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Ancient Godly Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 557 — Pitiful Ending

Chapter 557: Pitiful Ending

Di Yu got increasingly happier. There were two beauties of such high standards right in front of him! If his elder brother liked them, he could gift one of the the girls to him! Although cultivation was of paramount importance in this strength-oriented world, how could there be any lack of beauties? Life would have no meaning otherwise.

Di Yu had been spoiled since he was young, causing him to have a fearless nature that bordered on blindness. Even in the Immortal Martial City, he hadn’t felt the need to tone down. Earlier, he merely teased Yun Mengyi, but who would have thought that her companions actually humiliated him? Weren’t they courting death? In this case, there was no need to hold back; he would directly snatch the girl he wanted away. Mo Qingcheng’s beauty went without saying, and although he could tell she belonged to a major power from the bearing she projected, he couldn’t care less. After all, his Di Clan was one of the supreme clans, he feared almost nothing in the Royal Sacred Region.

Even if he offended someone with a status akin to a saint child or holy maiden, he wasn’t worried at all. His elder brother Di Shi was a character that outshone all of them, who could be comparable to his brother? And this was in addition to the fact that he himself had always looked down on these saint children and holy maidens. His talent wasn’t any weaker compared to his brother, and sooner or later he would be able to earn the name of an era-suppressing genius. It was just that his radiance had been masked by his elder brother all this time.

On the other side, Qin Wentian had just reunited with all his brothers, and was feeling extremely joyful in his heart. However, because of a single sentence from Di Yu, his mood was totally ruined. Shifting his eyes over to stare at Di Yu, his gaze flashed with a glint of coldness as a wave of terrifying killing intent instantly surrounded Di Yu. Only then did Di Yu’s countenance falter as he began to take note of Qin Wentian.

“You actually thought of killing me?” Di Yu’s countenance turned cold before he proclaimed arrogantly, “How ridiculous, how can a character like yourself be worthy of sister fairy?! It’s truly a pity if such a beautiful fairy were to be tainted by you. I will take good care of her in the future!”

Mo Qingcheng similarly radiated icy fury, Di Yu was very clear on what he was talking about. He was intentionally trying to infuriate them. The coldness in Qin Wentian’s eyes got even more pronounced. A long spear that was an ordinary weapon appeared in his hands as he stepped out.

Upon seeing Qin Wentian walking over, Fan Le naturally moved out of the path for him. Seeing the killing intent flickering in Qin Wentian’s eyes, Fan Le’s heart involuntarily trembled. He was extremely familiar with how crazy Qin Wentian could be. Back then in Grand Xia, Qin Wentian dragged a demon sword over a hundred thousand miles for Mo Qingcheng, using his blood to feed the sword before splitting the Pill Emperor Hall apart. His type of craziness even forgot his own safety. Mo Qingcheng was his reverse scale, that which should never be touched. This little brat was going to die, but to think that he could still smile at such a moment!

“Fifth level of Heavenly Dipper?” Di Yu watched as Qin Wentian advanced forwards. There were also experts behind Di Yu who wanted to take action, yet saw Di Yu stretching his arms out to stop them. “Watch carefully; my elder brother can jump two levels and effortlessly kill any opponent. I can do it as well. Today, I shall use the blood of this man as a testament before I step into the Immortal Martial Realm.”

Only then did those behind him stop. Although their little young master was wild and arrogant, he did indeed have the strength and talent to back that up. There shouldn’t be too much pressure fighting against someone at the fifth-level of Heavenly Dipper. Even if he couldn’t defeat his opponent, it wasn’t an issue for him to retreat safely, let alone the fact that they were here as well.

“I hope sister fairy won’t hate me if you die in my hands. If not, if she’s unwilling to, I can only use force then. It wouldn’t be fun anymore!,” Di Yu savagely stated as he saw Qin Wentian walking closer and closer. The sound of his words was extremely piercing, causing the nearby spectators to sigh. As expected of the little ancestor of the Di Clan, he acted with no worries even though this place was the Immortal Martial City.

