so young, having not matured in his thinking yet.

However, his talent in cultivation truly made one jealous. He who was merely twenty already has a cultivation base at the third level of Heavenly Dipper. His combat strength was exceptionally terrifying as well, and someone with such a cultivation level at this age, was extremely rare in the Royal Sacred Region. Di Yu was born with excellent astral perception, and his first astral soul from the 3rd Heavenly Layer was condensed when he was merely eight.

And as for Di Yu’s current opponent, the spectators couldn’t help but find it amusing. It was actually a fatty with a cultivation base at the fourth-level of Heavenly Dipper. Although this fatty seemed clumsy, his speed was incredibly quick and his psyche-force control was extremely fearsome, able to stand on equal grounds against Di Yu, caused many to sigh in admiration at this fatty’s combat prowess.

When Qin Wentian arrived here, his gaze instantly froze. One of the two groups currently in confrontation, was exceedingly familiar to him. He was acquainted with everyone in that group.

As for that fatty who was currently in combat, how could Qin Wentian not be familiar with him?

“This damnable fatty. After so long, he hadn’t lost weight yet?” A gentle and warm smile appeared on Qin Wentian’s face. Other than Fan Le, who else could the fatty currently in combat be?

And as for those silhouettes behind Fan Le, they were none other than Ouyang Kuangsheng, Yun Mengyi, Chu Mang, Qin Zheng. The five of them actually travelled together after acquiring the inheritances in the Royal Tomb of Grand Xia.

However, right at this moment, Qin Wentian suddenly frowned. Where was Bai Qing?

Right now, those who entered the Royal Tomb had all appeared here. Mu Feng, as well as Fan Le and the others appearing now. Only Bai Qing had disappeared. Bai Qing was the person Qin Wentian worried about the most. She cultivates the devil arts, causing her personality to undergo a change. Only her master and himself would be able to influence her, but after her master died, Bai Qing’s heart totally shattered, her personality growing even darker. Had she passed the test to acquire the Chaotic Heavenly Devil Emperor’s inheritance?

“Damn fatty, this young master is going to slice you into bits and pieces to feed my demonic beast pets.” At this moment, Di Yu bellowed in rage. A glow suddenly enveloped his entire body, radiating a sharpness akin to divine weapon. A single palm blasted out as a gigantic ferocious bird flew straight at Fan Le.

“Hey hey little bastard, your grandpa is waiting right here.” A terrifying light flickered in Fan Le’s eyes, causing the projection of his opponent to slow down. Back then, Fan Le was already skilled in psycheforce control. And now, his skill with it was naturally incomparable to the past. His body moved like the wind, lengthening the distance between them as arrow after arrow erupted out with frightening speed, akin to a volley of ten thousand arrows, shooting straight at his opponent. Di Yu screamed in rage, blasting out with his aura, shattering the arrows. But Fan Le’s firing never ceased, it was as though his arrows were infinite. Not only that, he could freely control their directions so smoothly that they seemed to be a part of him.

“SCRAM!” A voice howled in rage. Another projection of a divine bird appeared behind Di Yu, glowing with a holy radiance. His entire body gleamed with a strange glow as it transformed completely into something with the attributes akin to a defensive type divine weapon, allowing the arrows to blast freely into his body.

“You dared to claim that you are my grandpa? YOU ARE DEAD FOR SURE, YOU HAVE COMPLETELY ANGERED THIS YOUNG MASTER!” Di Yu then soared up into the skies, although his cultivation base is only at the third level, his combat strength was beyond that. He was already a Heaven Chosen since young and it was always him cursing and humiliating others. How would others dare to bully him?

“So what if I angered you? Stop talking so much crap, this genius is right here waiting for you.” Fan Le emotionlessly replied. However, right at this moment, Di Yu turned his gaze onto Yun Mengyi as a warm smile appeared on his face, “So how about it sister fairy? Have you considered my proposal already? Do you want to be the concubine of this young master? I like women with an ice-cold personality the most.”

Yun Mengyi’s countenance radiated coldness, as she stared at Di Yu. She never imagined that there would be such a brazen character in the Royal Sacred Region, wanting to snatch her away in broad daylight to be his concubine and even saying he wanted to have a one night stand with her.

“You are courting death.” Yun Mengyi coldly replied.

“The things this young master wants, would always eventually be acquired. Since sister fairy is unwilling to be my concubine, I can only use force then. Don’t blame this young master for not knowing how to cherish beautiful women.” Di Yu shot back in the same icy manner. He had always acted on his desires with no fear nor trepidation, but he had never abducted women before. Only because in today’s encounter, he merely said something to tease Yun Mengyi, yet these people dared to act so arrogantly. Especially that damnable fatty, he even dared to scold him ‘Little Bastard.’

This completely enraged Di Yu. Hence, he decided to kill the whole lot of them, with intentions of sparing only Yun Mengyi so he could enjoy himself thoroughly with her. He had always been inclined to this type of women with an ice-cold demeanor.

“This little snot-nosed brat is getting more and more unbridled.” Ouyang Kuangsheng cursed. He had always thought he himself was already the epitome of the word unbridled. But now, he realized he was a far cry compared to the young man fighting Fan Le.

“Indeed, he surpassed even you.” At this moment, Ouyang Kuangsheng heard a voice drifting over. Shifting his gaze, he turned instantly in that direction only to see two silhouettes walking over to him.

Ouyang Kuangsheng’s eyes instantly brightened as he laughed uproariously. “HAHA, I initially guessed that you might appear here for the opening of the Immortal Martial Realm. And indeed, my guess was right.”

Chu Mang, Qin Zheng and the rest also saw Qin Wentian as they smiled and nodded to him. Yun Mengyi’s beautiful eyes flashed with a strange light as she contemplated Mo Qingcheng who was beside him. Back then, they didn’t participate in the fight with the Pill Emperor Hall but they have all heard about what happened. Mo Qingcheng was actually safe and sound, and not only that, her bearing was even more outstanding compared to before. The only difference now was that she had a hint of maturity to her, making her even more attractive to others.

“What the hell? Boss, we can even meet each other like this?” Fan Le joyfully called out.

“Damned fatty, you are still as fat as ever. Where’s Xuan Xin? Isn’t she here with you guys?” Qin Wentian laughed.

“She’s still in the Mystic Maiden Sect in Grand Xia, I’m worried for her safety if she were to roam the world around with us. I shall fetch her in the future.” Fan Le grinned. After which, he turned his glance on to Mo Qingcheng as he flashed a thumbs up to Qin Wentian. “Boss you are truly awesome. I guess I can start calling Qingcheng as sister-in-law now, right?”

Mo Qingcheng’s face instantly reddened, causing everyone in the vicinity to be dumbstruck. What day was today, there were actually two world-astounding beauties appearing here. There was no need to say anything further about Mo Qingcheng. Yun Mengyi was also extremely beautiful as well.

“HAHAHA, to think that yet another beautiful woman showed up. Sister fairy, how about following me? At the very least, your future prospects would be considered better compared to following this bunch of ragtags.” Di Yu laughed madly when he saw these people reminiscing about their past. Since they were a group of friends, there was no longer any need for him to be polite. Abducting one or abducting two makes no difference to him and let alone the maiden who just appeared had even more flavor to her. How beautiful, she should be comparable to Lin Xian`er, the number one beauty under the heavens!

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