The faint shadow of a ferocious bird shining with resplendent azure light appeared behind Di Yu, exuding a towering baleful aura as it glared at the Qin Wentian who was advancing on him.

Qin Wentian moved forward step by step. In the blink of an eye, he was only a hundred meters away from Di Yu. Such a distance, he could breach in a single instant.

“You are courting death,” issued a cold voice from Qin Wentian. A burst of astral light flooded the area as he executed Stellar Transposition, causing his silhouette to disappear instantly and leaving behind shadowy after-images. The crowd only saw the shadows flashing while Qin Wentian’s long spear directly stabbed out at Di Yu.

The instant the spear stabbed out, Di Yu instantly found out that his sight was blinded by a screen of blood-red light. Boundless light rays shot towards him with extreme speed, seeking his life.

“Damn!” Those behind Di Yu were all visibly shocked. The speed of that spear was simply too fast, so fast that even they were frightened by it. Even before the sound of their warning rang out, the spear already neared Di Yu’s head. Considering the speed of that spear attack, there was no need to doubt its power. The little ancestor completely had no time to dodge.

This spear was an attack that stole lives.

“SAVE ME!” Di Yu roared. Azure light instantly enveloped his body as he sprang up, soaring into the air as though he was a giant bird, moving with blinding speed.


An explosive sound thundered out. That giant azure bird was forcibly halted in midair as it was blasted downwards. Di Yu instantly coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood, his face turning pale white. Vibrational attacks burrowed into his body, as if wanting to shatter his internal organs.

However, Di Yu’s eyes flashed with the light of wild happiness. Just a little bit more and he would have been finished. Luckily, the azure roc technique granted him a movement speed as fast as lightning, enabling him to narrowly dodge death.

The long spear ended up hitting his chest. Although the vibrational impact caused him injuries, he was still alive.

“Divine Armor!” Qin Wentian’s eyes flashed with sharpness. He was very clear on the power of his attack. If it hit his opponent, Di Yu, who had a cultivation base only at the third level, would have definitely died by internal vibrations even if his talent was sky-high. However, the attack was blocked. Di Yu must be clad in an extremely strong armor that blocked the spear strike.

“I want you to suffer a fate worse than death!” Di Yu howled in rage, his eyes glinting with murder. He was forced to this state by Qin Wentian, and right now, his underlings had already rushed up, they didn’t dare to be careless.

“Madman! Who is this person? He truly planned to kill Di Yu.” The eyes of the spectators stiffened; this was the little ancestor of one of the Seven Supreme Clans, part of the duo-chosen, the younger brother of Di Shi! If Di Yu really was slaughtered, Di Shi would definitely spare no expense to kill his murderer.

“That spear strike earlier almost killed Di Yu, this man didn’t seem to be joking at all. His strength is the real deal.” The heart of the crowd pounded as the eyes of Fan Le and his friends lit up. This fellow was truly monstrous. After they exited Grand Xia’s royal tomb, they had endured and undergone much tempering, even stepping into the forbidden grounds of Grand Xia and suffering a great tribulation. Naturally, from another perspective, that tribulation was also a stroke of good fortune. That, and with the inheritances they gained in the royal tomb, each and every one of their strengths had skyrocketed upwards. However, right now, they realized that their strength was still a distance away from Qin Wentian. That single spear strike was simply too dazzling.

Di Yu spat out a mouthful of blood as he glared dangerously at Qin Wentian. Earlier, if it wasn’t for his armor negating a large amount of the spear’s force, he knew that he would have definitely died. Earlier, he had arrogantly boasted that he would be able to jump levels and defeat Qin Wentian. Now that reality was the opposite, how could his killing intent not soar into the heavens?

“I changed my mind! After killing all of you, I’m going to ravage these two beauties to their death!” Di Yu stared at Mo Qingcheng and Yun Mengyi, his eyes glinting with a nefarious light.

Qin Wentian’s long spear disappeared at a thought and was replaced by none other than the Scarlet Demon Halberd. The blood in his body thrummed with power as his eyes shot forth terrifying demonic light. Astral light inundated the area as his silhouette disappeared once again. A fearsome light erupted forth from the center of his brow, driving into Di Yu’s sea of consciousness. Di Yu’s mind instantly was occupied by a dreamscape of Qin Wentian’s creation. Gritting his teeth, Di Yu fought back mentally while howling, “KILL HIM, KILL HIM NOW!”

The experts around Di Yu never imagined that Qin Wentian would dare to be so crazy. He actually rushed up to kill Di Yu? Terrifying auras all exploded out from them, instantly surrounding Qin Wentian, wanting to block his attacks from killing Di Yu.


Astral light flooded the area once again as Qin Wentian transformed into a series of blurry shadows, soaring up into the air.

“Careful, he’s above us!” an expert roared, yet he only saw the demon halberd slamming downwards, wanting to penetrate through Di Yu’s head.

“SCRAM!” A person rushed towards Qin Wentian as the scintillating glow of a treasure appeared. A fearsome ancient bird manifested out of nowhere, flying at Qin Wentian.


The Scarlet Demon Halberd struck out. At that instant, the Demon Halberd in his hand seemingly vanished, with no sound nor presence. While that bird projection was directly shattered into nothingness. That peak sixth-level Heavenly Dipper Sovereign who was blocking Qin Wentian’s path to Di Yu had his body cleanly penetrated through. Fresh blood sprinkled into the air as a devastating force ravaged his entire body.

“Nooo…” that person groaned.

“YOUNG MASTER, QUICKLY FLEE!” someone shouted. The Demon Halberd, after penetrating through that expert, continued directly downwards, aiming for Di Yu. With a single breath of life remaining to him, a malevolent expression appeared on the expert’s face as he summoned the entirety of his strength and veered sideways, hoping to influence the trajectory. Sadly, however, his actions were fruitless; the sharp edge of the moon-blade of the ancient halberd directly cut through him, causing him to be in a world of pain. Since he knew he was already going to die, he might as well spoil Qin Wentian’s plan to kill Di Yu. Even if he died, he wanted Qin Wentian to die together with him.

“ARGHHHHHHHH~!” A voice filled with excruciating agony abruptly rang out, so loud that that it broke the ear drums of that expert who wanted to protect Di Yu. It was the voice of Di Yu.

The crowd only saw the Scarlet Demon Halberd embedded in Di Yu’s shoulder. Instantly, fresh blood splayed out, presenting an extremely pitiful sight.

At the same time as Di Yu was being wounded, he had taken out a silver feather that shone with a terrifying harsh blue light. His eyes flashed with madness as he swung that feather up into the air. An instant later, an unstoppable summoned force sliced downwards, directly separating him from Qin Wentian.

At the moment the silver feather appeared, Qin Wentian had sensed an extremely terrifying aura emanating from it. Astral light flooded the area, and when the slicing effect slashed out, his silhouette disappeared with him, withdrawing the Scarlet Demon Halberd at the same time.

Crazy, too crazy.

The spectators all watched in dumbfounded amazement. Qin Wentian originally had wanted to use this opportunity to test the combat strength of someone from the Seven Supreme Clans. But he never thought that this man would dare to humiliate his wife. Hence, the instant he attacked, he did so with the intent to kill. Who cared what status the man had? His decisive eyes flashed only with a single word - death!

Di Yu now truly cut an exceedingly pathetic sight. His blood erupted out from his shoulder, dripping down on his right arm which uselessly hung there by his side. The meridians and arteries within had completely been destroyed, and the unending waves of pain caused Di Yu to continuously scream in a pitiful manner. From his youth until now, he was a Heaven Chosen that could be described as the radiant moon surrounded by dazzling stars. He had never been in such a pitiful state before!

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